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Health and Wellness

Working in tandem, health and wellness are part of our students' daily lives. Together they are part of an overarching mission to help students achieve balance and make healthy choices that will promote their well-being now and beyond their time at St. John’s.

With a strong focus on the six dimensions of wellness, faculty and staff foster spaces that nurture emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing that allow students to thrive in their academic and extracurricular environments.

A major component of health and wellness at St. John's, recreational sports give students the opportunity to be active on their own terms. With a rotating roster of recreational offerings that range from CrossFit to Yoga, there is truly something for every student. With opportunities each day after school, recreational sports allow our students to prioritize health and wellness in their own lives in a fun and flexible way. To learn about more ways to participate in recreational sports, visit our athletics page.

That’s why opportunities to promote health aren’t just taking place after school. They are being implemented in the classroom. Through a variety of programming with our wellness team, our dedicated staff partners with students to discuss practices they can implement into the school day in order to approach their lives in a healthier way. During designated class meetings in which different departments and offices take the time to meet with students, our wellness staff provides tips and tricks on adopting a growth mindset, managing stress, and applying other advice catered to each specific grade level. With distinct strategies for combating daily struggles and constructing a strong mindset, our wellness team is an excellent resource for our students as they strive to be the best versions of themselves.

Our students’ health and wellbeing is a priority at St. John’s Prep. When our students are feeling their best, physically and mentally, they will be in the best state to dream big and make change. Through a variety of our offerings and programs, Health and Wellness is implemented into school life at St. John’s Prep, setting our students on the path to success and supplying them with beneficial habits that will contribute to healthier lives now and even after graduation. To learn more about how wellness is synonymous with the mission of St. John’s Prep, click here.

At St. John’s Prep, we understand that a holistic approach to health and wellness is what will make the most successful student.