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Headmaster's Council

The Headmaster's Council was established to express our gratitude to the members of the St. John's Prep community who annually make leadership gifts in support of our educational mission.

The following list recognizes donors who made contributions totaling $1,000 or more to the school between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018. In addition, our Aspire Circle celebrates our alumni who are 15 years out or younger who have made contributions of $500 or more to the school between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018.

Founders Circle - $100,000.00 or more
Anonymous (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Ahern '58
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel T. Byrne '83 
Miss Marion L. Crowley*
Tom '68 and Midge DeSimone
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund
Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Kaneb '82
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Mathers
The Polimeno Family
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Scott W. Shaw
Trustees Circle - $50,000.00 or more
John and Sandra Blaeser
The Catholic Schools Foundation
Mr. Arthur W. Coviello '71
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. DeSimone '88
Timothy & Amy Dittrich
W. Bradford Ingalls Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Kaneb '80
Joseph '60 & Judith Levis
Mr. Richard A. Montoni '69
The Rogers Family Foundation
Mr. Frank Scherkenbach & Ms. Kimberly McGovern
Xaverian Circle - $25,000.00 or more
Anonymous (2)
Angelakis Family Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Bart F. Blaeser '86
Mr. Thomas A. Civiello '76
Mr. Matthew J. Curtis '96
Mr. and Mrs. Addison L. Everett
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Iorio '77
Mr. David W. Ives '75 and Ms. Pamela Burch
Mr. and Mrs. Elliot M. Katzman
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Manitakos
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Massaro
Mr. Edward J. McCarthy '60
Mr. and Mrs. Carmen R. Monks '83
Mr and Mrs. Paul J. Nasser
Major General (R) Thomas H. Needham '60
Mr. Brian F. O'Leary '75 and Ms. Elizabeth W. McCarthy
Mr. John P. Reid '48
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Riley '75
Salem Peabody Oral Surgery, Inc.
Sentinel Benefits and Financial Group, Inc.
Spire Circle - $10,000.00 or more
Anonymous (1)
The Ayco Charitable Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Simon Bernstein
Mr. Richard P. Biagiotti '71
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Bisson
The Blanche M. Walsh Charity Trust
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Bolt
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Bond, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Burke '82
Mr. Raymond E. Carey '67 and Dr. Dianne Carey
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Carlucci
Mr. Christopher R. Carmosino and Ms. Jennifer Buras
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Carnevale '82
Mr. Patrick B. Connaughton '11
Mr. Shawn P. Crowley '87
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Cushing '88
Mr. and Mrs. Lee R. Dellicker
Mr. Thomas J. Dicker and Ms. Sharon L. Berman Dicker
Kevin A. Dolan MD '75
Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Dolan '74
The Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation
Edward A. Bond Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Farrow
Mr. Daniel J. Field
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Fogarty '86
Mr. Timothy W. Garry '96
Mr. and Mrs. William Gause
Mr. John E. Gilligan '95
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Guidi '70
Mr. Thomas W. Haas '74
Mr. Frederic N. Halström Esq.
Mr. W. Brian Harrigan '72
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Hennessey '83
Mr. Robert E. Hogan '71
Investment in Youth Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Brian K. Kelly '79
Mike Kennealy '86 & Trisha Perez Kennealy
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Larivee '68
The Estate of Rev. John J. Linnehan*
Lynn Oral Surgery Associates, Inc.
Thomas E. MacGillivray MD '79
Mr. Charles V. McCarthy '45*
Mr. T. Mark McLaughlin '71
Mr. Stuart Meurer and Mrs. Susan Bragg Meurer
NBPA Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey P. Noyes
Mr. and Mrs. John J. O'Connor
The People's United Community Foundation of Eastern MA, Inc.
Mr. James S. Phalen '68
Mr. Michael C. Pierre '87
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Poirier
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Powers
Dr. and Mrs. Peter M. Prokopis
Mrs. Arlene Reidy
Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Byron L. Rizos
Mr. Jonathan M. Sandler
Estate of John A. Scanlan '41*
Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Shanahan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Singleton
Mr. Mark P. Sullivan '73
Mr. and Mrs. Louis D. Terranova
Mr. John M. Toomey Jr. '90
Mr. and Mrs. Luke G. Tsokanis
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Turk
Mr. Anthony D. Vorias '61
The Weiler Foundation
Wells Fargo Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Zampell '71
Gold Eagle Circle - $5,000.00 or more
Anonymous (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Abdinoor
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Alpern '81
Mr. William T. Anderson III '79
Mr. and Mrs. James Barry
Dr. Richard Baum and Dr. Cathe Chiaramonte-Baum
Dr. Joshua Baumfeld and Ms. Lynn-Anne Schow
BNY Mellon Corporation's Community Partnership
Mr. Joseph Bonasera
Ms. Rosemarie Bottomley '77 and Mr. Kevin Bottomley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brosnan
Brown Brothers Harriman
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Brown
Mr. Kurt C. Brown '99
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard L. Caniff, Jr. '72
Mr. Raymond E. Carey IV '91
Catholic Health Foundation of Greater Boston, Inc.
Mr. David J. Champoux '77
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas F. Childs
Dr. Kevin Churchwell and Ms. Gloria Respress-Churchwell
Citizens Charitable Foundation
Mr. William F. Collins III '81
Mr. and Mrs. John Conaton
Mr. and Mrs. John Conley
Cora Operations, Inc.
Mr. Michael Coutu & Ms. Joanne Meyer
Mr. Kevin M. Crosby
Mr. Jude A. Curtis '77
Michael P. and Amy L. Dalton
Mr. and Mrs. F. Christopher Davis '79
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Davis III
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Denning '61
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Donovan '86
Mr. Paul M. Driscoll '71
Mr. Robert J. Duffy '83
Mr. Stephen P. Duffy '56
Mr. and Mrs. Scott F. Duggan
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Eberth
Mr. Michael S. Faino '83
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Fallon '71
Flagship Press, Inc.
Mr. James G. Flood '67
Florence V. Burden Foundation
The Francis P. Chiaramonte, M.D. Family Foundation, Inc.
GE Foundation
Mr. Charles J. Gianturco '68
Mr. Mark R. Gudaitis '84
Mr. Matthew R. Guthrie '90
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Hanson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Hart
Ms. Tracey B. Hartford
Mr. Steven C. Henderson '88
Mr. Paul L. Hennessey '52
Mr. Daniel P. Houlihan '84
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Howley
Mr. Michael B. Hughes '91 and Ms. Ann-Marie Ginn
Mr. Brian L. Hurley '77
Jones Lang LaSalle Americas
Mr. and Mrs. William F. X. Kane '88
Mr. Steve Kashian
Mr. Joseph F. Keefe '71
Mr. Daniel E. Kelley '97
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Kelliher
Mr. Thomas S. Kelliher '04
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Kline
Mr. Barry M. Kolano '80 
Mr. Walter E. Lang III '72
Mr. Paul E. Laski '55
Mr. Jonathan F. Lewis '86
Mr. David J. Lucey III '87
Mr. William J. Lundregan III '58
Mr. Thomas E. Lynch III '70
Mr. Kevin M. Lyons '69
Mr. and Mrs. L. John Maestranzi '84
Dr. Priscilla Magnuson and Mr. Eric P. Magnuson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Martin
Mr. Thomas W. Martin '18
Ms. Jane Mason '77
Ms. Susan Mason '73
Mr. John J. McDonough III '72
Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. McKeon
Mr. Matthew P. McLaughlin '89
Mr. Donald F. McLellan, Jr. '83
Mr. Arthur J. McMahon, Jr. '86
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. McNamara
Mr. Thomas M. McNamara '73
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. McShane
Mr. Tauno* and Mrs. Evelyn Metsisto
Michael and Renee Minogue Foundation
Mr. Joseph A. Milano, Jr. '62
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Minogue
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Mueller Esq. '92
Mr. and Mrs. Sam H. Nork
Mr. William J. O'Brien '88
Mr. and Mrs. James F. O'Connell
Dr. and Mrs. James O'Holleran
Mr. Robb J. Osinski '80
P.J. Spillane Company
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Packowski
Mr. Anthony Padvaiskas
Mr. Michael H. Panos '89
Mr. Daniel E. Penni '65
The Pequot Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Perault
Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Pocharski
Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Poor '65
Dr. and Mrs. Mark S. Pykett
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Quinlan
Mr. Thomas H. Reslewic '77
Mr. Kevin A. Richardson '86 and Ms. Margaret G. Richardson
Mr. Jameson R. Riley '02
Mr. Michael F. Riley '88
The Hon. Patrick J. Riley '66
Dr. and Mrs. Demetrius Rizos
Mr. Alfred J. Rossi Sr. '55
Salem Five Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Sears '81
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Shay '83
Mr. John J. Shottes, Jr. '73
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony H. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Smith '79
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Smith '83
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Smith
Ms. Sarah Spillane
Dr. and Mrs. David P. St. Pierre '70
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. H. Stark
Mr. Stanley A. Szajna '65
Mr. and Mrs. James Tedford
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Tierney '77
Mrs. Kristine M. Trustey
Dr. Elizabeth Twomey
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Whitney
Mr. Hugh E. Williams '67
Windover Construction, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Damon M. Wirtanen '89
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Yoken '83
Mr. William P. Zarakas and Ms. Susan Ricker
Mr. Adam D. Zoia '88
Principals Circle - $1,000.00 or more
Anonymous (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Abbruzzese
ABC Packaging Machine Corporation
Mr. Donald M. Adie '71
AECOM Tishman
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Albano
Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Ambrefe '81
Mr. Gregory P. Ambrose '72
Analogic Corporation
Archer Insurance Agency, Inc.
Mr. John C. Archer '68
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Argeros '75
Mr. Michael Armini and Mrs. Jenny Armini
Arthur C. Buckley, Jr., DMD
Mr. Gordon D. Atkinson and Ms. Karin McCarthy
Au Bon Pain Co., Inc.
Dr. Andrew Ayers and Dr. Kate Ayers
Babson Capital Management LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bacigalupo
Mr. Daniel A. Balkus '90
Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
The Barber Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Barnard
Mrs. Catherine Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Barrett
James F. Barry EdD '62
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick G. Barry '78
Mr. and Mrs. Derek G. Bates
Benevento Insurance Agency
Col. and Mrs. Kevin Betz
Mr. Joseph D. Billante III '94
Mr. and Mrs. J. Alan Bird
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Boemer
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Borans
Boston Benefits Foundation
Boston Magazine 
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Boucher
Mr. Michael J. Bourque '78
Mr. Keith A. Bovardi '90
Mr. Gerard M. Boyle '91
Mrs. Jolyne Boyle
David E. Brahm PhD '80
Mr. Joseph R. Bresnahan '59
Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Mr. William J. Britton
LTC John L. Brown '55
Ms. Kristen Brown
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Buckley, Jr. '62
Mr. Paul Buonfiglio
Mr. Christopher J. Burns '64
Mr. and Mrs. John Burns
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Cahill '71
Dr. William E. Cain '70 and Dr. Barbara L. Harman
Mr. Stephen E. Callahan '85
Mr. Patrick J. Carlucci '05
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Carnevale
Mr. Scott D. Casavant '85
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Castaldo
Catamount Management Corporation
Catania Oils
Ms. Deanna L. Chandonnet
Charitable Flex Fund
Charles B. & Louis R. Perini Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher G. Charron '81
Mrs. Maureen N. Chesley '77 and Mr. Glenn Chesley
Mr. Joseph C. Ciavardone '91
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Coan
Mr. Joseph F. Coan '74
Mr. Stephen R. Coan '86
Mr. Timothy M. Cohen '87
Mr. William F. Collins, Jr. '54
Mr. Christopher R. Connolly '95
Mr. Jeffrey W. Connolly '80
Commonwealth Waste Transportation, LLC
LTC Sean P. Connolly '85
Mr. Charles E. Connor '75*
Mr. and Mrs. Christian Connors
Mr. Mark E. Connors '75
Ms. Janine Contillo
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Conway
Mr. Craig A. Cornichuck '91
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cowie
Mr. and Mrs. David Coyne
Mr. Thomas E. Cronan '65
Mr. Fred D. Crossman, Jr. '70
Dr. and Mrs. Keith Crowley
Cummings Properties - Employee Directed Giving Program
Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Cunniff, Jr.
Mr. Christopher W. Cunningham '02
Mr. John C. Cushing '85
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Daley Sr.
Mr. C. Clinton Dalton '88
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Danas
Mr. Tobias F. Danforth '64 and Ms. Alison Alden
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Dawe '87
Mr. James I. Dearborn and Ms. Jill Jeffries
Mr. Justin M. Dechene '94
Dr. and Mrs. Sean Deller
Delta Airlines Foundation Matching Gifts to Education
Mr. Salvatore F. DeMartinis '93
Mr. David J. DeSimone '83
Devereaux Charitable Foundation Trust
Mr. Michael F. Devereaux '85
Mr. Timothy W. Devoe '94
Mr. Robert M. DiMase
Mr. Bruce L. Dirks '77
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Dolan '72
Mr. Richard H. Dolan '68
Mr. Michael P. Downes, Jr. '88
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Doyle '60
Mr. and Mrs. James Driscoll, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Driscoll
Mr. Douglas R. Dubiel '87
Mr. Eric M. Dunn '10
Ms. Sunny DuPuis
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Dwortz
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Dwyer, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Ellis
Mr. and Ms. Mark Erlandson
Mr. Peter J. Fallon '12
Mr. David B. Fay '68
Mrs. Myrna Fearer
Fidelity Foundation
The Hon. Ellen Flatley
Mr. Michael G. Flatley '93
Mr. John M. Fleming '57
Focus Technology
Ms. Josephine Foley
Mr. Patrick W. Fouhy '05
Fusion, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Galatis
Mr. Richard Gallagher and Ms. Ann Powers Gallagher
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Gallup
Mr. James H. Gasperoni '85
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher George
Dr. Matteo L. Giamarco '79 and Dr. Christine McKenna Giamarco
Mr. and Mrs. Evangelos A. Gikas
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Gilbert
Mr. Robert A. Glatz '84
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce G. Gold
Attorney Annette Gonthier-Kiely
Colonel Bernard L. Gore, Jr. '65
Dr. Robert J. Gould and Ms. Sherry Roe-Gould
Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Granese
Mr. Steven G. Granese '03
Mr. Sean M. Greely '98
Green Site Services Group, Inc.
Mr. Casey P. Griffin '92
H.E.L.P. Consulting Services, LLC
Mr. David M. Hamilton '02
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hamson
Hancock Survey Associates, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Hanson
The Harman Cain Family Foundation
Jane Wallace Harrington '73
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Harrington '54
Mr. and Mrs. Neil J. Harrington '74
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Hartfelder
Ms. Nancy Haven
Mr. F. Hank Healey III '71
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Heaslip
Mrs. Karen A. Hebert
Mr. John S. Hendry '73
High Street Realty Partnership
High Tech Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Mr. James Hoefner
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan B. Holden
Hollister Staff Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Honan
Mr. Thomas H. Howard '61
Mr. David P. Hunt and Dr. Christine Blaski
Mr. and Mrs. Barry T. Hynes
I.J. van Huffel Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ingham
Mr. Richard M. Ives '79
Mr. Scott R. Jalbert '83
Mr. Wayne C. Jalbert '81
Mr. James Jill
John Hancock Retirement Plan Services
Jordan & White, LLC
Mr. Jeffrey A. Kane '88
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kaneb
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Kapaon '76
Kappy's Liquors
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Karlyn
Mr. Matthew A. Katzman '01
Mr. Mark A. Kearns '65
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Keeley
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Kelleher
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. H. Theodore Kelly II
Kelly's Roast Beef, Inc.
Mr. David P. Kennedy '86
Mr. William A. Killen '59
Mr. Eric W. Kimble '85
Mr. William Kirby, Jr. & Ms. Anne Crane Kirby
Lewis S. Kriteman MD '84
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Laffy '84
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. LaGrassa '91
Landry & Arcari Oriental Rugs & Carpeting
Mr. Christopher P. Lane '60
Mr. Patrick R. Langone, Jr. '95
Mr. Garrett J. Larivee '99
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lattanzio
Mr. Andre A. Laus '58
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Leary, Jr.
Mr. and Ms. Andrew D. LeBlanc '05
Mr. Robert A. Ledoux '62
Mr. and Mrs. John Lockner II
Mr. and Mrs. Craig S. Lockwood
Ms. Xiaoying Lou
Mr. and Mrs. William Lovett
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Lowrie
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Lutts
Mr. Stephen R. Lynch '70
Lynnfield Youth Soccer Club
Dr. Dougald C. MacGillivray '73
Mr. Malcolm F. MacLean IV '87
Mr. Alexander D. MacLellan '90
Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Maestranzi '55
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Mahoney '69
Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Mancini
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Manning
Mrs. Mildred M. Mannion
Mr. Aaron M. Marcus '88
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Marsters
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Marston
Mr. and Mrs. Christian Martin
Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers
Mathis Pfohl Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Donald T. McAuliffe '77
Mr. Richard J. McCarthy '61
Mr. and Mrs. William McCarthy
Mr. Taidgh H. McClory '93
Mr. and Mrs. John McEleney
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen McGee
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McGee
Mr. Christopher McIntire '82
Mr. and Mrs. Brian McKernan
Ms. Mary McKernan and Mr. Paul Tortorella
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin B. McLellan
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn R. McNinch
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. McShane, Jr. '71
MFS Investment Management
MFS Investment Management Matching Gift Program
Michael S. Snyder Foundation
Elizabeth & Michael '73 Minigan Foundation
Mr. Craig R. Moles '81
Mr. and Mrs. David Moore
Morgan Stanley
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Moskal, Jr.
Mr. Gerard W. Moynihan
Mr. Thomas A. Mroz '72
Mr. James M. Murphy '64
Mr. Brendan P. Murray '01
Murray Masonry & More
Mr. James Nance
Mr. Francis J. Nash '68
Mr. Paul C. Nassetta '49
Mr. and Mrs. Jason G. Navarro '94
Neiman Marcus
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Neuss
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Newport
Mr. and Mrs. Anton Nistl, Jr.
Mr. Brian T. Nixon '82
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Nixon '80
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Noe
Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Nye
Mr. and Mrs. Walter O'Brien, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. O'Connor '77
Mrs. Marie A. O'Connor
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Odams, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael O'Friel
Mr. and Mrs. James S. O'Leary
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Olson
Mrs. Maureen O'Neill Nsier
One-on-One College Consulting, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Onofrio
Ms. Rebecca B. Osborne
Deacon and Mrs. Thomas H. O'Shea '79
Mr. Kevin J. Ouellette '88
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Paglia
Paglia Plastering, Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Palmer
Dr. and Mrs. Donald A. Pasquarello '82
Peabody Essex Museum
Peg Raciti Photography
Mr. Daniel M. Peluso '93
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald C. Pendleton III
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew W. Penney
Mr. David B. Perini '55
Mr. Stephen C. Pfaff '77
Mr. Michael C. Picini '78
Mr. Michael S. Pitt '04
PM Service Group, LLC
Poirier Family Foundation
Mr. Zoltan A. Poleretzky and Dr. Deborah P. Shih
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Pope
Ms. Jacqueline Potdevin
Power Outage Services Company, LLC
Privateer Rum, Inc
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Putney, Jr. '61
Quadrel Labeling Systems
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Remley
Mr. and Mrs. Mario A. Ricciardelli
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Rice
Mr. Philip B. Rich '05
Mrs. Lucille Richards
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Richards
The Ritz Carlton-Boston Common
Mr. David A. Robbins '98
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Roberts
Mr. Paul A. Roberts '01
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Robson
Mr. and Mrs. Graeme Rockett
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rodrigues
Mr. Francisco Rodriguez
Mr. N. Brock Romano '82
Ms. Laura Roper
Mr. Andrew B. Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rossetti, Jr.
Mr. Mark H. Rowe '93
Mr. Paul F. Ryan '61
Mr. Kenneth C. Rydzewski '68
Sage Dining Services
Samet & Company, PC
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Sampson, Jr.
SAP Matching Gift Program
Mr. and Mrs. Girard Sargent
Dr. John J. Savarese '86
Mr. Richard F. Sawyer III '06
Mr. Thomas J. Scally '71
Schwab Charitable Fund
Estate of Dr. Joseph A. Sciuto '31*
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Selby
Mr. John R. Serafini, Jr. '66
Dr. Peter Seymour and Dr. Bridget Seymour
Mr. Richard H. Sgarzi '61
Mr. Michael H. Shanahan, Jr. '03
Father Leo B. Shea '56
Mr. Brian J. Shultz '75
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Simmons
Mr. Richard Sincerbeaux Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Skelley
Mr. Matthew J. Slaven '76
Mr. and Mrs. F. William Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Snyder
Mr. Brian F. St. Pierre '98
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Stager
Mr. George W. Stairs and Ms. Anna Green
Mr. Craig K. Stearns and Ms. Marilyn Melrose
Mr. Paul E. Sternlieb '90
Mr. Daniel R. Sullivan '78
Donald F. Sullivan PhD '66
Mr. Jerry L. Talleri and Dr. Sarah Whitehead
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Tangney '86
The Thorson Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Timmins '77
Mr. Thomas J. Timmins '76
Topsfield Bakeshop / The Whoo(pie) Wagon
Ms. Mary R. Tornabene
Mr. Michael C. Trainor '09
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Tyrrell
Mr. and Mrs. John Tyrrell
Universal Screening Studio
Mr. and Mrs. John Valentino
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vigneaux III
W.M.S.J. CO., INC.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Waldron '73
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Webb '68
Webb Transportation Services, LLC
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Webster
Mr. Charles Wepler
Mr. and Mrs. John Wolf
Mr. Patrick J. Woods '69
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Woolf
Mr. Minhang Xu '17
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Yannone
Mr. and Mrs. David Yarin
Ms. Lisa A. Yarin
Mr. and Mrs. Evan H. Ypsilantis
Rita M. Ziegler
Mr. Alexander P. Ziolkowski '58
Aspire Circle (Young Alumni) - $500.00 or more
Mr. Daniel J. Ambrozavitch '07
Mr. Christopher F. Bush '07
Mr. Tyler S. DeStefano '03
Mr. T. Tyler Dittrich '06
Mr. William H. Fallon '07
Mr. Matthew G. Gosselin '03
Mr. Jay Greenberg '04
Mr. Peter V. Herbst '03
Mr. Bolun Li '17
Mr. James P. Mannion, Jr. '07
Mr. Brian R. Mason '04
Mr. Matthew J. Rogers '07
Mr. Deckard S. Sorensen '08
* = Deceased
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