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Student Clubs

Life at the Prep doesn't end when the last bell rings. In fact, more than 90 percent of our students participate in an after-school club, sport, or activity. 

The best part? It's not hard to find something that suits your interests. With about 20 clubs in the Middle School and 60 clubs in the High School, there is something going on after school every single day at the Prep. Try your hand at something totally new or stick with something you've loved all your life. Clubs and organizations enrich students' lives beyond the classroom by introducing them to classmates with similar interests, connecting them with alumni in the field, and getting them off campus to explore their interests in real time. 

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Academic Bowl Team

The Academic Bowl Team represents St. John's at local and national tournaments competing against other schools in the mastery of math, literature, science, and history.

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Animal Welfare Club

The club sponsors events, organize supply drives for shelters and volunteer at a local animal shelter working hands-on with the shelter animals.

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Arabic Culture Club

The Arab Culture Club engages and educates the St. John's Prep community through meetings and events that promote the understanding of the values of Arab people, Arab culture, and addressing stereotypes and false notions about the middle eastern region.

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Art and Design Club (High School)

Silkscreen t-shirts, learn to draw or sculpt, try woodcuts, paint with oil, work with digital photography...or just be in a unique and creative artistic boundaries!

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Art and Design Club (Middle School)

Art Club is an opportunity for Middle School students to build on their creative interests and to work on projects that are putting into practice the tools they learned in class.

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Asian Cultural Club

The Asian Cultural Club offers students the opportunity to participate in activities and events to enhance appreciation of Asian culture.

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Aviation Club

The club hosts guest speakers (pilots, FAA personnel, etc.), takes field trips to various airports, museums and airshows, and practices flying techniques using Microsoft Flight Simulator X on our school network.

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Best Buddies

At St. John's the mission of Best Buddies is to create opportunities for Prep students to learn with and build relationships with students of disabilities in the North Shore.

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Book Club

In Book Club, we read approximately four additional books over the course of the year (one per quarter), discuss literature through book discussions, and practice creative writing through various workshops and activities.

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Celtic Band

We welcome students who play fiddle, flute, guitar, string bass, mandolin, banjo, piano, penny whistle, recorder, accordion, concertina, as well as singers.

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Chess Club

Chess club offers students in grades 6 through 8 with the time and space to practice the game of chess. Students can play timed games against one another, study various openings and tactics, and complete weekly puzzles and challenges.

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Chess Club

Come learn how to play chess, advance your skills, and challenge other Prep students to games and tournaments every Tuesday morning and afternoon!

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Chinese Ambassadors Club

The purpose of this club is to help students enhance their Chinese skills, apply the skills in life experience for those who want to visit China one day, eliminate many stereotypes, and grasp traditional Chinese culture as educated Chinese learners.

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Civics Debate Club

Through conversation, use of evidence, and respectful dialogue, students engage in the political and current issues facing us today.

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Drama Guild

From lighting, set design and construction to acting, our drama guild has been highly honored for their accomplishments.

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Drama Guild

We present two theatrical productions each year; one in the fall and one in the spring. Students have the opportunity to audition for roles in these shows or to be involved as designers and crew members.

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Dungeons & Dragons

Geared toward students interested in any aspect of science fiction or fantasy, this club creates an open space for the discussion and enjoyment of the genres as they are expressed in books, film, and television.

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Eagles News

Eagle News is a student run news publication aimed at creating short weekly videos spotlighting events on campus. Students are able to be anchors, writers, correspondents, camera operators, and editors.

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Entrepreneurship Club

At Entrepreneurship Club, students will get a chance to design their own product and pitch the sale of that product to potential "investors" through a "Shark Tank" activity. Students will research business strategies and study famous entrepreneurs in order to develop a successful business plan for their product.

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Environmental Club

There will be environmental advocacy opportunities, outdoor adventures, planning of exciting events like Earth Day, and many more.

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eSports Club

ESports, or competitive video gaming, is the fastest growing high school sport in the country. Much like traditional sports, it requires teamwork, critical thinking, and communication to achieve success.

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Festival Strings Ensemble

The High School Music Festival Strings Ensemble is a music ensemble that provides additional challenge and performance opportunities for motivated middle school musicians.

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Festival Strings Ensemble

The Middle School Music Festival Strings Ensemble is a music ensemble that provides additional challenge and performance opportunities for motivated middle school musicians.

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FL1GHT, in collaboration with the School Counseling Office and MACD, serves as a resource and voice to all first-generation college students at St. John's Prep.

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Future Medical Professionals

The club attempts to pique student’s interest and facilitate learning about the medical field through exposing students to the activities of health professionals.

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German Club

This student-run organization's goal is the promotion and appreciation of the German culture and language through reading, film, and discussion.

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Greek & Latin Club

Members of the Greek and Latin Club participate in monthly activities that immerse them in the history, mythology, architecture, and culture of Classical Greece and Rome.

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High School Strings Ensemble

The High School Strings Ensemble provides a consistent place for high school students to continue playing their instrument with other high school students. The group rehearses and prepares for various events and concerts throughout the school year.

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History Club

The History club facilitates discussion about history and politics and organizes field trips to historic sites of interest.

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Improv Club

The Improv Club seeks students who are the creative type, quick on their feet, who love to be the center of attention, and have the call to comedy to join the Improv Club.

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Investment Club

At Investment Club, students will have the opportunity to invest money and compete with one another in a stock market game.

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Jazz Band Club

Jazz Club is designed for Middle School students who are seeking to explore and experiment in a uniquely American style.

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Jewish Student Union

St. John's Prep’s Jewish Student Union provides a space for Jewish and non-Jewish students to come together to celebrate Jewish culture and promote awareness of Jewish tradition through weekly club meetings and annual events.

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The LEGO club is a space for students to express their creativity through building and designing with LEGO.

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Magic Club

The Magic Club gathers every Friday after school to laugh, be bamboozled by and learn magic tricks from our amazingly talented club magicians.

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Makers Club

Design and build your own long board. Learn how to fix or restore an old piece of furniture. Rewire your electric guitar. Upgrade a mountain bike. Solder components to make an electric circuit.

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Math Club

We explore a wide range of problems, develop new skills, and learn how to take apart math problems and solve them quickly.

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Middle School Service Team

Weekly community service opportunities will be offered, and students will have a chance to serve the St. John’s Prep community and the broader North Shore community through a variety of service projects.

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Mock Trial

Mock Trial Club meets to analyze and practice court trial strategies and procedures, culminating with participation in actual trial competitions against other school mock trial teams.

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Model UN

Club members research and debate world issues as representatives of various nations. Debate takes place informally at club meetings, and more formally at interscholastic day or weekend conferences.

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Music Practice Club

Music Studio Club is an open space for students to play, explore, and practice their music. Students will have access to practice room spaces and can use guitars, drum sets, pianos, and keyboards.

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National Honor Society

The Brother Benjamin Chapter of the National Honor Society is intended to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in students at St. John's Preparatory School.

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Outdoor Adventure Club

Outdoor Adventure sponsors regular outdoor activities that are open to the entire school community. Some outings take place after school, while others occur on the weekend.

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Pax Christi SJP

Pax Christi USA, the national Catholic peace movement, commits itself through study, prayer, and action to foster peace by witnessing to the call of Christian non-violence.

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Philosophy Club

The Philosophy Club provides students the opportunity to discuss classical and contemporary philosophical questions and their connection to our lived human experience.

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Photography Club

In addition to learning about the art of photography members are also introduced to and given time to practice and utilize photo editing tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.

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Robotics Club

Robotics Club is a welcoming group where kids will explore and work together to accomplish challenges and missions, using LEGO MINDSTORM EV3 kits or Sphero devices.

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Robotics Team

Meeting three times a week during most of the school year, the team designs, builds, and programs robots that compete in competitions with other Massachusetts and American high schools.

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Science Fiction and Fantasy Club

Geared toward students interested in any aspect of Science Fiction or Fantasy, this club creates an open space for the discussion and enjoyment of the genres as they are expressed in books, film, and television. 

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Science Fiction Club

For students interested in any aspect of science fiction or fantasy, club members enjoy talking about science fiction and fantasy films, books, and television.

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Spanish Club

The Spanish Club is a means for our students to explore opportunities involving the Hispanic community and to make use of the Spanish skills learned in their classes at SJP.

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Student Council

Comprised of elected class representatives, Student Council serves as the voice of the student body to the Headmaster and the Principal.

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SwingTown! is St. John's own student-faculty a cappella singing group. Anyone is welcome to audition, no singing experience is necessary.

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The Eagle's Nest

The Prep Pride Club provides fan support at St. John's Prep athletic and co-curricular events. The club has a variety of pre- and post-game activities which include tailgates, sign making, etc.

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Trivia Club

The Trivia Club offers students in grades 6 through 8 a fun and competitive venue to challenge themselves and their peers to a weekly battle of wits.

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In the process of producing Spire, students learn valuable skills such as digital photography, desktop publishing, copy editing, creative design, and management.

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