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One Last Hurrah: Prep Seniors Present "The Deal"

One Last Hurrah: Prep Seniors Present "The Deal"

Come see the culmination of a semester’s worth of work done by nine seniors in their Play Production class on Friday, May 5 and Saturday, May 6 at 7 pm in Kaneb Theater! The class, led by fine arts department chair Alicia Greenwood, teaches students the difficult process of producing a show from the ground up. Students pitch shows, draft proposals, and negotiate a budget for their show. This process involved collaboration with school administrators and staff members to take advantage of key resources like the theater workshop.

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This year’s company, christened The Citrus Club, takes its name from the middle school friend group which most of the class’s participants were a part of. “The name Citrus Club actually has a long standing connection to this group.” says Ian Rose '23, one of the club’s original members. “All of us happened to bring in clementines several days in a row, leading us to call ourselves the Citrus Club. Our group has changed and expanded over the years but we thought that it would be fitting to honor our origins as a group of friends.”

The Citrus Club aims to enrich and engage a diverse community with a unified, collaborative event meant to inform and entertain their audience through student-produced storytelling.

These seniors, though new to producing, are no theater rookies. The members collectively have contributed to more than 95 shows at the Prep, including the St. John’s Prep Middle School!

The show, called “The Deal”, was written by accomplished novelist and screenwriter Matthew Witten in 1989 and follows the political antics of FBI agents and corrupt politicians. 

Admission for Prep faculty, staff, and students is free! General admission is $7.00. All proceeds benefit the Fund for St. John’s. Tickets can be purchased here.

What to know if you go:

Who: The Citrus Club 
What: “The Deal” by Matthew Witten
When: Friday, May 5 and Saturday, May 6 @ 7 pm
Where: St. John's Prep's Kaneb Theatre in Alumni Hall (GPS address: 63 Summer Street, Danvers, MA)
How: Tickets will be sold online and at the door. Prep Students/Faculty/Staff: FREE; General Admission: $7.00
Why: Support the Seniors!

The Citrus Club Presents “The Deal”
By Matthew Witten


Peter: Jack Hartfelder
Peter (On Tape): Ian Rose
Jimmy: Oliver Wauchope
Alex: Charlie Smith
Tommy: Leyad Zavriyev
Ensemble: Nate Reinbold

Creative Staff

Artistic Director: Dan Pawlyk
Assistant Director: Charlie Smith
Technical Director: Will Conrad
Producers: Jack Hartfelder, Leyad Zavriyev
Stage Management: Dan Pawlyk
Set Design: Harrison Wakefield
Set Execution: Harrison Wakefield, Ian Rose, Oliver Wauchope, Nate Reinbold
Properties: Oliver Wauchope, Nate Reinbold
Lighting Design/Operation: Will Conrad
Sound Design: Will Conrad
Sound Operation: Dan Pawlyk
Costumes: Jack Hartfelder, Ian Rose, Leyad Zavriyev
Marketing/Graphics: Will Conrad
Budgeting/Finance: Nate Reinbold

Disclaimer: Adult language