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We Are St. John's Gala

This year's We Are St. John's Gala honored distinguished members of the Prep community, provided a spectacular evening of entertainment and Prep fellowship, and raised critical funds in support of tuition assistance. We are very grateful to the following donors for their contribution to the success of the evening.  

Anonymous (3) Mr. Robb J. Osinski '80
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Abbruzzese Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Osterman
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Abdinoor Mr. and Mrs. Donald Paglia
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Albano Mr. Michael H. Panos '89
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Amirault Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pasersky
Mr. and Mrs. Troy G. Anderson Bro. Timothy Paul, C.F.X., Ed.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Argeros '75 Mr. Jonathan J. Pearsall '04
Mr. Michael Armini and Mrs. Jenny Armini Mr. James A. Pedro '88
Mr. Gordon D. Atkinson and Ms. Karin McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. Jay Peirce
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Audet Mr. Daniel M. Peluso '93
Mr. Reid A. Auger '06 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew W. Penney
Ms. Nibal N. Awad Ms. Olga Perez-Bonnelly
Dr. Andrew Ayers and Dr. Kate Ayers Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bacigalupo Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pitts
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Pocharski
Mr. Devin R. Barry '06 Mr. Zoltan A. Poleretzky and Dr. Deborah P. Shih
Mr. and Mrs. William Batchelder Ms. Jacqueline Potdevin
Mr. and Mrs. Derek G. Bates Mr. and Mrs. Mark Quinn
Dr. Joshua Baumfeld and Ms. Lynn-Anne Schow Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Rausch
Mr. Peter A. Beekman '72 Mr. and Mrs. John Raymond
Ms. Kathleen Belliveau Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Regan
Dr. Michael Belliveau and Dr. Anne Bellefeuille Mr. and Mrs. Randall E. Reinbold
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bemis Mr. and Mrs. Mario A. Ricciardelli
Mr. Stephen W. Benevento '91 Bro. Edward Rice CFX
Mr. Kevin Taylor Berich '03 Mr. Kevin A. Richardson '86 and Ms. Margaret Richardson
Dr. and Mrs. Simon Bernstein Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Riley '75
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Berry Mr. and Mrs. Byron L. Rizos
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Beswick Dr. and Mrs. Demetrius Rizos
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Bisson Mrs. Mary C. Roach
Mr. Benjamin A. Blaisdell '96 Mr. Paul A. Roberts '01
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Blake Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Robson
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bonasera Mr. and Mrs. Graeme Rockett
Rosemarie and Kevin Bottomley Mr. Louis A. Roderman and Ms. Mary Langlais
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Boucher Mr. Francisco Rodriguez
Ms. Jacqueline Boudrot Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rossetti, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Bowers Mr. Alfred J. Rossi Sr. '55
Mr. Terrence J. Boylan '86 Mr. Kevin T. Rourke '82
Mr. John A. Boyle Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rowe
Mrs. Jolyne Boyle Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Sablone
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Breen Ms. June Saraceno
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brosnan Mrs. Erika Sargent-Grasso
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Brown Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sartorelli
Ms. Kristen Brown Mr. and Mrs. Joel Saslaw
Ms. Jen Brundige Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Schillinger
Ms. Dale Bryant Mr. and Mrs. James Schorr
Mr. and Mrs. Adam J. Buckley '89 Mr. and Mrs. John Scroope
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Burba '57 Mr. and Mrs. James M. Sears '81
Mr. and Mrs. John Burns Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Selby
Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Butler '83 Ms. Maria Monks Serrao and Mr. Argenis Serrao
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel T. Byrne '83 Dr. Peter Seymour and Dr. Bridget Seymour
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Callahan Mr. Michael H. Shanahan, Jr. '03
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Callahan Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Sharrio '76
Mr. Thomas D. Callahan '87 Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Shay '83
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Carlucci Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah P. Sheehan
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Carney Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Sheehan '74
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Carter Mr. Dan Sherwood and Ms. Kate Luchini
Ms. Ana Maria Carvajal Ms. Orietta Shimansky
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Castaldo Mr. Brian J. Shultz '75
Ms. Lisa Cavallo Dr. Laura Simpson and Mr. Robert Simpson
Ms. Deanna L. Chandonnet Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sincerbeaux
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher G. Charron '81 Mr. Richard D. Sinopoli, Jr. '88
Mr. Gary Cherry Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Skelley
Mrs. Maureen N. Chesley '77 and Mr. Glenn Chesley Mr. and Mrs. Anthony H. Smith
Mrs. Judith Chimenti Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Smith '83
Mr. Joseph C. Ciavardone '91 Mr. Neil T. Smith '90
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clark, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Randall Smith
Mr. Stephen R. Coan '86 Mr. and Mrs. Terry Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Atticus Cole Mr. and Mrs. Steven Solomon
Mr. Kevin Collins Mr. Deckard S. Sorensen '08
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Comito, Jr. Mr. Matthew Spearing
Mr. and Mrs. John Conaton Ms. Sarah Spillane
Mr. and Mrs. John Conley Mrs. Nancy Stager
Mr. Thomas J. Conlon '82 and Mrs. Susan Henderson, Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. H. Stark
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Connolly Donald F. Sullivan PhD '66
Mr. Charles E. Connor '75* Mr. and Mrs. John Sweeney
Mr. Gerald Conrad and Ms. Cary Skinner Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Syska
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Conway Mr. Jerry L. Talleri and Dr. Sarah Whitehead
Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Coombs Mr. and Mrs. John J. Tangney '86
Mr. Thomas L. Culkeen '07 Dr. and Mrs. Tony Tannoury M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew O. Curran '88 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Tighe
Mr. John C. Cushing '85 Mrs. Kerrie L. Tingle
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Cushing '88 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Torra
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Daley Sr. Mr. Michael C. Trainor '09
Mr. C. Clinton Dalton '88 Mrs. Sandra Trapani
Michael P. and Amy L. Dalton Mr. and Mrs. Michael Traub
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Daniels Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Tremblay
Mr. Michael J. Dantona '10 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Trigilio
Mr. Derron P. Darcy '83 Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Trulli
Mr. and Mrs. F. Christopher Davis '79 Mrs. Trish A. Tully
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Dawe '87 Ms. Francine Tunnera
Mr. Diego A. de Leon '05 Mr. and Mrs. James B. Turner
Mr. James I. Dearborn and Ms. Jill Jeffries Mr. and Mrs. John Valentino
Mr. Jonathan DelGaizo and Mrs. Leane Coppola DelGaizo Mr. Andrew P. Veneziano '10
Dr. and Mrs. Sean Deller Ms. Maluli Vidal
Mr. and Mrs. Don DelNegro Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vigneaux III
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DeMarco Mrs. Leanne Villani-Schneider
Mr. Salvatore F. DeMartinis '93 Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan A. Vogt
Mr. John P. Dennis '73 Mr. and Mrs. John Wagner
Mr. Scott M. Derrickson '11 Mr. and Mrs. Keith Walsh
Ms. Susan DeSilva-Baylow Mr. Gary Warriner
Mr. David J. DeSimone '83 Mr. and Mrs. John F. Webb '68
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. DeSimone '88 Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. West
Tom '68 and Midge DeSimone Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan White Esq.
Mr. Jonathan D. Dioli '04 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Whitney
Mr. and Mrs. Chris M. DiOrio Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Wiehe
Timothy and Amy Dittrich Ms. Kathleen Wilkin
Mr. and Mrs. Frank DiVito Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Wilmot
Ms. Dorothy Dolan Ms. Cindy Wilson
Ms. Geraldine Dolan Mr. and Mrs. Darren Winnie
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Dolan '72 Mr. and Mrs. John Wolf
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Donohue Mr. Jon Workman
Mrs. Jacqueline Dragani Mr. Andrew J. Yakoobian '92
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Drinkwater Mr. and Mrs. Patrick E. Yanchus '67
Mr. and Mrs. James Driscoll, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John T. Yannone
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Dubow Ms. Kathleen Young
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Dwortz Mr. and Mrs. James C. Zampell '71
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Eberth Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Zampell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Ellis Mr. William P. Zarakas and Ms. Susan Ricker
Mr. Nicholas J. Elward '91 Mr. Tom Zargaj '82
Mr. Glenn English Mr. and Mrs. George A. Ziegler IV
Mr. and Mrs. Addison L. Everett Rita M. Ziegler
Mr. and Mrs. Luke A. Fabbri Flowers by Darlene North Shore Fruit Basket
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Fallon '71 15 Walnut Street Restaurant
Ms. Cynthia Scannell Fanikos Aine's Boutique
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Farmer '79 Alto Forno Urban Bar & Lounge
Mr. and Ms. Jack Farrell Alyse Gause Photography
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Farrow America's Test Kitchen
Mr. Nicholas Fecteau '13 Angeli Hair Studio
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Fionda Artistic Landscapes
Mr. and Mrs. William Fiscus III Aztec Soccer
Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Flatley '62 B & S Fitness
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Flynn Sr. Bark n' Roll Canine Care
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Flynn Barre n9ne Studio
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Fogarty '86 Belko Landscaping
Ms. Josephine Foley Bella Salon & Spa
Mr. Robert Foley and Dr. Jo Ann Foley Best Friends Total Pet Care
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Frain Beverly Flight Center
Mr. Andre A. Freyer '01 Black Cow Tap & Grill
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gamer Black Swan Country Club
Mr. James H. Gasperoni '85 Blink Skin Care & Lash Studio
Mr. and Mrs. David V. Gaudin Blue Dog Pet Care
Mr. and Mrs. William Gause Boston Harbor Cruises
Mr. David Gaw and Ms. Linda Cook Boston Magazine
Mr. Stephen J. Gemmell '86 Boston Peabody Marriott
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Gerdenich Boston Rock Gym
Mr. Amir Ghali Brine Restaurant
Dr. Matteo L. Giamarco '79 and Dr. Christine McKenna Giamarco Brothers Restaurant & Deli of Peabody
Mrs. Shirley L. Gignac* Brown Brothers Harriman
Mr. Robert A. Glatz '84 Bulger Veterinary Hospital
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce G. Gold Burton's Grill of Peabody
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Goodwin Butcher Boy, Inc.
Mr. Sean M. Greely '98 Cakes for Occasions
Mr. Jay Greenberg '04 Campbell Liquors LLC
Mr. Stephen H. Griffin '93 Canoos
Mr. Mark R. Gudaitis '84 Cape Ann's Marina
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Guidi '70 Carrabba's Italian Grill
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Gustafson Catholic Charities North
Mr. and Mrs. Jan Haas Chick-Fill-A
Ms. Jennifer Hamilton Chi-Swampscott
Dr. Patrick Hanks and Dr. Maureen Magauran Ciao! Bow Wow
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Hannibal Coast Maintenance Supply Company
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Hanson Cordele Photography
Dr. and Mrs. Edward P. Hardiman Cravings at Colonial Spa
Mr. Dean K. Harring '68 CrossFit Iron Spider
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Hartfelder Crossfit Marblehead
Ms. Tracey B. Hartford Crown Trophy
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hayman Cupcake City
Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Healey '93 Currans Flowers
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Heaslip Cycle shoppe
Mr. and Mrs. John Heffernan Daniella's Cafe & Market
Mr. Christopher J. Helms '03 Danvers Indoor Sports
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Hennessey '83 DiCara's Deli
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Herlihy Double Tree by Hilton
Mr. Peter J. Hill '82 Early Harvest Diner
Mr. Gerald C. Hinch '19 Eastern Bank
Mr. James Hoefner The Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan B. Holden Epik Fitness
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Honan Essex River Basin Adventures
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Howley Essex River Cruises & Charters
Mr. David P. Hunt and Dr. Christine Blaski Evans Flowers & Greenhouse
Mr. and Mrs. Barry T. Hynes Everything But The Dog
Mr. Peter Ianakiev and Ms. Iva Toudjarska Fitness Works For All
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Irving FitVine Wine
Mr. David W. Ives '75 and Ms. Pamela Burch Flow Yoga Peabody
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Jarrett, Jr. Four Points Sheraton Wakefield-Boston
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Jennings Fuddruckers New England
Mr. James Jill Fusion, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Jonah Gaslight Restaurant
Ms. Debra Julin Get In Shape For Women
Mr. David E. Juralewicz '00 Giblees Men's Clothing
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Kaminski III '93 Global Beer Network
Mr. and Mrs. William F. X. Kane '88 GoodHearts Children's Shop
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Kaneb '80 Gourmet Garden Chinese and Sushi Restaurant
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Kaneb '82 The Granite YMCA
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Karlyn Great Wolfe Lodge of New England
Mr. and Mrs. Elliot M. Katzman Hair Society Salon
Mr. Matthew A. Katzman '01 Harborview Restaurant & Bar, Hyannis
Mr. Pete Kaznoski and Ms. Heather Stewart Kaznoski Harrow's Chicken Pies
Mr. John C. Kellard '84 Harvard Art Museum
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Kelliher Honda North
Mr. and Mrs. H. Theodore Kelly II Hotel Commonwealth
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Kelly Inner Life Portraits by Maureen Cotton
Mr. and Mrs. Vin Kelly The Ipswich Ale Brewery
Mike Kennealy '86 and Trisha Perez Kennealy Irresistibles of Wenham
Mr. Randell Kennedy and Ms. Nancy Rohlfs Island Creek Oyster Bar
Ms. Meg Kimball Jordan & White, LLC
Mr. William Kirby, Jr. and Ms. Anne Crane Kirby Karl's Sausage Kitchen
Mr. Chad Konecky KayLash Extensions
Mr. Pavel Korzinek and Ms. Renata Frysarova Keurig, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Kusel Kidcasso Art Studio
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Laffy '84 Kiki Walker Wellness
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. LaGrassa '91 King's Complete Auto Center
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Larivee '68 King's Dining & Entertainment
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. LaRovere '78 Knitting by Jen
Mr. Paul E. Laski '55 Koglin Orthodontics
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lattanzio Laser Quest
Ms. Kelli LaVita LaserCraze
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leahy Latitude Sports Club
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Leary, Jr. Laura Barnard Photography
Mr. and Mrs. John Lockner II Lisa Murray, DMD
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lockwood Loretta's Restaurant
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Lomasney '83 Lund Dental Associates
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Lombara '86 Luxe Inc.
Mr. Joseph LoRusso Lynnway Liquors
Mr. and Mrs. William Lovett Maison Esthetique Christiane Bourque Spa
Mr. and Mrs. David Lucas Esq. Mallory Portraits
Mr. and Mrs. Damon Lusk Manchester Athletic Club
Mr. Christopher Lynch Market Basket
Richard Macdonald DC '77 Marybeth's Spa & Boutique
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Mackinson McKinnon's Supermarkets
Dr. Anne Magauran Melissa's K9 Design Pet Salon LLC
Mr. Corey J. Mahoney '13 Meraki Spa
Mr. John L. Mahoney '72 Mr. G's Pizza and Subs
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Majeski Muse Paintbar
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Manitakos Nails & Co. Spa
Mr. and Mrs. John Manning, Jr. Nashoba Valley Ski Area
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Manning The New England School of Performing Arts
Mr. and Mrs. Christian Martin North Andover Auto School
Mr. Brian R. Mason '04 North Country Rivers, Inc
Ms. Alicia Mawnmahlau North Shore Music Theatre
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Mazer Esq. Northeast Snowmobile & ATV Rentals
Mr. Taidgh H. McClory '93 Nunan's Florist & Greenhouse
Mr. Sean McDaniel Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP
Ms. Lauren McDonald Olbash School of Driving
Mr. and Mrs. Flynn McDonnell Sr. O'Neil Family Cinemas
Mr. John J. McDonough III '72 One-on-One College Consulting, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen McGee Parker Florist
Mr. Patrick McGhee and Ms. Lisa Coppola Parker River Tutoring
Mrs. Michelle McGinness Pawtucket Red Sox Baseball
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. McGowan '84 Peabody Essex Museum
Mr. Christopher McIntire '82 Pet Express
Mr. and Mrs. Craig McKenna Port Plums
Mr. Michael M. McLaughlin '67 Portland Sea Dogs
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin B. McLellan Practical Perspectives LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn R. McNinch Premier Chess
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. McShane Privateer Rum, Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McSweeney Putnam Pantry
Mr. Charles Melville and Ms. Lindsey Curley Rada Boutique & Upscale Consignment
Mr. Daniel E. Metrano '91 Repertoire Fitness
Mr. Stuart Meurer and Mrs. Susan Bragg Meurer Richardson's Ice Cream
Mr. Michael Coutu and Ms. Joanne Meyer Salem Five Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Gali Michaud Salem Plumbing Supply/Designer Bath
Mr. Joseph A. Milano Jr., '62 Salon Avie
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Miles Sal's Pizza
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Miller Sheraton Commander Hotel
Mr. and Mrs. Carmen R. Monks '83 SKYY Salon
Mr. Kevin M. Morrison '73 The Sports Museum
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Moskal, Jr. St. John's Preparatory Camp Christopher
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Moulaison Sr. St. John's Preparatory Eagle Edge Sports Clinic
Mr. Jeffrey S. Mullen '91 Strong Fit Healthy
Mr. James F. Mulligan '68 Su Chang's Fine Chinese Cuisine
Mr. Brendan P. Murray '01 Sullivan Tutoring and Test Prep
Paul and Bethany Nasser Sun'N Air Driving Range
Mr. and Mrs. Jason G. Navarro '94 The Sweetbay Shop
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Neuss TD Garden
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Newport Thompson Nashville Hotel
Mr. and Mrs. Anton Nistl, Jr. Title Boxing Danvers
Mr. John Normandie ToppSalad
Mr. and Mrs. Walter O'Brien, Jr. Topsfield Bakeshop / The Whoo(pie) Wagon
Mr. and Mrs. John J. O'Connor Total Wine & More
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Odams, Jr. Treadwell's Ice Cream
Mr. and Mrs. Michael O'Friel Vineyard Vines
Mr. Sean M. O'Hara '07 Vinwood Caterers
Dr. and Mrs. James O'Holleran Wakefield Tire Center
Mr. and Mrs. David Olds Weathervane Tavern
Mr. James T. O'Leary '11 Wellness Connect, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Kristopher R. Olson '88 Wenham Tea House & Shops
Mr. Laurence J. O'Neill Whitelam Books
Mrs. Maureen O'Neill Nsier WS Development
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Onello, Jr. Yard House Restaurant
Mr. Christopher J. Opolski '86  
Dr. and Mrs. George Orfaly * = Deceased
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Orluk  
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