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Headmaster's Council

The Headmaster's Council was established to express our gratitude to the members of the St. John's Prep community who annually make leadership gifts in support of our educational mission.

The following list recognizes donors who made contributions totaling $1,000 or more to the school between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020. In addition, our Aspire Circle celebrates our alumni who are 15 years out or younger who have made contributions of $500 or more to the school between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020.

Founders Circle - $100,000.00 or more

Mr. Paul B. Ahern '58 and Mrs. Mary A. Ahern
Mr. Samuel T. Byrne '83 and Mrs. Tracey J. Byrne
Mr. Matthew J. Cushing '88 and Mrs. Leslie Cushing
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund
Mr. Jeffrey J. Kaneb '82 and Mrs. Karla C. Kaneb
Mr. Thomas P. Mathers and Mrs. Michele Mathers
Mr. Richard A. Montoni '69 and Mrs. Andrea M. Montoni
Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.
Mr. Lawrence A. Polimeno and Mrs. Sandra P. Polimeno
Rail and Glass LLC
Anonymous (2)

Trustees Circle - $50,000.00 or more

Angelakis Family Foundation
Mr. Michael J. Angelakis '82 and Mrs. Christine B. Angelakis
Mr. William J. Buckley '65 and Mrs. Mary K. Buckley
Mr. John Burke III '82 and Mrs. Lori Burke
The Catholic Schools Foundation
Mr. Arthur W. Coviello '71 and Mrs. Cathy Coviello
Mr. Jonathan M. DeSimone '88 and Mrs. Vicki A. DeSimone
Mr. and Mrs. Tom J. DeSimone '68
Mr. Bruce A. Kaneb '80 and Mrs. Deborah A. Kaneb
Mr. Paul E. Laski '55 and Mrs. Karen M. Laski
Joseph R. Levis Foundation Inc.
Mr. Joseph R. Levis '60 and Mrs. Judith Levis
Mr. Carmen R. Monks '83 and Mrs. Karen Monks
Mr. Paul J. Nasser and Dr. Bethany J. Nasser
Mr. James W. Nawn Jr.
Major General (R) Thomas H. Needham '60
Mr. Frank Scherkenbach and Ms. Kimberly McGovern

Xaverian Circle - $25,000.00 or more

Mr. Michael J. Cusack and Mrs. Patti Cusack
Mr. George A. Delaney '88 and Mrs. Kara Delaney
Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund
Mr. David P. Hennessey '83 and Mrs. Jacqueline M. Hennessey
Mr. George E. Massaro and Mrs. Helen Massaro
Mr. Edward J. McCarthy '60 and Mrs. Dorothy H. McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. John J. O'Connor
Mr. Peter C. O'Connor '59 and Mrs. Mariposa O'Connor
PBA Associates Inc.
Mr. James S. Phalen '68 and Mrs. Rosemary Phalen
Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc.
The Rogers Family Foundation
Mr. Michael F. Rogers and Mrs. Janet L. Rogers
Mr. Ronald Rossetti Sr. and Mrs. Linda Rossetti
Mr. John J. Studzinski '74
Mr. Mark P. Sullivan '73
Mr. Sean McGraw and Mrs. Kristine M. Trustey
Mr. James C. Zampell '71 and Mrs. Christine Zampell

Spire Circle - $10,000.00 or more

The Ayco Charitable Foundation
The Barber Family Foundation
Dr. Simon Bernstein and Mrs. Teale Bernstein
Burch Ives Family Charitable Foundation
Mr. Edward L. Cahill '71 and Mrs. Kathleen M. Cahill
Mr. James M. Carnevale '82 and Mrs. Debra J. Carnevale
Mr. Matthew J. Curtis '96 and Mrs. Elizabeth Curtis
Mr. Michael P. Dalton '83 and Mrs. Amy L. Dalton
Mr. F. Christopher Davis '79 and Mrs. Robyn C. Davis
Mr. Lee R. Dellicker and Mrs. Liz Dellicker
Mr. Peter R. Dolan '74 and Mrs. Katherine L. Dolan
The Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation
eMaxx Assurance Group of Companies, Inc.
Estate of Joseph T. Ryan '62**
Mr. Timothy W. Garry '96 and Mrs. Amanda Garry
Mr. John E. Gilligan '95 and Mrs. Kate Gilligan
Estate of Thomas M. Gizzi**
Ms. Deirdre Grimm
Mr. Thomas Guidi Esq. '70 and Mrs. Karen Guidi
Mr. Barry T. Harrigan '78 and Mrs. Tammy Harrigan
Mr. W. Brian Harrigan '72 and\ Mrs. Irene Harrigan
Mr. Paul L. Hennessey '52
Mr. Christopher R. Iannuzzi '88 and Mrs. Amy Y. Iannuzzi
W. Bradford Ingalls Charitable Foundation
Mrs. Joan Ingalls
Mr. David W. Ives '75 and Ms. Pamela Burch
Mr. Graham L. Ives '07
Mr. Jonathan F. Lewis '86 and Mr. Matthew L. Boethin
Mr. William J. Lundregan III '58
Mr. Thomas E. Lynch '70 and Ms. Karlys Kline
Mr. Malcolm MacLean IV '87 and Mrs. Mimi MacLean
Mr. Daniel L. Manitakos and Mrs. Suzanne Manitakos
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company
Mr. Thomas M. McNamara '73 and Mrs. Ann McNamara
Mr. Michael A. McShane and Mrs. Maura McShane
Mr. Stuart Meurer and Mrs. Susan Bragg Meurer
Mr. Timothy J. Miles and Mrs. Lisa Miles
Mr. Joseph Mueller Esq. '92 and Mrs. Allison Mueller
The People's United Community Foundation of Eastern MA, Inc.
The Pequot Charitable Foundation
Mr. Robert P. Powers and Mrs. Jane E. Powers
Mr. Nathan A. Richardson '89
The Hon. Patrick J. Riley '66
Dr. Demetrius Rizos USN, Ret. and Mrs. Susan Rizos
The Rourke Family Foundation
Mr. Mark H. Rowe '93 and Mrs. Jenna Rowe
Mr. Steven J. Ryan '64 and Mrs. Micheline H. Ryan
Salem Five Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Dr. Joshua Baumfeld and Ms. Lynn-Anne Schow
Schwab Charitable Fund
Scully Family Foundation
Mrs. Rosemarie Scully
Sentinel Benefits and Financial Group, Inc.
Mr. James E. Stager and Mrs. Nancy H. Stager
Mr. Paul C.H. Stark and Mrs. Jane S. Stark
Mrs. Amy L. Turk
The Blanche M. Walsh Charity Trust
The Weiler Foundation
Mr. Hugh E. Williams '67
Anonymous (1)

Gold Eagle Circle - $5,000.00 or more

Mr. Richard S. Alpern '81 and Mrs. Dolores Alpern
Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
Dr. Richard Baum and Dr. Cathe Chiaramonte-Baum
Mr. Edward Bond Jr. and Mrs. Aletta Bond
Edward A. Bond Foundation
Mr. Kevin Bottomley and Mrs. Rosemarie K. Bottomley '77
Mr. Michael Brosnan and Mrs. Deborah A. Brosnan
Brown Brothers Harriman
Mr. Jeffrey Brown and Mrs. Kimberly Brown
Mr. Stephen E. Callahan '85 and Mrs. Christine Callahan
Mr. Bernard L. Caniff '72 and Mrs. Deborah Caniff
Mr. David J. Champoux '77 and Mrs. Lynne M. Champoux
Mr. Glenn Chesley and\ Mrs. Maureen N. Chesley '77
The Francis P. Chiaramonte M.D. Family Foundation, Inc.
Dr. Kevin Churchwell and Ms. Gloria Respress-Churchwell
Mr. William Collins III '81 and Mrs. Shannon Collins
Mr. Patrick B. Connaughton '11
Mr. Shawn P. Crowley '87 and Mrs. Kristin Crowley
Mr. Jude A. Curtis '77 and Mrs. Elizabeth G. Curtis
Mr. Joseph Davis III and Mrs. Wendy Davis
Mr. Frederick J. DeAngelis '66 and Mrs. Paula DeAngelis
Mr. Michael F. Devereaux '85
Mr. Gerald J. Donovan '86 and Mrs. Lyndie Donovan
Mr. John P. Drew '92 and Mrs. Helene Drew
Mr. Paul M. Driscoll '71 and Ms. Melissa Clough
Mr. Carl Eberth and Mrs. Laura Eberth
Mr. Michael S. Faino '83 and Ms. Laura Samberg Faino
The Hon. Ellen Flatley
Mr. William D. Gause and Mrs. Alyse A. Gause
Mr. Mark R. Gudaitis '84 and Mrs. Heidi Gudaitis
Mr. Daniel J. Guidara '96
Mr. Thomas W. Haas '74
Mr. Dennis M. Hanson and Mrs. Sharon A. Hanson
Mr. Richard Hart III and Mrs. Heather Hart
Mr. Derek Heaslip and Mrs. Stacey Heaslip
Mr. James Hoefner and Ms. Christine Newhall
Mr. Robert E. Hogan '71 and Mrs. Kim Hogan
Mr. Michael B. Hughes '91 and Ms. Ann-Marie Ginn
Mr. Brian L. Hurley '77 and Mrs. Susan Hurley
Mr. Barry T. Hynes and Mrs. Kristin Hynes
Intercontinental Real Estate Corporation
Dr. Richard Iorio '77 and Mrs. Mary Ellen Iorio
Mr. William Kane Jr. '88 and Mrs. Marianne Komaromi Kane
Mr. Joseph F. Keefe '71 and Mrs. Jo-Anwyl Keefe
Mr. Daniel E. Kelley '97 and Mrs. Meghan Kelley
Mr. John M. Kelliher and Mrs. Corinne Kelliher
Mr. John F. Kelly and Mrs. Courtney Kelly
Mr. Mike Kennealy '86 and Mrs. Trisha E. Pérez Kennealy
Mr. Douglas J. Kline and Mrs. Susan N. Kline
Mr. Bobby N. Kramer and Mrs. Marilyn S. Kramer
Mr. John Maestranzi Jr. '84 and Mrs. Katja Maestranzi
Mr. Aaron M. Marcus '88 and Mrs. Nancy Marcus
Mr. Taidgh H. McClory '93 and Mrs. Lynne McClory
Mr. John J. McDonough III '72
Mr. Stephen McGee and Mrs. Julie McGee
Mr. Brian P. McKeon and Mrs. Lorraine E. McKeon
Mr. William J. McLaughlin '69 and Mrs. Ellen P. McLaughlin
Mr. Donald F. McLellan '83 and Ms. Martina M. Keller
Mr. Arthur J. McMahon '86 and Mrs. Georgette L. McMahon
Mr. Robert W. McNamara
Mr. Michael Coutu and Ms. Joanne Meyer
Mrs. Regina C. Mielcarz
Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors
Mr. Paul H. Naehle '80 and Mrs. Michele Naehle
Mr. Samuel H. Nork and Mrs. Janet M. Nork
North Shore Bank
Mr. Geoffrey P. Noyes and Mrs. Beth Noyes
Mr. William J. O'Brien '88 and Mrs. Colleen L. O'Brien
Dr. James O'Holleran and Mrs. Eileen O'Holleran
Mr. Jay Trepp and Mrs. Karen R. O'Leary
Mr. Michael Pinciaro and Mrs. Jennifer Pinciaro
Polish Falcons Clubs of America Nest 188
Dr. Peter M. Prokopis and Mrs. Claudine M. Prokopis
Dr. Mark S. Pykett and Mrs. Carrie Pykett
Mr. Thomas P. Riley '75 and Mrs. Susan M. Riley
Mr. Byron L. Rizos and Mrs. Helen Rizos
Mr. Paul A. Roberts '01 and Mrs. Amy Roberts
Mr. James M. Sears '81 and Mrs. Patricia A. Sears
James M. Sears, Attorney at Law
Mr. Michael H. Shanahan and Mrs. Mary Shanahan
Mr. Robert Shay Jr. '83 and Mrs. Joan Shay
Mr. Paul E. Sternlieb '90
Mr. Stanley A. Szajna '65 and Mrs. Susan Szajna
Mr. Kevin M. Tierney '77 and Mrs. Deborah Tierney
Mr. John M. Toomey '90 and Mrs. Kimberly Toomey
Mr. Damon M. Wirtanen '89 and Mrs. Justine A. Wirtanen
With Us Foundation
Mr. Michael Yoken CFP '83 and Mrs. Heidi Yoken
Anonymous (2)

Principals Circle - $1,000.00 or more

Mr. Peter Abbruzzese and Mrs. Ruth Abbruzzese
Mr. Peter Abdinoor and Mrs. Lisa Abdinoor
Mr. Donald M. Adie '71 and Mrs. Jill M. Adie
Mr. Jonathan Albano and Mrs. Kelly Albano
Mr. Anthony F. Albiani '61 and Mrs. Carol Albiani
Mrs. Mary M. Ambrefe
Mr. Gregory P. Ambrose '72 and Mrs. Victoria A. Ambrose
Mr. Michael Armini and Mrs. Jennifer Armini
Mr. Robert Baldassarre and Ms. Veila Baldassarre
Mr. Daniel A. Balkus '90
Mr. Robert E. Balletto and Mrs. Shannon M. Balletto
Paul Barker EdD
Capt. Robert M. Barr Jr. USN(Ret.)
Dr. Michael Belliveau and Dr. Anne Bellefeuille
Dr. John L. Benecchi '66 and Mrs. Elizabeth J. Benecchi
Mr. Theodore F. Bernard '58 and Mrs. Maria M. Bernard
Big Night Entertainment Group
Mr. Joseph Billante III '94 and Mrs. Jennifer Billante
Mr. Kevin M. Bisson and Mrs. Leslie J. Bisson
Mr. Eric Boemer and Mrs. Sally Boemer
Mr. Roger Boucher and Mrs. Maura Boucher
Mr. Michael J. Bourque '78 and Mrs. Jo-Anne M. Bourque
Mrs. Jolyne Boyle
Dr. David E. Brahm '80 and Mrs. Karen Brahm
Mr. Joseph R. Bresnahan '59 and Mrs. Jane Bresnahan
Mr. William J. Britton and Mrs. Kathi Britton
LTC John Brown USA(Ret.) '55 and Mrs. Brenda Brown
Mr. Christopher R. Carmosino and Ms. Jennifer R. Buras
Dr. Stanley J. Burba '57 and Mrs. Janet L. Burba
Mr. Brian Burchette and Mrs. Alycia Burchette
Florence V. Burden Foundation
Mr. Christopher J. Burns '64 and Mrs. Suzan K. Burns
Mr. John Burns and Mrs. Linda Burns
Dr. William E. Cain '70 and Dr. Barbara L. Harman
Dr. William J. Callahan '74
Mr. Raymond Carey III '67 and Dr. Dianne Carey
Mr. Anthony P. Carnevale and Mrs. Joanne Carnevale
Mr. Maxwell J. Carnevale '07
Mr. James A. Carter and Mrs. Jane Carter
Mr. Joseph A. Cerniglia '85
Mr. Nicholas F. Childs and Mrs. Jean A. R. Childs
Dr. D. Christopher Chung '81 and Mrs. Debbora M. Chung
Mr. John T. Coan
Mr. Timothy M. Cohen '87 and Mrs. Christina Cohen
Mr. William F. Collins '54 and Mrs. Joan H. Collins
Mr. John Conley and Mrs. Janet Conley
Mr. Christopher R. Connolly '95 and Mrs. Nicole Connolly
Mr. William H. Connolly and Mrs. Chrisanne Connolly
Mr. Francis L. Conway '58 and Mrs. Carol Ann Conway
Cora Operations, Inc.
Mr. Craig A. Cornichuck '91 and Mrs. Audrey Cornichuck
Cozen O'Connor
Mr. Thomas E. Cronan '65 and Mrs. Janet Cronan
Mr. Fred Crossman Jr. '70 and Mrs. Christine Crossman
Dr. David J. Crowley '58 and Mrs. Martha C. Crowley
Dr. Keith Crowley and Mrs. Patricia Crowley
Mr. Christopher W. Cunningham '02 and Mrs. Caitlin Cunningham
Mr. Rodney Currie and Mrs. Alese Turner Currie
Mr. John C. Cushing '85
The Daly Holding Company, Inc.
Mr. Gregory F. Dawe '89 and Mrs. Jennifer Dawe
Mr. Eugene Dean Jr. '60 and Mrs. Mary Dean
Mr. Michael D. DeLaus and Ms. Susan Feindt
Mr. Salvatore F. DeMartinis '93 and Mrs. Janeen DeMartinis
Mr. Richard B. Denning '61 and Mrs. Maryellen F. Denning
Mr. Craig M. DeOrio '91 and Mrs. Elise DeOrio
Mr. Timothy W. Devoe '94 and Mrs. Nicole Devoe
Dimensional Fund Advisors LP
Mr. Bruce L. Dirks '77 and Mrs. Nancy D. Dirks
Mr. Timothy Dittrich and Mrs. Amy R. Dittrich
Mr. Edward M. Doherty '73 and Mrs. Lauren Doherty
Mr. John L. Dolan '72 and Mrs. Christine M. Dolan
Mr. Richard H. Dolan '68 and Mrs. Marilyn Dolan
Joseph P. Donahue Charitable Foundation Trust
Mr. Timothy Dorsey and Mrs. Jennifer Dorsey
Mr. Michael P. Downes Jr. '88
Mr. Dean Drinkwater and Mrs. Susan Drinkwater
Mr. Mark du Four and Mrs. Meg du Four
Mr. Robert J. Duffy '83 and Mrs. Elizabeth L. Duffy
Mr. Stephen P. Duffy '56 and Mrs. Nuala Duffy
Ms. Sunny DuPuis
Mr. David R. Dwortz and Mrs. Eileen Dwortz
Mr. James Ellard and Mrs. Heidi Ellard
Mr. Addison L. Everett and Mrs. Julie Everett
Dr. John Fallon and Ms. Emily Watt
Mr. Michael J. Farrow '97
Mr. Michael J. Farrow and Mrs. Rosemary T. Farrow
Mrs. Myrna Fearer
Fidelity Investments Matching Gift Program
Mr. Thomas Flaherty III '73 and Mrs. Patricia Flaherty
Mr. Brian J. Flatley '62 and Mrs. Katherine J. Flatley
Mr. Michael G. Flatley '93
Mr. James R. Fleming '01
Mr. Patrick W. Flynn '05
Focus Technology Solutions
Dr. Marc A. Forgione '88 and Dr. Barbara Voetsh
Mr. Timothy Frahm and Ms. Martha Frahm
Mr. James H. Gasperoni '85 and Mrs. Lisa M. Gasperoni
Mr. William Gilmor and Mrs. Sandra Gilmor
Mr. Alan Gold and Mrs. Anne Gold
Mrs. Paula Gold
Attorney Annette Gonthier Kiely
Mr. Scott M. Graczyk '80 and Mrs. Michelle C. Graczyk
Mr. Steven Granese and Mrs. Barbara Granese
Mr. Steven G. Granese '03
Mr. George W. Stairs and Ms. Anna T. Green
Mr. Matthew Green and Ms. Claudia Piper
Mr. Andrew Greenfield and Mrs. Jennifer Greenfield
Mr. Randy Greenstein and Mrs. Karen Greenstein
Mr. Casey P. Griffin '92 and Mrs. Robyn Griffin
Mr. Jan Haas and Mrs. Kelly Haas
Mr. James W. Hackett '85 and Mrs. Sharon S. Hackett
Mr. William Hall and Ms. Jennifer Dumas
Mr. Frederic N. Halström Esq.
Hancock Survey Associates, Inc.
Mr. Trevor Hanson and Mrs. Heidi Hanson
The Harman Cain Family Foundation
Mr. Michael J. Harrington '54 and Mrs. Dorothy Harrington
Mr. Neil J. Harrington '74 and Mrs. Sarah M. Harrington
Dr. Ronald C. Hartfelder and Mrs. Mary E. Hartfelder
Mr. William Hastings and Mrs. Diane Hastings
Mr. F. Hank Healey III '71
Mr. John S. Hendry '73 and Mrs. Susan F. Hendry
Mr. Peter V. Herbst '03 and Mrs. Ashley Herbst
Mr. Marek Herchel '94
Mr. Ronald W. Homa and Mrs. Monica W. Homa
Howley Family Foundation
Mr. Michael G. Howley and Mrs. Francine A. Howley
I.J. van Huffel Foundation
Mr. Richard M. Ives '79 and Mrs. Carol Ives
Mr. Scott R. Jalbert '83 and Mrs. Kimberly Jalbert
Mr. Wayne C. Jalbert '81 and Mrs. Kathleen Jalbert
JG MacLellan Concrete Co., Inc.
JP Morgan Chase and Company
Mr. James Kaloutas and Mrs. Rhonda Kaloutas
Mr. Jeffrey A. Kane '88 and Mrs. Kelly Kane
Mr. Elliot M. Katzman and Mrs. Donna M. Katzman
Mr. Matthew A. Katzman '01 and Mrs. Katherine C. Katzman
Mr. Arthur Kelleher III '90 and Mrs. Pam Kelleher
Mr. Raymond Kelley and Mrs. Maureen Kelley
Mr. Francis P. Kelly '64 and Mrs. Diane Kelly
Mr. Robert M. Kelly '62 and Mrs. Julia A. Kelly
Mr. Michael W. Kent '93 and Mrs. Susan Kent
Mr. William A. Killen '59 and Mrs. Nancy D. Killen
Mr. William Kirby and Ms. Anne Crane Kirby
Mr. Jeffrey C. Kirpas and Mrs. Maureen A. Kirpas
Dr. Lewis S. Kriteman '84 and Mrs. Laura H. Kriteman
Mr. Kent Kusel and Mrs. Jane Kusel
Mr. Christopher P. Lane III '60
Mr. Walter Lang III '72 and Mrs. Kay Lang
Mr. Patrick R. Langone '95 and Mrs. Diane Langone
Mr. Garrett J. Larivee '99 and Mrs. Erin Larivee
Law Offices of William H. Connolly
The Hon. Robert P. LeBlanc '75 and Mrs. Joan LeBlanc
Mr. Robert Ledoux Sr. '62 and Mrs. Beverly Ledoux
Mr. Robert E. Leger '76
Mr. John Lockner II and Mrs. Cecelia Lockner
Dr. Kent Logan and Mrs. Kathleen Logan
Mr. Kristiaan Lokere and Mrs. Jillian Lokere
Mr. William Lovett and Mrs. Kirsten Lovett
Mr. David Lucey III '87 and Mrs. Laurie Lucey
Mr. Robert T. Lutts and Mrs. Rachel Lutts
Mr. Brendan M. Macaulay '87 and Mrs. Susan M. Macaulay
Dr. Dougald C. MacGillivray '73 and Mrs. Jennifer MacGillivray
Mr. Alexander D. MacLellan '90
Mr. Roderick D. MacLellan '76
Mr. Leo J. Maestranzi '55 and Mrs. Joanne B. Maestranzi
Mrs. A. Leslie Maher
Mr. Timothy J. Mahoney '69 and Mrs. Anne H. Mahoney
Mallory Portraits
Mr. James P. Mannion '07 and Mrs. Kathleen E. Mannion
Mrs. Mildred M. Mannion
Mr. Steven P. Marrow '79 and Ms. Dianne A. Pappas
Mr. Roy Marsters and Mrs. Laura Marsters
Mr. Joshua Marston and Mrs. Sarah Marston
Mr. Brian R. Mason '04 and Mrs. Danielle Mason
Mr. Michael Lombardo and\ Ms. Jane Mason '77
Mathis Pfohl Foundation
Mr. Roger J. Deveau and Ms. Kay T. Maurice
Dr. Donald McAuliffe Jr. '77 and Mrs. Lyne McAuliffe
Mr. James McDaniel III and Ms. Kathy McDaniel
Mr. Christopher McIntire '82 and Mrs. Marcia McIntire
Ms. Mary McKernan and Mr. Paul Tortorella
Mr. Sean J. McKillop '87 and Mrs. Antonia McKillop
Mr. Matthew P. McLaughlin '89 and Mrs. Meg McLaughlin
Mr. Patrick J. McNamara '73 and Mrs. Erica G. Waasdorp
Ms. Marilyn Melrose
Mr. Joseph Milano Jr. '62 and Mrs. Jill Milano
Mr. M. William Miller and Mrs. Robin Miller
Mr. Michael J. Minigan '73 and Mrs. Elizabeth P. Minigan
CDR John E. Miniter '71 and Mrs. Alison H. Miniter
Mr. Craig R. Moles '81 and Mrs. Nancy L. Moles
Mr. David Moore and Mrs. Vicky Moore
Mr. James M. Murphy '64 and Ms. Mary Anne Atkisson
Mr. Paul C. Nassetta '49 and Mrs. Kay Nassetta
Mr. Jason G. Navarro '94 and Mrs. Miranda C. Navarro
Dr. Robert E. Nixon '80 and Mrs. Julia Duhaime-Nixon
Mr. Robert Noe and Mrs. Mary Ann Noe
Northwestern Mutual Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Mr. Andrew J. Novelline '93 and Mrs. Amanda Novelline
Mr. Joseph J. O'Connor '77 and Mrs. Charlotte A. O'Connor
Mr. George M. O'Hara and Mrs. Christine L. O'Hara
Mr. John A. O'Hare '75 and Mrs. Ellen O'Hare
Mr. Brian F. O'Leary '75 and Ms. Elizabeth W. McCarthy
Mr. Joseph C. Olson and Mrs. Judith S. Olson
Mrs. Maureen O'Neill Nsier
Deacon Thomas O'Shea Jr. '79 and Mrs. Carol O'Shea
Mr. Christopher D. Palermo '90 and Mrs. Laurie Palermo
Mr. Joseph Palmer and Mrs. Nancy Palmer
Mr. Michael H. Panos '89 and Mrs. Karen Panos
Ms. Karen Parker Feld and Mr. Peter Freeman
Dr. Donald A. Pasquarello '82 and Mrs. Gerda G. Pasquarello
Bro. Timothy Paul CFX
Mr. Matthew W. Penney and Mrs. Kim Penney
Mr. David B. Perini '55
Charles B. and Louis R. Perini Family Foundation
Mr. Kevin J. Perry '97 and Mrs. Susan Perry
Mr. Stephen C. Pfaff '77 and Mrs. Darlene J. Pfaff
Mr. Michael C. Pierre '87 and Mrs. Elke Pierre
Mr. and Mrs. David Pizzotti
Pluta Family Foundation, Inc.
PM Service Group, LLC
Poirier Family Foundation
Mr. Michael J. Poirier and Mrs. Coreen Poirier
Mr. Christopher D. Poor '87 and Mrs. Renee Poor
Mr. Jeffrey S. Pope and Mrs. Carmen L. Pope
Mr. Joseph E. Prudente and Mrs. Dolores Cordeiro-Prudente
Mr. John R. Putney '61 and Mrs. Joan M. Putney
Mr. Sean Randall and Mrs. Cheryl Randall
Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund
Mr. Michael R. Reardon '92 and Ms. Danique Meaux
Mr. Steve Remley and Mrs. Kim Remley
Mr. Mario A. Ricciardelli and Mrs. Nancy J. Ricciardelli
Bro. Edward Rice CFX
Mr. Philip B. Rich '05
Mr. Peter J. Richards and Mrs. Lucille Richards
Mr. Jameson R. Riley '02
Mr. Frank Rizza and Mrs. Giuseppina Rizza
Mr. Dwight Robson and Mrs. Lena Robson
Mr. Matthew J. Rogers '07
Mr. Ronald Rossetti Jr. and Mrs. Elizabeth Rossetti
Mr. Alfred J. Rossi '55 and Mrs. Angelica Rossi
Mr. Charles Rutledge Jr. and Mrs. Jolyn Rutledge
Mr. Paul F. Ryan '61
Mr. Kenneth C. Rydzewski '68
SAGE Dining Services
Dr. John J. Savarese '86
Mr. Thomas J. Scally '71 and Mrs. Evelyn Scally
Mr. Mark Schwalm and Ms. Sara Weiss
Mr. Mark C. Scollard and Mrs. Carolyn Scollard
Mr. William E. Shanahan '03 and Mrs. Jaclyn Shanahan
Father Leo B. Shea '56
Mr. Thomas F. Sheehan '74 and Mrs. Jane E. Sheehan
Mr. Glenn P. Sherlock '79 and Mrs. Lisa Sherlock
Mr. John Shottes Jr. '73 and Mrs. Carol Shottes
Mr. Brian J. Shultz '75 and Ms. Joyce DeSanctis
Mr. Constantine Sideridis and Mrs. Allyson Sideridis
Mr. Richard Sincerbeaux Sr. and Mrs. Patricia Lynch
Mr. Matthew J. Slaven '76 and Mrs. Valerie A. Slaven
Mr. David B. Smith '79 and Mrs. Beth E. Smith
Mr. Douglas M. Smith '83 and Mrs. Maureen Smith
Mr. F. William Smith and Mrs. Anna M. Smith
Mr. Randall Smith and Mrs. Carolann Smith
Mr. Matthew J. Soep '92 and Mrs. Lisa Soep
Mr. Deckard S. Sorensen '08 and Mrs. Christine Sorensen
Colonel John P. Sorgini '91
Mr. Kostas Splagounias '96
Mr. Daniel R. Sullivan '78 and Mrs. Susan Lanham
Mr. David Teeven and Mrs. Leah Teeven
Mr. Robert H. Terranova '57
The Thorson Foundation
Mr. Joseph M. Timmins '77 and Mrs. Theresa Timmins
Mr. Thomas J. Timmins '76 and Mrs. Kathy C. Timmins
Mr. John A. Tyrrell and Mrs. Deborah K. Tyrrell
Union Oyster House
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
ViaSat, Inc.
Mr. Robert Vigneaux III and Mrs. Kristin Vigneaux
Mr. John F. Webb '68 and Mrs. Joan P. Webb
Webb Transportation Services, LLC
Dr. Mark Webster and Mrs. Emily Webster
Mr. Michael J. Welch '69 and Mrs. Constance Welch
Mr. Jim Wilkinson and Mrs. Julie Wilkinson
Mr. David Y. Winey '74
Mr. Patrick J. Woods '69
Worden Family Foundation
Mr. James Worden and Mrs. Anita Rajan Worden
Mr. Thomas K. Yameen '61
Mr. Evan H. Ypsilantis and Mrs. Effie Ypsilantis
Dr. Vangel Zissi
Anonymous (5)

Aspire Circle (Young Alumni) - $500.00 or more

Mr. James J. Fagan Jr. '13
Mr. Peter J. Fallon '12
Mr. Evan C. Gutoff '04
Mr. Samuel Kurker '12
Mr. Andrew D. LeBlanc '05
Mr. Peter F. Mugford '07 and Mrs. Jade Mugford
Mr. Brian Pinho '13
Mr. Richard Sawyer III '06 and Mrs. Emily Sawyer
Mr. Justin H. Witwicki '05
Mr. Caleb M. Yoken '15
Anonymous (1)

** Deceased

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