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Athletic Hall of Fame

The St. John's Prep Athletic Hall of Fame was established in 1985 to recognize alumni, coaches, and supporters for outstanding contributions to the athletic program at the Prep. Their commitment, achievement, and sense of sportsmanship set the standard for the young athletes who follow in their footsteps today. Members are listed below by the year they were inducted.

  • Athletes must have attended St. John's for at least two years. 
  • Athletes must have celebrated their 10th anniversary of graduation. 
  • Coaches must have coached at St. John's for at least 15 years, or must have ended coaching at least 5 years prior to induction. 
  • Committee members may be considered for nomination, but must recuse themselves from voting on the matter.
  • Individuals who have made unique contributions to our athletic program for at least 2 years may be considered for merit membership. 
  • Nominees must receive a 2/3 vote of the committee with a quorum of members being present. 
Athletic Hall of Fame Committee
  • Larry O’Neill, Chair 
  • John Boyle 
  • Ray Carey '67 
  • Dave Crowell 
  • Brian Flatley '62 
  • Fred Glatz 
  • Dan LeTarte ’'86 
  • Bob Marinelli 
  • Jim O’Leary 
  • John Roy '87 
  • Pat Yanchus '67


John W. Preston '46: Football, Track
Paul P. DiVincenzo '50: Football, Baseball
John J. Barrett '60: Football, Track
Daniel F. Murphy '60: Baseball, Track
Stephen F. Harrison '68: Football, Basketball, Baseball
Bro. Linus, C.F.X.: Coach - Football, Hockey, Golf


Fred F. Mastrolia '33: Coach - Football, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball
Joseph E. Ferri '49: Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball
Richard J. Farley '64: Football, Track
Richard L. Pelletier '69: Football, Hockey, Baseball
David Y. Winey '74: Basketball
Robert E. Carpenter '81: Hockey


Edward A. Heffernan 1911: Baseball
Michael T. Clancey '39: Coach - Track
E. David Crowley '51:Football
William E. Madden '60: Football, Basketball, Baseball
Robert S. Mielcarz '67: Football, Golf
David P. St. Pierre '70: Football, Basketball, Baseball
Robert E. Doyle '67: Basketball, Tennis


Robert P. St. Pierre '51: Football, Basketball, Baseball
Richard J. Arcard '53: Football, Baseball
Edward J. Breen '61: Hockey, Track
Frederick J. Glatz: Coach - Football, Athletic Director
James P. DeOrio '76: Football, Baseball
Paul A. Sorrento '83: Football, Baseball
James Daley: Coach - Track
Thomas McNamara: Coach


Charles A. Winchester '46: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track
John J. Buckley '61: Football, Track
Glenn P. Sherlock '79: Football, Baseball
Daniel M. Foley '83: Track
Bro. Edward J. Keefe, C.F.X.: Athletic Director, Headmaster
Charles M. Lyon '75: Football, Hockey, Baseball
Richard Matson: Coach - Baseball


Edward H. Whalley '50: Golf
Donald F. Fahey '53: Football, Track, Baseball
Christopher P. Lane '60: Track
Robert E. Harrington '61: Football, Basketball, Baseball
Mark A. Kearns '65: Football
Thomas A. Civiello '76: Football, Basketball, Baseball
Kenneth D. Hodge '84: Hockey
Stephen E. Callahan '85: Soccer, Basketball, Baseball
Robert F. McKenna: Coach - Basketball


John J. Crowley '26: Track
Armand L. Tardiff '47: Football, Track, Baseball
Christopher M. Perry '62: Football, Track
Thomas M. McNamara '73: Football, Soccer, Hockey, Baseball
Leo T. Kane '75: Basketball
Michael T. Smerczynski '78: Football, Basketball, Baseball
Darryl C. Gray '80: Fencing
Michael M. Kelfer '85: Hockey, Baseball
Michael E. Delande: Coach Soccer


William J. McGettrick '31
Benjamin G. Cox '51: Track
John J. Carroll '60: Track
David B. Fay '68: Golf
John S. Hendry '73: Team Manager/Trainer
Thomas B. Smerczynski '80: Football, Basketball, Baseball
Christopher J. Sullivan '85: Basketball, Track
James A. Pedro '88: Wrestling
Thomas G. Ford: Coach


Charles P. Seel '44
James W. Nawn '49: Football, Track
John J. Cabral '59: Football, Track
F. David McNeilly '64: Football, Basketball
Paul E. McNamara '69: Hockey
William P. O'Neill '74: Soccer, Hockey
Michael G. Brown '76: Football, Track
Phillip R. Hurni '78: Track, Tennis
Robert A. Glatz '84: Football
Jeffrey M. Blaeser '88: Soccer, Hockey, Baseball
Michael H. Panos '89: Football, Track
William S. Peabody '89: Skiing
Laurence J. O'Neill: Coach - Golf


Christopher J. Burns '64: Football, Track
John J. Doherty '77: Team Manager/Trainer
Brian J. Flatley '62: Football, Track
Paul F. Gorman '45: Football
R. Craig Gray: Coach - Fencing
Douglas A. Kane '67: Football, Track, Baseball
Robert D. Marraffa '78: Football, Hockey, Track
James J. Mullins '54: Football, Basketball, Track
William H. Sheehan, III '70: Track
James J. Schoenthaler '45: Basketball, Track
Paul M. Smith: Coach - Football, Hockey, Baseball
Kenneth B. Whalley '80: Golf
Kenneth S. Whittier '83: Football, Baseball
'36 National Championship Track Team: John J. Buckley '36, Charles Dowd '36, Arthur Griffin '36,
Jerome Keating '36, Arthur Wills '36


'40-'41 Track Teams - Track
Larry Cullen '41
John Lang '41
John Mayes '41
James O'Leary '41
Larry Walsh '41
Leon Flint '41

Paul R. Reddish '43: Football, Basketball, Baseball
Paul R. Murphy '51: Track
Edward M. McCarthy '56: Football, Basketball
John J. Paget '66: Football, Hockey, Baseball
James M. Leahy '76: Football, Track, Baseball
John J. Foley '77: Football, Basketball, Baseball
Michael P. O'Keefe '81: Golf
Jonathan Lewis '86: Track
Arthur J. McMahon, Jr. '86: Football, Track, Baseball


Robert McCabe: Coach - Football, Basketball, Baseball
J. David Gorman '47: Football, Basketball, Baseball
Frederick Sullivan '62: Football, Hockey, Baseball
Joseph DiVincenzo '64: Football, Basketball, Track
James Winskowicz '69: Football, Basketball, Baseball
Edward Freni '70: Hockey, Baseball
Michael Durgin '77: Football, Track
Kevin Rourke '82: Hockey, Golf
Jeff Pellegrini '87: Soccer, Lacrosse


James Pender '35: Track
Ernest "Bud" Opperman '48: Football, Basketball, Baseball
Norman Auger '53: Football, Hockey, Baseball
Matthew O'Brien '61: Basketball, Baseball
Robert Cornish '62: Hockey, Baseball
John Webb '68: Football
Mark Bonaiuto '73: Football, Baseball
Paul Butler '77: Hockey, Baseball
Robert Walker '86: Track
George Delaney '88: Football, Lacrosse


Ed Pert '48: Football, Basketball, Baseball
Paul Ahern '58: Track
Thomas Cronan '65: Football, Track
Richard Norris '68: Track
Peter McDonald '69: Golf
Alan Gordee '79: Football, Hockey
Roy Norden '80: Football, Basketball
Don Johnson '82: Golf, Fencing
Scott Shaunessy '83: Football, Hockey
Bart Blaeser '86: Hockey, Baseball


Joseph Mulligan '30: Baseball
William Leck '47: Football, Basketball, Baseball
John Murtagh '50: Football, Basketball, Baseball
Gerald Riell '58: Football, Basketball, Track
Frederick DeAngelis '66: Football, Basketball, Baseball
Patrick Yanchus '67: Football, Basketball, Baseball
Leonard Femino '72: Football, Track
Kevin Dolan '75: Football, Basketball, Baseball
John MacGillivray '80: Football, Track
J. Christopher Conway '85: Football, Hockey, Baseball
Brett Rice '90: Football, Track, Baseball


John Tuohy '66: Football, Hockey, Baseball
Charlie Gianturco '68:Football, Baseball
Bert Broyer '69: Football, Basketball, Baseball
Dana Hughes '71: Football, Basketball, Baseball
John Turner '79: Football, Hockey, Baseball
Lou O'Keefe '88: Golf
Sean Murtagh '91: Soccer, Basketball, Baseball


Francis McGarey '45: Basketball
Raymond Carey III '67: Football, Track and Track Coach
Michael Hart '74: Football, Basketball, Track
Bruce Dirks '77: Soccer, Basketball
Michael Kotarski, '88: Baseball
John Toomey '90: Football, Basketball, Track
Kevin Dwan '92: Football, Track


David E. Pendleton '61: Football, Track
Jeremiah F. Morris '67: Baseball
W. Brian Harrigan '72: Football, Track
John A. Delande '79: Football, Hockey
Robert A. Schena '85: Hockey
Matthew M. Countie '86: Swimming
Daniel J. Letarte '86: Basketball, Baseball
Stephen G. Moses '93: Football, Hockey, Baseball


Richard D. Batchelder '51: Basketball, Baseball
Jack R. Schylling '68: Track
David C. Howell '80: Hockey
Andrew F. Veneri '91: Hockey and Baseball
Mark P. Peabody '92: Skiing
Benjamin A. Ring '92: Football, Wrestling
Jonathan D. Russell '93: Track
Kristian H. Hanson '94: Hockey


John Boyle: Coach - Cross Country, Winter Track, Spring Track
Allan MacLellan ‘72: Basketball, Football, Track
William Quigley ‘81: Tennis
Michael Anastasi ‘89: Baseball, Soccer
Albert Hill ‘92: Track
Robert Konrad ‘95: Football
James Donnelly ‘96: Basketball, Golf


William Volmer '52: Football, basketball, tennis, track
Peter McGee '58 Football, basketball, baseball
James Flood '67: Football,baseball
Brian Nixon '82: Football
Jeffrey Kampersal '88: Hockey
Matthew Haywood '93: Track
Christopher Ford '94: Basketball
Joshua Nicholson '94: Track
Kevin Cote '96: Soccer, wrestling
Brian St. Pierre '98: Football, baseball
Brian Lentz '98: Football, hockey, baseball
Wayne Lucier '98: Football, basketball


Brian Connolly '94: Football
Ed Fleming '48: Football, hockey, baseball
Derek Hines '99: Hockey, lacrosse
Kevin Kelaher '63 Football, hockey, baseball
Ryan Leahy '99: Football, baskeball, basebal
Jeff Mackor '98: Football, baseball
Zack Magliaro '98: Football, track
Geoff Pechinsky '89: Fencing
Ken Raiche '94: Skiing
George Rickus '59: Football, basketball, track, tennis
Trevor Spracklin '96: Tennis
Coach Mark Metropolis: Tennis
Coach Andrew Viselli Volleyball


Edward Eagan ‘58: Football, Track
Daniel Carnevale ‘79: Hockey
Todd Buckley ‘88: Cross Country, Winter Track, Spring Track
Patrick Gould ‘89: Golf
Peter Roy ‘90: Lacrosse
Scott Macdonald ‘93: Cross Country, Winter Track, Spring Track
Jeremy Long ‘95: Soccer
Peter Frates ‘03: Football, Hockey, Baseball
Coach John Aucone: Soccer
Special Recognition: State Champion Golf Teams of 1987, 1988, 1989


Michael Clement '74: Football, Spring Track, Winter Track
Patrick Barry '78: Baseball, Football, Spring Track, Winter Track
Brian Currie '79: Football
Michael Thibault '83: Baseball, Football
Austin Hover '93: Football, Lacrosse, Wrestling
Daniel Pucci '94: Basketball, Soccer
Sean Greely '98: Sailing
Nathan Cote '99: Soccer, Wrestling
Coach Manny Costa: Wrestling

Special recognition
State Championship Fencing Teams of 1988, 1989, 1990
State Championship Football Teams of 1966 and 1967
State Championship Ski Team of 1989


Anthony Capodilupo '55: Football, Baseball, Basketball
David Perini '55: Football, Track
Paul Doyle '75 (deceased): Football, Baseball
Aaron Dougherty '90: Football, Baseball
Jonathan Collins '95: Hockey, Baseball
John Pascucci '95: Football, Wrestling, Track
William Regii '99: Skiing
Andrew St. Pierre '99: Football
Steven Langton '01: Track
Matthew Antonelli '03: Baseball, Football, Hockey
John McCarthy '04: Hockey, Football
George Zolotas '04: Golf
Coach Tony Padvaiskas: Swimming
Coach Jim O’Leary: Football


Barry Kolano '80: Track
Brock Romano '82: Baseball, Football
Ken Hannan '91: Soccer
Matt Roy '95: Basketball, Lacrosse
Jason Hyland '01: Baseball, Football
Jake Marsello '01: Baseball, Basketball, Football
Paul Allen Roberts '01: Tennis
Mike Pedro '02: Wrestling
John Gillespie '03: Track
Jonathan Goff '03: Basketball, Football, Track
Timothy Murray '05: Soccer
Matt Sullivan '06: Baseball, Football, Track
Bill Boyle: Track and Cross Country Coach
John Zimini, Freshman Hockey Coach

Crystal Eagle Award: Ann Edgerton
Crystal Eagle Award: Larry O'Neill 


Joe Malay '67: Football, Track
Mike Andrews '84: Baseball, Football, Basketball
Sean Galaris '86: Basketball
Joe Covino '97: Track, Soccer
Tom Gianturco '99: Track, Soccer
Nick Borseti '03: Football, Track
Chris Zardas '05: Football, Lacrosse
Jeffrey Begin '06: Lacrosse, Soccer
Peter O’Toole '06: Baseball, Hockey
Craig Harvey '07: Soccer, Volleyball
Chris Murtagh '07: Football, Hockey, Track
Benjamin Slingerland '07: Soccer, Tennis
Coach John Klein: Winter Track and Field, Spring Track and Field
Coach Peter Mathison: Soccer, Baseball


Mark Sullivan '73
Neil Penttinen '90
Ben Goldberg '03
Ken Haskell '03
Mike Pitt '04
Kyle Ayer '05
Stephen Peterson '06
Ryan Malo '07
Jamie Mannion '07
Tim Prior '07
Sean Bishop '08
Ryan O'Connell '08
Mark Scalise '08
Coach Jim Carter
Crystal Eagle Award: Dr. John Duff '45, a pioneer in sports medicine, he is only the seventh recipient of the award in Prep history.


Coach Peter Argeros
Ryan Bird '02
Justin Dechene '94
Brother Edwin, C.F.X. (Deceased)
Todd Glew '02
Darren James '89
Coach Dave McHenry P'90 '05
Mike McLaughlin '97
Sean O'Connor '07
Sean O'Hara '07
Greg Wojtkun '97
Crystal Eagle Award: Mike Cronin '79

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