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The Catholic intellectual tradition is built on the foundation that the pursuit of knowledge is the best way to bring truth to light.

Catholic Intellectual Roots

This belief allowed ancient scholars to evolve and, in so doing, become more closely connected to the divine. In the modern world, a good Catholic education should be a bridge between religious faith and contemporary culture. At St. John’s, we preserve and grow this heritage by upholding the harmony of faith and reason. We recognize that the work of human hands and minds can be a manifestation of God’s presence.

The Prep prepares students to reflect on and respond to the signs of the times in a global society. Our goal is to cultivate our students’ values compass and equip them with the capacity and desire to right wrongs, help the helpless, stand for justice and serve their neighbors. The Prep treasures the fellowship of the human condition and motivates its students to become ethical leaders whose worldview is grounded in “both/and/us” as opposed to “either/or/other.”

Inspired by Xaverian Brothers founder Theodore Ryken’s love for the service of God—and his vision for a community of laypersons committed to living lives of service—St. John’s spiritual identity is best sustained by ensuring our community welcomes the many different traditions and cultures within which spirituality becomes present to people in our world. We are dedicated to fostering a vibrant and animated intellectual environment grounded in a shared understanding: The more we grow and learn from a diversity of people and perspectives, the better grasp we have on what it means to be human.

With hope and intention, we confront social, economic and environmental injustices and follow our calling to live prophetic lives of joy, justice, charity and solidarity. We seek to define our lives not only by what we do, but through who we are. Embracing faith’s role in every dimension of life, we instill a sense of wonder and an awareness that the search for any truth, regardless of discipline, can be a sacred and spiritual endeavor.

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