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Sonnets Inspired by
"Romeo & Juliet"

The following four poems were modeled after Romeo and Juliet’s initial ‘love at first sonnet’ conversation in Act One. After reading this scene, students were encouraged to write a Shakespearean sonnet in which the author spots a lovely lass across the dance floor at an SJP dance (Quatrain 1: The Wow!), strolls across the floor to romance her (Quatrain 2: The Woo!), and then finds out that she's the daughter of their English teacher, Mr. Kimble (Quatrain 3: The Woe!). Undeterred, the brave Eagle then asks the lovely lass out for a date in the rhyming couplet. 

"I Finally Found You" by Sam Stone '17

I finally found you, the one I love

Perfect, elegant, beautiful too

You are the girl I need, swift as a dove

The one I want to be with, that is you


Nothing said as I looked into her eyes

Her bright blue crystals glowing in the light

She looked back, as she was then in surprise

Thinking that this could be love at first sight


I was enraged when I heard the bad news

As I was having the most perfect day

She was another girl that I might lose

Cuz she was the daughter of Mr. K


I have found my lock, and you are the key

You're the girl, will you go to prom with me?

"The Beauty of Thee" by Michael Burke '17

The beauty of thee caresses my heart

Art thou an angel? Of that I am sure

And thy smile, and eyes, where do I start?

No person has made me feel this before


From afar thy allure 'twas unreal to see

Thou art as delicate as a white dove.

And thine eyes glisten like the deep blue sea.

I want, no I need, to possess thy love. 


Thy father is who? Mr. K, that's good!

If I make you happy, I'll get an A.

If he doth get mad he misunderstood

But he won't get angry, if we behave.


I won't ruin your life or mascara

I wrote this for you, and just you, Sara.

"Love Turns into Affection" by Estarlyn Hiraldo ‘17

[Spoken by the Young Man]

Your smile sparkles and cleans away the dark

Like your divine curves interest me now.

When you appeared tonight, my heart barked

At this moment you and I will make a vow.


Sweet-lavish girl, with eyes the color blue,

Your beauty is so irresistible.

Not even Columbus could find one like you

But tonight we will be invincible.


[Spoken by the Lass]

Oh! my sweet elegant prince whom I see

Your compliments have spotted light on my heart.

But when the sunlight sets the moonlight free

Your English teacher may take you apart.


[Spoken by the Young Man]

Since your lovely self is all that I see,

At the Prom, care you to danceth with me?

"Your Face so Bright" by Constantinos Gerontis '17

Your face so bright and strongly compelling

Sadly, surrounded by a bunch of fools.

The music is loud and everyone's yelling,

And I can't express what I think of you.


I start walking towards you, maybe it's fate

I haven't thought what I'm going to do.

Your hair dangles down, light brown and straight,

I've seen in my dreams, a girl just like you.


As I come closer, I look into your eyes,

But I don't know what I'm going to say.

Wait! You're Mr. Kimble's daughter in disguise

I can't believe fate has cursed me this way.


I don't know if I'll have another chance,

So I must ask, will you come to my dance?

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