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School Life

Two students with a camera

It's not student life. It's student living. 

Kids are constantly figuring out who they are and who they want to become. It’s important work, and it helps when they have the space and breathing room they need to do it. Exploring something fun and finding other kids with common interests once classes come to an end makes school feel a lot more personal. 

After the final bell, the Prep campus reboots into a co-curricular hub of exploration, collaboration, and inspiration. We lean into this approach to help young men soak up new experiences, discover new passions, and build new skills. Fully 90 percent of our students participate in after-school activities and special projects other than varsity sports. There are 70 co-curricular student activities and clubs at St. John’s Prep High School and Middle School. 

When a young man has a particular passion or interest, he’s able to choose from an extensive network of activities and clubs to uncover hidden talents, spark his curiosity, and apply what he’s learned in real-world settings. With virtually no limit to what student life at the Prep has to offer, young men are free to make every experience their own.