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November 30: Feast of Saint Andrew, Apostle
Posted 11/30/2017 11:57AM


In the Gospel reading for the day, Jesus is walking by the Sea of Galilee where his first apostles, Peter, Andrew, John, and James, were all fishing. He calls out to them, and he asks a simple question: if they would come and walk with him. They instantly drop everything they are doing a come and follow Jesus without any hesitation at all. Jesus is starting his mission of spreading the word of God by taking on his first apostles.

I believe this reading applies to my life because if someone as prominent as Jesus came to me and asked me to join him; I believe I would go with him. A couple times in my life when I have blindly left what I was comfortable with to do bigger and better things was when my father told us that we were moving to a new state. I was just like Peter in a sense; I was just doing my normal routine. Then one day, I was asked to come and move my entire life to a new state, and I just did it. Even if I had doubt it my mind about what the outcome would be, I was willing to take the risk because a very important authoritarian figure in my life asked me to. Just like when Jesus asks his first disciples to join him on his mission of spreading the good word of God. Since I have had a tiny experience that is somewhat similar to what Jesus is asking Peter and the disciples to do. So, I believe that I would go along too.

This Gospel reading applies to the St. John’s Prep community because we all inadvertently follow the path that Jesus has sent for us. We have all ended up connected to the Prep somehow, which means we have all at one time in our life dropped what we thought was normal to come and experience a new way of life, which, for us means coming to the Prep and experiencing the community and brotherhood at the school. It may seem crazy at the time to outsiders, just like how Zebedee must have felt when his two sons left him in the boat to follow a man. However, it is the path that we have chosen and will eventually transform our lives and the lives around us.

– Zach Jaromin is a junior currently at the Prep. He enjoys hiking in the Presidential mountain range.
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