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At St. John's, good knows no bounds. It's greater than great academics. Here are snapshots of what it means at the Prep. Something amazing happens when you're open to good!

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Three Skills for Lifelong Success

Today we want to talk about outcomes. Once St. John’s Prep graduates leave campus, what lessons do they draw upon time and again?

Prep alumni consistently tell us they’ve developed essential skills and habits here that would be hard to live without. Here are three they single out on a regular basis.

Adaptability — The ability to handle change may be the most useful skill they develop at St. John’s. Why? Over the course of a lifetime, one of few certainties is continual …

Posted by Mr. Chad Konecky in Inspired Academics on Monday October 29, 2018
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Three Social Media Starter Tips

Demonstrating and reinforcing common-sense social media engagement is important, especially when it comes to adolescents and teens. Kerry Gallagher, St. John’s assistant principal for teaching and learning, is leading the Prep’s emphasis on developing best practices when using social media.

“Mentoring healthy guidelines like ‘Think before you post,’ ‘be kind and respectful’ and ‘be mindful of who you friend’ are key, but we need to foster&…

Posted by Mr. Chad Konecky in What the Tech? on Tuesday October 9, 2018
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Winning Isn't The Only Thing

At St. John’s, we’ve devoted ourselves to building an athletic culture that lives and breathes by one principle: Winning is not about what the scoreboard says at the end of any contest. The way we see it, being a student-athlete is all about learning. Just ask our coaches.

“The student-athlete environment at St. John’s completely aligns with my own priorities as a coach, and in terms of what I’m looking for in a team,” says math teacher and volleyball head …

Posted by Mr. Chad Konecky in Character and Leadership, Student Life on Wednesday September 26, 2018 at 04:40PM
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Teachers Who Know Their Students Part 1

A teacher’s mastery of subject matter is central to student success, but teachers who know their students as individuals can transform the learning experience. Engaging students who come to class with their own experiences, perspectives, adversities and accomplishments—in short, leaving space for students to have voice—creates a more productive, good-natured and responsive environment.

Teachers Who Know Their Students

By drawing on students’ personal experience and taking an interest in their …

Posted by Mr. Chad Konecky in Inspired Academics on Friday September 7, 2018 at 12:59PM
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Keys to Kindness at School

Jason Larocque can recall many a teaching moment when he stopped class to dig a little deeper into a topic or issue on a child’s mind.

“I throw out the lesson plan and try to thoughtfully and constructively process those moments with the class,” explains Larocque. Everyone on this campus has permission and feels empowered to push the pause button to address a situation that demands kindness or further insight into people’s feelings.”

Creating a campus …

Posted by Mr. Chad Konecky in Character and Leadership on Wednesday August 29, 2018
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The three “C's” that build kids’ resilience

It’s worth noting that the first synonym lists for resilience is elasticity. Among educators, resilience means the ability to rebound, turn the page and forge ahead. St. John’s Prep Wellness Director Steve Brown says the characteristics a child displays once they’ve honed their sense of resilience are truly distinct.

The Three Cs of Resilience

“To me, traits we label as ‘grit,’ ‘pluck,’ or ‘stick-to-itiveness’ are really about perseverance, while…

Posted by Mr. Chad Konecky in Wellness@SJP on Wednesday August 15, 2018
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Join us for Preview of the Prep on June 4!
Middle School Student Exiting Bus on First Day

When it comes to choosing a school—whether it's middle school or high start by looking for the right fit for you as a family. Our best advice: Information is power. Do your research. Network with other parents. Keep an open mind. Use your head and your heart and, above all, trust your gut.

While seeing is definitely believing, some early steps can take place from the comfort of your armchair. Request a viewbook to take a closer look at what a …

Posted by Mr. Chad Konecky in Finding the Right School on Thursday May 24, 2018
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