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Our Community

Every gift counts! Once again, the members of the Prep community have demonstrated their deep appreciation for the mission of St. John's by making an annual charitable gift or by participating in our fundraising events. We are grateful to the following parents, current students, grandparents, faculty and staff, friends, and corporations and foundations for their support last year fiscal year, July 1, 2019–June 30, 2020.


Mr. Peter Abbruzzese and Mrs. Ruth Abbruzzese
Mr. Peter Abdinoor and Mrs. Lisa Abdinoor
Mr. Victor I. Abramson and Mrs. Jessy M. Abramson
Mr. Christopher Ackerman and Mrs. Stephanie Ackerman
Ms. Lisa Adamopoulos
Mr. Jonathan Albano and Mrs. Kelly Albano
Mr. Robert Almeida and Mrs. Marlowe Almeida
Mr. Richard S. Alpern '81 and Mrs. Dolores Alpern
Mr. Anthony F. Amara and Mrs. Kathleen Amara
Mrs. Mary M. Ambrefe
Mr. Mark E. Amirault and Mrs. Barbara J. Yee-Amirault
Mr. Mark Annese and Mrs. Lisa Annese
Mr. Lawrence Arend and Mrs. Peggy Arend
Mr. Arthur M. Argeros '75 and Mrs. Sophia Argeros
Mr. Michael Armini and Mrs. Jennifer Armini
Mr. Daniel J. Arsenault '86 and Mrs. Theona Arsenault
Mr. Francis J. Arsenault and Mrs. Mary Arsenault
Mr. Robert L. Arsenault '82 and Mrs. Cynthia A. Arsenault
Mrs. Dorothy Aste
Mr. Stephen Aste '95 and Mrs. Renee Aste
Mr. Gordon D. Atkinson and Ms. Karin McCarthy
Mr. Arthur Audet and Mrs. Hazel Audet
Mrs. Helaneh J. Awad
Dr. Andrew Ayers and Dr. Kate Ayers
Mr. Henry Azzun and Ms. Chiamaka Unachukwu
Mr. William Bachner and Mrs. Sharon Bachner
Mr. Mark Bailey and Mrs. Valerie Bailey
Mr. Robert Baldassarre and Ms. Veila Baldassarre
Mr. Robert E. Balletto and Mrs. Shannon M. Balletto
Mr. Abhijit Banerjee and Mrs. Villoo Banerjee
Mr. Peter Bartholomew and Mrs. Catherine Bartholomew
Mr. Steven Batsinelas and Mrs. Susan Batsinelas
Dr. Richard Baum and Dr. Cathe Chiaramonte-Baum
Mr. Mark Bavaro and Mrs. Susan Bavaro
Mr. Robert F. Bean
Mr. Paul A. Beauregard and Mrs. Margaret J. Beauregard
Ms. Kathleen Belliveau
Dr. Michael Belliveau and Dr. Anne Bellefeuille
Mr. Michael Bemis and Mrs. Anna Bemis
Dr. John L. Benecchi '66 and Mrs. Elizabeth J. Benecchi
Mr. Jac Bentley and Mrs. Doreen Bentley
Mr. Carson Berglund and Ms. Amanda Armstrong
Dr. Simon Bernstein and Mrs. Teale Bernstein
Mr. Neal Beswick and Mrs. Mary Kate Beswick
Col. Kevin Betz and Mrs. Kathleen Betz
Mr. Mark Birchem and Mrs. Patricia Birchem
Mr. Frederick Bishop
Ms. Laurie Bishop
Mr. Kevin M. Bisson and Mrs. Leslie J. Bisson
Mr. William Bochnak and Mrs. Carrie Bochnak
Mr. Eric Boemer and Mrs. Sally Boemer
Mr. Dermot Bolger and Mrs. Michelle Bolger
Mr. Iouri Bologov and Dr. Maria Ratchkova M.D.
Mr. Edward Bond Jr. and Mrs. Aletta Bond
Mr. Martin T. Bongette '62 and Mrs. Dorothy Bongette
Mr. James V. Botto and Ms. Rosemary A. Connors-Botto
Mr. Kevin Bottomley and Mrs. Rosemarie K. Bottomley '77
Mr. Roger Boucher and Mrs. Maura Boucher
Ms. Patricia Boudrot
Dr. Mary E. Boyce
Mr. John A. Boyle and Mrs. Virginia Boyle
Mrs. Jolyne Boyle
Mr. John L. Bracciotti and Mrs. Mary Lou Bracciotti
Mr. Eric Brandin and Mrs. Kathryn H. Brandin
Mr. Arthur F. Brennan and Mrs. Margaret E. Brennan
Mr. Peter Brennan and Mrs. Jennifer Brennan
Mr. Joseph R. Bresnahan '59 and Mrs. Jane Bresnahan
Mr. Nathan Broadbent and Mrs. Daniella Broadbent
Mr. Anthony J. Brooks '88 and Mrs. Tammy Brooks
Mr. Michael Brosnan and Mrs. Deborah A. Brosnan
Mr. Jeffrey Brown and Mrs. Kimberly Brown
Ms. Kara Brown
Mr. Scott D. Brown and Mrs. Debra Brown
Mr. Keith Browne and Mrs. Dena Browne
Mr. William Bryce II and Mrs. Laurie Bryce
Dr. Frederick Buckley Jr. '65 and Mrs. Patricia Buckley
Mr. John Buckner and Ms. Jayne Sacco
Mr. Wilson Bullard and Mrs. Kristin Bullard
Mr. Christopher R. Carmosino and Ms. Jennifer R. Buras
Dr. Stanley J. Burba '57 and Mrs. Janet L. Burba
Mr. Brian Burchette and Mrs. Alycia Burchette
Mr. John Burke III '82 and Mrs. Lori Burke
Mr. William H. Burke '79 and Mrs. Julie Burke
Dr. Charles M. Burnett and Dr. Paula Burnett
Mr. John Burns and Mrs. Linda Burns
Mr. Stephen Burns and Mrs. Holly Burns
Mr. Stephen Burse Sr. and Mrs. Ashley Burse
Mr. Matthew Burt and Dr. Sherry Yu
Mr. J. Frederick Bush and Mrs. Carol J. Bush
Mr. Bill Butler and Mrs. Sheila Butler
Mr. Paul G. Butler and Mrs. Sally A. Butler
Mr. Peter S. Butler '83 and Mrs. Mary Kate Butler
Dr. Emmanuel Buys and Dr. Eva Buys
Mr. James F. Byman and Mrs. Lori J. Byman
Mrs. Clara Byrne
Mr. Samuel T. Byrne '83 and Mrs. Tracey J. Byrne
Mrs. Mary B. Cabral
Mr. Joseph C. Cacciola and Mrs. Marilyn Cacciola
Mr. William F. Cahalane and Mrs. Mary Lou Cahalane
Dr. Daniel Cahill and Dr. Jennifer Cahill
Mr. Daniel C. Cahill and Mrs. Judith Cahill
Mr. Edward Cahill Esq. and Mrs. M. Elizabeth Cahill
Dr. John Callahan and Dr. Leah Cataldo
Mr. Moises Camilo and Mrs. Kely Y. De Leon
Mr. Michael Camp and Mrs. Jennifer Camp
Mr. Bernard L. Caniff '72 and Mrs. Deborah Caniff
Pastor Gary Cantore and Mrs. Patricia Costanzo
Ms. Jamie Capela
Mr. Steven Carew and Mrs. Amanda Carew
Mr. Raymond Carey III '67 and Dr. Dianne Carey
Mr. John G. Carlson and Mrs. Nuala S. Carlson
Mr. John J. Carlson and Mrs. Caroline S. Carlson
Mr. Anthony P. Carnevale and Mrs. Joanne Carnevale
Mr. James M. Carnevale '82 and Mrs. Debra J. Carnevale
Mr. Kevin M. Carroll and Mrs. Catherine M. Carroll
Mrs. Constance R. Carroll
Mr. James A. Carter and Mrs. Jane Carter
Mr. Paul Carusi and Mrs. Debbie Carusi
Mr. Christopher T. Casey and Mrs. Sharon S. Casey
Mrs. Pauline Casey
Mr. Jason Cashton and Mrs. Jennifer Cashton
Mr. Jeffrey Castaldo and Mrs. Caroline A. Castaldo
Mr. Paul S. Catalano and Mrs. Carol Catalano
Mr. Patrick Catino Jr. and Mrs. Lucinda Catino
Ms. Lisa Cavallo
Mr. Ronald A. Cedrone and Mrs. Joanne M. Cedrone
Mrs. Kimberly W. Chenard
Mr. Glenn Chesley and Mrs. Maureen N. Chesley '77
Ms. Janelle Cheverie
Mr. Nicholas F. Childs and Mrs. Jean A. R. Childs
Mrs. Judith Chimenti
Mr. Louis Chinappi and Mrs. Susan E. Chinappi
Mr. Stephen G. Chunias and Mrs. Kathleen L. Chunias
Dr. Kevin Churchwell and Ms. Gloria Respress-Churchwell
Mr. John Ciampa and Mrs. Kathleen Ciampa
Mr. Robert P. Cipriani and Mrs. Carol F. Cipriani
Mr. Timothy F. Clarke '79 and Mrs. Alice I. Clarke
Mr. Gerald F. Clement '65 and Mrs. Cynthia Clement
Mr. Stephen Clifford and Mrs. Susan Clifford
Mr. Christopher J. Cloutman and Mrs. Kandis B. Cloutman
Mr. John T. Coan
Mrs. Michelle B. Cohen
Mrs. Edith A. Colbert
Mr. Lawrence W. Collins and Mrs. Bonnie L. Collins
Mr. Michael Collins and Mrs. Lara Collins
Mr. Roger Colvin and Mrs. Holly Colvin
Mr. John Conley and Mrs. Janet Conley
Mr. Thomas J. Conlon '82 and Mrs. Susan Henderson
Mr. Kevin M. Connerty '82 and Mrs. Deborah L. Connerty
Mr. William H. Connolly and Mrs. Chrisanne Connolly
Mr. Gerald Conrad and Ms. Cary Skinner
Mr. Francesco A. Conte and Ms. Cathleen Lange
Mr. Francis L. Conway '58 and Mrs. Carol Ann Conway
Mr. Kevin Correa and Mrs. Patricia Correa
Mr. Joseph C. Correnti '75 and Mrs. Teresa M. Correnti
Mr. Christopher J. Costello '91
Mrs. Kathleen Covino
Mr. Kevin Coyne and Mrs. Natasha Coyne
Mr. John W. Crane '58 and Mrs. M. Patricia Crane
Mr. Daniel K. Crateau and Mrs. Margaret Crateau
Mr. Stephen D. Crimmin and Mrs. Patricia C. Crimmin
Mrs. Maryellen B. Cronin
Dr. David J. Crowley '58 and Mrs. Martha C. Crowley
Mr. John Crowley and Mrs. Barbara C. Crowley
Mr. John Cuddire and Ms. Julie Sullivan
Mr. Brian M. Cullen '73 and Mrs. Michele F. Cullen
Mr. Stephen Cullen and Mrs. Kathleen Cullen
Mr. Christopher J. Cummings and Mrs. Tina G. Cummings
Mr. Steven E. Cunningham and Mrs. Kathleen J. Cunningham
Mr. Matthew O. Curran '88 and Mrs. Kristen M. Curran
Mr. Paul T. Currie and Mrs. Josephine Currie
Mr. Rodney Currie and Mrs. Alese Turner Currie
Mr. Dana M. Currier and Ms. Judi Carr
Mr. Thomas Curtin and Mrs. Patricia Curtin
Mr. Chad Curtis and Mrs. Michelle Curtis
Mr. Michael J. Cusack and Mrs. Patti Cusack
Mr. Matthew J. Cushing '88 and Mrs. Leslie Cushing
Mrs. Anne M. Cyr
Mr. Jeffrey Dacy and Mrs. Julie Dacy
Mr. Michael Daley Sr. and Mrs. Bergen Daley
Mr. Sean Daley and Mrs. Barbara Daley
Mr. Curtis R. Dalton '92 and Mrs. Kimberly A. Dalton
Mr. Michael P. Dalton '83 and Mrs. Amy L. Dalton
Mr. Theodore Dalton and Mrs. Jennifer Dalton
Mr. Seamus Daly and Ms. Kay O'Dwyer
Mr. David D'Amico and Mrs. Rene D'Amico
Mr. John M. D'Amico and Ms. Victoria Caldwell
Mr. Matthew Daniels and Mrs. Jennifer Daniels
Mrs. Amy D'Avanzo
Mr. Edmund Davis and Mrs. Tracy Davis
Mr. F. Christopher Davis '79 and Mrs. Robyn C. Davis
Mr. Jeffrey Davis and Mrs. Careyanne Davis
Mr. Joseph Davis III and Mrs. Wendy Davis
Mr. Ian de Buy Wenniger and Mrs. Alexandra de Buy Wenniger
Mr. James I. Dearborn and Ms. Jill Jeffries
Mr. David DeBiase and Mrs. Cailin DeBiase
Mr. Thomas E. DeBlasio and Mrs. Michele A. DeBlasio
Mr. James DeDeus and Ms. Kim DeDeus
Dr. Paul A. DeFeo '88 and Mrs. Julie DeFeo
Mr. Brian DeFrancesco and Mrs. Denise E. DeFrancesco
Mr. George A. Delaney '88 and Mrs. Kara Delaney
Mr. Michael D. DeLaus and Ms. Susan Feindt
Mr. Michael Dell Isola and Mrs. Michelle Dell Isola
Dr. Sean Deller and Mrs. Pamela Deller
Mr. Lee R. Dellicker and Mrs. Liz Dellicker
Mr. Joseph A. DeMaina and Mrs. Mary DeMaina
Mr. Walter Dembowski III and Mrs. Tracie Dembowski
Ms. Stephanie DeSantis
Ms. Susan DeSilva
Mr. Alec DeSimone
Mr. Jonathan M. DeSimone '88 and Mrs. Vicki A. DeSimone
Mr. and Mrs. Tom J. DeSimone '68
Mr. Clement E. Desjardins
Mr. David C. Dewing and Mrs. Marianne C. Dewing
Mr. Mark C. DiCara and Mrs. Jill M. DiCara
Dr. and Mrs. David P. DiChiara
Mr. Michael DiChicco and Mrs. Georgette DiChicco
Mr. Jeffrey B. Dietz and Ms. Angela Binda
Mr. Timothy Dittrich and Mrs. Amy R. Dittrich
Mr. Edward M. Doherty '73 and Mrs. Lauren Doherty
Mr. Steven J. Doherty
Ms. Dorothy Dolan
Mr. Edward Dolan Jr. and Mrs. Maria Dolan
Mr. John L. Dolan '72 and Mrs. Christine M. Dolan
Mr. Thomas A. Donato and Mrs. Sharon P. Donato
Mr. Robert A. Donnelly Jr.
Mr. Daniel Donovan and Mrs. Tama Donovan
Mr. Gerald J. Donovan '86 and Mrs. Lyndie Donovan
Mr. John Donovan Sr. '82 and Mrs. Shelby Donovan
Mr. Patrick T. Dooley and Mrs. Dana E. Dooley
Mrs. Phyllis Dording
Mr. Timothy Dorsey and Mrs. Jennifer Dorsey
Mr. Constantinos D. Doulamis and Mrs. Katherine Doulamis
Mr. Dean Drinkwater and Mrs. Susan Drinkwater
Mrs. Gretchen A. Driscoll
Mr. James Driscoll Jr. and Mrs. Jacquelyn Driscoll
Mr. John A. Driscoll and Mrs. Susan Driscoll
Mr. Dennis J. Droggitis '91 and Mrs. Seana Droggitis
Mr. Mark du Four and Mrs. Meg du Four
Mrs. Cynthia T. Duda
Mr. Scott F. Duggan and Mrs. Joanne Duggan
Mr. Benjamin Duren and Mrs. Holly Duren
Mr. Thomas Durkin III '79 and Mrs. Linda Durkin
Attorney W. Sanford Durland III and Mrs. Kathleen Durland
Mr. John T. Dutcher and Mrs. Julie A. Dutcher
Mr. David R. Dwortz and Mrs. Eileen Dwortz
Mr. Wayne Eaton Jr. and Mrs. Susan Eaton
Mr. Carl Eberth and Mrs. Laura Eberth
Mr. James Ellard and Mrs. Heidi Ellard
Mr. Mark R. Erlandson and Mrs. Gayle M. Erlandson
Mr. Scott Estabrooks and Mrs. Jennifer Estabrooks
Mr. Alan L. Evans and Mrs. Deborah H. Evans
Mr. Richard Evans and Ms. Lori Evans
Mr. Addison L. Everett and Mrs. Julie Everett
Mr. Mark H. Everett and Mrs. Deborah A. Everett
Mr. James J. Fagan and Mrs. Cynthia C. Fagan
Dr. John Fallon and Ms. Emily Watt
Mr. John A. Fallon '88 and Mrs. Cynthia Fallon
Mr. Peter J. Fallon '71 and Mrs. Joan Fallon
Ms. Cynthia Scannell Fanikos
Mr. Dean A. Fanikos '92
Mr. John P. Farmer '79 and Mrs. Susan L. Farmer
Mr. Michael J. Farrow and Mrs. Rosemary T. Farrow
Mrs. Myrna Fearer
Mr. Ken Feyl and Mrs. Sheri Feyl
Mr. Paul R. Field and Mrs. Paula K. Field
Mr. David Fietze and Mrs. Cari Fietze
Mr. Mike Fillion and Mrs. Tracy Fillion
Mr. William Fiscus III and Mrs. Wendy Fiscus
Mr. Gregory Fisichelli and Mrs. Maria Fisichelli
Mr. Mark Fitzgerald
Mr. Thomas Flaherty III '73 and Mrs. Patricia Flaherty
Mr. Brian J. Flatley '62 and Mrs. Katherine J. Flatley
Mr. Kurt Fleming and Ms. Laura Fleming
Mr. Michael J. Fogarty '86 and Mrs. Zoe Fogarty
Ms. Denise Flammia and Mr. Karl Folan
Mr. Robert Foley and Dr. Josephine Foley
Mr. Bradford P. Fortin and Mrs. Carolyn C. Fortin
Mr. Timothy Frahm and Ms. Martha Frahm
Mr. John Frates Jr. '76 and Mrs. Nancy Frates
Mr. Thomas Fremont-Smith and Mrs. Alexandra Fremont-Smith
Mr. Marc Fronduto and Mrs. Kerri Fronduto
Mr. Erwin R. Fruehauf and Ms. Charlene Bazarian-Fruehauf
Mr. Richard Fuller Jr. and Mrs. Jennifer Fuller
Mr. Robert Gamer and Mrs. Anne Gamer
Mr. Thomas M. Garesche and Mrs. Donna D. Garesche
Mr. Randy G. Garland and Mrs. Susan Garland
Mr. James H. Gasperoni '85 and Mrs. Lisa M. Gasperoni
Mr. William D. Gause and Mrs. Alyse A. Gause
Mr. Ronald J. Gauthier and Mrs. Laurie S. Gauthier
Mr. Robert B. Gemmell and Dr. Phoebe Hoyt
Mr. Matthew Genta and Ms. Caroline Darbyshire
Mr. Michael Geringer
Mr. Sam Ghazaleh and Mrs. Irene Ghazaleh
Mr. Nicholas D. Gianturco and Mrs. Christine A. Gianturco
Mr. G. Michael Gignac Jr.
Mr. Jim Gikas and Mrs. Ellen Gikas
Mr. Brian Gilligan and Mrs. Donna Gilligan
Mr. Robert H. Girard '66 and Ms. Marsha Shepard
Mr. Jeffrey D. Glew and Mrs. Janet M. Glew
Mr. Keith Glidden and Mrs. Margaret Glidden
Mrs. Paula Gold
Attorney Annette Gonthier Kiely
Mr. Thomas Goodwin and Mrs. Diane Goodwin
Mr. Brian Graber and Mrs. Stephanie Graber
Dr. Thomas A. Grady and Mrs. Ruth C. Grady
Mr. Steven Granese and Mrs. Barbara Granese
Mr. John B. Gray and Mrs. Susan D. Gray
Mr. George W. Stairs and Ms. Anna T. Green
Mr. Matthew Green and Ms. Claudia Piper
Mr. Michael Greene and Mrs. Marci Greene
Mr. Andrew Greenfield and Mrs. Jennifer Greenfield
Mr. Randy Greenstein and Mrs. Karen Greenstein
Mr. Lucas Greenwalt and Mrs. Michelle Greenwalt
Mr. Joseph Grimaldi II and Mrs. Kristia Watson-Grimaldi
Mr. Dan M. Grondin and Mrs. Kate Grondin
Mr. Kurt Gross and Mrs. Dawn Gross
Mr. David A. Grunes and Mrs. Christine Grunes
Ms. Karen Grutchfield
Mr. Thomas Guidi Esq. '70 and Mrs. Karen Guidi
Mr. Timothy Haarmann and Ms. Cara Iacobucci
Mr. Jan Haas and Mrs. Kelly Haas
Mr. Elie Hajali and Ms. Yokaira Acosta
Dr. Jonathan D. Hall and Mrs. Teri D. Hall
Mr. William Hall and Ms. Jennifer Dumas
Mr. Craig A. Hallstrom and Mrs. Kathleen A. Hallstrom
Mr. Frederic N. Halström Esq.
Mrs. Maryann J. Haluska
Mr. Thomas V. Hankins and Mrs. Elaine Hankins
Mr. Dennis M. Hanson and Mrs. Sharon A. Hanson
Mr. Trevor Hanson and Mrs. Heidi Hanson
Mr. Edmund Harden and Mrs. Michelle Harden
Dr. Edward P. Hardiman and Mrs. Kara Hardiman
Mr. Barry T. Harrigan '78 and Mrs. Tammy Harrigan
Mr. Michael J. Harrington '54 and Mrs. Dorothy Harrington
Mr. Neil J. Harrington '74 and Mrs. Sarah M. Harrington
Mrs. Janice L. Hart
Mr. Jeffrey Hart and Mrs. Charlene Hart
Mr. Richard Hart III and Mrs. Heather Hart
Dr. Ronald C. Hartfelder and Mrs. Mary E. Hartfelder
Mr. Kenneth M. Haskell and Mrs. Zoe E. Haskell
Mr. William Hastings and Mrs. Diane Hastings
Mr. Rob Hatch and Mrs. Melissa Hatch
Mr. Christopher F. Hawthorne '80 and Mrs. Carol Hawthorne
Mr. Junfeng He and Ms. Liping Zhen
Mr. Jay Healey Sr. and Mrs. Catherine Healey
Mr. Derek Heaslip and Mrs. Stacey Heaslip
Mr. John Heffernan and Mrs. Sheila Heffernan
Mr. James Heffernan and Mrs. Kathleen Heffernan
Mr. Denis Hegarty and Mrs. Martina Hegarty
Mr. Paul M. Hendriks and Mrs. Elizabeth Hendriks
Mr. David P. Hennessey '83 and Mrs. Jacqueline M. Hennessey
Mr. Paul L. Hennessey '52
Mr. Al Holland III and Mrs. Kara Holland
Mr. Thomas F. Hollenbeck and Mrs. Priscilla Hollenbeck
Mr. Ronald W. Homa and Mrs. Monica W. Homa
Mr. Peter H. Homan and Mrs. Rowena L. Homan
Mr. Mark F. Hornick and Mrs. Suzanne Hornick
Mr. John M. Hosman '86 and Mrs. Patricia Hosman
Mr. Michael G. Howley and Mrs. Francine A. Howley
Mr. J. Michael Hughes and Mrs. Judith Hughes
Mr. Michael B. Hughes '91 and Ms. Ann-Marie Ginn
Mr. David P. Hunt and Dr. Christine Blaski M.D.
Dr. Sean E. Hunt '70 and Dr. Catherine O. Hunt
Mr. Barry T. Hynes and Mrs. Kristin Hynes
Mr. Robert Indresano and Mrs. Tara Indresano
Mr. Harvey Ing and Ms. Stefania M. Zak
Dr. Richard Iorio '77 and Mrs. Mary Ellen Iorio
Dr. Louis Irwin and Dr. Yi-Ping Liu Ph.D.
Mr. Yuriy Ivanenko and Mrs. Natasha Ivanenko
Mr. David W. Ives '75 and Ms. Pamela Burch
Mr. Samuel Jackson and Mrs. Nicole Jackson
Mr. Richard H. Jakle and Mrs. Patricia M. Jakle
Mr. Michael A. Janko and Ms. Brigitte Fortin
Mr. Paul J. Jasinski and Mrs. Amy L. Jasinski
Mr. Pierre S. Jean-Philippe and Mrs. Sabine Jean-Louis
Mr. Douglas M. Jenkins and Mrs. Donna M. Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Jennings
Mr. Alun Jones and Mrs. Penny Xifaras Jones
Ms. Jennifer A. Jones
Mr. Rui Jorge and Ms. Christine Fleming
Mr. Erik Julin and Mrs. Debra Julin
Mr. Raymond Kako and Mrs. Virginia F. Kako
Mr. James Kaloutas and Mrs. Rhonda Kaloutas
Mr. Robert Kaminski III '93 and Mrs. Michelle Kaminski
Mr. Paul Kamisky and Mrs. Christina Kamisky
Mr. William Kane Jr. '88 and Mrs. Marianne Komaromi Kane
Mr. Bruce A. Kaneb '80 and Mrs. Deborah A. Kaneb
Mr. Jeffrey J. Kaneb '82 and Mrs. Karla C. Kaneb
Mr. John A. Kaneb and Mrs. Virginia Kaneb
Mr. Joseph W. Karaman and Mrs. Jane Karaman
Mr. Vasilios Karametsopoulos and Mrs. Maria Karametsopoulos
Dr. Matthew Katz and Mrs. Dana Katz
Mr. Elliot M. Katzman and Mrs. Donna M. Katzman
Ms. Kimberly Kautz
Mr. Thomas Keane and Mrs. Josephine Keane
Mr. Thomas Keeley and Mrs. Monica J. Keeley
Mr. Timothy Keenan and Mrs. Kristin Keenan
Mrs. Mary Kellard
Ms. Mary Jane Kelley
Mr. Raymond Kelley and Mrs. Maureen Kelley
Mr. John M. Kelliher and Mrs. Corinne Kelliher
Mr. H. Theodore Kelly II and Mrs. Karey Kelly
Mr. John F. Kelly and Mrs. Courtney Kelly
Mr. Joseph A. Kelly and Mrs. Cynthia A. Kelly
Mr. Patrick S. Kelly and Mrs. Maria B. Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. James V. Kench
Mr. Francis G. Kennedy and Mrs. Constance F. Kennedy
Mr. Randell Kennedy and Ms. Nancy Rohlfs
Mr. Joseph T. Keyes '86 and Mrs. Corine S. Keyes
Mr. Robert Keyes
Mr. Robert T. Kfoury and Mrs. Elisabeth H. Kfoury
Ms. Mary K. Kiley
Mr. Sean Killeen and Mrs. Carrie Killeen
Mr. William W. Kilmartin and Mrs. Kathleen A. Kilmartin
Mr. William Kirby and Ms. Anne Crane Kirby
Mr. Richard Kircher and Mrs. Kathleen Kircher
Mr. Jeffrey C. Kirpas and Mrs. Maureen A. Kirpas
Mr. Jeffrey J. Kirsch and Mrs. Maria Z. Kirsch
Mr. Darren R. Klein and Mrs. Mia K. Klein
Mr. Oliver Klein and Dr. Jodi Llacera Klein
Mr. Douglas J. Kline and Mrs. Susan N. Kline
Mr. John S. Konopka and Mrs. Sandra Konopka
Mr. Marc D. Kornitsky '85 and Mrs. Diane E. Kornitsky
Ms. Elizabeth H. Kossuth
Mr. Kenneth L. Krall and Mrs. Marisa Rivera-Krall
Mr. Daniel Krysiak and Mrs. Patricia Christensen-Krysiak
Mr. Joseph H. Kukas and Mrs. Kandace Kukas
Dr. Robert T. Kung and Mrs. Diana M. Kung
Mr. Kent Kusel and Mrs. Jane Kusel
Mrs. Linda M. Kwiatek
Mr. John C. Laffy '84 and Mrs. Sheila Laffy
Mr. Ronald C. LaGrassa '91 and Mrs. Robin LaGrassa
Mr. Raymond J. Landry and Mrs. Elaine M. Landry
Mr. Dean LaPierre and Mrs. Lysanne LaPierre
Mr. John J. Larivee '68 and Mrs. Wendy Larivee
Mr. Francis LaRovere III '76 and Mrs. Susan LaRovere
Mr. Scott Lattanzio and Mrs. Irene Lattanzio
Mr. Christopher LeBlanc and Ms. Jenny Hobbs
Mr. Dan J. Letarte '86
Mr. Joseph R. Levis '60 and Mrs. Judith Levis
Mr. Rene Limacher and Mrs. Jennifer S. Limacher
Mr. James F. Linehan and Mrs. Katherine K. Linehan
Ms. Martha Lipson
Mr. John Lockner II and Mrs. Cecelia Lockner
Mr. Robert Lockwood and Mrs. Joan Lockwood
Mr. John P. Loehner and Mrs. Donna L. Loehner
Dr. Kent Logan and Mrs. Kathleen Logan
Mr. Kristiaan Lokere and Mrs. Jillian Lokere
Mr. David Lopez and Mrs. Lisa Lopez
Mr. Carlo Lopez-Ricco and Mrs. Emily Lopez
Mr. Thomas F. Losco and Mrs. Marie C. Losco
Ms. Xiaoying Lou
Mr. Peter B. Loveland and Mrs. Kathleen S. Loveland
Mr. Joseph Lovett and Mrs. Diane Lovett
Mr. William Lovett and Mrs. Kirsten Lovett
Mr. David Lucas Esq. and Mrs. Melissa Lucas
Mr. Henry Lucas Jr. and Mrs. Nancy Lucas
Mr. Tony Luongo and Mrs. Elena Luongo
Mr. Damon Lusk and Mrs. Christine Lusk
Mr. Robert T. Lutts and Mrs. Rachel Lutts
Mr. Kevin M. Lyons '69 and Mrs. Lee Ann Lyons
Mr. Brendan M. Macaulay '87 and Mrs. Susan M. Macaulay
Mr. Joseph Macdonald and Mrs. Alicia Macdonald
Mr. Kevin M. MacKenzie '74 and Mrs. Sharon E. MacKenzie
Mr. William J. Mackinson and Mrs. Lynn Mackinson
Ms. Hadley A. MacLean
Mr. Alexander D. MacLellan '90
Mr. Allan D. MacLellan '72
Mr. Mark Maddison and Mrs. Renuka Maddison
Mr. John Maestranzi Jr. '84 and Mrs. Katja Maestranzi
Mr. Leo J. Maestranzi '55 and Mrs. Joanne B. Maestranzi
Ms. Kathryn Mageary
Mr. Holly Maguire
Mr. Kevin C. Maguire '80 and Mrs. Amy E. Maguire
Mrs. A. Leslie Maher
Mr. William Maher Jr. and Mrs. Priscilla Maher
Mr. Timothy J. Mahoney '69 and Mrs. Anne H. Mahoney
Mr. Joseph McNamee and Ms. Shelagh Mahoney-McNamee
Mr. Stephen Majeski and Mrs. Laura Majeski
Mr. Patrick Malloy and Mrs. MariaElena Malloy
Mr. Matt Maloney and Mrs. Stephanie Maloney
Mr. Francis A. Mancini and Mrs. Anna M. Mancini
Mr. Daniel L. Manitakos and Mrs. Suzanne Manitakos
Mr. Reed T. Manning and Mrs. Claire Manning
Mrs. Mildred M. Mannion
Mr. Jesser Mantilla and Mrs. Melgie Mantilla
Mr. Evan Margetson and Ms. Teresa Coelho
Mr. Dane Markley and Mrs. Michele Markley
Mrs. Maureen Marley McCarthy
Mr. Roy Marsters and Mrs. Laura Marsters
Mr. Joshua Marston and Mrs. Sarah Marston
Mr. Christian Martin and Mrs. Christine Martin
Mr. Sam Martin and Mrs. Drayton Martin
LTC Robert P. Martinack '57 and Mrs. Marianne P. Martinack
Mr. George E. Massaro and Mrs. Helen Massaro
Mr. Michael P. Massaro '96 and Mrs. Meredith Massaro
Mr. Joseph W. Masterson and Ms. Dawn M. Gigante-Masterson
Mr. Thomas P. Mathers and Mrs. Michele Mathers
Mr. Darryl Matvichuk and Mrs. Kim Matvichuk
Mr. Jeffrey Mazer Esq. and Ms. Nicole Metsisto Mazer Esq.
Mrs. Mary Mazzie
Dr. Donald McAuliffe Jr. '77 and Mrs. Lyne McAuliffe
Mr. Brian McCabe and Mrs. Suzanne McCabe
Mr. Todd McCabe and Mrs. Lisa McCabe
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. McCauley
Mr. James J. McCauley '81 and Mrs. Lizabeth M. McCauley
Mr. Kenneth D. McCormack and Mrs. Christine D. McCormack
Mr. James McDaniel III and Ms. Kathy McDaniel
Mr. John McDonald and Mrs. Kimberlee McDonald
Mr. Kevin P. McDonald '83 and Mrs. Lauren McDonald
Mr. Leonard McDonald and Mrs. Debra McDonald
Mr. John McEleney and Mrs. Christine McEleney
Mr. Thomas McEnaney Esq. '86 and Mrs. Deborah McEnaney
Mr. Stephen McGee and Mrs. Julie McGee
Mr. Thomas McGee and Mrs. Libby McGee
Mr. Patrick McGhee and Ms. Lisa Coppola
Mr. Kevin McGrath and Mrs. Roxanne McGrath
Mr. David T. McHenry
Mr. Christopher McIntire '82 and Mrs. Marcia McIntire
Mr. Craig McKenna and Mrs. Michelle McKenna
Mr. Brian P. McKeon and Mrs. Lorraine E. McKeon
Ms. Mary McKernan and Mr. Paul Tortorella
Mr. Richard E. McLarney and Mrs. Martha C. McLarney
Mr. William J. McLaughlin '69 and Mrs. Ellen P. McLaughlin
Mr. Paul E. McNamara '69 and Mrs. Lisa McNamara
Mr. Charles McShane Jr. '71 and Mrs. Sherry McShane
Mr. Michael A. McShane and Mrs. Maura McShane
Mr. Kevin McSweeney and Mrs. Melissa McSweeney
Mr. Keith L. Meal and Mrs. Eileen Meal
Mr. Leo M. Melanson '81 and Mrs. Karen A. Melanson
Mr. Peter G. Melanson and Mrs. Molly Melanson
Ms. Marilyn Melrose
Mr. Charles Melville and Ms. Lindsey Curley
Mr. Stuart Meurer and Mrs. Susan Bragg Meurer
Mr. John A. Meuse and Mrs. Barbara A. Meuse
Mr. Michael Coutu and Ms. Joanne Meyer
Mr. Bruce P. Michaud '68 and Mrs. Helena Walter
Ms. Gail Michaud
Mrs. Regina C. Mielcarz
Mr. Timothy J. Miles and Mrs. Lisa Miles
Mr. Gregory M. Miller '66 and Mrs. Geraldine Miller
Mr. M. William Miller and Mrs. Robin Miller
Dr. Brian Millett and Mrs. Elizabeth Millett
Mrs. Patricia Mitchell
Mr. Calin Moldovean and Mrs. Melanie Moldovean
Mr. Carmen R. Monks '83 and Mrs. Karen Monks
Mr. Kevin M. Mooney and Mrs. Maryellen Mooney
Mr. David Moore and Mrs. Vicky Moore
Mr. William Moore and Mrs. Katherine Cousins
Mr. Stephen Mootafian and Mrs. Melissa B. Berube-Mootafian
Mr. Stephen Morad and Mrs. Lori Morad
Mr. Kevin F. Moran and Mrs. Caroline S. Moran
Mrs. Cynthia M. Morin
Mr. Robert Morse Jr. and Mrs. Margaret Morse
Ms. Nicole Moses
Mr. John F. Moskal and Mrs. Victoria Moskal
Mr. Manish Motiani and Mrs. Renu Motiani
Mr. Stephen Moylan and Dr. Anne Moylan
Mr. Pablo Muchnik and Ms. Lauren Barthold
Mr. Joseph Mueller Esq. '92 and Mrs. Allison Mueller
Mr. Paul Mulligan Esq. and Mrs. Eileen Mulligan
Mr. Bruce Munick and Mrs. Cheryl Munick
Mr. John Munro III and Mrs. Gail Munro
Mr. Kevin W. Murphy and Mrs. Jessica Murphy
Mr. Robert Murphy and Mrs. Kirsten Murphy
Ms. Katherine Murray
Mr. Phil Murray and Mrs. Paula Murray
Mr. Robert T. Murray and Mrs. Karen Murray
Mr. Frederick L. Murtagh '51
Mr. John Murtagh Jr. '75 and Mrs. Christine Murtagh
Mr. Paul H. Naehle '80 and Mrs. Michele Naehle
Ms. Kimberly Nassar
Mr. Paul J. Nasser and Dr. Bethany J. Nasser
Mr. Jason G. Navarro '94 and Mrs. Miranda C. Navarro
Mr. Brooks Nelson and Ms. Louise Nelson
Mr. Charles L. Newhall and Mrs. Patricia Newhall
Mr. Dean Newport and Mrs. Pamela Newport
Mr. Tuan Nguyen and Mrs. Honglien Nguyen
Mr. Anthony A. Nickas '78 and Mrs. Carolyn Nickas
Mr. Michael Nickerson and Mrs. Karen Nickerson
Mr. Dennis E. Nieskoski and Mrs. Katherine A. Nieskoski
Mr. Paul C. Nightingale and Mrs. Kathryn M. Nightingale
Mr. Robert Noe and Mrs. Mary Ann Noe
Mr. William T. Noonan and Mrs. Jean R. Noonan
Mr. Samuel H. Nork and Mrs. Janet M. Nork
Mr. Bryan Northrop and Mrs. Lindsay Northrop
Mr. Andrew J. Novelline '93 and Mrs. Amanda Novelline
Mr. Geoffrey P. Noyes and Mrs. Beth Noyes
Mr. Richard B. Nye and Mrs. Caroline C. Nye
Mr. Colin D. O'Brian and Mrs. Ann Marie O'Brian
Mr. Francis E. O'Brien and Mrs. Carolyn M. O'Brien
Ms. Carmen Ochoa
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. O'Connell
Mr. and Mrs. John J. O'Connor
Mr. Joseph J. O'Connor '77 and Mrs. Charlotte A. O'Connor
Mr. Kevin G. O'Connor '83 and Ms. Richelle DuPont
Dr. Maryanne J. O'Donnell
Mr. Thomas P. O'Hare and Mrs. Joan M. O'Hare
Dr. James O'Holleran and Mrs. Eileen O'Holleran
Mr. Michael R. O'Keefe '69 and Mrs. Sheila A. O'Keefe
Mr. Robert G. O'Keefe and Mrs. Nina A. O'Keefe
Mr. David R. Olds and Mrs. Patricia C. Olds
Mr. Jay Trepp and Mrs. Karen R. O'Leary
Mr. Michael O'Leary and Mrs. Kathleen O'Leary
Mr. Richard J. O'Leary '51 and Mrs. Gayle O'Leary
Mr. Joseph C. Olson and Mrs. Judith S. Olson
Mr. Kristopher R. Olson '88 and Mrs. Wendy Olson
Mr. Ronald K. Olson and Mrs. Joanne Olson
Mr. Gary P. O'Neil and Mrs. Elizabeth O'Neil
Mrs. Maureen O'Neill Nsier
Mr. William P. O'Neill '74 and Mrs. Elizabeth O'Neill
Mr. Anthony Onello Jr. and Mrs. Jennifer Onello
Dr. George Orfaly and Mrs. Sharon Orfaly
Mr. Robert Osborne
Deacon Thomas O'Shea Jr. '79 and Mrs. Carol O'Shea
Mr. Edward O'Sullivan and Mrs. Kathleen O'Sullivan
Mr. David A. Page and Mrs. Kirsten H. Page
Mr. John M. Pallone and Mrs. Donna J. Pallone
Mr. Joseph Palmer and Mrs. Nancy Palmer
Mr. Peter N. Panos and Mrs. Kathleen Panos
Ms. Karen Parker Feld and Mr. Peter Freeman
Dr. Steven F. Parker and Mrs. Jeanne Parker
Mr. Thomas Pascuccio and Mrs. Annette Pascuccio
Dr. Donald A. Pasquarello '82 and Mrs. Gerda G. Pasquarello
Mr. David Patch Jr. and Mrs. Deirdre Patch
Mr. Jay L. Pawlyk '91 and Mrs. Laura Pawlyk
Mr. Roger J. Pawlyk*
Mr. Thomas E. Peckham and Ms. Ellen A. Petersen
Mr. Mark S. Pelletier and Mrs. Patricia M. Pelletier
Mr. Francis L. Penders and Mrs. Carol J. Penders
Mr. Tom Pennace and Mrs. Joan Pennace
Mr. Matthew W. Penney and Mrs. Kim Penney
Dr. Robert Perreault and Mrs. Pamela Perreault
Mr. Jonathan B. Petromelis and Mrs. Sophia Petromelis
Mr. William Petryszyn and Mrs. Christine Petryszyn
Mr. Charles Phelan and Mrs. Natalie Phelan
Mr. Michael Pinciaro and Mrs. Jennifer Pinciaro
Mr. Craig Pitman and Mrs. Jama Pitman
Mr. and Mrs. David Pizzotti
Mr. Dane A. Poeske and Mrs. Ann C. Poeske
Mr. Michael J. Poirier and Mrs. Coreen Poirier
Mr. Zoltan A. Poleretzky and Dr. Deborah P. Shih
Mr. Lawrence A. Polimeno and Mrs. Sandra P. Polimeno
Dr. Richard P. Polisson and Mrs. Sharon O. Polisson
Mr. Jeffrey S. Pondick and Ms. Jean E. Voges
Mr. James Ponsetto and Ms. Donna Crotty
Mr. Charles N. Poor '65 and Mrs. Carol Poor
Mr. Jeffrey S. Pope and Mrs. Carmen L. Pope
Mr. Leo R. Potter and Mrs. Elizabeth Potter
Mr. Robert P. Powers and Mrs. Jane E. Powers
Ms. Sutji Prasetiowati
Mr. Richard D. Prior and Mrs. Pamela W. Prior
Dr. Peter M. Prokopis and Mrs. Claudine M. Prokopis
Mr. Richard M. Provenzano and Mrs. Nancy M. Provenzano
Mr. Joseph E. Prudente and Mrs. Dolores Cordeiro-Prudente
Mr. Stephen Pruell and Mrs. Kelly Pruell
Mr. William P. Pruett and Mrs. Elizabeth T. Pruett
Ms. Debra Pulpi-Friedlander
Ms. Jill E. Purisky
Mr. John C. Purisky
Mr. John R. Putney '61 and Mrs. Joan M. Putney
Dr. Mark S. Pykett and Mrs. Carrie Pykett
Mr. Jose Quiceno and Ms. Liseth Tabares
Dr. Daniel Raess and Mrs. Lisa Raess
Mr. Glen Randall Esq. and Mrs. Sharon Randall
Mr. Sean Randall and Mrs. Cheryl Randall
Mr. Greg J. Raposa and Mrs. Elaine M. Raposa
Mr. David L. Ray and Mrs. Debra J. Ray
Mr. John P. Reardon and Mrs. Frances M. Reardon
Mr. Brendan Regan and Mrs. Karen Regan
Mr. Michael J. Reilly and Mrs. Denise L. Reilly
Mr. Paul A. Reilly
Mr. Randall E. Reinbold and Mrs. Lori Reinbold
Ms. Beth Reith
Mr. Scott Reith
Mr. Steve Remley and Mrs. Kim Remley
Mr. Kevin R. Rhodes and Mrs. Maura M. Rhodes
Mr. Mario A. Ricciardelli and Mrs. Nancy J. Ricciardelli
Mr. Christopher Rice and Mrs. Patricia Rice
Mr. Peter J. Richards and Mrs. Lucille Richards
Mr. Peter J. Richards and Mrs. Lucille Richards
The Hon. Patrick J. Riley '66
Mr. Thomas P. Riley '75 and Mrs. Susan M. Riley
Mr. John G. Rinklin and Ms. Lynel M. Rinklin
Mr. Byron L. Rizos and Mrs. Helen Rizos
Dr. Demetrius Rizos USN, Ret. and Mrs. Susan Rizos
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Rizza
Mr. Frank Rizza and Mrs. Giuseppina Rizza
Mrs. Mary C. Roach
Dr. Jason Robillard and Mrs. Tara Robillard
Mr. Timothy H. Robinson and Mrs. Lisa B. Robinson
Mr. Dwight Robson and Mrs. Lena Robson
Mr. Graeme Rockett and Mrs. Shenley Rockett
Mr. Louis A. Roderman and Ms. Mary Langlais
Mr. Jose Rodriguez and Mrs. Rachael Rodriguez
Mr. Henry H. Rogers and Mrs. Rosa R. Rogers
Mr. Michael Rogers and Mrs. Donna Rogers
Mr. Michael F. Rogers and Mrs. Janet L. Rogers
Mr. Ricardo N. Roizner and Ms. Magda Rodriguez
Mr. Marc Rolfe and Mrs. Shauna Rolfe
Mr. John J. Ronayne and Mrs. Charlotte Ronayne
Mr. Joseph Rose and Mrs. Ellen Rose
Mr. David Rosolowski and Ms. Jennifer Howe
Mr. Ronald Rossetti Jr. and Mrs. Elizabeth Rossetti
Mr. Alfred Rossi Jr. '80 and Mrs. Faith Rossi
Mr. Kevin T. Rourke '82 and Mrs. Karen Rourke
Dr. Marc Rubin and Mrs. Heidi Rubin
Mr. Charles Rutledge Jr. and Mrs. Jolyn Rutledge
Mr. Steven J. Ryan '64 and Mrs. Micheline H. Ryan
Mr. W. Coley Rybicki '78 and Mrs. Michele A. Rybicki
Mr. Abboud Safi and Mrs. Sonia Safi
Mr. Khuzema Safri and Mrs. Luluah Safri
Mr. Scott Sagan and Mrs. Julie Sagan
Mr. Joseph Salines Jr.
Mr. George J. Saluto and Mrs. Marian Saluto
Mr. Arockiadoss Santhappan and Mrs. Susila Rosario
Mr. Joel Saslaw and Mrs. Carole Saslaw
Mr. Michael Savage and Mrs. Alicia Savage
Dr. Julie A. Saviano
Dr. Matthew Savory and Mrs. Gail Savory
Dr. Rick Sawyer Jr. and Mrs. Ellen Sawyer
Mr. Kevin M. Scalley and Mrs. Kate W. Scalley
Mr. Peter Schaeublin and Mrs. Tracii Schaeublin
Mr. Frank Scherkenbach and Ms. Kimberly McGovern
Mr. W. Ross Schieffer and Mrs. Lucinda Schieffer
Mr. James P. Schorr and Mrs. Mary J. Schorr
Ms. Lisa Schott
Dr. Joshua Baumfeld and Ms. Lynn-Anne Schow
Mr. Jeffrey A. Schutzman and Mrs. Linda G. Schutzman
Mr. Mark Schwalm and Ms. Sara Weiss
Mr. John Scola and Mrs. Stephanie Scola
Mr. Mark C. Scollard and Mrs. Carolyn Scollard
Mr. Kevin Scully and Mrs. Jill Scully
Mr. James M. Sears '81 and Mrs. Patricia A. Sears
Mr. Walter J. Selima and Mrs. Barbara A. Selima
Mr. Douglas B. Settelmeyer and Mrs. Kristen E. Settelmeyer
Dr. Peter Seymour and Dr. Bridget Seymour
Mr. Michael H. Shanahan and Mrs. Mary Shanahan
Mr. William J. Sharrio '74 and Mrs. Beverly Sharrio
Mr. Robert Shay Jr. '83 and Mrs. Joan Shay
Mr. Kevin Sheahan and Mrs. Emily Sheahan
Mr. Thomas F. Sheehan '74 and Mrs. Jane E. Sheehan
Mr. William Sheehan III '70 and Mrs. Elizabeth Sheehan
Mr. Thomas Sheehy and Mrs. Kimberly Sheehy
Mr. Andrew Sheridan and Mrs. Jennie Sheridan
Mr. Michael Sherlock and Ms. Cynthia Sherlock
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Sherman '81
Mr. Dan Sherwood and Ms. Katherine Luchini
Mr. Stephen W. Shinnick '82 and Ms. Kathleen E. Murphy
Mr. Eric Shoemaker and Mrs. Sandra Shoemaker
Dr. Jeremy Shore and Dr. Rebecca Shore
Mr. Lawrence Shuman and Mrs. Merle Shuman
Mr. Constantine Sideridis and Mrs. Allyson Sideridis
Mr. Timothy Sidmore and Ms. Sofia P. Sidmore
Mr. James R. Siergiewicz and Mrs. Barbara S. Siergiewicz
Mr. Richard Sincerbeaux Jr. and Mrs. Laura Sincerbeaux
Mr. Robert A. Skelley and Mrs. Kristin Skelley
Mr. John P. Slattery and Mrs. Nancy E. Slattery
Mr. David B. Smith '79 and Mrs. Beth E. Smith
Mr. Douglas M. Smith '83 and Mrs. Maureen Smith
Mr. Karl L. Smith '86 and Mrs. Jeanne M. Smith
Mr. Randall Smith and Mrs. Carolann Smith
Dr. Timothy Smith and Dr. Jacqueline Swan
Mr. Francis Soucy Jr. and Mrs. Diane Soucy
Dr. Stanley A. Sozanski '65 and Mrs. Kathleen M. Sozanski
Ms. Maria Spadoni-Merena
Mr. John Spiridakis and Mrs. Kelley Driscoll Spiridakis
Dr. David P. St. Pierre '70 and Mrs. Luanne St. Pierre
Mr. James E. Stager and Mrs. Nancy H. Stager
Mr. James E. Stager and Mrs. Nancy H. Stager
Mr. Paul C.H. Stark and Mrs. Jane S. Stark
Mr. Todd Stauss and Mrs. Kerry Stauss
Mr. Matthew J. Steele and Mrs. Paula S. Brancato
Mr. Russell Steeves Jr. and Mrs. Jennifer Steeves
Mrs. Dorothy Stemniski
Mr. Richard J. Strauss and Mrs. Deborah A. Strauss
Mr. Denis J. Sullivan '72 and Mrs. Joan M. Sullivan
Mr. Gene Sullivan III and Mrs. Pamela Sullivan
Mr. John Sullivan and Mrs. Margaret Sullivan
Dr. John D. Sullivan '84 and Mrs. Holly Sullivan
Mr. Michael Sullivan and Dr. Katharine Sullivan
Mr. Mike Sullivan and Mrs. Sarah Sullivan
Mr. Michael J. Supino and Mrs. Marianne A. Supino
Mr. William J. Surette '81 and Mrs. Evangelyn J. Surette
Mr. William J. Surette '81 and Mrs. Evangelyn J. Surette
Mr. John W. Suslak '71 and Mrs. Claire A. Suslak
Mr. John Sweeney and Mrs. Sandra Sweeney
Mr. Ronald J. Tache' '86 and Mrs. Caren A. Tache'
Mr. Jerry L. Talleri and Dr. Sarah Whitehead
Dr. Tony Tannoury and Mrs. Viviane Tannoury
Mr. Ronald Taupier and Mrs. Jennifer Taupier
Mr. David Teeven and Mrs. Leah Teeven
Mr. Michael Tiberio and Mrs. Kate Tiberio
Mr. Kevin M. Tierney '77 and Mrs. Deborah Tierney
Mr. Thomas Tierney Jr. and Mrs. Susan Ryan-Tierney
Mr. Thomas Tilas and Mrs. Kim Marshall-Tilas
Mr. Daniel M. Tobyne and Mrs. Anne M. Tobyne
Mr. Stephen Torchia and Mrs. Brandi Torchia
Mr. William Toye Jr. and Mrs. Patricia Toye
Mr. Joseph J. Trainor and Mrs. Catherine J. Trainor
Mr. Michael Trainor and Mrs. Mary Agnes Trainor
Mr. Joseph F. Tramonti and Mrs. Debra V. Tramonti
Mr. Michael Traub and Mrs. Jane Traub
Mr. Richard Travers Jr. and Mrs. Lynne Travers
Mr. Mario Tricomi Jr. '73 and Mrs. Nancy Egan-Tricomi
Mr. Christopher R. Trim and Mrs. Jean Trim
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Trulli
Mr. Sean McGraw and Mrs. Kristine M. Trustey
Mr. Timothy M. Tully Jr. and Mrs. Trish A. Tully
Ms. Francine Tunnera
Mrs. Amy L. Turk
Mr. James B. Turner and Mrs. Kathi Turner
Mr. Bernard A. Tuttle and Mrs. Joan L. Tuttle
Mr. Tim Twombly and Mrs. Sue Twombly
Dr. Elizabeth Twomey
Mr. Benjamin Tymann and Mrs. Jennifer Tymann
Mr. John A. Tyrrell and Mrs. Deborah K. Tyrrell
Mr. David Ulwick and The Hon. Jennifer M. Ulwick
Mr. Paul M. Uva and Mrs. Kathleen A. Uva
Mr. John Valentino and Mrs. Cherilyn Valentino
Mr. David Valzania and Mrs. Laura Valzania
Mr. George Vamvouklis and Mrs. Olympia H. Vamvouklis
Mr. James Van Sicklin and Ms. Amy Van Sicklin
Mr. Nicholas Varoudakis and Mrs. Gabriela Varoudakis
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Vennochi
Mr. John J. Vetere and Mrs. Mary R. Vetere
Mr. Matthew Vetree and Mrs. Jennifer Miles Vetree
Mr. Robert Vigneaux III and Mrs. Kristin Vigneaux
Mr. Erik Vigsnes and Mrs. Kristen Vigsnes
Mrs. Leanne Villani-Schneider
Mr. Dat Vo and Mrs. Thuytien Vo
Mr. Walter Vogel and Ms. Francine Regal
Mr. Stefan J. Vounessea '88 and Mrs. Lea M. Vounessea
Mr. John Wagner and Mrs. Leah Wagner
Mr. Michael G. Waldron '73 and Mrs. Felicia Waldron
Dr. Joseph W. Walek and Mrs. Mary Ellen Walek
Mr. Garrett J. Wall '72 and Mrs. Mary E. Wall
Mr. Denis D. Walsh and Ms. Deirdre Bradley
Mr. James Walsh and Mrs. Mary Beth Walsh
Mr. Keith Walsh and Mrs. Stephanie Walsh
Mr. James J. Ward and Mrs. Maureen Ward
Mr. Kendrick Wauchope and Ms. Erin Postl
Mr. John F. Webb '68 and Mrs. Joan P. Webb
Dr. Mark Webster and Mrs. Emily Webster
Mr. Daniel Weeder and Dr. Susan Kelly-Weeder
Mr. Michael Weissenburger and Mrs. Julie Weissenburger
Mr. John Westlund and Mrs. Anne Westlund
Mr. Robert H. Wettach and Mrs. Gayle P. Wettach
Mr. Edward White and Mrs. Sarah White
Mrs. Kathryn White
Mr. Jim Wilkinson and Mrs. Julie Wilkinson
Mr. Peter B. Willett and Mrs. Leah Willett
Mr. Stephen Willett and Ms. Emer McCourt
Mr. Charlie B. Williams and Mrs. Deborah Williams
Mr. John G. Williams and Mrs. Alice A. Williams
Mr. Rich Williams and Mrs. Christine Williams
Mr. Jeffrey Wilmot and Mrs. Meghan Wilmot
Mr. David R. Wilson and Mrs. Christine Wilson
Mr. Richard W. Wilson and Mrs. Linda J. Wilson
Mr. James S. Winskowicz '69
Mr. Damon M. Wirtanen '89 and Mrs. Justine A. Wirtanen
Mr. Kevin R. Woelfel and Mrs. Kerry L. Woelfel
Mr. R. Scott Wolke and Mrs. Suzanne Wolke
Mr. Brian Wolonsavich and Mrs. Toni Wolonsavich
Mr. James Worden and Mrs. Anita Rajan Worden
Mr. Daniel Wywoda and Mrs. Rosemary Wywoda
Mr. David Yachnin and Ms. Michelle Yachnin
Mr. Patrick E. Yanchus '67 and Mrs. Kathleen Yanchus
Mr. John T. Yannone and Mrs. Robyn A. Yannone
Mr. George Yfantopulos '86 and Mrs. Susan Yfantopulos
Mr. Michael Yoken CFP '83 and Mrs. Heidi Yoken
Mr. Evan H. Ypsilantis and Mrs. Effie Ypsilantis
Mr. James C. Zampell '71 and Mrs. Christine Zampell
Mr. Joseph A. Zampell and Mrs. Michelle Zampell
Ms. Marlena Zapf
Dr. Andrey Zarur and Mrs. Christianne Baruqui-Zarur
Ms. Elizabeth M. Zuk
Anonymous (3)

Current Students

Class of 2021

Brett C. Butler
Matthew M. Hardiman
Matteo Zirpolo

Class of 2022

Thomas W. Bachand
Raymond G. Currie
Jake A. Kirsch

Class of 2023

Michael M. Hale

Class of 2024

Logan T. Kelly

Class of 2025

Joseph A. Bullard
Magnus G. Julin
Deacon J. Robillard


Dr. Joseph Abate and Mrs. Maureen Abate
Mr. Jack Anderson and Mrs. Ann Anderson
Mr. Francis J. Arsenault and Mrs. Mary Arsenault
Mrs. Dorothy Aste
Mr. Herbert Bachelder and Mrs. Patricia Bachelder
Mr. Michael Bansley and Mrs. Diane Bansley
Mr. John D. Barnard and Mrs. Nancy J. Barnard
Capt. Robert M. Barr Jr. USN(Ret.)
Mrs. Yvonne Barreto
Ms. Victoria Beard
Ms. Beverly Benson
Mr. Richard Benson and Mrs. Marylou Benson
Mrs. Jolyne Boyle
Mr. Joseph R. Bresnahan '59 and Mrs. Jane Bresnahan
Mr. William J. Britton and Mrs. Kathi Britton
Mrs. Barbara Brown
Mr. Raymond Bucci Jr. and Mrs. Lana Chase Bucci
Ms. Terry Bush
Ms. Linda Cabral
Mr. Thomas Caffrey and Mrs. Eleanor Caffrey
Mr. Anthony Callahan and Mrs. Jean Callahan
Mr. Fred Carter and Mrs. Cathy Carter
Mrs. Irma Carter
Ms. Anna M. Casey
Mrs. Pauline Casey
Mr. John Cavanaugh and Mrs. Nancy Cavanaugh
Mr. Adrian Cavestany and Mrs. Rosario L. Cavestany
Mrs. Jean Chesley
Mr. Philip Cheverie and Mrs. Urilla Cheverie
Mr. Thomas Cimeno and Mrs. Margaret Cimeno
Mr. Kevin C. Cochrane '61 and Mrs. Elizabeth R. Cochrane
Mrs. Kathleen Collins
Mr. Robert C. Combe and Mrs. Joyce Combe
Mrs. Rita M. Connell
Mr. John Coughlin and Mrs. Priscilla Coughlin
Mr. Jerry Curreri and Mrs. Nora Curreri
Ms. Madonna Daffron
Mr. Gary Dancewicz and Mrs. Jean Dancewicz
Mr. Ralph Dell Orfano and Mrs. Nancy Dell Orfano
Mr. James E. Deschene and Mrs. Gloria I. Deschene
Mr. Alec DeSimone
Mr. and Mrs. Tom J. DeSimone '68
Mr. Brenton Dickson and Mrs. Elizabeth Dickson
Mr. Michael DiResta and Mrs. Rose Marie DiResta
Mr. Dennis Drinkwater and Mrs. Jackie Drinkwater
Mr. John A. Driscoll and Mrs. Susan Driscoll
Dr. John Fallon and Ms. Emily Watt
Mr. Brian Farrell and Mrs. Barbara Farrell
Mr. Richard Feyl and Mrs. Anne Marie Feyl
Dr. Edward Fisichelli and Mrs. Monique Fisichelli
Mr. William Gilmor and Mrs. Sandra Gilmor
Mrs. Enid Gold
Mr. Frank Goldstein and Mrs. Anne Goldstein
Mr. Franklin Gray Jr. and Mrs. Janet Gray
Mr. Richard Guarino and Mrs. Carol Guarino
Mr. David Hall and Mrs. Minta Hall
Mrs. Evelyn Hardiman
Ms. Jane Hastings
Mr. Gerald Hayes and Mrs. Marcia Hayes
Mrs. Linda Hedetniemi
Mr. Paul L. Hennessey '52
Mr. Paul Horrigan and Mrs. Patricia Horrigan
Ms. Patricia Hubbard
Mr. Robert E. Hudlin and Mrs. Grace Hudlin
Mr. Walter Hussey and Mrs. Julie Hussey
Mr. Chris Iuanow and Mrs. Vicky Iuanow
Mrs. Cabrini Johnson
Mr. Raymond Kako and Mrs. Virginia F. Kako
Mr. John A. Kaneb and Mrs. Virginia Kaneb
Mr. Theofil Krysiak and Mrs. Pat Krysiak
Mrs. Mary E. Kuconis
Mrs. Linda M. Kwiatek
Mr. Norman LeBlanc and Mrs. Barbara LeBlanc
Dr. Robert J. Lechner and Mrs. Patricia Lechner
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Lippmann
Mr. Leo J. Maestranzi '55 and Mrs. Joanne B. Maestranzi
Mrs. Muriel Magauran and Mr. Brendan Magauran M.D.
Mr. Suey Sin Mah and Mrs. Lai Yung Mah
Mr. William Mark
Mrs. Susan Mason
Mr. George E. Massaro and Mrs. Helen Massaro
Ms. Eileen McCarthy
Mr. Richard J. McCarthy '61
Mrs. Patricia McDonough
Mr. Paul J. McGinley '56 and Mrs. Cathleen McGinley
Mr. Robert W. McNamara
Mr. Edward J. McNiff '53 and Mrs. Elaine G. McNiff
Mr. John A. Meuse and Mrs. Barbara A. Meuse
Mr. Joseph Milano Jr. '62 and Mrs. Jill Milano
Mrs. Kathleen Moore
Mrs. Cynthia M. Morin
Mr. Robert Morse Jr. and Mrs. Margaret Morse
Mr. George Moses
Mr. Daniel Murphy Jr. and Mrs. Emily Murphy
Mr. Robert Nenno
Ms. Diane Nickerson
Mr. Kevin Noa and Mrs. Cheryl Noa
Mr. Joseph O'Brien and Mrs. Joanne O'Brien
Mr. Richard J. O'Leary '51 and Mrs. Gayle O'Leary
Mr. Ronald K. Olson and Mrs. Joanne Olson
Ms. Mary C. O'Neil
Mr. Roger J. Pawlyk*
Mr. James K. Polese and Mrs. Adeline Polese
Mr. Charles N. Poor '65 and Mrs. Carol Poor
Mr. John R. Putney '61 and Mrs. Joan M. Putney
Mr. John Ranauro and Mrs. Cora Ranauro
Ms. Leora Robinson
Mr. John J. Ronayne and Mrs. Charlotte Ronayne
Ms. Joan Rosenblatt
Mr. Ronald Rossetti Sr. and Mrs. Linda Rossetti
Mr. Alfred J. Rossi '55 and Mrs. Angelica Rossi
Mrs. Virginia Sablone
Mr. Carl Sacco
Mr. Arthur Sarcione and Mrs. Judith Sarcione
Mrs. Rosemarie Scully
Mr. Glenn Shaw and Mrs. Karen Shaw
Mr. Richard Sincerbeaux Sr. and Mrs. Patricia Lynch
Mr. F. William Smith and Mrs. Anna M. Smith
Mr. William A. Smith and Mrs. Ann B. Smith
Mr. David J. Solimine and Mrs. Mary Jane Solimine
Mr. Richard Spillane and Mrs. Christine Spillane
Ms. Paula St. Pierre
Mr. Matthew J. Steele and Mrs. Paula S. Brancato
Mr. Anthony D. Vorias '61 and Mrs. Carol-Ann Vorias
Mrs. Mary E. Wachtel
Ms. Gay Wagner
Mr. Roy Walker and Mrs. Kathy Walker
Mr. David Wells and Mrs. Catherine Wells
Ms. Lucia Westfall
Mr. John P. White and Mrs. Barbara J. White
Mrs. Kathryn White
Mr. A. Charles Wilmot and Mrs. Barbara Wilmot
Mr. James Young and Mrs. Linda Young


Faculty and Staff

Ms. Jill Arnow
Mr. Patrick M. Byrne and Ms. Nibal N. Awad
Mr. J. Christopher Bauer
Mr. Mark Bavaro and Mrs. Susan Bavaro
Ms. Laura Bell
Mr. Matt Bendle and Mrs. Wendy Bendle
Mr. Ryan P. Bird '02 and Mrs. Amanda Bird
Mr. John A. Boyle and Mrs. Virginia Boyle
Mr. Eric Brandin and Mrs. Kathryn H. Brandin
Mr. William J. Britton and Mrs. Kathi Britton
Mr. Peter S. Butler '83 and Mrs. Mary Kate Butler
Mr. Jeffrey Cann and Ms. Carrie Collins-Cann
Mr. Raymond E. Carey III '67 and Dr. Dianne Carey
Mr. Kevin M. Carroll and Mrs. Catherine M. Carroll
Mr. James A. Carter and Mrs. Jane Carter
Mr. Glenn Chesley and Mrs. Maureen N. Chesley '77
Mr. Patrick Connell and Mrs. Melissa Ciaccia
Mr. Kevin Collins and Mrs. Emily Collins
Mr. Kevin Correa and Mrs. Patricia Correa
Mr. Kevin Coyne and Mrs. Natasha Coyne
Dr. Keith Crowley and Mrs. Patricia Crowley
Mr. Justin A. DiRienzo '09
Ms. Elizabeth Dobrowolski
Ms. Dorothy Dolan
Mr. Mark D. Donovan and Mrs. Julie E. Donovan
Mr. Conor R. Dowley and Mrs. Trish Dowley
Mr. Michael Driscoll
Mr. Benjamin Duren and Mrs. Holly Duren
Ms. Cynthia Scannell Fanikos
Mr. Eric Field and Mrs. Lisa Field
Mr. Brian J. Flatley '62 and Mrs. Katherine J. Flatley
Mr. Declan J. Foley '11
Dr. Matthew C. Ford and Mrs. Melissa Ford
Mr. Bradford P. Fortin and Mrs. Carolyn C. Fortin
Mr. James Frackleton
Mr. Paul Francisco
Mr. Andrew C. Frates '06
Mr. Amir Ghali and Mrs. Rosemary McCullough
Mr. Bob Kuszewski and Ms. Laurel Grady
Ms. Karen Grutchfield
Dr. Edward P. Hardiman and Mrs. Kara Hardiman
Mr. Tyler Heath and Ms. Kerry Heath
Mr. David P. Hennessey '83 and Mrs. Jacqueline M. Hennessey
Mr. John M. Hosman '86 and Mrs. Patricia Hosman
Mr. Joseph P. Jasinski '06
Mr. Richard B. Jones and Mrs. Sheila K. Jones
Mr. Bruce A. Kaneb '80 and Mrs. Deborah A. Kaneb
Mr. Thomas Keeley and Mrs. Monica J. Keeley
Mr. Alex Keevan and Ms. Deanna S. Keevan
Bro. Stephen Kietzman, C.F.X.
Ms. Mary K. Kiley
Mr. John Klein
Mr. Chad Konecky and Ms. Elizabeth Solomon
Ms. Christine Lahiff
Mr. John J. Larivee '68 and Mrs. Wendy Larivee
Mr. Jason Larocque and Mrs. Melissa Larocque
Ms. Jennifer LeDuc
Mr. Dan J. Letarte '86
Mr. Karl Liwo and Mrs. Elizabeth Liwo
Mr. Joseph Lovett and Mrs. Diane Lovett
Mr. Christopher Lynch
Mr. Kevin M. Lynch '09
Mr. William J. Mackinson and Mrs. Lynn Mackinson
Ms. Nora Maginn-Fame and Mr. Chad Fame
Mr. Matthew Marino and Mrs. Debra R. Marino
Mr. Roger J. Deveau and Ms. Kay T. Maurice
Mr. Sean McDaniel
Mr. David T. McHenry
Mr. Paul E. McNamara '69 and Mrs. Lisa McNamara
Ms. JoAnn Meyer
Mr. Garrett Michaelsen and Mrs. Jessaca Michaelsen
Mr. Timothy J. Miles and Mrs. Lisa Miles
Mr. Lawrence Molloy
Mr. Christopher M. Moran '90 and Mrs. Autumn Moran
Miss Maryann Muhilly
Mr. John J. Munro IV '02
Mr. Brooks Nelson and Ms. Louise Nelson
Mr. Charles L. Newhall and Mrs. Patricia Newhall
Mr. Kevin T. Noel '06 and Mrs. Elise Perkins
Mr. Francis E. O'Brien and Mrs. Carolyn M. O'Brien
Mr. Kristopher R. Olson '88 and Mrs. Wendy Olson
Dr. Michael J. Orlando '02 and Mrs. Nicole Orlando
Mr. Gregory Osborne and Mrs. Jen Osborne
Mr. Anthony Padvaiskas and Mrs. Carol Padvaiskas
Bro. Timothy Paul CFX
Mr. Jay L. Pawlyk '91 and Mrs. Laura Pawlyk
Mr. Jameson Pelkey and Mrs. Kelly Pelkey
Mr. Matthew Percuoco and Mrs. Sarah Percuoco
Mrs. Eileen Perry
Mr. Richard C. Phillips and Mrs. Theresa M. Phillips
Ms. Melanie Piendak
Ms. Jill E. Purisky
Mr. John H. Pynchon '01 and Mrs. Elizabeth Pynchon
Mr. Michael R. Reardon '92 and Ms. Danique Meaux
Mr. Paul A. Reilly
Mr. Randall E. Reinbold and Mrs. Lori Reinbold
Mr. Peter J. Richards and Mrs. Lucille Richards
Dr. Demetrius Rizos USN, Ret. and Mrs. Susan Rizos
Mr. Alexander Roche
Mr. David C. Rodriguez '15
Dr. Marc Rubin and Mrs. Heidi Rubin
Mr. Christopher M. Russo and Mrs. Kelly Russo
Ms. Nancy Sacco
Mr. Sean F. Sawyer '11
Mr. Peter Schaeublin and Mrs. Tracii Schaeublin
Mr. Sean Sennott and Mrs. Andea Sennott
Mr. Brian J. Shultz '75 and Ms. Joyce DeSanctis
Mr. Timothy Sidmore and Ms. Sofia P. Sidmore
Mr. Chad Konecky and Ms. Elizabeth Solomon
Mr. Matthew Spearing and Ms. Aeshna Badruzzaman
Ms. Lisa Standring
Mr. William J. Surette '81 and Mrs. Evangelyn J. Surette
Mr. Anthony Tavanese and Mrs. Joanne Tavanese
Mr. Kevin M. Tierney '77 and Mrs. Deborah Tierney
Mr. Peter J. Tremblay and Mrs. Leslie A. Tremblay
Mr. Seann Tulloch and Mrs. Suzanne Tulloch
Mr. Timothy M. Tully Jr. and Mrs. Trish A. Tully
Mr. Andrew Urquhart and Ms. Krista Urquhart
Mr. Paul M. Uva and Mrs. Kathleen A. Uva
Ms. Gianna Voccola
Mr. John F. Webb '68 and Mrs. Joan P. Webb
Mr. Jeffrey Wilmot and Mrs. Meghan Wilmot
Mr. Yonghoon Yoon
Mr. Matthew Zaterka
Anonymous (1)


Mrs. Charleen D. Alper
Ms. Julie Archibald
Ms. Michelle M. Arruda
Ms. Tiffany Bennett
Ms. Jacqueline Boudrot
Ms. Kristen Brown
Mr. Michael Carlson
Ms. Maria Carpenter
Ms. Marianne Carroll
Mr. Robert C. Combe and Mrs. Joyce Combe
Mr. Patrick Conlon
Mr. Thomas Connell
Mr. Steven E. Cunningham and Mrs. Kathleen J. Cunningham
Mr. Albert Dedushi
Mr. Henry S. Dembowski and Mrs. Claire C. Dembowski
Mr. James E. Deschene and Mrs. Gloria I. Deschene
Mr. Rory Desmond
Ms. Julie DiFilippo
Mr. James DiOrio and Mrs. Kathleen DiOrio
Mr. Thomas A. Donato and Mrs. Sharon P. Donato
Mrs. Phyllis Dording
Ms. Sunny DuPuis
Mr. Scott W. Ellison
Mr. Jacob Feigenbaum
Mr. Eric Field and Mrs. Lisa Field
The Hon. Ellen Flatley
Mr. Kenneth Flynn
Ms. Gwendolyn Fournier
Mr. Lawrence M. Furey
Mr. John Gallen and Mrs. Issy Gallen
Mr. Matteo Gallo
Mr. Robert Gamer and Mrs. Anne Gamer
Mr. Timothy Gannon
Mr. Paul Gentile
Ms. Ellen Gordon
Ms. Deirdre Grimm
Mr. Evan Grossman
Mr. Sean C. Harlow
Mr. Bill Hebert and Mrs. Karen A. Hebert
Mr. James Heffernan and Mrs. Kathleen Heffernan
Ms. Hannah Hoban
Mr. George Hurlburt and Mrs. Mary Joy Hurlburt
Mr. John Hynes
Mrs. Joan Ingalls
Ms. Jennifer A. Jones
Mrs. Mary Kellard
Mr. George Koshivas and Mrs. Ann P. Koshivas
Mr. Netanel Lalehfar
Ms. Jasselle Landen
Mr. Jason Langwell
Mr. Bill Lennon
Mr. Craig Lewis
Mr. Christopher Luongo
Ms. Ann Maderia
Honorable P. Michael Mahoney
Mrs. Maureen Marley McCarthy
Mr. Patrick Masterson
Mr. Michael McCabe
Mr. Kevin McGinness and Mrs. Michelle McGinness
Mr. Dave Mott
Ms. Christine Moynihan
Ms. Melissa Mullen
Mr. James W. Nawn Jr.
Mr. Gene Nigrelli
Mr. Boris Nusinov
Ms. Lisa O’Connell
Mr. George M. O'Hara and Mrs. Christine L. O'Hara
Mr. Laurence J. O'Neill and Dr. Maureen S. O'Neill
Mr. James M. Peterson and Mrs. Kimberly Peterson
Ms. Dorothy Picot
Ms. Susan Podolsky
Ms. Margaret Carr Poulin
Bro. Edward Rice CFX
Mr. Joseph Robinson
Ms. Betty Rogers
Ms. Kristen Ross
Mr. Daniel Scanlon
Scully Family Foundation
Ms. Mary Simpson
Mr. David Singer and Mrs. Kristen Singer
Mr. Justin Slattery
Mr. Isaac C. St. Martin
Mr. James E. Stager and Mrs. Nancy H. Stager
Mr. Jackson Tingle and Mrs. Kerrie L. Tingle
Mr. Larry Tobin
Ms. Laurie Turano-Allis
Mr. James J. Ward and Mrs. Maureen Ward
Mrs. Sharon M. Weidenaar
Mr. Stuart W. Weisman and Mrs. Jane P. Weisman
Mr. Zachary Whitten
Mr. Tim Wilkerson and Ms. Mary Doherty
Mr. Daniel Zibaitis
Dr. Vangel Zissi
Anonymous (1)

Corporations and Foundations

A Yoga Practice
ACI Investigative Group, Inc.
Aetna, Inc. Matching Gifts Program
America's Test Kitchen
Angelakis Family Foundation
Anthony's Barber Styling / GetBarberEd
AT&T Matching Gift Program
Athens Paper Company, Inc.
Atomic Coffee Roasters
The Ayco Charitable Foundation
Thomas W. Bachand, CPA
Bancroft & Company
Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
The Barber Family Foundation
Best Bagel
Best Friends Total Pet Care
Beverly Restaurant Group, LLC
Big Night Entertainment Group
Black Swan Country Club
Blue Technologies LLC
Bobbles and Lace
Edward A. Bond Foundation
Bright Funds Foundation
Brothers Restaurant & Deli of Peabody
Brown Brothers Harriman
Burch Ives Family Charitable Foundation
Florence V. Burden Foundation
Cafe Serina
The Catamount Corporation
The Catholic Schools Foundation
The Francis P. Chiaramonte M.D. Family Foundation, Inc.
Coldwell Banker
Commune Cafe
Connie Millard College Counseling
Cora Operations, Inc.
Cozen O'Connor
Brian J. Cranney Landscaping
Cut and Run Traveling Hairstylist
The Daly Holding Company, Inc.
Danvers Indoor Sports
Danversport Marina
DaVinci Group Solutions Inc.
Delta Airlines Foundation Matching Gifts to Education
Dimensional Fund Advisors LP
Dodge Tree Service, Inc.
Joseph P. Donahue Charitable Foundation Trust
Double Tree by Hilton
The Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation
Eastern Salt Company, Inc.
eMaxx Assurance Group of Companies, Inc.
ENCON Commercial Services, LLC
Essex Point Properties, LLC
Eugene T. Sullivan, Inc.
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund
Fidelity Investments Matching Gift Program
FitVine Wine
Focus Technology Solutions
Gaslight Restaurant
Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund
Great New Hampshire Restaurant
Hancock Survey Associates, Inc.
The Harman Cain Family Foundation
Harring Water Colors
Harrow's Chicken Pies
Denis Hegarty Plastering
Honda North
Howley Family Foundation
I.J. van Huffel Foundation
W. Bradford Ingalls Charitable Foundation
Intercontinental Real Estate Corporation
Ipswich Country Club
J. Martins Contractors, Inc.
J.E. Ranta Associates
Johnson & Rohan Insurance
Jonathan D. Hall, MD Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery
JP Morgan Chase and Company
Law Offices of William H. Connolly
Joseph R. Levis Foundation Inc.
The Lumpkin Family Foundation
Mallory Portraits
Manchester Woman's Club
Marcus Financial Advisors
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company
Mathis Pfohl Foundation
Merrimack Repertory Theatre
MFS Investment Management
Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors
Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.
Mr. G's Pizza and Subs
Next Level Hockey Skills, LLC
North Shore Bank
Northeast Nursery, Inc.
Northwestern Mutual Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Nunan's Florist & Greenhouse
Olbash School of Driving
One-on-One College Consulting, LLC
Pawtucket Red Sox Baseball
PBA Associates Inc.
The People's United Community Foundation of Eastern MA, Inc.
The Pequot Charitable Foundation
Charles B. and Louis R. Perini Family Foundation
Phi Beta Chapter of Kappa Delta Rho
Pluta Family Foundation, Inc.
PM Service Group, LLC
Poirier Family Foundation
Polish Falcons Clubs of America Nest 188
Portland Sea Dogs
Rail and Glass LLC
Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund
Reading Orthodontics
The Red Sox Foundation
Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc.
The Rivera Krall Family Foundation
The Rogers Family Foundation
The Rourke Family Foundation
SAGE Dining Services
Salem Five Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Schwab Charitable Fund
James M. Sears, Attorney at Law
Sentinel Benefits and Financial Group, Inc.
The Skating Academy of Boston
Law Offices of Gregory R. Smith
Sol Bean Juice Bar and Kitchen
Sports Rehabilitation Unlimited
Sullivan Tutoring and Test Prep
Sun N' Air Golf Center
T. Rowe Price Investment Services, Inc.
The Thorson Foundation
Titan Guide Service
The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
Union Oyster House
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Venetian Moon Ristorante & Martini Bar
ViaSat, Inc.
Vogel Vending and ATM
Wakefield Bowladrome
The Blanche M. Walsh Charity Trust
Watson House
The Weiler Foundation
With Us Foundation
Worden Family Foundation
Xtreme Craze
YMCA of Greater Boston
Anonymous (1)

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