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At St. John's, good knows no bounds. It's greater than great academics. Here are snapshots of what it means at the Prep. Something amazing happens when you're open to good!


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Three More Prep Questions

Students StudyingThroughout the application and decision-making process, prospective students and their families often ask what it’s like to be a student at St. John’s Prep. We welcome each and every inquiry. Here are answers (with a little help from current students) to three questions that parents and their sons consistently ask. Curious to learn more? Visit our admissions page for more information!

Q: How has the academic workload at the Prep compared to your previous school, and have you felt like supports were in place for you to handle any uptick in workload?

A: “The workload was one of the immediate challenges I faced at St. John’s,” says senior Griffin Atkinson. “Coming in as a freshman, it was certainly more work than I had dealt with at my middle school. However, freshman year teachers do a great job easing you into the high school mindset and I was able to come up with a good system of time management early on. The workload increases throughout the year and throughout each grade, but it happens quite gradually. Only in looking back after junior year did I realize that my workload had actually increased that much since freshman year. All in all, I would say it’s certainly an adjustment from middle school to high school, but St. John’s makes the process very manageable for new students and everyone seems able to figure out a system that works best for them.”

Q: What were you worried about entering the Prep that turned out not to be a thing, and how is it different from how you thought it would be?

A: “What I was most worried about coming into the Prep was that the culture of the school would be too focused on athletics,” says senior Mike Low. “I knew that the Prep had a great reputation in sports, but as someone very interested in math and science, I was worried that my passions would not be treated as seriously. Instead, I was met by a huge community of others with like interests. During freshman year, I was able to join the science league team, robotics team, math team, and chess team, all of which were viewed and treated just as seriously as any sport. The Prep has a massive number of activities students can take part in, and does a great job at making sure all interests are equally valued.”

Q: How do the religious and spiritual aspects of attending a Catholic, Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School manifest themselves on a day-to-day basis, especially for people of all faiths?

A: “The Prep has a strong sense of faith, and it has a great way of intertwining faith with how you live,” says junior Arthur Thu. “For example, Campus Ministry is one of the strongest manifestations of faith at St. John’s, and it’s really all about working to serve the greater good.” “The Prep works very hard to instill important values necessary in any young person, such as compassion and humility,” adds Low. “The spiritual side of the Prep is one that can appeal to people of all faiths equally, and is immensely valuable in the development of the character of its students.”
Posted by Mr. Chad Konecky in Finding the Right School on Tuesday January, 2, 2018

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