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We Are St. John's Gala

This year's We Are St. John's Gala honored distinguished members of the Prep community, provided a spectacular evening of entertainment and Prep fellowship, and raised critical funds in support of tuition assistance. We are very grateful to the following donors for their contribution to the success of the event last April 2019. Join us at this year's event on Saturday, April 4, 2020!

1640 Hart House
A Yoga Practice
AAA - Northeast
Mr. Peter Abdinoor and Mrs. Lisa Abdinoor
Mr. Danny Adames '14
Ms. Lacey Allis
Alto Forno Urban Bar & Lounge
Alyse Gause Photography
Mr. Nicholas Ambeliotis '83 and Mrs. Elizabeth Ambeliotis
America's Test Kitchen
Mr. Troy G. Anderson and Mrs. Stephanie Anderson
Ankeles, Vontzalides, Ambeliotis & Delaney, LLP
Mr. Michael Armini and Mrs. Jennifer Armini
Mr. Robert L. Arsenault '82 and Mrs. Cynthia A. Arsenault
Artistic Landscapes
Art's Cool
ATA Martial Arts Studio
Mr. John E. Atkins and Mrs. Elizabeth Atkins
Mr. Dana Atkinson and Mrs. Angela Atkinson
Mr. Arthur Audet and Mrs. Hazel Audet
Mr. Patrick M. Byrne and Ms. Nibal N. Awad
Dr. Andrew Ayers and Dr. Kate Ayers
Aztec Soccer
Mr. Mark Bailey and Mrs. Valerie Bailey
Mr. James M. Baker
Bark n' Roll Canine Care LLC
Mr. Caleb Barlow and Mrs. Jeanette Barlow
Mr. Kyle Barnard and Mrs. Laura Barnard
Christopher J. Barrett, Inc. Realtors
Baubles Fine Jewelry
Mr. J. Christopher Bauer
Beach Plum Too
Ms. Emily Beckman
Mr. Tim Behling and Mrs. Michelle Behling
Ms. Laura Bell
Bellavella Cookies
Ms. Kathleen Belliveau
Dr. Michael Belliveau and Dr. Anne Bellefeuille
Mr. Michael Bemis and Mrs. Anna Bemis
Dr. Simon Bernstein and Mrs. Teale Bernstein
Mr. Donald F. Bessom '03
Ms. Joanne Bessom
Ms. Marilyn A. Bessom
Best Friends Total Pet Care
Betsy Frost Designs
Col. Kevin Betz and Mrs. Kathleen Betz
Beverly Flight Center
Big D's Appliance Service and Sales
Bisou by Melissa
Black Swan Country Club
Mr. Jeffrey T. Blizard and Mrs. Jen A. Esper Blizard
Blue Dog Pet Care
Blue Fin Japanese Resturant
Bobbles and Lace
Mr. Eric Boemer and Mrs. Sally Boemer
Mr. Nathan Bohnke and Mrs. Danielle Champoux Bohnke
Mr. Edward Bond Jr. and Mrs. Aletta Bond
Boston Sports Club - Lynnfield
Mr. Kevin Bottomley and Mrs. Rosemarie K. Bottomley '77
Mr. Roger Boucher and Mrs. Maura Boucher
Ms. Patricia Boudrot
Mr. Daniel Bourbeau and Ms. Sheryl Bourbeau
Mr. John A. Boyle and Mrs. Virginia Boyle
Mrs. Jolyne Boyle
Bradford Ski Area
Mr. Michael Breen and Mrs. Seaneen J. Breen
Mr. Robert Brinkley and Mrs. Diane Brinkley
Brogen Photography
Mr. Randy Brogen and Mrs. Caroline Brogen
Mr. Michael Brosnan and Mrs. Deborah A. Brosnan
Brothers Restaurant & Deli of Peabody
Ms. Kristen Brown
Mr. Adam J. Buckley '89 and Mrs. Kristen B. Buckley
Bulger Veterinary Hospital
Buono Bistro
Dr. Stanley J. Burba '57 and Mrs. Janet L. Burba
Ms. Oriana Burgos
Mr. John Burke III '82 and Mrs. Lori Burke
Mr. Peter S. Butler '83 and Mrs. Mary Kate Butler
Mr. Joseph C. Cacciola and Mrs. Marilyn Cacciola
Cakes for Occasions
Dr. John Callahan and Dr. Leah Cataldo
Camp North Star
Mr. Bernard L. Caniff '72 and Mrs. Deborah Caniff
Mr. Jeffrey Cann and Ms. Carrie Collins-Cann
Capco Crane & Hoist Inc.
Cape Ann's Marina Resort
Mr. David F. Caputo and Mrs. Rene M. Caputo
Carl Michael Salon
Mr. James M. Carnevale '82 and Mrs. Debra J. Carnevale
Mr. Daniel J. Carney and Mrs. Amy K. Carney
Mr. Paul Carusi and Mrs. Debbie Carusi
Mr. Jeffrey Castaldo and Mrs. Caroline A. Castaldo
Ms. Lisa Cavallo
Changing Tides Cafe and Donut Shop
Chasespeed LLC
Mr. Gary Cherry
Mr. Glenn Chesley and Mrs. Maureen N. Chesley '77
Mr. Joseph C. Ciavardone '91 and Mrs. Laurellyn Ciavardone
Mr. Robert Clark and Mrs. Elaine Clark
Mr. David A. Clifford and Mrs. Margie Clifford
Colby Davis of Boston
Cole Landscaping & Irrigation, Inc
Mr. Kevin Collins and Mrs. Emily Collins
Mr. Michael Collins and Mrs. Lara Collins
Mr. Jesús E. Colón Jr. '09
Comeau Health Care Associates
Commune Cafe
Mr. Patrick B. Connaughton '11
Connie Millard College Counseling
Mr. Christopher Connolly and Mrs. Michelle Connolly
Mr. Christian Connors and Mrs. Jessica Connors
Ms. Sarah Cook
Mr. George Cooke Jr. and Mrs. Jennifer Cooke
Mr. Brian Coutu and Mrs. Sandelia Coutu
Mr. Myles H. Cox '10
Mr. David Coyne and Mrs. Emily Coyne
Cravings at Colonial Spa
CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc.
Crossfit Iron Spider
Mr. John Crowley and Mrs. Barbara C. Crowley
Dr. Keith Crowley and Mrs. Patricia Crowley
Mr. Steven E. Cunningham and Mrs. Kathleen J. Cunningham
Mr. John C. Cushing '85
Mr. Matthew J. Cushing '88 and Mrs. Leslie Cushing
Mr. Michael Daley Sr. and Mrs. Bergen Daley
Mr. Sean Daley and Mrs. Barbara Daley
Mr. Michael P. Dalton '83 and Mrs. Amy L. Dalton
Mr. Ted Dalton and Mrs. Jennifer Dalton
Mr. John B. Danforth and Mrs. Hether Danforth
Daniel Doke Fine Art Portraits
Mr. Matthew Daniels and Mrs. Jennifer Daniels
Danvers Indoor Sports
Danversport Yacht Club
Mr. William Danzinger and Ms. Jeannine Hicks
Mr. Christopher B. Dauer and Mrs. Eileen Dauer
Mr. Joshua Davendonis and Ms. Kathryn Stone
Mr. Edmund Davis and Mrs. Tracy Davis
Mr. Joseph Davis III and Mrs. Wendy Davis
Dawg City Pet Supply & Nutrition Center
Mr. Richard Delisle and Mrs. Cheryl Delisle
Mr. Don DelNegro and Mrs. Claire DelNegro
Mr. Salvatore F. DeMartinis '93 and Mrs. Janeen DeMartinis
Denise's Flower Shop
Ms. Susan DeSilva
Mr. Jonathan M. DeSimone '88 and Mrs. Vicki A. DeSimone
Mr. and Mrs. Tom J. DeSimone '68
Mr. David C. Dewing and Mrs. Marianne C. Dewing
Diamond Steel & Fabrication
Mr. Mario DiBenedetto and Mrs. Ellen DiBenedetto
DiCara's Deli
Mr. Paul DiFilippo and Mrs. Kellie DiFilippo
Mr. David N. DiMauro '13
Mr. Timothy Dittrich and Mrs. Amy R. Dittrich
Ms. Ann H. Dobrowolski
Ms. Elizabeth Dobrowolski
Ms. Veronica Dobrowolski
Ms. Dorothy Dolan
Donald Nelson, DMD Orthodontics of the North Shore
Dos Amigos Burritos
Double Tree by Hilton
Mr. Dean Drinkwater and Mrs. Susan Drinkwater
Mr. James Driscoll Jr. and Mrs. Jacquelyn Driscoll
Mr. Mark du Four and Mrs. Meg du Four
Mr. David R. Dwortz and Mrs. Eileen Dwortz
Early Harvest Diner
The Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation
Eastern Bank Lynn Branch
Mr. Carl Eberth and Mrs. Laura Eberth
EBSCO Information Services
Ellen Fitzgerald Personal Concierge Services
Mr. Chris Emilius and Mrs. Janet Emilius
Empower Beauty Company
Empower Yoga Studio
Essex River Cruises & Charters
Eventide Photography
Mr. Addison L. Everett and Mrs. Julie Everett
Mr. John Evers and Mrs. Jill Evers
Everything But The Dog
Mr. Luke A. Fabbri and Mrs. Patricia Fabbri
Ms. Cynthia Scannell Fanikos
Farmer Brown's, Inc.
Mr. Michael J. Farrow and Mrs. Rosemary T. Farrow
Ms. Susan Feldman
Ferncroft Country Club
Mr. Matthew Fionda and Mrs. Christine Fionda
Dr. Edward Fisichelli and Mrs. Monique Fisichelli
Fit Werx
FitVine Wine
Mr. William L. Flaherty '74 and Mrs. Gale A. Flaherty
Ms. Gina Flynn
Mr. Michael J. Fogarty '86 and Mrs. Zoe Fogarty
Mr. Declan J. Foley '11
Mr. Robert Foley and Dr. Josephine Foley
Dr. Matthew C. Ford and Mrs. Melissa Ford
Four-Handed Illusions
Mr. Bill Frain and Mrs. Jennifer Frain
Frederick's Pastries
Dr. Garry N. Freedman and Mrs. Toby Freedman
Mr. Ryan Frere and Mrs. Katrina Frere
Fresh Look Designs
Fuddruckers New England
Mr. Michael C. Galatis and Mrs. Christine M. Galatis
Mr. John Gallagher and Mrs. Janelle Gallagher
Mr. Robert Gamer and Mrs. Anne Gamer
Garden Neighborhood Charities
Gaslight Restaurant
Mr. William D. Gause and Mrs. Alyse A. Gause
Mr. David Gaw and Ms. Linda Cook
Get In Shape For Women
Dr. Matteo L. Giamarco '79 and Dr. Christine McKenna Giamarco
Giblees Menswear and Tuxedos
Giggles Comedy Club at Prince Pizzeria
Mr. Ronald Giovanni Jr. '85 and Mrs. Michelle Giovanni
Mr. Richard Girolimon
Global Beer Network
Mr. Christopher T. Goff '96
Mr. Bruce G. Gold and Mrs. Paula Gold
GoodHearts Children's Shop
Mr. Thomas Goodwin and Mrs. Diane Goodwin
Mr. Andrew W. Gould '03
The Granite YMCA
Mr. John T. Gratiano '16
Great New Hampshire Restaurant
Great Wolf Lodge of New England
Mr. Andrew Greenfield and Mrs. Jennifer Greenfield
Mr. Lucas Greenwalt and Mrs. Michelle Greenwalt
Mr. Mark R. Gudaitis '84 and Mrs. Heidi Gudaitis
Mr. Thomas Guidi Esq. '70 and Mrs. Karen Guidi
H.E.L.P. Consulting Services, LLC
Mr. Jan Haas and Mrs. Kelly Haas
Mr. Frederic N. Halström Esq.
Ms. Jennifer Hamilton
Mr. Timothy Hannibal and Mrs. Janine Hannibal
Mr. Dennis M. Hanson and Mrs. Sharon A. Hanson
Mr. Kristian Hanson '94 and Mrs. Susan M. Hanson
Harbor Creamery
Harring Water Colors
Harrows Chicken Pies
Mr. Jeffrey Hart and Mrs. Charlene Hart
Dr. Ronald C. Hartfelder and Mrs. Mary E. Hartfelder
Harvard Art Museum
The Inn at Hastings Park
Healthy Changes Pilates
Healthy Pet
Mr. Derek Heaslip and Mrs. Stacey Heaslip
Ms. Christine A. W. Henderson
Mr. David P. Hennessey '83 and Mrs. Jacqueline M. Hennessey
Mr. Paul L. Hennessey '52
Mr. Julio Henriquez and Ms. Gina Gonzales
Henry's Market
Hic Olive Oil
Mr. David Hodgdon and Mrs. JoAnn P. Hodgdon
Holiday Travel
Mr. Al Holland III and Mrs. Kara Holland
Honda North
Mr. Michael G. Howley and Mrs. Francine A. Howley
Mr. Barry T. Hynes and Mrs. Kristin Hynes
In The Game
Interlocks Salon and Day Spa
Dr. Richard Iorio '77 and Mrs. Mary Ellen Iorio
Iron Tree Service
Irresistibles of Wenham
Mr. Bruce Irving and Mrs. Janice Irving
Dr. Louis Irwin and Dr. Yi-Ping Liu Ph.D.
Ms. Karen Jackson
Mr. Wayne C. Jalbert '81 and Mrs. Kathleen Jalbert
Mr. Christopher Jaromin and Mrs. Amy Jaromin
Mr. Richard J. Jennings and Mrs. Mary Jennings
Mr. Kevin T. Johnson '88 and Mrs. Tara Johnson
Mr. Richard B. Jones
Jordan & White, LLC
The Juicery
Mr. Erik Julin and Mrs. Debra Julin
Mr. Magnus G. Julin '25
Kaffmandu Coffee House
Mr. Jeffrey A. Kane '88 and Mrs. Kelly Kane
Mr. Bruce A. Kaneb '80 and Mrs. Deborah A. Kaneb
Mr. Jeffrey J. Kaneb '82 and Mrs. Karla C. Kaneb
Karl's Sausage Kitchen and European Market
Mr. Matthew Karlyn and Mrs. Wendy Karlyn
Mr. Elliot M. Katzman and Mrs. Donna M. Katzman
Mr. Matthew A. Katzman '01 and Mrs. Katherine C. Katzman
Mr. Pete Kaznoski and Ms. Heather Stewart Kaznoski
Mr. Timothy Keenan and Mrs. Kristin Keenan
Mr. Alex Keevan and Ms. Deanna S. Keevan
Mrs. Lorette A. Kelley
Mr. Michael R. Kelley '09
Mr. John M. Kelliher and Mrs. Corinne Kelliher
Mr. H. Theodore Kelly II and Mrs. Karey Kelly
Mr. Mike Kennealy '86 and Mrs. Trisha E. Pérez Kennealy
Mr. Randell Kennedy and Ms. Nancy Rohlfs
Kidcasso Art Studio
Mr. John Kiely Jr. and Mrs. Lisa Kiely
Kiki Walker Wellness
Mr. Jonathan King and Dr. Kerry OBrien
King's Complete Auto Center

King's Dining & Entertainment
Mr. Chad Konecky and Ms. Elizabeth Solomon
Mr. Evan Korol and Ms. Londyn Korol
Kowloon Restaraunt
Dr. Nerissa Kreher
Ms. Madonna Kuhn
Kurgo Dog Travel and Outdoor Products
Mr. Paul K. Kurker and Attorney Lynn E. O'Brien
La Siesta Restaurante
Mr. Gary Lacey and Mrs. Maureen Lacey
Mr. Ronald C. LaGrassa '91 and Mrs. Robin LaGrassa
Mr. Anthony J. Lamanna '08
Mr. Dean LaPierre and Mrs. Lysanne LaPierre
Mr. Jason Larocque and Mrs. Melissa Larocque
Mr. Matthew J. LaRovere '78 and Mrs. Wendy LaRovere
Mr. Matthew J. LaRovere Jr. '10
Mr. Paul E. Laski '55 and Mrs. Karen M. Laski
Latitude Sports Club
Mr. Peter Lawson and Mrs. Jennifer Lawson
The Hon. Robert P. LeBlanc '75 and Mrs. Joan LeBlanc
Mr. Michael Leonard and Mrs. Heidi Leonard
Mr. Brian M. Levis '94 and Mrs. Anna Levis
Mr. Donald K. G. Ligh and Mrs. Brenda J. Ligh
Livermore Photography
Mr. Paul R. Lockhart and Mrs. Tammy C. Lockhart
LOLA & Company
Ms. Karen Lombardi
Mr. Carlo Lopez-Ricco and Mrs. Emily Lopez
Loretta's Restaurant
Mr. Joseph LoRusso and Mrs. Kimberly LoRusso
Ms. Xiaoying Lou
Mr. Joseph Lovett and Mrs. Diane Lovett
Mr. William Lovett and Mrs. Kirsten Lovett
Lowell Spinners
Mr. David Lucas Esq. and Mrs. Melissa Lucas
Mr. David Lucey III '87 and Mrs. Laurie Lucey
Lund Dental Associates
Mr. Damon Lusk and Mrs. Christine Lusk
Luxe Inc.
Mr. Christopher Lynch
Lynnfield Baking Co.
Mr. Clarence R. Lyons '98
Mr. Joseph Macdonald and Mrs. Alicia Macdonald
Mr. William J. Mackinson and Mrs. Lynn Mackinson
Mr. Malcolm MacLean IV '87 and Mrs. Mimi MacLean
Ms. Lora Madden
Ms. Kathryn Mageary
John Magrane, Ph.D., COL (Ret) and Mrs. Hannah Magrane
Mr. Kevin C. Maguire '80 and Mrs. Amy E. Maguire
Bro. David P. Mahoney '66
Mr. James J. Mahoney '90 and Mrs. Michelle Mahoney
Mr. John Maier and Mrs. Maureen Maier
Maison Esthetique Christiane Bourque Spa
Mallory Portraits
Manchester Athletic Club
Mr. Daniel L. Manitakos and Mrs. Suzanne Manitakos
Mr. Michael Manning and Mrs. Ellen Manning
Mr. Jonathan A. Marcus '01
Mr. Matthew Marino and Mrs. Debra R. Marino
Market Street - Lynnfield
Mr. Bob McCarthy and Mrs. Maureen Marley McCarthy
Mr. Roy Marsters and Mrs. Laura Marsters
Mr. Brian R. Mason '04 and Mrs. Danielle Mason
Mr. Michael Lombardo and Ms. Jane Mason '77
Mr. George Brennan and Ms. Susan Mason '73
Mr. George E. Massaro and Mrs. Helen Massaro
Mr. Michael P. Massaro '96 and Mrs. Meredith Massaro
Mr. Mark Massimi
Mr. Roger J. Deveau and Ms. Kay T. Maurice
Ms. Alicia Mawn-Mahlau
Mr. Jeffrey Mazer Esq. and Ms. Nicole Metsisto Mazer Esq.
Dr. Donald McAuliffe Jr. '77 and Mrs. Lyne McAuliffe
Dr. Mary McCaffrey
Mr. Brian K. McCarthy and Mrs. Michelle B. McCarthy
Mr. George K. McCarthy and Mrs. Maureen P. McCarthy
Mr. John F. R. McCarthy '04
Mr. Taidgh H. McClory '93 and Mrs. Lynne McClory
Mr. James V. McCurdy '76
Mr. James McDaniel III and Ms. Kathy McDaniel
Mr. Sean McDaniel
Ms. Jeanne McDonald
Mr. Stephen McGee and Mrs. Julie McGee
Mr. Patrick McGhee and Ms. Lisa Coppola
Mr. Kevin McGinness and Mrs. Michelle McGinness
Mr. Craig McKenna and Mrs. Michelle McKenna
Mr. Paul E. McNamara '69 and Mrs. Lisa McNamara
Mr. Shawn R. McNinch and Mrs. Bethanie McNinch
Mr. Kevin McSweeney and Mrs. Melissa McSweeney
Melissa's K9 Design Pet Salon LLC
Merchant Liquors LLC
Merrimack Repertory Theatre
Mr. Stuart Meurer and Mrs. Susan Bragg Meurer
Ms. JoAnn Meyer
Mr. Joseph Milano Jr. '62 and Mrs. Jill Milano
Mr. Timothy J. Miles and Mrs. Lisa Miles
Mr. James B. Miller and Mrs. Andrea Miller
Mr. Michael Minogue and Mrs. Renee Minogue
Mr. Thomas W. H. Mitchell '13
Mr. Carmen R. Monks '83 and Mrs. Karen Monks
Morena's Cucina Rustica
Mr. David J. Morrow '82 and Mrs. Denise Morrow
Mr. Gregory B. Morse '94 and Mrs. Melissa Morse
Morton's The Steakhouse
Mr. Stephen Moylan and Dr. Anne Moylan
Mr. G's Pizza and Subs
Mr. Handyman of South Essex County
Mr. James F. Mulligan '68
Mr. Bruce Munick and Mrs. Cheryl Munick
Mr. Conor J. Murray '14
Mr. Donald W. Musial '91 and Mrs. Stephanie Musial
Myopia Hunt Club
Nails & Co. Spa
Nashoba Valley Ski Area
Mr. Paul J. Nasser and Dr. Bethany J. Nasser
Mr. Steve Nazzaro and Mrs. Jacqueline Nazzaro
Neiman Marcus
Mr. Dean Newport and Mrs. Pamela Newport
Mr. Michael Nichols and Mrs. Andrea Nichols
Mr. Theodore Nichols and Mrs. Kelly Nichols
Mr. Gene Nigrelli
Mr. Paul C. Nigrelli '74
North Country Rivers, Inc.
North Shore Music Theatre Box Office Staff
North Shore Performing Arts Center
Northeast Nursery, Inc.
Nothing Bundt Cakes
Nunan's Florist & Greenhouse
Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP
Mr. Colin D. O'Brian and Mrs. Ann Marie O'Brian
Mr. Walter O'Brien and Mrs. Sharon O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. John J. O'Connor
Mr. Neil Odams Jr. and Mrs. Lorrie Odams
Mr. Jonathan M. Ofilos '93 and Mrs. Michelle Ofilos
Dr. James O'Holleran and Mrs. Eileen O'Holleran
Olbash School of Driving
Mr. Kristopher R. Olson '88 and Mrs. Wendy Olson
O'Neil Family Cinemas
Mr. Anthony Onello Jr. and Mrs. Jennifer Onello
One-on-One College Consulting, LLC
Paddle Inn Resturant
Mr. Anthony Padvaiskas and Mrs. Carol Padvaiskas
Mr. James Paolillo and Ms. Cynthia Paolillo
Mr. Christopher R. Papineau '03 and Mrs. Maredith Papineau
Parker River Tutoring
Ms. Jill A. Parsons
Bro. Timothy Paul CFX
Peabody Essex Museum
Mr. Craig Pearson and Mrs. Kathleen Pearson
Mr. Daniel M. Peluso '93 and Mrs. Heather Peluso
Mr. Matthew W. Penney and Mrs. Kim Penney
The People's United Community Foundation of Eastern MA, Inc.
Ms. Olga Perez-Bonnelly
Dr. Robert Perreault and Mrs. Pamela Perreault
Mrs. Eileen Perry
Mr. Timothy Perry and Mrs. Kerri Perry
Petrillo's Resturant
Mr. Charles Phelan and Mrs. Natalie Phelan
Mr. Eric J. Pica '17
The Pilates Barre/Bo Soma Dance Studio
Mr. John J. Plakans and Mrs. Andrea Plakans
Polar Beverages
Mr. Zoltan A. Poleretzky and Dr. Deborah P. Shih
Mr. Charles N. Poor '65 and Mrs. Carol Poor
Port Plums
Portland Sea Dogs
Mr. Edward T. Potter and Mrs. Crystal A. Potter
Precision Pilates
Premier Chess
Privateer Rum, Inc.
Putnam Pantry
Dr. Mark S. Pykett and Mrs. Carrie Pykett
Rada Boutique & Upscale Consignment
Radiance Lifestyle Salon & Spa
Dr. Daniel Raess and Mrs. Lisa Raess
Mrs. Maragadha Rajan
Mr. Sean Randall and Mrs. Cheryl Randall
Mr. Anthony A. Rassias and Mrs. Karen Rassias
Mr. John Raymond and Mrs. Kendra Raymond
Ms. Rose Raymond
Mr. Randall E. Reinbold and Mrs. Lori Reinbold
Mr. Mario A. Ricciardelli and Mrs. Nancy J. Ricciardelli
Bro. Edward Rice CFX
Richardson's Ice Cream
Mr. Karun Rishi and Mrs. Yanina Rishi
The Ritz-Carlton, Boston Common
The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain
Dr. Demetrius Rizos USN, Ret. and Mrs. Susan Rizos
Mrs. Mary C. Roach
Mr. Dwight Robson and Mrs. Lena Robinson
Mr. Alexander Roche
Mr. Graeme Rockett and Mrs. Shenley Rockett
Mr. Louis A. Roderman and Ms. Mary Langlais
Mr. Jose Rodriguez and Mrs. Rachael Rodriguez
Mr. Michael F. Rogers and Mrs. Janet L. Rogers
Mr. Joseph Rooney III and Mrs. Michelle Rooney
Mr. Alfred J. Rossi '55 and Mrs. Angelica Rossi
Dr. Marc Rubin and Mrs. Heidi Rubin
Ms. Elizabeth Rupert
Mr. Michael Russo
SAGE Market & Design
Salem Five Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Salon Avie
Salt Cellar
Mr. James V. Santoianni and Ms. Patricia A. Santoianni
Lt. Col. R. Christopher Santos USAF(Ret.) and Dr. Viviana V. Santos
Mr. Paul Sartorelli and Mrs. Pamela Sartorelli
Mr. Gaurav Sawhney and Mrs. Lisa Sawhney
Mr. Michael P. Sawyer '08
Dr. Rick Sawyer Jr. and Mrs. Ellen Sawyer
Mr. Peter Schaeublin and Mrs. Tracii Schaeublin
Mr. Frank Scherkenbach and Ms. Kimberly McGovern
Mr. Robert Schneiders and Mrs. Jennifer Schneiders
Mr. Adam P. Scott '02
Mr. Joseph Selby and Mrs. Ariana Selby
Serenity in the City Salon, Spa and Wellness
Mr. Argenis Serrao and Ms. Maria Monks Serrao
Mr. Benjamin J. Sewell '12
Mr. Thomas F. Sheehan '74 and Mrs. Jane E. Sheehan
Ms. Orietta Shimansky
Showcase Cinema de Lux Woburn
Mr. Brian J. Shultz '75 and Ms. Joyce DeSanctis
Mr. Jeff Shute
Judge Robert Simpson Jr. and Mrs. Ann-Meade Simpson
Mr. Randall Smith and Mrs. Carolann Smith
Mr. Terry Smith and Mrs. Andrea Smith
Smitten LLC
Sol Bean Juice Bar and Kitchen
Solstice Yoga Studio
Mr. Deckard S. Sorensen '08 and Mrs. Christine Sorensen
Spa Nijoli and Salon
Mr. Matthew Spearing and Ms. Aeshna Badruzzaman
Ms. Sarah Spillane
Mr. Paul Stacy and Mrs. Maria Stacy
Mr. James E. Stager and Mrs. Nancy Stager
Mr. Robert Stradtman
Strong Fit Healthy
Su Chang's Fine Chinese Cuisine
Mr. John Sullivan and Mrs. Margaret Sullivan
Sullivan Tutoring and Test Prep
Sun N' Air Golf Center
The Sweetbay Shop
Mr. Richard J. Syska and Mrs. Kathi D. Syska
Taryn Laughlin Coaching LLC
Mr. Anthony Tavanese and Mrs. Joanne Tavanese
Mr. Joseph B. Thibodeau '10
Tile By Design in Danvers
Mr. Jackson Tingle and Mrs. Kerrie L. Tingle
Title Boxing Danvers
Top Priority Charters
Toscana's Ristorante
Total Wine & More
Trader Joe's - Peabody
Mr. Peter S. Trainor '11
Mr. Michael Traub and Mrs. Jane Traub
Mr. Peter J. Tremblay and Mrs. Leslie A. Tremblay
TRIAD Driving Academy
Mr. Michael Trigilio and Mrs. Heather Trigilio
Mr. John Tripodis and Mrs. Helen Tripodis
Mr. Timothy M. Tully and Mrs. Trish A. Tully
Ms. Francine Tunnera
Mr. James B. Turner and Mrs. Kathi Turner
Dr. Elizabeth Twomey
Mr. Daniel P. Vadala '99
Valerie's Gallery
Mr. David Valzania and Mrs. Laura Valzania
Mr. Andrew P. Veneziano '10
Mr. Robert Vigneaux III and Mrs. Kristin Vigneaux
Vineyard Vines
Mr. Dat Vo and Mrs. Thuytien Vo
Mr. Jonathan A. Vogt and Mrs. Karen Vogt
Wachusett Mountain
Mr. John Wagner and Mrs. Leah Wagner
Wakefield Bowladrome
Wakefield Independence Day Committee
Mr. James Walsh and Mrs. Mary Beth Walsh
Mr. Keith Walsh and Mrs. Stephanie Walsh
Mr. John F. Webb '68 and Mrs. Joan P. Webb
Dr. Mark Webster and Mrs. Emily Webster
Mr. Benjamin Weidenaar
Wellness Connect, LLC
Wenham Tea House & Shops
Mr. Ulf Westhoven and Mrs. Emily Westhoven
Mr. Peter B. White '79 and Mrs. Elaine White
Mr. Joseph M. Whitney and Mrs. Ursula T. Whitney
The Whoo(pie) Wagon - Topsfield Bakeshop
Mr. Jeffrey Wilmot and Mrs. Meghan Wilmot
Mr. Gerard M. Wilson and Mrs. Jennifer Wilson
Mr. John Wolf and Mrs. Danielle Wolf
Mr. James Worden and Mrs. Anita Rajan Worden
Xtreme Craze
Mr. David Yachnin and Ms. Michelle Yachnin
Mr. John T. Yannone and Mrs. Robyn A. Yannone
Yard House Restaurant
Mr. Michael Yoken CFP '83 and Mrs. Heidi Yoken
Mr. Robert York and Mrs. Fariba York
Mr. Christopher E. Yuu and Ms. Nancy Mah
Mr. James C. Zampell '71 and Mrs. Christine Zampell
Mr. George Ziegler IV and Mrs. Elizabeth Ziegler
Mrs. Rita M. Ziegler
Mr. Andrew H. Zimmerman '88 and Mrs. Monica Zimmerman
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