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Hall of Honor Inductees Announced

Hall of Honor Inductees Announced

St. John's Prep is excited to announce to the 2024 Hall of Honor inductees! Thomas W. Haas '74, Lawrence Molloy, Bro. Timothy Paul, C.F.X., and Angelica and Alfred “Ben” Rossi '55 P'80 '84 GP'10 '10 '12 will be inducted into the Hall of Honor at the third annual Honor Reception.

The Honor Reception, held annually in June, is a special evening to recognize our Hall of Honor inductees, express our gratitude for our community of supporters, and celebrate the mission, vision, and values of St. John's Prep. The event will bring together members of the St. John's community to celebrate our shared commitment to the Prep, and to recognize Thomas W. Haas '74, Lawrence Molloy, Bro. Timothy Paul, C.F.X., and Angelica and Alfred "Ben" Rossi '55 P'80 '84 GP'10 '10 '12, all of whom have contributed to St. John's in meaningful and special ways.

Meet Our Honorees

Thomas W. Haas '74

Tom Haas, known for his prowess in business, piloting, and advocacy, exemplifies a deep-seated dedication to utilizing his love for aviation for positive impact. 

He actively contributes to various educational and cultural institutions, particularly St. John's Prep, where he supports the Aviation Club and its moderator, Bro. Tim Paul, C.F.X., by facilitating flight training opportunities at Beverly Airport—a rare initiative for high school students. His profound passion for flying seamlessly intersects with his commitment to social and environmental causes, illustrating a narrative of purpose-driven engagement. As a 2012 Distinguished Alumnus and benefactor of St. John's Prep, Tom has empowered students through the Aviation Club, nurturing a passion for flight and discovery. 

Tom’s philanthropic endeavors extend beyond aviation to encompass diverse educational, cultural, and social service organizations, embodying a holistic approach to community enrichment. With a lineage tracing back to his grandparents, Phoebe Waterman Haas, a pioneering astronomer, and Otto Haas, a philanthropic industrialist, Tom upholds the St. John’s tradition of intellectual curiosity and compassionate service. He epitomizes a legacy of philanthropy, aviation, and impactful societal contributions, as evidenced by his involvement in Smithsonian exhibits like "Thomas W. Haas We All Fly," which echoes the Xaverian spirit of embracing diverse talents and fostering a sense of exploration. 

Celebrating his 50th reunion this year, Tom's advocacy for aviation education at St. John's, coupled with his dedication to enhancing access and opportunity, underscores his profound belief in the transformative power of education and the boundless potential of every individual to soar to new heights. Through his actions and advocacy, Tom Haas continues to inspire and uplift, serving as a beacon of inspiration, leaving an enduring impact on both the skies and the communities he serves.

Lawrence Molloy

For over 15 years, Lawrence Molloy has been an integral part of the St. John's community. He served as Director of Campus Ministry until August 2023, and since then, he has remained a dedicated campus minister. His journey began with involvement in Catholic youth ministries, where his passion for education and spiritual guidance flourished. 

Rooted in his early experiences in Catholic parishes, Lawrence discovered his true calling in school environments. During his tenure at St. John's, Lawrence has played a pivotal role in continuing to shape the institution's spiritual ethos. Guiding students, faculty, staff, and parents alike, he facilitates profound growth and positive transformation. Lawrence's love for teaching emanates from the enthusiasm and vitality of young minds, echoing the impactful mentors who shaped his own journey. 

As Lawrence continues his path as a campus minister, his legacy at St. John's epitomizes unwavering commitment to the school's mission and values. The genuine warmth and inclusivity of the community, both among students and faculty, affirm his vocational calling. For Lawrence, St. John's Prep transcends academia; it embodies a closely-knit community driven by shared values and a thirst for knowledge. 

Students, with their infectious energy and dedication to service, continually inspire Lawrence. This inspiration is evident in the transformative service trips that Lawrence actively leads. Every interaction with Lawrence, whether in the classroom or during ministry activities, reflects the unity and sense of belonging that defines life among the St. John's Prep community.

Bro. Timothy Paul, C.F.X.

Brother Tim Paul, C.F.X. is a revered figure at St. John's Prep, embodying the spirit of Theodore James Ryken, founder of the Xaverian Brothers, through his unwavering dedication to teaching and service. 

Brother Tim has stood as a pillar of dedication at St. John's for an impressive 50 years. As a Xaverian Brother, Brother Tim's impact transcends generations, having taught grandparents, parents, and students alike. During his five-decade-long tenure at St. John's, Brother Tim has served in various roles including principal, mentor, technology guru, and ardent supporter of Prep sports. Currently, Brother Tim teaches freshman biology, introducing our youngest high school Eagles to the subject with innovation and wisdom. Awarded the prestigious Ryken Award in 2013, his passion for teaching extends beyond the traditional classroom. 

Brother Tim leads the popular Aviation Club and introduced innovative courses to St. John’s like Principles of Aviation Science and Aeronautics. A licensed pilot himself, his commitment extends beyond the classroom, instilling invaluable life lessons in responsibility and safety through aviation education. Through an innovative curriculum, Brother Tim seamlessly integrates STEM principles with real-world applications, empowering students to explore the skies. 

Brother Tim has truly given his time and talent as he continues to inspire students to soar both literally and figuratively, embodying the essence of the mission of St. John's Prep.

Angelica and Alfred "Ben" Rossi '55 P'80 '84 GP'10 '10 '12

An esteemed alumnus, Ben Rossi '55 exemplifies a lifetime dedicated to service and community enrichment, embodying the spirit of servant leadership instilled at St. John's Prep. After St. John’s, Ben graduated from Purdue University before serving in the US Army Corps of Engineers, retiring with the rank of Captain. 

He continued his dedication to serving others beyond his tenure in the Army, contributing his time and expertise as a Trustee on the Board of St. John's Prep for a nine-year tenure. His contributions significantly impacted the school's growth and development, particularly in enhancing its facilities during a trying time for the School. Angelica ensured the continuation of the family legacy at St. John's by enrolling their two sons and witnessing three grandsons follow suit. 

Ben's influence extends far beyond his professional achievements, spanning over five decades of service to the Manchester by the Sea community. Through active involvement in various committees, he has left an indelible mark on the town's development. As a Cub Scout Cubmaster and the visionary force behind the establishment of a second Boy Scout troop in the town of Manchester, Ben's impact on scouting has been profound. Angelica’s involvement in the community has led to the development of a large network of lasting connections, most notably with numerous faculty at the Prep. Over five decades of residence, the Rossis’ quiet yet profound influence has touched countless lives, serving on numerous committees and embodying the ethos of service, integrity, and dedication synonymous with the St. John's mission. 

Despite their numerous successes, Angelica and Ben remain humble servants, prioritizing the well-being of their family and community above all else. Alongside Angelica, Ben quietly dedicates himself to causes dear to their hearts, supporting their children and grandchildren with unwavering devotion.