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Prep Magazine: Coach Approach with Tim Broderick '05

Prep Magazine: Coach Approach with Tim Broderick '05

Social studies teacher and varsity coach Tim Broderick '05.

Football, basketball, baseball—there are certain sports that fit into the “traditional” category when it comes to high school athletics. But at St. John’s, those more unique offerings are by no means lesser-than.

Take Tim Broderick ’05 and his winter student-athletes, who have put Prep alpine skiing on the map, securing three state championships in the last three years.

“It’s pretty amazing what these athletes have been able to accomplish,” says Broderick, a member of the Prep’s social studies department. “I am always impressed how talented they are when I watch them ski.”

Broderick’s own experience with skiing started as a family affair. “It was a way for us all to be together while being a part of nature. Now that I have my own children, I am more appreciative than ever of those memories and the time and energy my parents devoted to my sisters and me.”

Having just concluded his 14th season with the program, Broderick applies similar themes to his relationships with students. “Especially today, I think friendship might be the single most important thing a young person needs. Personally, my best memories of being a student at St. John’s are the times I spent with my friends and teachers. If the athletes take away anything, I hope it’s a couple loyal friends they can rely on, trust, and have for life.”

Coach Broderick combines the ethos of hard work and dedication with the commitment to fun and fulfillment. But this technique wasn’t developed in a silo. It’s Broderick’s own experience with members of the Prep community, both as a student and teacher, that shaped his view on scholastic athletics.

“I played soccer here. My freshman year, I was coached by Peter Mathison P’99 and during my varsity years, I played for Dave Crowell. I think current teachers like Peter and Dave are stewards of the teacher-coach model that has impacted St. John’s athletics so positively. I’ve tried to learn from them and other colleagues like Dave Hennessey ’83 P’16 and [now retired] Bill Mackinson P’05 ’11. One of the things I value most is the relationship I have with Jeff Cann, our assistant coach. I have been very lucky to have many great mentors.”

Alpine skiing is in the midst of a historical run at St. John’s Prep. And yet, Broderick, who is a three-season coach, holds on to the same sentiment as when he began coaching almost 15 years ago, now with a more seasoned understanding. “I was just excited to be able to be a part of the team and get out there and ski every day. I still feel that way, but as I have gotten older, I have a deeper appreciation for the history of the program and the significance the team plays in building relationships between students.”

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