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Rosa Melvin P'22 at a MACD Prent Reception


“After emigrating to the United States from Mexico, I was uncertain about my son’s education with the lack of my own. However, the Prep stretched out their hand with a welcoming warmth to us. Over the past four years, I grew to find that the community helped me to discover a place that I could call my home.”

— Rosa Melvin-Conn P'22



"On every stage, in every studio, and at every performance, there is a different energy level this year. I'm proud of their resilience. In person, the students really feel how much we honor their hardwork."

– Harriet Malone, High School Studio Art Teacher





"[Our students] know we're there for them because we now have the opportunity to have those conversations, side-by-side. I think we all appreciate how much is accomplished when we're back together."

– Carrie Hung P'27, Middle School Chinese Teacher



"I'm happy to be back and reconnecting with everyone. The hands-on labs, the conversations in the dining hall, just bumping into friends in the hallways–these are some of the things I missed. We're renewing ourselves as a community and reestablishing our values."

– Rodneil Sanon '22



"I came to St. John's interested in investment banking, but the entrepreneurship program opened my eyes and showed me you can take a good idea and go places. That changed everything for me. That, and an extremely challenging and supportive faculty."

– Bolun Li '17 CEO and Founder, Zogo Finance




"The connection I'm making with other students in the classroom are awesome. I feel safe and comfortable at St. John's. I feel like everyone is here to help me whenever I need it."

– Graham Roberts '25