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Class of 2023 Honored at Junior Awards Convocation

Class of 2023 Honored at Junior Awards Convocation

Congratulations on the good work! During the Junior Awards Convocation, which was held on Thursday, May 26, St. John's honored members of the Class of 2023 for outstanding achievement in leadership, academics, co-curricular activities, and athletics. Kudos to all! More photos are available on SmugMug.

Campus Ministry Award

Luke Dumouchel and Benjamin Hennessy received the Campus Service Ministry Award. It is presented to a member of the class who has consistently and authentically participated in Campus Ministry events throughout their time at the Prep and who embodies the mission of Campus Ministry and St. John's by engaging with the community and demonstrating what it means to be a person of faith and action.

Brother Stephen and Brother Francis Award

Victor Rivera received the Brother Stephen and Brother Francis Award. It honors two Xaverian Brothers who were responsible for the legacy of Xaverian education in the United States. As the young congregation faced challenges, the General Superior was forced to call the first Brothers back to Europe. Brother Stephen and Brother Francis remained behind and persevered in their ministry to serve the Church in Louisville. They inspired others through their leadership and commitment to life of faith, service and education. Soon other men joined the Congregation and the work of Stephen and Francis. Through the establishment of this award, the St. John’s community honors one student in each grade who follows the example of Brothers Stephen and Francis through his zeal, compassion, humility, trust and simplicity as he commits himself to excellence and falling in love with the service of God in the midst of the Prep community.

Scott M. Connolly '07 Memorial Scholarship

Jeffrey Lopez received the Scott M. Connolly '07 Memorial Scholarship. It was established by the Class of 2007 to honor the legacy and memory of Scott, their friend, classmate, teammate, and brother. Throughout the year, the class raised $50,000 to create this perpetually endowed scholarship fund. This award is presented to a member of the class who best models Scott’s spirit, enthusiasm, and joy for life.

James Grabowski '01 Scholarship

Tyler Knox received the James Grabowski '01 Scholarship. This award was established in memory of James Grabowski ’01 by his family and friends after his death in February 2004. This scholarship is awarded to a member of the current junior class who has best exhibited Jamie’s determination to achieve the highest results in all that he pursues in his life.

Mary A. Hennessey Scholarship

Andrew DeRosa received the Mary A. Hennessey Scholarship. This scholarship was established in 2006 in memory of Mary A. Hennessey by her husband, and trustee emeritus Paul '52; son and former trustee David ’83; and daughters Julie and Karen. The Hennesseys have a long-standing and prominent tradition of family commitment to St. John’s Prep. It was fitting that the family came together to honor Mary’s memory by establishing a scholarship presented annually to a member of the junior class who best exemplifies the qualities of the Xaverian Brothers and appreciates the role that St. John’s has played in his life. The recipient must maintain a solid record of academic achievement and has been an active participant in extracurricular activities.

Derek Hines '99 Scholarship Award

James Ayers received the Derek Hines '99 Scholarship Award. The Xaverian Brothers spirit of education has always promoted the values of excellence and zeal. As we continually strive to recognize the giftedness in each individual in the community, we recognize a student with the Derek Hines ’99 Scholarship Award. This award goes to a rising senior and recognizes a fearless leader and beloved fan favorite who always places his team first. Displaying exemplary sportsmanship, he is supremely competitive, intelligent and extraordinarily conditioned with an unmatched work ethic. The contributions of this individual, on and off the field, cannot be measured by statistics alone. This award is not based on athleticism or athletic ability, but on the qualities of sportsmanship and school spirit.

Jack Kirby '55 Alumni Association Scholarship

Andrew Phaneuf received the Jack Kirby '55 Alumni Association Scholarship. This scholarship is presented annually to a junior who has demonstrated the leadership qualities and characteristics that reflect the spirit and ideals of the Alumni Association. The scholarship bears the name of one of the Prep’s most loyal and active alumni, Jack Kirby ’55, who passed away in April 2007. This year’s recipient not only impressed the scholarship committee with his obvious leadership skills, but also his accomplishments in the classroom, and commitment to community service. The Alumni Association looks forward to working with this outstanding future alumni leader.

Paul J. Famico Jr. '88 Scholarship

Gabriel Mieses received the Paul J. Famico Jr. '88 Scholarship. This annual award was established in memory of Paul Famico ‘88 by his family and friends after his death in 1989. The recipient must be a graduating senior residing in Danvers who has been actively involved in the community.

Academic Awards
Overall Academic Excellence Awards

Jackson Belanger
Matthew Bernstein
Peter DePasquale
Matthew Dunn
Lucien Elmer
Zhenglong He
Yucheng Lin
Matthew Long
Brian Nguyen
William Parker Feld
Jonathan Rodriguez
Jackson Selby
Matthew Stauss
John Wagner
Leyad Zavriyev

Religious Studies Medal

Dominic Greaves
Rohan Raisingani
Victor Rivera
Maximus Rizza
Alexander Ruffini
John Wagner

English Medal

Juan Amador
Jackson Annese
Benjamin Bailey
Tyler Bosma
Nicolas Goodman
Matthew Kirby

Mathematics Medal

Christopher Brown
Daniel Cantore
Matthew Ciampa
Thomas Dankert
Brady Pallotta
Zachary Verdun

Science Medal

Jack Jaworski
Ryan Petryszyn
Henry Pizzo
Alexander Ruffini
Paul Santosuosso
Max Westhoven

Social Studies Medal

James Ayers
Carson Browne
Jacob Evangelista
Danyl Levytskyi
Andrew Phaneuf
Mason Simcox

Computer Science Medal

Xavier Blais
John Conrad
William Minor
William Schieffer

Physical Education Medal

Silas Cash
Maxfield Chan
Ian Mertens
Victor Rivera

Chinese Medal

Maxfield Chan
Theo Scola
Michael Xu

German Medal

Benjamin Bailey
Nicolas Goodman
Albert Hofeldt

Latin Medal

Lucas Magliocchetti
Brady Pallotta
Charles Patrick Smith

Spanish Medal

Joseph Baldassarre
Maxwell Hausler
Danyl Levytskyi
Andrew Phaneuf

Hispanohablante Sobresaliente Award

Gabriel Mieses

Art 2-D Medal

Nathaniel Jones
James Trigilio

Art 3-D Medal

Vaughn DeAngelo
Michael Hale

Drama Medal

Benjamin Mazer
Daniel Pawlyk

Music Medal

Luke Dumouchel
Music Medal Daniel Pawlyk

Boston Globe Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

Honorable Mention Scholastic Awards (2x): Nathaniel Jones
Globe Certificate of Recognition Scholastic Art Award: David Minogue, Charles M. Smith, James Trigilio

Co-Curricular Awards

Academic Bowl Awards: Matthew Dunn, Maxwell Hausler
Always Our Brothers and Sisters Award: Gerard Glover
Arabic Language and Culture Club Award: Michael Bertinato
Artificial Intelligence Club Award: Joseph Quaratiello
Asian Cultural Club Award: Zhenglong He
Aviation Club Award: Colin Vaughan
Best Buddies Awards: Ian Rourke, Matthew Stauss, Ryan O'Leary
Chess Club Award: Heath Cashton
Chinese Ambassador's Club: Zhenglong He
Community of Concern Awards: Victor Rivera, Matthew Morrow
Computer Club Award: Zhenglong He
Crypto Club Award: Peter King
Drama Guild - Acting: Charles Patrick Smith
Drama Guild Technical Award: John Conrad
Environmental Club Award: Gerard Glover
Film Makers Club: Gerard Glover
Freshmen Life Experience Awards: Brian Nguyen, Matthew Syme
Social Entrepreneurs Award: Jeffory Groth
Future Medical Professionals Club: Gabriel Klein
German Club Award: Benjamin Bailey
Greek & Latin Club Award: Michael Hale
History Club Award: Colin Vaughan
Investment Club Awards: Tej Bhatia, Grant Drinkwater
Jewish Student Union Award: Leyad Zavriyev
LUNA (Latinos Unidos en Accion) Award: Gustavo Wood
Makers Club Award: Patrick Llewellyn
Math Team Awards: Jackson Belanger, Michael Hale
Mock Trial Awards: Thomas Healey, Victor Rivera
Model UN Award: Matthew Stauss
Music Technology Club: Silas Cash
National Honor Society Award: Grant Drinkwater
Pax Christi Award: Dillon Duval
PC Builders Club Awards: Michael Hale, Albert Hofeldt
Photography Club Awards: Gabriel Klein, Nicolas Goodman
Prep Pride Club Award: Andrew DeRosa, Jason Stellakis
Rock Music Appreciation Club Awards: Charles Patrick Smith, Albert Hofeldt
Spanish Club Awards: Jeffrey Lopez, Gabriel Klein
Speak Up Awards Alain-Raphael Kiriza, Tyler Callahan
SPIRE Yearbook: Award Nathaniel Gasperoni
Swingtown! Award: Charles Patrick Smith
Vex Robotics Team Award: Jackson Belanger
Young Democrats Club Award: Alexander Dubow
Young Republicans Club Award: Charles Patrick Smith

Athletics Awards

Alpine Skiing Coach's Award: Cole Hosmer
Baseball Coach's Award: Jack Fillion
Basketball Coach's Award: Dominic Greaves
Crew Coach's Award: John Wagner
Cross Country Coach's Award: Nathan Lopez
Fencing Coach's Award: Adam Slivka
Football Coach's Award: Jesse Ofurie
Golf Coach's Award: Ian Rourke
Ice Hockey Coach's Award: Aidan Holland
Lacrosse Coach's Award: James Ayers
Mountain Biking Coach's Award: Tyler Berman
Rugby Coach's Award: John Bennett
Sailing Coach's Award: Max Westhoven
Soccer Coach's Award: Callum Rigby
Spring Track and Field Coach's Award: Cooper Johnson
Spring Track Sprinter's Award: Stephon Patrick
Swimming and Diving Coach's Award: Tyler Bosma
Tennis Coach's Award: Ben Liptak
Ultimate Disc Coach's Award: Michael Boyle
Volleyball Coach's Award: Callum Brown
Water Polo Coach's Award: Matthew McDonald
Winter Track and Field Coach's Award Drew McStay
Wrestling Coach's Award Rawson Iwanicki

Varsity MVPs

Varsity Basketball: Michael O'Brien
Varsity Fencing: Jack Jaworski
Varsity Tennis: Paul Neal
Varsity Wrestling: Tyler Knox

College Book Awards

Brown University: Leyad Zavriyev
Clarkson Achievement Award: Michael O'Brien
Clarkson Leadership Award: Gabriel Mieses
Dartmouth College: Joseph Quaratiello
Harvard College: Jonathan Rodriguez
Harvard College: Matthew Long
LeMoyne College: Brady Pallotta
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: Zhenglong He
Rochester Institute of Technology Computing Medal: Matthew Dunn
Rochester Institute of Technology Innovation & Creativity: Michael Xu
Saint Anselm College: Jack Fillion
St. Lawrence University: Jack Hartfelder
Saint Michael's College: Yucheng Lin
Saint Michael's College: Liam Buys
Tulane University: William Parker Feld
University of Pennsylvania: Matthew Bernstein
University of Rochester – Bausch & Lomb Science Award: Jackson Selby
University of Rochester Xerox Award for Innovation and Technology Information: Jackson Belanger
University of Vermont: Benjamin Bailey
University of Virginia (Jefferson Book Award): Henry Indresano
Williams College: Nicolas Goodman
Yale University: Brian Nguyen