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High School Clubs: F to R

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Film Club

Film Club brings students together to discuss film, film writing, and the craft of movie making. All levels of interest and skill are welcome. We meet Thursdays after school. See recent Film Club projects here. Film Club is moderated by Ms. Nora Maginn Fame

Future Medical Professionals

The Future Medical Professionals Club works to enrich student knowledge of practices that make up the medical and healthcare fields. The club attempts to pique student’s interest and facilitate learning about the medical field through exposing students to the activities of health professionals. It is a fun club with many diverse opportunities for learning. The club serves as a good precursor to PreMed Studies in college. The club moderator is Ms. Samira Tella.

Game Design Club

As part of the Game Design Club, students meets weekly to learn and to practice programming video games. Every couple of weeks, students will vote on game ideas and then work as a team to design a game. Students work in groups to code the games in Java or Godot (tutorials are available), design the rules and levels, and create the art and sounds of the game. The final part of the club is to play and share the games that they create. The club faculty moderator is Mr. Ben Weidenaar.

German Conversational Skills Club

This student-run organization's goal is the promotion and appreciation of the German culture and language through reading, film and discussion. The Club meets on Tuesdays right after school in room K322. Club moderators are  Mr. Christopher Lynch and Ms. Fariba York.


Greek & Latin Club

Members of the Greek and Latin Club participate in monthly activities that immerse them in the history, mythology, architecture & culture of Classical Greece & Rome. Students can volunteer to be senators, who are then responsible for planning and executing each month's activity. Past events have included trivia contests, movie screenings, a philosophical symposium, and an Ugly Toga contest, a mock Greek Olympics, and a Graeco-Roman board game day. The Greek and Latin Club is open to all students and every effort is made to plan activities that include both Middle School and High School students. Moderator is Mr. Michael Russo.

History Club

The History club facilitates discussion about history and politics and organizes field trips to historic sites of interest. This group also participates in web-based historical simulation games. The club moderator is Mr. Charles Newhall.

Improv Club

The Improv Club seeks students who are the creative type, quick on their feet, who love to be the center of attention, and have the call to comedy to join the Improv Club. Meets in the Black Box Theater located in Ryken Hall. Improv performs after school and at school events. Ms. Elizabeth Dobrowolski is moderator.

Investment Club

The Investment Club's mission is to introduce students to the basics of personal finance and investing.  This mission is accomplished through regular meetings that consist mainly of two parts.  First, students are given tutorials on investment techniques, such as the stock market, the bond market, and the mutual fund market.  Secondly, and most practically, students then put their knowledge to work by managing a real money portfolio of stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Students propose, research and present new investment ideas, which are then voted on by the all the members. The Club is moderated by Mr. David Hennessey '83, an SJP economics teacher.

Jewish Student Union

St. John's Prep’s Jewish Student Union provides a space for Jewish and non-Jewish students to come together to celebrate Jewish culture and promote awareness of Jewish tradition through weekly club meetings and annual events. JSU welcomes all students, regardless of the nature of their connection with Judaism. The club moderator is Ms. Ella Brandon.

Latinos Unidos en Acción (LUNA)

Latinos Unidos en Acción (L.U.N.A.) is a multicultural club that spreads cultural awareness throughout the campus. L.U.N.A. is a place to build bonds, meet new friends and a safe haven for ALL students of different cultures and backgrounds. Through community service, toy drives, bake sales, and other events, we support and aid those in need in our communities. Club moderator is Señora Sofia Sidmore.

Magic Club

The Magic Club gathers every Friday after school to laugh, be bamboozled by and learn magic tricks from our amazingly talented club magicians. Develop your own ability to wow family and friends. For the more adventurous, you can choose to perform for crowds at SJP events! Magic Club is a fun way to unwind, and enjoy friends at the end of the week. Our club moderator is Mr. Randall Reinbold.

Makers Club

Design and build your own long board. Learn how to fix or restore an old piece of furniture.  Rewire your electric guitar.  Upgrade a mountain bike.  Solder components to make an electric circuit. If you have the desire to create, build, and dive into a hands-on project, this is the club for you. The Maker Club moderator is Steve Nichols.

Math Team

The Math Team meets after school once a week, on Thursdays, to improve problem solving skills. On the first Thursday of each month from October through March, there is a math competition with other North Shore high schools. The team moderator is Mr. Tom Feir.

Mock Trial Club

Mock Trial Club meets to analyze and practice court trial strategies and procedures, culminating with participation in actual trial competitions against other school mock trial teams.  The club moderator is Ms. Gail Dennig.

Model UN

Model UN explores world issues through simulations of the various UN committees. Club members research and debate world issues as representatives of various nations. Debate takes place informally at club meetings, and more formally at interscholastic day or weekend conferences. The club meets most Wednesdays after school. The club moderator is Ms. Pamela Bronder-Giroux.

Music Technology Club

For more information about this club and their meeting times, please contact the moderator Mr. Walter Velez.

National Honor Society

The Brother Benjamin Chapter of the National Honor Society is intended to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in students at St. John's Preparatory School. Moderator of Mr. John Munro. Look for eligibility requirements and details here.

Outdoor Adventure Club

Outdoor Adventure sponsors regular outdoor activities that are open to the entire school community. Some outings take place after school, while others occur on the weekend. A sample of activities includes: hiking, indoor/outdoor rock climbing, stand-up paddle boarding, fresh/saltwater fishing, snowshoeing, and surfing. Outdoor Adventure also sponsors an annual Outdoor Adventure Film Festival which features short outdoor themed films created by students. The Outdoor Adventure is moderated by Mr. Chris Bauer and Mr. Jack Pashayan.

Pax Christi SJP

Pax Christi USA, the national Catholic peace movement, commits itself through study, prayer, and action to foster peace by witnessing to the call of Christian nonviolence. St. John's Prep students, faculty, and staff founded our campus chapter, Pax Christi SJP, in 2002 as our nation dealt with the impending invasion into Iraq. Every week since its founding, students, faculty and staff have gathered for a solemn Prayer for Peace, beckoned by the tolling of our campus Spire Bell.

We welcome you to gather for our weekly Prayer for Peace Tuesday mornings from 7:40 am to 7:55 am. We typically gather near the Keefe Academic Center. Bring your iPad! Interested in joining in person or via Zoom? Email Mr. Bill Mackinson.

Philosophy Club

The Philosophy Club provides students the opportunity to discuss classical and contemporary philosophical questions and their connection to our lived human experience. The Club meets approximately every two weeks on Friday afternoon in an informal and relaxed setting. Readings are sometimes provided. Documentaries and films are also viewed for discussion. Topics and films are selected by the students. All are welcome! The club faculty moderator is Mr. Alexander Roche and Mr. Kevin Lynch '09.

Photography Club

The Photography Club is a small club open to all grade levels. It meets weekly to learn about photography and to share, critique, and improve their photos. Every other week a new topic and photography assignment is introduced, from iPhone mastery to color contrast and saturation. In addition to learning about the art of photography members are also introduced to and given time to practice and utilize photo editing tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. Ms. Stefanie Howlett is the club moderator.

Prep Pride Club

The Prep Pride Club provides fan support at SJP athletic and extra-curricular events. The club has a variety of pre and post game activities which include tailgates, sign making, etc. All students are welcome to take part in all Prep Pride Club activities during the school year. Come cheer on our teams and show your Prep Pride this year! The club moderators are Mr. Anthony Lamanna, Mr. Evan Korol, and Mr. Declan Foley.

Robotics Team

The Robotics Team currently competes in the FIRST Tech Challenge as the Mecha-Eagles. Meeting three times a week during most of the school year, the team designs, builds, and programs robots that compete in competitions with other Massachusetts and American high schools.  Members learn not only about the technical aspects of designing robots and the basics of engineering, but also about how teams must work together on large projects to create things that no one alone could even begin to achieve.  The robots for competition must fit inside an 18" cube, but the team has also been working on a 5' tall humanoid robot to demonstrate on campus and beyond -- Project RANDALL.  No previous experience with robots is required for new members. Faculty moderators are Ms. Lisa Standring and Mr. Bernard Gilmore.

Rotten Tomatoes Club

The "Rotten Tomatoes" Club gathers on Fridays from 2:45–4:30 pm in K333 to watch movies that are so bad that they're good. Club members recommend PG or PG-13 rated movies to view, and club leaders announce the upcoming movie several days in advance. Attendees appreciate the relaxing and fun environment at the end of long school week. Plus, we always have inordinate amounts of popcorn for sustenance! The only club requirement? You have to love bad movies! Our moderator is Mr. Sean Sawyer.

Prepositions Literary Magazine

For more information about this club and their meeting times, please contact the moderator Mr. Rob O'Chander.
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