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At St. John's, good knows no bounds. It's greater than great academics. Here are snapshots of what it means at the Prep. Something amazing happens when you're open to good!


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Curating the Right Stuff

When it comes to proven recipes for personal and professional success, St. John’s Prep alumnus Pat Connaughton '11 is a great guy to emulate. After all, he remains the Prep's all-time leading scorer in basketball, was drafted by both Major League Baseball and the NBA out of Notre Dame and he's currently averaging career highs in points, rebounds and assists for the Eastern Conference-leading Milwaukee Bucks. But what's particularly exciting about Connaughton’s advice to young people is that applies beyond the realm of athletics and student-athletes.

"The Prep is home to me, and the people at the school showed me what I needed to do in order to achieve my goals in sports and all other aspects of life," said Connaughton, who graduated early from ND with Cum Laude honors, co-manages his own real estate business away from the basketball court and serves as president his own philanthropic With Us Foundation.

Pat Connaughton '11 at a recent talk he gave at St. John's Prep

True to his word, Connaughton has built and sustained a network among Prep students of all grade levels and interests. Earlier this NBA season, he visited campus when the Bucks were in town for a road game against the Celtics to share his insights about how young people can develop the kind of competitive mindset that helped fuel his path from the Prep toward lifelong success.

In remarks that were sprinkled with humor and personal anecdotes, Connaughton zeroed in on practices that can become the foundation for achieving personal goals, at any age. The wisdom of his words works for all students, be they artists or actors, mock trial or Model UN devotees, future entrepreneurs or fabricators of robots.

Here’s a glimpse of Connaughton’s counsel:
  • Look in the mirror: Think about what you want to do most. Figuring out where you want to be is the first step toward getting to your destination.
  • Find your motivation: We’re all different when it comes to what drives us. Are you someone who hates to lose, or do you love to team up to win? Knowing what inspires you can help you focus on achieving your goals.
  • Go for a growth mindset: Everyone encounters setbacks and disappointments. What matters is how you respond. Whether it's a disappointing grade or a lackluster performance, extract what you can from the experience and get ready to pivot to the next opportunity.
  • Establish a good work ethic: It takes discipline to become your best. Start with something small that you can accomplish every day. The sense of satisfaction you gain from something as simple as routinely making your bed in the morning can help build a work ethic that will pay dividends in academics, athletics, and life.
  • Learn to manage your time: Few things are as important as organizing your time well, according to Connaughton, who makes it a particular point of emphasis: “Do the things you have to do so that you have the time to do the things you love.”
  • Keep good company: Connaughton found a community at St. John’s where teachers, coaches, and fellow students all care about helping everyone do their best. That atmosphere of support and encouragement fostered the self-confidence he needed to tap deep into his own potential and go as far as his talents would take him.
Posted by Mr. Chad Konecky in Character and Leadership on Tuesday February, 19, 2019 at 10:11AM

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