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Rosa Melvin P'22 at a MACD Prent Reception


“After emigrating to the United States from Mexico, I was uncertain about my son’s education with the lack of my own. However, the Prep stretched out their hand with a welcoming warmth to us. Over the past four years, I grew to find that the community helped me to discover a place that I could call my home.”

— Rosa Melvin-Conn P'22



"On every stage, in every studio, and at every performance, there is a different energy level this year. I'm proud of their resilience. In person, the students really feel how much we honor their hardwork."

– Harriet Malone, High School Studio Art Teacher





"[Our students] know we're there for them because we now have the opportunity to have those conversations, side-by-side. I think we all appreciate how much is accomplished when we're back together."

– Carrie Hung P'27, Middle School Chinese Teacher



“St. John’s gave me a sense of independence in my academia where—because we educate the whole person—I found my passions and applied them to my academic endeavors. The academic rigor here is tied to that piece and the person you become throughout your four years. It is rigorous, but the demands are really personalized to your passion, so it really doesn’t feel hard.”

–Alejandro Baez Tejeda '24



"I'm happy to be back and reconnecting with everyone. The hands-on labs, the conversations in the dining hall, just bumping into friends in the hallways–these are some of the things I missed. We're renewing ourselves as a community and reestablishing our values."

– Rodneil Sanon '22



"I came to St. John's interested in investment banking, but the entrepreneurship program opened my eyes and showed me you can take a good idea and go places. That changed everything for me. That, and an extremely challenging and supportive faculty."

– Bolun Li '17 CEO and Founder, Zogo Finance




"The connection I'm making with other students in the classroom are awesome. I feel safe and comfortable at St. John's. I feel like everyone is here to help me whenever I need it."

– Graham Roberts '25