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Invest in their potential. They'll change the world.

At St. John's Prep, we believe nothing is more important than educating the whole person—unleashing the fullest potential in all of our students. Gifts to the Fund for St. John’s and gifts to strengthen our endowment ensure that every qualified student can afford a Prep education. As we forge ahead to reach our $45 million goal, we thank every donor who has supported the Campaign for GOOD thus far.

Mrs. Shirley A. Abbott*
Mr. Peter Abdinoor and Mrs. Lisa Abdinoor
Mr. Robert G. Abel '87 and Mrs. Christianna Abel
Mr. Damon J. Abernathy '91
Mr. Joel Abramson and Mrs. Mary Abramson
Mr. Benjamin Adner and Mrs. Meredith Adner
Mr. Ernest Agresti Jr. and Mrs. Jennifer Agresti
Mr. Charles F. Ahern '84 and Mrs. Linda Ahern
Mr. Paul B. Ahern '58 and Mrs. Mary A. Ahern
Mr. Albert Alexander and Mrs. Jacquelyn Alexander
Mr. Douglas S. Alexander and Mrs. Kristine Alexander
Mr. Peter Alfe and Mrs. Lisa Alfe
Mr. Charles Allen
Ms. Michelle Aloise
Mrs. Charleen D. Alper
Mr. Richard S. Alpern '81 and Mrs. Dolores Alpern
Mr. Steven Alviti
Mr. Steven T. Amanti '01 and Mrs. Stephanie Amanti
Mr. Nicholas Ambeliotis '83 and Mrs. Elizabeth Ambeliotis
Mr. Brian A. Ambrefe '81*
Mr. Joseph T. Ambrefe*
Mrs. Maureen Ambrefe
Mr. Gregory P. Ambrose '72 and Mrs. Victoria A. Ambrose
Mr. Daniel J. Ambrozavitch '07
Mr. Mark E. Amirault and Mrs. Barbara J. Yee-Amirault
Mr. and Mrs. George Anderson
Mr. Gerry Anderson and Mrs. Hannah Anderson
Mr. Vernon Anderson
Mr. William Anderson III '79 and Mrs. Jill Anderson
Ms. Janet Angelosanto
Mr. Joshua Angoff
Mr. Earle B. Annis and Mrs. Beverly A. Annis
Anonymous Donor
Mr. Richard Anzelone and Mrs. Jennifer Anzelone
Mr. Richard Anzuoni Sr. and Mrs. Rita Anzuoni
Mr. Ralph Ardiff Jr. and Mrs. Martha Ardiff
Mr. Peter N. Argeropulos and Mrs. Viviene T. Argeropulos
Mr. Arthur M. Argeros '75 and Mrs. Sophia Argeros
Ms. Lucy Armstrong
Mr. Joshua Arnoff
Ms. Michelle M. Arruda
Mr. Paul Asenuga and Mrs. Boye Asenuga
Mr. Gordon D. Atkinson and Ms. Karin McCarthy
Mr. Robert W. Attridge Jr. '71
Mr. David Aucoin and Mrs. Theresa Aucoin
Dr. Andrew Ayers and Dr. Kate Ayers
Mr. Alan M. Ayres and Mrs. Bethann Ayres
Mr. Herbert Bachelder and Mrs. Patricia Bachelder
Mr. David Baer and Mrs. Michelle A. Baer
Mr. Matthew M. Baginski '07
Dr. Jacob J. Bailen and Mrs. Ann Bailen
Dr. Steven D. Bailen '80 and Mrs. Cindy A. Bailen
Ms. Kathy Balestrieri
Mr. Thomas W. Ball '71 and Ms. Kathleen A. Ball
Mr. Jon Ballou and Mrs. Kathleen Ballou
Mr. Lawrence W. Bannon and Mrs. Mary Bannon
Ms. Julia I. Bantly
Ms. Kaitlin Baratta
Mr. Michael Barbati
Paul Barker EdD
Mr. Kyle Barnard and Mrs. Laura Barnard
Ms. Kathleen M. Barnes
Mr. Scott Barraclough and Mrs. Susan F. Barraclough
Ms. Cynthia Barrett
Mr. John Barrett III '83 and Mrs. Adelaide Barrett
Mr. Stephen J. Barrett '99
Mr. James Barry and Mrs. Janet Barry
Mr. Patrick G. Barry '78 and Mrs. Brenda M. Barry
Dr. Richard Baum and Dr. Cathe Chiaramonte-Baum
Ms. June M. Beaton
Mr. Marc A. Beaulieu '87
Mr. Norman R. Beaulieu '85 and Mrs. Kristin Beaulieu
Mr. Paul Beaulieu and Ms. Elizabeth Gale
Mrs. Nancy Beausoleil
Mr. Martin A. Beekman '65 and Ms. Dorothy H. Tarleton
Mr. Julien Begien Jr. and Mrs. Kimberly Begien
Mrs. Nancy L. Bekel
Ms. Laura Bell
Ms. Theresa M. Bellevue
Dr. Michael Belliveau and Dr. Anne Bellefeuille
Mr. Timothy M. Benas and Mrs. Emily Benas
Mr. Gregory L. Benecchi '94
Dr. John L. Benecchi '66 and Mrs. Elizabeth J. Benecchi
Mr. Bryan A. Benevento '92 and Mrs. Stephanie Benevento
Mr. David L. Bennet and Mrs. Marcia M. Bennet
Mr. Douglas A. Bentley and Mrs. Jenifer A. Bentley
Mr. Kevin M. Bergesen '03
Mr. Douglas A. Berk '80
Mr. Dan Bernardo
Ms. Sarah Bernardo
Dr. Simon Bernstein and Mrs. Teale Bernstein
Mr. Luke Besse
Mr. John P. Bettencourt and Mrs. Ann M. Bettencourt
Mr. Richard P. Biagiotti '71
Mr. Andrew F. Bille '05
Mr. Richard Binder and Mrs. Carole Binder
Mr. J. Alan Bird and Mrs. Carlin Bird
Mr. Kevin M. Bisson and Mrs. Leslie J. Bisson
Mr. Michael Black
Dr. Bart F. Blaeser '86 and Mrs. Kristen Blaeser
Mr. John A. Blaeser and Mrs. Sandra Blaeser
Ms. Amanda Blake
Mr. Jeffrey T. Blaszka '02
Mr. Thaddeus S. Blazak
Ms. Linda Blossom
Ms. Julie Blume
Dr. John W. Blute '65 and Mrs. Sally E. Blute
Ms. Judith R. Boal
Mr. Eric Boemer and Mrs. Sally Boemer
Mr. Michael G. Bolgatz '81
Mr. William J. Bolt and Mrs. Noreen T. Bolt
Mr. Joseph Bonasera
Mr. Edward Bond Jr. and Mrs. Aletta Bond
Mr. Bob Bonds and Mrs. Wilma Bonds
Mr. Martin T. Bongette '62 and Mrs. Dorothy Bongette
Mr. David Borans and Mrs. Arlene Borans
Mr. Peter Borans and Mrs. Kimberly Borans
Mr. Joseph G. Borsetti and Mrs. E.Paula Borsetti
Ms. Deborah B. Bosco
Mr. Joseph Bosco and Mrs. Maureen Bosco
Mr. Salvatore J. Bosco
Mr. Kevin Bottomley and Mrs. Rosemarie K. Bottomley '77
Mr. Robert L. Bouchard and Mrs. Elizabeth G. Bouchard
Mr. Sami E. Boulos '03
Mr. Keith A. Bovardi '90 and Mrs. Leslie Bovardi
Mr. Spence Bowen
Dr. Thomas J. Bower and Mrs. Martha J. Bower
Dr. Jared T. Bowyer
Mr. Joseph P. Boyle '52*
Mr. Gerard M. Boyle '91 and Mrs. Siobhan Boyle
Mrs. Jolyne Boyle
Mr. John L. Bracciotti and Mrs. Mary Lou Bracciotti
Mr. James M. Bradley '71 and Mrs. Brenda Bradley
Mr. John F. Bradley '70 and Mrs. Shirley-Ann Bradley
Ms. Donna Branon
Mr. Scott Breault and Mrs. Karen Gleason
Ms. Alison Brehm
Mr. James S. Bremis '05
Mr. John E. Brennan '77 and Mrs. Jacqueline D. Brennan
Ms. Carolyn R Bresnahan
Mr. Sean W. Bridgeo '97 and Mrs. Ali Bridgeo
Ms. Katherine M. Briggs
Mr. David J. Brodette and Mrs. Helene C. Brodette
Mr. Paul Broglino and Mrs. Angela Broglino
Mr. William R. Bronner '63 and Mrs. Nancy L. Bloomgarden
Mr. Michael Brosnan and Mrs. Deborah A. Brosnan
Mr. Thomas H. Brotchie* and Mrs. Rosamond A. Brotchie*
Ms. Dolores F. Brown
Mr. Jeffrey Brown and Mrs. Kimberly Brown
Mr. Kurt C. Brown '99 and Mrs. Laura Brown
Mrs. Margaret Brown
Mr. Michael G. Brown '76
Mr. William L. Brown and Mrs. Susan P. Brown
Mr. Bryan J. Browne '12
Mr. Jeff Bryant
Mr. Charles T. Bucci '48 and Mrs. Barbara S. Bucci
Mr. Paul Bucci
Todd C. Buckley DC '88
Mr. William J. Buckley '65 and Mrs. Mary K. Buckley
Ms. Stephanie Budd
Mr. Philip A. Bugler and Mrs. Marguerite M. Bugler
Mr. David Bunker
Mr. Paul Buonfiglio
Mr. Christopher R. Carmosino and Ms. Jennifer R. Buras
Mr. William Burchell Jr. '54 and Mrs. Claire Burchell
Ms. Elaine Burke
Mr. John Burke III '82 and Mrs. Lori Burke
Mrs. Rita Burke
Mr. Scott L. Burt and Mrs. Dawn E. Burt
Mr. Stephen Burton and Mrs. Liz Burton
Mr. Christopher F. Bush '07
Mr. J. Frederick Bush and Mrs. Carol J. Bush
Ms. Christine M. Bussone
Mr. John Butera and Mrs. Carrie Butera
Mr. Brian Butler and Mrs. Mary Butler
Mr. John J. Butler and Mrs. Patricia Butler
Mr. Michael A. Butler '84 and Mrs. Stephanie Butler
Mr. Paul G. Butler and Mrs. Sally A. Butler
Mr. Paul Butler Jr. '77 and Mrs. Francine Butler
Mr. Peter S. Butler '83 and Mrs. Mary Kate Butler
Mrs. Clara Byrne
Mr. Samuel T. Byrne '83 and Mrs. Tracey J. Byrne
Mr. Edward Cabitt
Ms. Jamille Caday
Mr. Edward Cahill Esq. and Mrs. M. Elizabeth Cahill
Mr. Edward L. Cahill '71 and Mrs. Kathleen M. Cahill
Mr. Jason C. Cahill '85 and Mrs. Nancy Cahill
Mr. Terry Cain
Mrs. Karen Caires
Ms. Katherine Calef
Mr. Shaun Callagy
Mr. John W. Callahan and Mrs. Mary A. Callahan
Ms. Maura Callahan
Mr. Stephen E. Callahan '85 and Mrs. Christine Callahan
Mr. Andrew S. Calvert '99
Mr. Ryan Camp and Mrs. Jennifer Camp
Mr. Steven M. Campbell '00
Ms. Melissa Campo
Mr. James Canfield and Mrs. Karen Canfield
Mr. Bernard Caniff III '98 and Dr. Lauren Cataldo
Mr. Bernard L. Caniff '72 and Mrs. Deborah Caniff
Mr. Paul T. Cappuccio '79 and Mr. Matthew Shea
Mr. Antonio Carangelo Jr. and Ms. Dawn Marie Roman
Mr. Joseph Cardarelli and Mrs. Rose Marie Cardarelli
Mr. Stephen Carew
Mr. Raymond E. Carey III '67 and Dr. Dianne Carey
Mr. Raymond Carey IV '91 and Mrs. Kathryn Carey
Mr. Michael Carlson
Mr. John A. Carnevale '81*
Mr. Anthony P. Carnevale and Mrs. Joanne Carnevale
Mr. James M. Carnevale '82 and Mrs. Debra J. Carnevale
Mrs. Linda M. Carnevale
Mr. Maxwell J. Carnevale '07
Mr. Kevin P. Carney '85
Mr. Robert W. Caron and Mrs. Jacqueline C. Caron
Mr. Scott E. Carpenter and Mrs. Christine M. Carpenter
Ms. Lisa Carpi
Mr. and Mrs. Brooks K. Carr
Ms. Margaret M. Carr
Ms. Amy Carr-Plaster
Mr. Robert Carver
Dr. Louis A. Casale and Mrs. Johanne Casale
Mrs. Pauline Casey
Mr. J. Warren Cassidy III '72
Mrs. Judyann Cassidy-Landolfi
Mr. Jeffrey Castaldo and Mrs. Caroline A. Castaldo
Mr. Ted Caswell and Mrs. Lisa Caswell
Mr. Dennis Cataldo
Mr. Anthony Cavallaro and Mrs. Donna Cavallaro
Mr. Brian Cavallaro
Mr. Ralph J. Cerbone
Mr. Joseph A. Cerniglia '85
Mr. Gregory Chadaranek and Mrs. Ellen Chadaranek
Ms. Amy Chamberlin
Mr. Steven Channen and Mrs. Amy Channen
Mr. Perry C. Chau '06
Mr. Jeffrey M. Cheng '99
Mr. Glenn Chesley and Mrs. Maureen N. Chesley '77
Ms. Janelle Cheverie
Ms. Christine Chew
Mr. Edward V. Chiappini and Mrs. Michele W. Chiappini
Mr. Matthew A. Chitro '08
Mr. Michael A. Chitro and Mrs. Lori J. Chitro
Mr. Michael N. Chitro '05
Dr. D. Christopher Chung '81 and Mrs. Debbora M. Chung
Mr. Ryan W. Chunias '11
Dr. Kevin Churchwell and Ms. Gloria Respress-Churchwell
Mr. Patrick Connell and Mrs. Melissa Ciaccia
Mr. Joseph C. Ciavardone '91 and Mrs. Laurellyn Ciavardone
Ms. Faye Cicci
Mr. Brian Cieplicki
Mr. Edward Ciesinski and Mrs. Joanne Ciesinski
Ms. Lisa Ciesinski
Mr. Joseph Cinseruli and Mrs. Valerie Cinseruli
Mr. Robert P. Cipriani and Mrs. Carol F. Cipriani
Mr. Anthony C. Civello and Mrs. Mary L. Civello
Mr. Thomas A. Civiello '76 and Mrs. Rebecca Civiello
Mr. Garrett L. Clancy '82 and Mrs. Lisa Clancy
Mr. Jason T. Clark '88
Ms. Sandra Clarke
Mr. Stephen Clifford and Mrs. Susan Clifford
Mr. Stephen F. Coady '73 and Ms. Linda Heasley
Mr. John T. Coan
Attorney Thomas K. Coan '76 and Mrs. Amy F. Coan
Ms. Susie Cochrane
Ms. Donna F. Cohen
Mr. Irwin Cohen and Mrs. Janice M. Cohen
Mr. James M. Cohen and Mrs. Margaret M. Sokol Cohen
Mr. Michael R. Cohen '08 and Mrs. Natazia Cohen
Mrs. Michelle B. Cohen
Mr. Saul L. Cohen
Mr. Dennis W. Colbert
Mrs. Edith A. Colbert
Mr. Steven E. Colbert '76 and Mrs. Maryann Colbert
Mr. Atticus Cole and Mrs. Waveney Small-Cole
Estate of George and Marie Coleman*
Mr. Mark Collins and Mrs. Christine Collins
Mr. William Collins III '81 and Mrs. Shannon Collins
Mr. Walter H. Colsman '85 and Ms. Christy O'Brien
Mr. Robert C. Combe and Mrs. Joyce Combe
Mr. Robert Comito Jr. and Mrs. Stacey Comito
Mr. Richard H. Condon and Mrs. Nancy E. Condon
Mr. William Condron
Mr. James R. Conlin '92 and Mrs. Monica Conlin
Mr. John Connaughton and Mrs. Genevieve Connaughton
Mr. Patrick B. Connaughton '11
Ms. Kathryn Connell
Mrs. Rita M. Connell
Mr. Thomas Connell
Mr. William Conners and Mrs. Annie Conners
Mr. John J. Connolly '39*
Mrs. Eileen Connolly
Mr. Jeffrey W. Connolly '80
Mr. Ken Connolly
Robert J. Connolly DPM '81
Mr. Robert M. Connolly and Mrs. Leslie J. Connolly
Mr. Charles E. Connor '75*
Mrs. Jean S. Connor
Mr. Mark E. Connors '75 and Mrs. Joanna Connors
Mr. Gerald Conrad and Ms. Cary Skinner
Ms. Karla-Luise Consoli
Mr. Michael J. Conway
Ms. Gloria Coolidge
Mrs. Ruth Coombs
Ms. Susan Corcoran
Ms. René V. Cormier
Mr. Stephen J. Cormier and Mrs. Kathleen M. Cormier
Mr. Craig A. Cornichuck '91 and Mrs. Audrey Cornichuck
Mr. John Corsetti
Mr. John J. Costello* '34 and Mrs. Mary A. Costello*
Mr. Christopher J. Costello '91
Mr. Dave Costello
Mr. John Coughlin and Mrs. Elizabeth Coughlin
Mr. Arthur W. Coviello '71 and Mrs. Cathy Coviello
Mr. Christopher Cowie
Mr. Peter Cowie and Mrs. Wendy Cowie
Ms. Mary D. Coyne
Ms. Emily Crandall
Mr. Jack Crane
Capt. Paul J. Cranney and Mrs. Denise L. Cranney
Mr. Thomas M. Crawford and Mrs. Lisa Crawford
Mr. Kevin Crean
Mr. Kevin P. Creedon '08
Mr. Barry F. Cronin '80 and Mrs. Kathy O'Brien
Mrs. Maryellen B. Cronin
Mr. Thomas P. Cronin III
Mr. Jeff Cross and Mrs. Genevieve Cross
Mr. Fred Crossman Jr. '70 and Mrs. Christine Crossman
Miss Marion L. Crowley*
Dr. David J. Crowley '58 and Mrs. Martha C. Crowley
Mr. John J. Crowley '64 and Mrs. Anne Crowley
Ms. Shannon Crowley
Mr. Shawn P. Crowley '87 and Mrs. Kristin Crowley
Mr. John Cuddire and Ms. Julie Sullivan
Mr. Brian M. Cullen '73 and Mrs. Michele F. Cullen
Mr. Matthew R. Cullen '08
Mr. Thomas Cunneen and Mrs. Elizabeth Cunneen
Mr. J.M. Cunniff and Mrs. Elizabeth Cunniff
Mr. William G. Currie '77 and Mrs. Linda Currie
Dr. Patrick H. Curtin '59 and Mrs. Helen Curtin
Mr. Jude A. Curtis '77 and Mrs. Elizabeth G. Curtis
Mr. Matthew J. Curtis '96 and Mrs. Elizabeth Curtis
Mr. Michael E. Cusack '82
Mr. Michael J. Cusack and Mrs. Patti Cusack
Mr. John C. Cushing '85
Mr. Matthew J. Cushing '88 and Mrs. Leslie Cushing
Mr. Paul G. Cushing and Mrs. Carol A. Cushing
Ms. Janet Cutcliff
Ms. Caron d' Ambruso
Mr. Stephen DaCorta
Ms. Floranne Dailey
Mr. Mark T. D'Alessandro '71
Mr. Brian Daley
Mr. Michael Daley Sr. and Mrs. Bergen Daley
Mr. Michael P. Dalton '83 and Mrs. Amy L. Dalton
Mr. Richard E. Daly '43*
Mr. David T. Daly '93
Miss Mary L. Daly
Mr. Seamus Daly and Ms. Kay O'Dwyer
Mr. David D'Amico and Mrs. Rene D'Amico
Ms. Ginny D'Amico
Mr. Gregory D'Angelo and Ms. Lindsey D'Angelo
Mr. Matthew Daniels and Mrs. Jennifer Daniels
Dr. David O. Danis and Mrs. Christine M. Danis
Mr. Peter Dankert and Mrs. Nancy Dankert
Mr. Derron P. Darcy '83 and Ms. Erin Dobbyn
Mr. Joseph Davin and Mrs. Jane Davin
Mr. F. Christopher Davis '79 and Mrs. Robyn C. Davis
Mr. Joseph Davis III and Mrs. Wendy Davis
Mr. Michael R. Davis '82
Lt Colonel R. Scott Davis '90 and Mrs. Brooke Davis
Mr. Steven O. Davis Jr. '05
Ms. Kathleen Dawe
Mr. Eugene Dean Jr. '60 and Mrs. Mary Dean
Mr. Frederick J. DeAngelis '66 and Mrs. Paula DeAngelis
Mr. James I. Dearborn and Ms. Jill Jeffries
Mr. Donald DeBoisbriand and Mrs. Lisa DeBoisbriand
Mr. Justin M. Dechene '94
Mr. Brian DeFrancesco and Mrs. Denise E. DeFrancesco
Mr. Timothy K. DeGan '17
Mr. Connor M. Delaney '17
Mr. George A. Delaney '88 and Mrs. Kara Delaney
Mr. Thomas J. Delaney '80 and Mrs. Brenda A. Delaney
Mr. Stephen R. Delinsky
Ms. Sherri Della Vecchia
Ms. Christina DellaCroce
Mr. Lee R. Dellicker and Mrs. Liz Dellicker
Mr. Don DelNegro and Mrs. Claire DelNegro
Mr. James C. Delorey '86
Mr. Nicholas A. DelSapio '07
Mr. Roland A. DelSapio and Mrs. Deborah A. Delsapio
Ms. Mary E. DeLuca
Mr. Joseph A. DeMaina and Mrs. Mary DeMaina
Mr. Anthony DeMarco and Mrs. Maria DeMarco
Mr. Henry S. Dembowski and Mrs. Claire C. Dembowski
Mrs. Jane Dembowski
Mr. Joseph L. Demeo and Ms. Patricia Brennan
Mr. Glenn Demers and Mrs. Joan Demers
Ms. Anne C. Demeter
Mr. Richard B. Denning '61 and Mrs. Maryellen F. Denning
Mr. Craig M. DeOrio '91 and Mrs. Elise DeOrio
Mr. Matthew DePamphilis and Mrs. Mary Kate DePamphilis
Mr. Joseph Depersis
Mr. Richard DePiano Jr. and Mrs. Antoinette DePiano
Ms. Laura Derby
Mr. Andrew T. DeSalvo '04
Mr. Alec J. DeSimone '70*
Mr. Alec DeSimone
Ms. Andrea DeSimone
Ms. Angela R. DeSimone
Mr. Anthony V. DeSimone and Mrs. Margaret M. DeSimone
Mr. Jonathan M. DeSimone '88 and Mrs. Vicki A. DeSimone
Mr. Robert J. DeSimone and Mrs. Denise S. DeSimone
Mr. and Mrs. Tom J. DeSimone '68
Mr. Clement E. Desjardins
Mr. Bruce Desmarals and Mrs. Jean B. Desmarals
Mr. Tyler S. DeStefano '03 and Mrs. Rachael DeStefano
Mr. Michael K. Devlin and Mrs. Susan B. Devlin
Mr. John J. DiBello and Mrs. Denise M. DiBello
Mr. Michael DiChicco and Mrs. Georgette DiChicco
Mr. Michael J. DiCicco and Mrs. Ann DiCicco
Mr. Thomas J. Dicker and Ms. Sharon L. Berman Dicker
Ms. Alicia R. Didio
Mr. Matthew T. DiFilippo '10
Mr. Michael R. DiFilippo '07
Mr. Michael T. DiFilippo '81 and Mrs. Mary E. DiFilippo
Mr. Ara Diloyan
Mr. Richard DiMase and Mrs. Mary Lu DiMase
Mr. Robert M. DiMase
Mr. Paul DiMaura and Mrs. Karen DiMaura
Ms. Gloria Dion
Mr. Thomas Dion
Mr. James DiOrio and Mrs. Kathleen DiOrio
Ms. Mary T. DiPrisco
Mr. Michael C. Diranian and Mrs. Robin Diranian
Mr. Bruce L. Dirks '77 and Mrs. Nancy D. Dirks
Mr. Joseph M. Distefano '61
Mr. Timothy Dittrich and Mrs. Amy R. Dittrich
Mr. Dylan R. Dittrich '09
Mrs. Annette DiVincenzo
Mr. Matthew P. DiVirgilio '98 and Mrs. Nicole DiVirgilio
Ms. Kim Doherty
Mr. John L. Dolan '72 and Mrs. Christine M. Dolan
Dr. Kevin A. Dolan '75 and Mrs. Margaret R. Dolan
Ms. Olivia Dolan
Mr. Peter R. Dolan '74 and Mrs. Katherine L. Dolan
Mr. Daniel Dombal and Mrs. Kathleen Dombal
Mr. Erik Dombrowski and Mrs. Janelle M. Dombrowski
Mr. Matthew C. Donahue '77 and Ms. Lisa G. Gwiazda
Mr. Matthew B. Donohoe '88 and Mrs. Suzanne Donohoe
Mr. Bernard Donohue and Mrs. Maria Donohue
Mr. Joseph R. Donohue '78 and Mrs. Deirdre Donohue
Ms. Carol A. Donovan
Mr. Gerald J. Donovan '86 and Mrs. Lyndie Donovan
Mr. James R. Donovan and Mrs. Beverly Donovan
Mr. Mark D. Donovan and Mrs. Julie E. Donovan
Mr. Michael R. Donovan '90 and Mrs. Karen Donovan
Mr. D. Edward Dooley
Mrs. Phyllis Dording
Ms. Leah Doucette
Mr. Aaron J. Dougherty '90 and Mrs. Jennifer D. Dougherty
Ms. Alexa Douglas
Ms. Brenda E. Dow
Mr. Rodney Dowell and Ms. Katherine Clark
Mr. Michael P. Downes Jr. '88
Mr. Allan Doyle Jr. and Mrs. Ann Doyle
Mr. Arthur Doyle and Mrs. Barbara Doyle
Mr. John J. Doyle '60 and Mrs. Noreen Doyle
Mr. Richard Doyle and Mrs. Marlene M. Doyle
Mr. Thomas J. Doyle and Mrs. Judith Doyle
Mr. Thomas J. Drelick and Mrs. Luanne H. Drelick
Mr. John P. Drew '92 and Mrs. Helene Drew
Mrs. Gretchen A. Driscoll
Mr. John A. Driscoll and Mrs. Susan Driscoll
Mr. Paul M. Driscoll '71 and Ms. Melissa Clough
Mr. Thomas J. Driscoll and Mrs. Paula K. Driscoll
Ms. Barbara E. Dube
Mr. Douglas Dubiel '87 and Mrs. Maria Dubiel
Mr. Paul Duff Jr. and Mrs. Mary Duff
Ms. Denise Duffy
Ms. Maureen M. Duffy
Mr. Robert J. Duffy '83 and Mrs. Elizabeth L. Duffy
Mr. Stephen P. Duffy '56 and Mrs. Nuala Duffy
Mr. Scott F. Duggan and Mrs. Joanne Duggan
Mr. Scott H. Dunbar and Ms. Ann V. Crowley
Ms. Jylanne Dunne
Ms. Sunny DuPuis
Mr. Rene Durand Jr. '65 and Mrs. Barbara Durand
Mr. Luke Duros
Mr. Douglas K. Dustin
Mr. John Dustin
Mr. John T. Dutcher and Mrs. Julie A. Dutcher
Mr. Louis R. Dutreil and Mrs. Barbara W. Dutreil
Mr. Kevin M. Dwan '92 and Ms. Rebecca Woo
Mr. David R. Dwortz and Mrs. Eileen Dwortz
Mr. Philip A. Dytko '13
Ms. Virginia Eastman
Mr. Carl Eberth and Mrs. Laura Eberth
Mr. Alan H. Edgett and Mrs. Diane J. Edgett
Ms. Kelly Edwards
Mr. Dana M. Ehrlich '92 and Mrs. Noemy Ehrlich
Mr. William J. Eisen and Mrs. Susan M. Eisen
Ms. Abigail Elggren
Mr. Allen J. Ellis '13
Mr. Scott W. Ellison
Ms. Beverly English
Ms. Mary Jane English
Dr. Ralph Epstein and Mrs. Linda Epstein
Mr. Thomas M. Erskine and Mrs. Anne J. Erskine
Ms. Kristine Erwin
Mr. Scott Estabrooks and Mrs. Jennifer Estabrooks
Mr. Eric Estes
Mr. John Etherington and Mrs. Marilyn Etherington
Mrs. Lori C. Evans
Mr. Mark Evans and Ms. Deborah Logan
Mr. William I. Evans '86 and Mrs. Erin N. Evans
Mr. Addison L. Everett and Mrs. Julie Everett
Mr. Mark H. Everett and Mrs. Deborah A. Everett
Mr. James J. Fagan and Mrs. Cynthia C. Fagan
Mr. James J. Fagan Jr. '13
Mr. Michael S. Faino '83 and Ms. Laura Samberg Faino
Mr. Peter J. Fallon '71 and Mrs. Joan Fallon
Mr. Peter J. Fallon '12
Mr. William H. Fallon '07 and Mrs. Kendall Fallon
Ms. Cynthia Scannell Fanikos
Mr. John P. Farmer '79 and Mrs. Susan L. Farmer
Mr. David Farnsworth and Mrs. Denise Farnsworth
Dr. Brian D. Farrell and Ms. Irina Ferreras
Mr. Diego D. Farrell '18
Ms. Lynn Farrell
Mr. Michael F. Farren and Mrs. Patricia H. Farren
Mr. Michael J. Farrow and Mrs. Rosemary T. Farrow
Mr. Kendall P. Faulstich and Mrs. Sarah N. Faulstich
Mrs. Myrna Fearer
Mr. Justin G. Federico '07
Mr. Bruce Feldman and Mrs. Robin Feldman
Mr. Dominic Femino Jr. and Mrs. Beverly Femino
Mr. Donat B. Femino and Mrs. Patricia Femino
Mr. Leonard F. Femino '72 and Mrs. Rona Femino
Dale Fernald
Mr. Bernardo T. Fernandes and Mrs. Christine D. Fernandes
Ms. Valerie Ferrara
Mr. Daniel J. Field '90 and Mrs. Kara Field
Dr. Robert S. Finkelstein
Mr. Rich De Mello and Ms. Maureen A. Finlayson
Dr. Edward Fisichelli and Mrs. Monique Fisichelli
Mr. James B. Fitzgerald '02 and Mrs. Michelle Fitzgerald
Mr. J. Stephen Flanagan and Mrs. Monica T. Flanagan
Ms. Margaret Flannery
Mr. Brian J. Flatley '62 and Mrs. Katherine J. Flatley
Mr. Daniel J. Flatley '95
The Hon. Ellen Flatley
Mr. Kevin P. Flatley '68
Mr. Michael G. Flatley '93
Mr. James R. Fleming '01
Mr. James G. Flood '67 and Mrs. Geraldine G. Flood
Ms. Tina Floramo
Mr. Dennis P. Flynn '76
Mr. Michael J. Fogarty '86 and Mrs. Zoe Fogarty
Dr. John V. Foley '77 and Mrs. Alexa Foley
Mr. Justin T. Foley '15
Mr. Robert Foley and Dr. Josephine Foley
Mr. Timothy E. Foley and Mrs. Julie F. Foley
Mrs. Jacqueline Fontana*
Mr. Forrest N. Fontana '83
Dr. W. Douglas Ford '62 and Mrs. Kathleen Ford
Mr. Brian Forman
Mrs. Lucille A. Fortier*
Mr. Bradford P. Fortin and Mrs. Carolyn C. Fortin
Mr. Connor J. Fortin '07
Mr. William Fouhey '62 and Mrs. Ann Fouhey
Ms. Elaine Fowler
Dr. John Fox and Mrs. Michelle Fox
Mrs. Kathleen Francis
Miss Mary P. Francis
Mr. David S. Frederick and Mrs. Ellen D. Frederick
Mr. Anthony Fulchino and Mrs. Margarert Fulchino
Ms. Joan Fulchino
Mr. Herbert Funsten and Mrs. Ann Funsten
Ms. Elizabeth Gaccione
Mr. Frank Gaffney and Mrs. Nancy A. Gaffney
Mr. Tim Gaffny and Mrs. Nina Gaffny
Mrs. Mary Ellen Galaris
Mr. Michael C. Galatis and Mrs. Christine M. Galatis
Mr. John Gallagher III '80 and Mrs. Terri Gallagher
Mr. Matteo Gallo
Mr. Robert Gamer and Mrs. Anne Gamer
Mr. Lawrence Gandt '85
Mr. Brian E. Ganley '71
Mr. Rick Gannon
Ms. Amy Gardiner
Mr. Frederick Gardner and Mrs. Joanne S. Gardner
Mr. Thomas M. Garesche and Mrs. Donna D. Garesche
Mrs. Frances M. Garrow
Mr. Timothy W. Garry '96 and Mrs. Amanda Garry
Mr. Thomas Gately II '98 and Mrs. Holly Gately
Ms. Adele C. Gault
Mr. William D. Gause and Mrs. Alyse A. Gause
Mr. Ronald J. Gauthier and Mrs. Laurie S. Gauthier
Dr. Qingyuan Ge and Dr. Lixin Chen
Mr. David A. Geaslen and Mrs. Mary A. Geaslen
Dr. Frederick J. Geheb and Mrs. Dorothy E. Geheb
Mr. Michael Gelinas and Mrs. Susan M. Gelinas
Mr. Robert M. Gelwick '91 and Mrs. Kristen Alioto
Mr. Christopher George and Mrs. Stephanie George
Dr. Matteo L. Giamarco '79 and Dr. Christine McKenna Giamarco
Mr. Edward J. Gianetti and Mrs. Susan M. Gianetti
Mr. Charles J. Gianturco '68 and Mrs. Lorraine Gianturco
Mr. Nicholas D. Gianturco and Mrs. Christine A. Gianturco
Robin Giaquinto
Mr. Kyle M. Gieras '03
Mr. Michael Gigante Jr. and Mrs. Marguerite Gigante
Mr. G. Michael Gignac Jr.
Mr. Richard A. Gill '81
Mr. John W. Gillespie '03 and Mrs. Nicole Gillespie
Mr. David L. Gillespie and Mrs. Mary E. Gillespie '77
Mr. Walter J. Gillespie and Mrs. Gail A. Gillespie
Mr. John E. Gilligan '95 and Mrs. Kate Gilligan
Mark P. Gilligan M.D. '81
Mr. Paul Gillissen
Mr. Ronald Giovanni Jr. '85 and Mrs. Michelle Giovanni
Ms. Wendy Giunta
Mr. Frederick J. Glatz and Mrs. Joan Glatz
Mr. Robert A. Glatz '84
Mr. Kevin J. Gleason '03
Mr. Joseph T. Glidden and Mrs. Heidi Glidden
Mr. T.J. Gochis
Mr. David Godwin and Mrs. Anne Godwin
Mr. James P. Goebelbecker and Ms. Regina Pacor
Mrs. Paula Gold
Dr. Michael Golden and Mrs. Susan Golden
Mr. Mitchell C. Goniprow and Mrs. Arlene Goniprow
Attorney Annette Gonthier Kiely
Mr. Thomas Goodwin and Mrs. Diane Goodwin
Mr. Thomas R. Goodwin and Mrs. Linda A. Goodwin
Ms. Caroline Gorton
Mr. Timothy R. Goulter '02
Mr. Peter Gourdeau
Mr. Trevor Gowdy and Mrs. Geraldine Gowdy
Mr. Clarence S. Graczyk
Mr. Scott M. Graczyk '80 and Mrs. Michelle C. Graczyk
Dr. Thomas A. Grady and Mrs. Ruth C. Grady
Mr. Peter Gray and Mrs. Susan C. Gray
Ms. Dana Greco
Ms. Eugenia Greebhouse
Mr. George W. Stairs and Ms. Anna T. Green
Dr. Joel G. Green and Mrs. Kathryn A. Green
Mr. Andrew Greenfield and Mrs. Jennifer Greenfield
Mr. Donald M. Greenough Esq.
Ms. Lauren Griffin
Ms. Deirdre Grimm
Mr. James C. Groleau and Mrs. Lisa M. Groleau
Mr. Dan M. Grondin and Mrs. Kate Grondin
Mr. David A. Grunes and Mrs. Christine Grunes
Mr. Eric Grzejka and Mrs. Marzena Grzejka
Mr. George E. Guay III '76
Mr. Mark R. Gudaitis '84 and Mrs. Heidi Gudaitis
Ms. Mary Jolene Guerra
Mr. Daniel J. Guidara '96
Mr. Thomas Guidi Esq. '70 and Mrs. Karen Guidi
Mr. Joseph M. Gurski Jr. '08
Mr. Adel Haddad and Mrs. Norma Haddad
Mr. Frank G. Haley and Mrs. Joan E. Haley
Mr. Craig A. Hallstrom and Mrs. Kathleen A. Hallstrom
Mr. Michael C. Halpern and Mrs. Pamela A. Halpern
Mr. John B. Halpin and Ms. Dorothy J. Elkin
Mr. Frederic N. Halström Esq.
Mrs. Maryann J. Haluska
Ms. Laura Hamburg
Ms. Eugenie Hampton
Mrs. Elinor A. Hanlon
Mr. James Hanlon Jr. and Mrs. Francis Hanlon
Mr. Sean M. Hanlon '09
Mrs. Theresa A. Hanlon
Mr. Peter T. Hanly '64
Mr. Dennis M. Hanson and Mrs. Sharon A. Hanson
Mr. Kristian Hanson '94 and Mrs. Susan M. Hanson
Mr. Trevor Hanson and Mrs. Heidi Hanson
Ms. Carolyn Hanson-Kuleszka
Dr. Edward P. Hardiman and Mrs. Kara Hardiman
Mr. Kevin J. Harney and Mrs. Gina T. Harney
Mr. Michael J. Harney '09
Mr. Barry T. Harrigan '78 and Mrs. Tammy Harrigan
Mr. W. Brian Harrigan '72 and Mrs. Irene Harrigan
Mr. John Harrington
Mr. Michael J. Harrington '54 and Mrs. Dorothy Harrington
Mr. William Harrington III '93 and Mrs. Amanda Harrington
Mr. James N. Harris '76
Mr. Kagan C. Harris '17
Mr. Richard Hart III and Mrs. Heather Hart
Dr. Ronald C. Hartfelder and Mrs. Mary E. Hartfelder
Mr. R. Alan Hartnett
Mr. Robert C. Haugh and Mrs. Marie F. Haugh
Ms. Nancy Haven
Mr. Christopher F. Hawthorne '80 and Mrs. Carol Hawthorne
Mr. Matthew S. Haywood '93 and Mrs. Alysia Haywood
Mr. Brian D. Healey '93 and Mrs. Kathleen L. Healey
Mr. F. Hank Healey III '71
Mr. Robert Healey and Mrs. Patricia Healey
Ms. Kathleen Heaslet
Reese Heaslet
Mr. Derek Heaslip and Mrs. Stacey Heaslip
Mr. Carey Heath
Mr. Bill Hebert and Mrs. Karen A. Hebert
Mr. Mark J. Heffernan '71*
Mr. James Heffernan and Mrs. Kathleen Heffernan
Mr. Christopher J. Helms '03
Mr. James E. Hemeon and Mrs. Lynda D. Hemeon
Mr. Patrick Henaghan
Mr. Steven C. Henderson '88 and Mrs. Susan Henderson
Mr. Paul M. Hendriks and Mrs. Elizabeth Hendriks
Mr. John S. Hendry '73 and Mrs. Susan F. Hendry
Mr. David P. Hennessey '83 and Mrs. Jacqueline M. Hennessey
Mr. Paul L. Hennessey '52
Mr. John Hentschel Sr. and Mrs. Joline Hentschel
Mr. Walter B. Herbert '71
Mr. Robert J. Herbst and Mrs. Pamela J. Herbst
Mr. Todd Herrmann
Ms. Alice I. Hession
Mr. Albert C. Hill '92
Mr. Joseph P. Hines '08
Mr. Patrick J. Hines and Mrs. Cheryl C. Hines
Ms. Heather Hinze
Mr. Lucian Hodgman and Mrs. Alison Hodgman
Mr. Samuel J. Hodgman '15
Mrs. Joanna Hoey
Mr. Michael J. Hoey
Mrs. Jean Hogan
Mr. Robert E. Hogan '71 and Mrs. Kim Hogan
Mr. Thomas F. Hollenbeck and Mrs. Priscilla Hollenbeck
Mr. Robert Holloway
Mr. Stephen M. Holmquist and Mrs. Tracey Holmquist
Mr. William P. Hornby and Ms. Mary T. Hornby
Mr. William Hortsing and Mrs. Barbara Hortsing
Mr. Harold L. Hough and Mrs. Leah A. Hough
Ms. Tryntje Houghton
Mr. Daniel P. Houlihan '84 and Mrs. Emily Houlihan
Mr. Thomas H. Howard '61 and Mrs. Carolyn Howard
Mr. Michael C. Howlett '06
Mr. Michael G. Howley and Mrs. Francine A. Howley
Mr. Ryan Huard
Mr. Sam Huebschmann
Mr. Dana G. Hughes '71
Mr. Edward Hughes and Mrs. Helen T. Hughes
Mr. Michael B. Hughes '91 and Ms. Ann-Marie Ginn
Mr. David P. Hunt and Dr. Christine Blaski M.D.
Mr. Stephen Hunt and Mrs. Tina A. Hunt
Mr. Jeffrey Hunter and Dr. Geri Hunter
Mr. Mark W. Hunter '76
Mr. Roy Hunter and Mrs. Kristina Hunter
Ms. Samantha Hunter
Mr. Leo Hurley '64*
Mr. Brian L. Hurley '77 and Mrs. Susan Hurley
Ms. Colleen Hursh
Mr. Daniel H. Hyszczak '11
Mr. Christopher R. Iannuzzi '88 and Mrs. Amy Y. Iannuzzi
Mr. Michael Iby
Ms. Carolyn Infante
Mr. Alexander S. Ing '13
Mrs. Joan Ingalls
Mr. Kenneth Ingham and Mrs. Linda Ingham
Mr. Michael A. Interbartolo '91
Mrs. Lee Iorio
Dr. Richard Iorio '77 and Mrs. Mary Ellen Iorio
Ms. Michelle Iosua
Mr. Nathaniel J. Irwin '07
Mr. David W. Ives '75 and Ms. Pamela Burch
Mr. Graham L. Ives '07
Mr. Richard M. Ives '79 and Mrs. Carol Ives
Mr. Ganesh Iyengar and Mrs. Krishnaveni Iyengar
Mr. Thomas J. Jackoboice '68 and Mrs. Barbara A. Jackoboice
Ms. Judith R. Jacobi
Mr. Scott R. Jalbert '83 and Mrs. Kimberly Jalbert
Mr. Wayne C. Jalbert '81 and Mrs. Kathleen Jalbert
Mr. Ross James
Mr. Michael A. Janko and Ms. Brigitte Fortin
Mr. Joseph P. Jasinski '06
Mr. Andre Jasse and Mrs. Sandra Jasse
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Jennings
Ms. Joan C. Johnson
Mr. Kevin T. Johnson '88 and Mrs. Tara Johnson
Mr. Joseph A. Jones '50*
Mrs. Suzanne Jones*
Ms. Jennifer A. Jones
Mr. Paul C. Jones and Mrs. Risa Jones
Mr. Robert P. Jones and Mrs. Florence E. Jones
Mr. Richard B. Jones and Mrs. Sheila K. Jones
Mr. John P. Judd and Mrs. Carole D. Judd
Ms. Gail Kace
Mr. Steve Kahan and Mrs. Robin R. Kahan
Mr. Joseph Kahn and Mrs. Kate Kahn
Mr. Edward Kalogeros and Mrs. Nancy Kalogeros
Mr. William Kane Jr. '88 and Mrs. Marianne Komaromi Kane
Mr. Bruce A. Kaneb '80 and Mrs. Deborah A. Kaneb
Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Kaneb '79
Mr. Jeffrey J. Kaneb '82 and Mrs. Karla C. Kaneb
Mr. John A. Kaneb and Mrs. Virginia Kaneb
Mr. Peter M. Kaneb '78
Ms. Carole H. Karlsruher
Mr. Thomas Katsos
Mr. Andrew S. Katz '12
Dr. Matthew Katz and Mrs. Dana Katz
Mr. Elliot M. Katzman and Mrs. Donna M. Katzman
Mr. Matthew A. Katzman '01 and Mrs. Katherine C. Katzman
Mr. Kendall Kay
Mr. Thomas Keane and Mrs. Josephine Keane
Ms. Kathryn Kearney
Mr. Richard Keating
Ms. Joanne Keefe
Mr. Joseph Keefe and Mrs. Joanne Keefe
Mr. Joseph F. Keefe '71 and Mrs. Jo-Anwyl Keefe
Mr. Thomas Keeley and Mrs. Monica J. Keeley
Mr. Owen B. Keeley '10
Dr. Ross A. Keenholtz '03 and Mrs. Suzanne Keenholttz
Mr. Alex Keevan and Ms. Deanna S. Keevan
Mrs. Mary Kellard
Mr. Christopher Kelleher
Mr. Pat Kelleher and Mrs. Meg Kelleher
Mr. Chris Kelley and Mrs. Amy Kelley
Mr. Daniel E. Kelley '97 and Mrs. Meghan Kelley
Mr. Kevin Kelley and Mrs. Ann G. Kelley
Mr. Kyle J. Kelley '89 and Mrs. Cheryl Kelley
Ms. Mary Jane Kelley
Mr. Raymond Kelley and Mrs. Maureen Kelley
Mr. John M. Kelliher and Mrs. Corinne Kelliher
Mr. Michael P. Kelliher '98 and Mrs. Laura E. Kelliher
Mr. Thomas S. Kelliher '04 and Mrs. Heather N. Kelliher
Mr. Brian K. Kelly '79 and Mrs. Paqui Kelly
Mr. John F. Kelly and Mrs. Courtney Kelly
Mr. Jeffrey E. Kelter and Mrs. Katherine Kelter
Mr. and Mrs. Kendall
Mr. Paul Kendrigan
Mr. Mike Kennealy '86 and Mrs. Trisha E. Pérez Kennealy
Mr. Francis G. Kennedy and Mrs. Constance F. Kennedy
Mr. Stephen R. Kennedy and Mrs. Deanna L. Kennedy
Ms. Elizabeth Kent
Mr. Michael W. Kent '93 and Mrs. Susan Kent
Ms. Alice L. Kenworthy
Mr. Kevin J. Kilday and Mrs. Cynthia A. Kilday
Ms. Christine Kim
Mr. Eric W. Kimble '85 and Mrs. Nancy C. Kimble
Mr. George S. Kingsley '71 and Ms. Linda Leonard
Mr. William Kirby and Ms. Anne Crane Kirby
Ms. Claire Kirk
Mr. Joseph P. Kirpas '11
Mr. Stephen Kiszely
Mr. Darren R. Klein and Mrs. Mia K. Klein
Mr. James A. Klein and Mrs. Katherine M. Klein
Mr. John Klein
Mr. Philip E. Klimowicz and Mrs. Donna M. Klimowicz
Mr. Douglas J. Kline and Mrs. Susan N. Kline
Mr. Peter Knowles and Mrs. Karen S. Knowles
Mr. Barry M. Kolano '80 and Mrs. Betsy Kolano
Ms. LeAnne Kolb
Mr. Chad Konecky and Ms. Elizabeth Solomon
Mr. Anthony E. Koptuck and Mrs. Margaret E. Koptuck
Mrs. Patricia Kornachuk
Mr. George Koshivas and Mrs. Ann P. Koshivas
Mr. Jason R. Kosty '89 and Mrs. Anne N. Kosty
Mr. Michael Kotarski and Mrs. Robyn Kotarski
Mr. Y.F. Michael Kou and Mrs. Karen Kou
Donald E. Kowalski DDS
Mr. Bobby N. Kramer and Mrs. Marilyn S. Kramer
Ms. Lori Kramich
Dr. Lewis S. Kriteman '84 and Mrs. Laura H. Kriteman
COL John E. Kuconis and Mrs. Chong S. Kuconis
Mr. Paul K. Kurker and Attorney Lynn E. O'Brien
Mr. Daniel K. Kwiatek '90 and Mrs. Krista Kwiatek
Mr. John C. Laffy '84 and Mrs. Sheila Laffy
Mr. Brian Lahiere
Ms. Florence M. Lallikos
Mr. Stephen H. LaLonde '68
Mr. Stephen LaMarche and Mrs. Amy W. LaMarche
Mr. Raymond J. Landry and Mrs. Elaine M. Landry
Mr. Christopher P. Lane III '60
Mrs. Deborah J. Lang
Mr. Robert F. Lang and Mrs. Jeanne Lang
Mr. Walter Lang III '72 and Mrs. Kay Lang
Mr. Patrick R. Langone '95 and Mrs. Diane Langone
Mr. Steven J. Langton and Mrs. Anne M. Langton
Mr. James A. Lapointe and Mrs. Maureen A. Lapointe
Mr. Robert R. LaPorte and Mrs. Debra L. LaPorte
Mr. Steven J. Lappin and Ms. Kerrianne Lappin
Mr. Marco A. Lara and Mrs. Andrea Lara
Mr. John J. Larivee '41*
Mr. Garrett J. Larivee '99 and Mrs. Erin Larivee
Mr. James B. Larivee '69
Mr. John J. Larivee '68 and Mrs. Wendy Larivee
Mr. Francis LaRovere III '76 and Mrs. Susan LaRovere
Mr. Joseph M. Larsen '08
Mr. Paul E. Laski '55 and Mrs. Karen M. Laski
Mr. Scott Lattanzio and Mrs. Irene Lattanzio
Mr. James S. Laughlin '82
Mr. Andre A. Laus '58 and Mrs. Helen Laus
Mr. Mark B. Lavoie and Mrs. Susan H. Lavoie
Mrs. Barbara A. Lawrence
Dr. Michael T. Leahy '68 and Mrs. M.B. Maughan
Mr. Andrew D. LeBlanc '05
Mr. Robert H. LeClair*
Mrs. Ann LeClair
Mr. Robert Ledoux Sr. '62 and Mrs. Beverly Ledoux
Ms. Jennifer LeDuc
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Lehman
Mr. David R. Leibovitz and Mrs. Susan E. Leibovitz
Mr. Robert K. Lemons and Mrs. Robin E. Lemons
Mr. Peter L. Leofanti
Mrs. Marjorie Leonard
Mrs. Carole A. Letarte
Mr. Joseph G. Levis and Mrs. Marianne S. Levis
Mr. Joseph R. Levis '60 and Mrs. Judith Levis
Mr. Jonathan F. Lewis '86 and Mr. Matthew L. Boethin
Mr. Michael P. Lewis '86 and Mrs. Barbara L. Lewis
Mr. Mads L. Lillelund and Mrs. Lisa C. Lillelund
Mr. Thomas B. Lindberg and Mrs. Linda C. Lindberg
Mr. Nathaniel Lindquist
Mr. James F. Linehan and Mrs. Katherine K. Linehan
Mr. David W. Locke and Mrs. Mary E. Locke
Mr. Craig S. Lockwood and Mrs. Jennifer Lockwood
Mr. John P. Loehner and Mrs. Donna L. Loehner
Mr. Kristiaan Lokere and Mrs. Jillian Lokere
Ms. Barbara Lombard Angiulo
Ms. Susan Lombard McPhail
Mr. Joseph Lombardi
Mr. James J. Lombardo and Mrs. Patricia Lombardo
Mr. Joseph P. Loring '71 and Mrs. Angela T. Loring
Mr. Thomas F. Losco and Mrs. Marie C. Losco
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Loughery M.D.
Mr. Joseph Lovett and Mrs. Diane Lovett
Mr. Henry Lucas Jr. and Mrs. Nancy Lucas
Mr. David Lucey III '87 and Mrs. Laurie Lucey
Mr. Andrew Lucich
Ms. Amy M. Lucy
Mr. Samuel W. Ludwig and Mrs. Susan J. Ludwig
Mr. Dean F. Lufkin '88
Mr. Stanley Lukowski and Mrs. Rita Lukowski
Mr. Ryan E. Lumsden '02
Ms. Debra E. Lundholm Reed
Mr. William J. Lundregan III '58
Ms. Emma Luongo
Mr. Tony Luongo and Mrs. Elena Luongo
Mr. Peter N. Lutts '07
Mr. Robert T. Lutts and Mrs. Rachel Lutts
Mr. Christopher Lynch
Ms. Ingrid Lynch
Mr. Nicholas Lynch
Mr. Thomas E. Lynch '71 and Mrs. Anthea Wong
Mr. Thomas E. Lynch '70 and Ms. Karlys Kline
Mr. Kevin M. Lyons '69 and Mrs. Lee Ann Lyons
Mrs. Eileen MacDonald*
Ms. Kathleen MacDonald
Mrs. Dorothy M. MacGillivray*
Dr. Dougald C. MacGillivray '73 and Mrs. Jennifer MacGillivray
Dr. John D. MacGillivray '80 and Mrs. Elizabeth A. MacGillivray
Dr. Thomas E. MacGillivray '79 and Dr. Leslie C. Lucchina
Mr. Neil A. MacIsaac and Mrs. Mary E. MacIsaac

Mr. Don Mackanos
Mr. Chris MacKenzie and Mrs. Karla MacKenzie
Mr. William J. Mackinson and Mrs. Lynn Mackinson
Ms. Allie MacLachlan
Mr. Malcolm MacLean IV '87 and Mrs. Mimi MacLean
Mr. Roderick D. MacLellan '76
Mr. Daniel J. MacNulty '06
Mr. Robert M. MacPherson
Mr. Joseph Madera and Mrs. Jessica Madera
Mr. Richard J. Madore '54 and Mrs. Louise Madore
Mr. John Maestranzi Jr. '84 and Mrs. Katja Maestranzi
Mr. Leo J. Maestranzi '55 and Mrs. Joanne B. Maestranzi
Mr. Eric P. Magnuson and Dr. Priscilla Magnuson
Ms. Nancy J. Mah
Dr. Jeffrey P. Maher '89 and Mrs. Jessica Maher
Mr. John Maher and Mrs. Lenice G. Maher
Mr. William Maher Jr. and Mrs. Priscilla Maher
Dr. William S. Maher '83 and Mrs. Kathleen M. Maher
Mr. Byron J. Mahoney '82 and Mrs. Joanne M. Mahoney
Mr. Edward M. Mahoney '59 and Mrs. Sophia Mahoney
Ms. Mary Mahoney
Mr. Robert F. Mahoney and Mrs. Nancy Mahoney
Ms. Ruth A. Mahoney
Mr. Timothy J. Mahoney '69 and Mrs. Anne H. Mahoney
Mr. Joseph McNamee and Ms. Shelagh Mahoney-McNamee
Mr. David G. Maire and Mrs. Juliana Maire
Mr. Cole J. Malatesta '13
Mr. James Malatesta and Mrs. Amelia Malatesta
Mr. Leo Malo and Mrs. Sandra Malo
Mr. Anthony Mancini
Ms. Laurie Mandato
Mr. David A. Mangione '83 and Mrs. Caroline K. Mangione
Mr. Michael S. Maniscalco and Dr. Margaret M. Powers
Mr. Daniel L. Manitakos and Mrs. Suzanne Manitakos
Mr. James P. Mannion '07 and Mrs. Kathleen E. Mannion
Mr. James P. Mannion
Mrs. Mildred M. Mannion
Mr. Matthew T. Mantell '03
Mr. Erik J. Marchese '87
Mr. Aaron M. Marcus '88 and Mrs. Nancy Marcus
Mr. Robert W. Marinelli and Mrs. Jane Marinelli
Ms. Ellen Marino
Mr. Stephen J. Markham* '45 and Mrs. Margaret E. Markham*
Mr. Richard A. Marks and Ms. Jennifer E. Morrison
Mrs. Maureen Marley McCarthy
Mr. Robert D. Marraffa '78*
Mr. Joseph C. Marrow '82 and Mrs. Debra Katz Marrow
Mr. Steven P. Marrow '79 and Ms. Dianne A. Pappas
Mr. Jeff Marsh and Mrs. Christine Marsh
Mr. Joshua Marston and Mrs. Sarah Marston
Ms. Angela Martin
Mr. Christian Martin and Mrs. Christine Martin
Mr. Albert C. Martins '76 and Mrs. Molly Martins
Mr. Jessie O. Mash and Mrs. Margaret Mash
Mr. Brian R. Mason '04 and Mrs. Danielle Mason
Mr. Michael Lombardo and Ms. Jane Mason '77
Mr. George Brennan and Ms. Susan Mason '73
Mr. Jeffrey M. Massa '92 and Ms. Holly McLaughlin.Massa
Mr. George E. Massaro and Mrs. Helen Massaro
Mr. Joseph W. Masterson and Ms. Dawn M. Gigante-Masterson
Mr. Richard J. Masucci '01 and Mrs. Amalie Masucci
Mr. Thomas P. Mathers and Mrs. Michele Mathers
Mr. Peter A. Mathison and Mrs. Susan E. Mathison
Mr. Peter Matvichuk and Mrs. Jean Matvichuk
Mr. Roger J. Deveau and Ms. Kay T. Maurice
Mrs. Mary Mazzie
Mrs. Jean Mazzola
Mr. Michael McArdle and Mrs. Ellen McArdle
Ms. Stephanie McArdle
Dr. Donald McAuliffe Jr. '77 and Mrs. Lyne McAuliffe
Mr. Howard McBride Jr. and Mrs. Sharon McBride
Mr. William J. McCann '90
Estate of Charles V. McCarthy '45*
Mr. Edward J. McCarthy '60 and Mrs. Dorothy H. McCarthy
Mr. Henry McCarthy III '71 and Mrs. Suzanne McCarthy
Mr. Joseph D. McCarthy '73 and Mrs. Livia W. McCarthy
Mr. Taidgh H. McClory '93 and Mrs. Lynne McClory
Mr. Christopher McCoy
Mr. Sean McDaniel
Mr. Kevin P. McDonald '83 and Mrs. Lauren McDonald
Mr. John J. McDonough III '72
Mr. Thomas M. McGee '73 and Mrs. Maria D. McGee
Ms. Ann M. McGill
Mr. Kevin McGinness and Mrs. Michelle McGinness
Mr. James P. McGoldrick '78 and Mrs. Lisa MGoldrick
Ms. Mona McGovern
Mr. Robert W. McGowan and Mrs. Mary E. McGowan
Ms. Nancy McGrath
Ms. Lorraine E. McGuiness
Mr. David T. McHenry
Mr. Robert F. McKenna '73 and Mrs. Nan McKenna
Mr. Brian P. McKeon and Mrs. Lorraine E. McKeon
Mr. John W. McKeon '13
Ms. Rebecca McKernan
Ms. Katherine McKie
Mr. Berenice H. McLaughlin and Mrs. Frances McLaughlin
Ms. Callie McLaughlin
Ms. Mary Lou McLaughlin
Mr. Matthew P. McLaughlin '89 and Mrs. Meg McLaughlin
Mr. Michael C. McLaughlin '02
Mr. William J. McLaughlin '69 and Mrs. Ellen P. McLaughlin
Mr. Arthur J. McMahon '86 and Mrs. Georgette L. McMahon
Ms. Catherine M. McMullen
Mr. Michael McNamara Esq. '88 and Mrs. Sylvia McNamara
Mr. Patrick J. McNamara '73 and Mrs. Erica G. Waasdorp
Mr. Robert W. McNamara
Mr. Thomas M. McNamara '73 and Mrs. Ann McNamara
Mr. Michael P. McNiff and Mrs. Robin J. McNiff
Mr. Matthew McPhail and Mrs. Ellen McPhail
Mr. Charles McShane Jr. '71 and Mrs. Sherry McShane
Mr. Michael A. McShane and Mrs. Maura McShane
Mr. Tauno Metsisto*
Mr. Stuart Meurer and Mrs. Susan Bragg Meurer
Ms. JoAnn Meyer
Mr. Michael Coutu and Ms. Joanne Meyer
Mr. Bruce P. Michaud '68 and Mrs. Helena Walter
Mr. Faxon A. Michaud '11
Mr. Chester J. Mielcarz '65 and Mrs. Yvette R. Mielcarz
Mrs. Regina C. Mielcarz
Mr. Robert S. Mielcarz '67 and Mrs. Elaine M. Mielcarz
Ms. Kelly Migliero
Mr. Joseph Milano Jr. '62 and Mrs. Jill Milano
Mr. Timothy J. Miles and Mrs. Lisa Miles
Mr. Richard C. Millea and Mrs. Judith Millea
Mr. Ryan Millea '93
Dr. David P. Miller and Mrs. Miah P. Miller
Mr. James B. Miller and Mrs. Andrea Miller
The Hon. David A. Mills '60
Mr. Nicholas R. Mini '07
Mr. Michael J. Minigan '73 and Mrs. Elizabeth P. Minigan
CDR John E. Miniter '71 and Mrs. Alison H. Miniter
Mr. Michael Minogue and Mrs. Renee Minogue
Ms. Julie Mitchell
Mr. Sam Mitchell and Mrs. Jessica Mitchell
Ms. Anna J. Mitus
Mr. Michael T. Moar '67
Ms. Jillian Modoono
Mr. Michael Moes and Mrs. Cindy Moes
Ms. Dawne Mold
Mr. Karim Momin and Ms. Jennifer Loach
Dr. David E. Monahan '62 and Mrs. Sally Monahan
Mr. Carmen R. Monks '83 and Mrs. Karen Monks
Mr. Richard A. Montoni '69 and Mrs. Andrea M. Montoni
Ms. Angela M. Mooney
Mr. Stephen Mootafian and Mrs. Melissa B. Berube-Mootafian
Mr. Brendan W. Moran '10
Mr. Kevin F. Moran and Mrs. Caroline S. Moran
Mr. Mark Moran and Mrs. Colleen Moran
Mr. Philip D. Moran and Mrs. Carole Moran
Mr. Frank M. Morelli and Mrs. Sharon Morelli
Mr. Roger E. Morency and Mrs. Emily P. Morency
Mr. Roland L. Morency '54 and Mrs. Patricia A. Morency
Ms. Lillian Moretti
Mr. James J. Moroney '56*
Mr. Brian A. Morrison '71
Mr. John H. Morrow '51 and Mrs. Elaine E. Morrow
Mr. Mark Morrow
Ms. Ellen J. Morse
Mr. Gregory B. Morse '94 and Mrs. Melissa Morse
Ms. Michelle Mosca
Ms. Joan Moscarito
Ms. Nicole Moses
Mr. John F. Moskal and Mrs. Victoria Moskal
Mr. Manish Motiani and Mrs. Renu Motiani
Mr. Howard Moulton and Mrs. Donna Moulton
Mr. Michael J. Muchmore '81
Mr. Daniel T. Mudge '67 and Mrs. Kathleen Mudge
Mr. Peter F. Mugford '07 and Mrs. Jade Mugford
Miss Maryann Muhilly
Ms. Diane N. Muise
Mrs. Patricia Mullane
Mr. Paul Mulligan Esq. and Mrs. Eileen Mulligan
Mr. Bruce Munroe and Mrs. Celeste Munroe
Mr. Christian Munzner
Ms. Alissa Murgia
Mr. James F. Murphy IV '06
Mr. James M. Murphy '64 and Ms. Mary Anne Atkisson
Ms. Meghan Murphy
Mr. Walter Murphy
Mr. Richard Murray and Mrs. Brenda Murray
Mr. Robert T. Murray and Mrs. Karen Murray
Mr. S. J. Murray '81 and Mrs. Laurie Murray
Mr. Christopher J. Murtagh '07 and Mrs. Alexandra Murtagh
Mr. Paul H. Naehle '80 and Mrs. Michele Naehle
Mr. James J. Nance*
Ms. Nancy P. Nash
Mr. Nicholas G. Nasser '13
Mr. Paul J. Nasser and Dr. Bethany J. Nasser
Mr. Paul C. Nassetta '49 and Mrs. Kay Nassetta
Mr. James W. Nawn Jr.
Major General (R) Thomas H. Needham '60
Mr. Eric Nelson and Ms. Terese Dillingham
Mr. Christopher W. Nessen and Mrs. Susan L. Nessen
Mr. Michael C. Newhall '80 and Mrs. Suzanne S. Newhall
Mr. Dean Newport and Mrs. Pamela Newport
Mr. Christopher A. Newton '13
Ms. Deborah A. Nicholls
Mr. Joshua V. Nicholson '94 and Mrs. Karolina Nicholson
Mr. Ross Niciewsky
Mr. David Nielsen
Mr. Wayne J. Niemi
Mr. Eugene A. Nigro and Mrs. Lauren Nigro
Mr. Brian T. Nixon '82 and Mrs. Sarah Nixon
Mr. Robert Noe and Mrs. Mary Ann Noe
Mr. Andrew Noel
Mr. John Noel
Ms. Danielle Nolan
Mr. Roy C. Norden Jr. '80
Mr. Samuel H. Nork and Mrs. Janet M. Nork
Mrs. Linda Norris
Miss Cynthia Norwood
Mr. Raymond R. Norwood and Mrs. Carmela L. Norwood
Mr. Geoffrey P. Noyes and Mrs. Beth Noyes
Mr. Ronald Nutter and Mrs. Hope Nutter
Ms. Lisa O’Connell
Mr. Gregory T. O'Brien and Mrs. Margaret S. O'Brien
Mr. Patrick M. O'Brien and Mrs. Denise M. O'Brien
Mr. William J. O'Brien '88 and Mrs. Colleen L. O'Brien
Mr. Robert E. O'Chander '04 and Mrs. Raseeka O'Chander
Ms. Carmen Ochoa
Mr. George M. O'Connor '57*
Mr. Brogan P. O'Connor '08
Mr. Francis A. O'Connor '52 and Mrs. Margaret V. O'Connor
Mr. and Mrs. John J. O'Connor
Mr. Joseph J. O'Connor '77 and Mrs. Charlotte A. O'Connor
Mr. Kevin P. O'Connor '10
Mrs. Marie A. O'Connor
Mrs. Patricia T. O'Connor
Mr. Peter C. O'Connor '59 and Mrs. Mariposa O'Connor
Mr. Richard P. O'Connor '83 and Mrs. Maureen O'Connor
Mr. Charles M. O'Donnell '71 and Mrs. Kathleen A. O'Donnell
Mr. David O'Donnell and Mrs. Anne O'Donnell
Ms. Susan Oertle
Mr. Michael O'Friel and Mrs. Leeann O'Friel
Mr. George M. O'Hara and Mrs. Christine L. O'Hara
Mr. Thomas P. O'Hare and Mrs. Joan M. O'Hare
Dr. James O'Holleran and Mrs. Eileen O'Holleran
Mr. David R. Olds and Mrs. Patricia C. Olds
Mr. Brian F. O'Leary '75 and Ms. Elizabeth W. McCarthy
Mrs. Gayle O'Leary
Ms. Aubri Oliphant
Mr. Victor Oliveira
Mr. Richard Oliver Jr. and Mrs. Janet Oliver
Mr. Joseph C. Olson and Mrs. Judith S. Olson
Mr. Kristopher R. Olson '88 and Mrs. Wendy Olson
Mr. Maxwell S. Olson '21
Mr. Ronald K. Olson and Mrs. Joanne Olson
Mr. Gary P. O'Neil and Mrs. Elizabeth O'Neil
Mrs. Maureen O'Neill Nsier
Mr. Anthony Onello Jr. and Mrs. Jennifer Onello
Mr. Charles A. Osborn
Ms. Rebecca B. Osborne
The Thomas H. O'Shea* 1993 Revocable Trust
Mr. Brian G. O'Shea '81
Deacon Thomas O'Shea Jr. '79 and Mrs. Carol O'Shea
Mr. Brent D. Osinski '07 and Mrs. Cate Osinski
Mr. Robb J. Osinski '80 and Mrs. Lynn Flannery
Mr. Kevin B. O'Toole '07
Mr. Brian Ott and Mrs. Malia Ott
Mr. Michael J. T. Ou '08
Mr. Shukong Ou and Dr. Joan O'Connor
Ms. Sara Pacelle
Mr. John J. Packowski and Mrs. Kelly M. Packowski
Mr. Anthony Padvaiskas and Mrs. Carol Padvaiskas
Mr. Robert Pagano and Mrs. Andrea Pagano
Mr. Michael H. Panos '89 and Mrs. Karen Panos
Mr. Peter N. Panos and Mrs. Kathleen Panos
Mr. James A. Paone '06
Mr. Paul Pappas
Mr. Robert S. Parks '91
Mr. Alan Parsons and Mrs. Patricia M. Parsons
Ms. Jill A. Parsons
Mr. Ronald J. Pascucci '63 and Mrs. Cynthia A. Pascucci
Dr. Donald A. Pasquarello '82 and Mrs. Gerda G. Pasquarello
Mr. David Patch Jr. and Mrs. Deirdre Patch
Ms. Jayne M. Patrikas
Bro. Timothy Paul CFX
Mr. Roger J. Pawlyk*
Mr. Paul Payerle
Mr. Clifford E. Peacock Jr. '92
Mr. Leon J. Pechinsky and Mrs. Carol Pechinsky
Mr. Walter Pechulis Jr. '72 and Mrs. Margaret Pechulis
Mr. Barry Pederson and Mrs. Patricia A. Pederson
Mr. James A. Pedicini '69 and Mrs. Sonja Pedicini
Mr. John P. Pedicini '69
Mr. Kenneth W. Pedicini '75 and Mrs. Anne M. Pedicini
Mrs. Mary G. Pelletier
Mr. Gerald C. Pendleton and Mrs. Sarah Pendleton
Rev. Anthony Penna
Mr. Peter D. Penni '60*
Mr. Daniel E. Penni '65
Mr. Eric W. Penttinen '88 and Mrs. Elizabeth Penttinen
Mr. Donald Perault and Mrs. Anna Perault
Mr. Zachary M. Perrella '11
Mrs. Linda L. Perrino
Ms. Jeanine Peters
Ms. Anne Peterson
Mr. James M. Peterson and Mrs. Kimberly Peterson
Ms. Laura Peterson
Mr. Frank M. Petras and Mrs. Lisa M. Petras
Dr. John C. Petrozza and Mrs. Dawn M. A. Petrozza
Mr. Stephen C. Pfaff '77 and Mrs. Darlene J. Pfaff
Mr. Alan Pfeffer and Mrs. Ruth Pfeffer
Mr. James S. Phalen '68 and Mrs. Rosemary Phalen
Mr. David C. Phelps
Mr. Richard C. Phillips and Mrs. Theresa M. Phillips
Mr. Richard C. Phillips and Mrs. Theresa M. Phillips
Mrs. Joyce Phinney
Mr. Carmine Piantedosi
Ms. Maria L. Piazza
Mr. Michael C. Picini '78 and Mrs. Cynthia L. Picini
Ms. Dorothy Picot
Mr. Michael C. Pierre '87 and Mrs. Elke Pierre
Mr. Michael R. Pitcairn and Mrs. Lora J. Pitcairn
Mr. Michael S. Pitt '04 and Mrs. Kelly Pitt
Mr. Martin Plecinoga and Ms. Amanda Plecinoga
Dr. Louis A. Pocharski '50 and Mrs. Nancy Pocharski
Mr. Mark W. Pocharski and Mrs. Sandra Pocharski
Mr. Dane A. Poeske and Mrs. Ann C. Poeske
Mr. Marc D. Poirier and Mrs. Gina M. Poirier
Mr. Michael J. Poirier and Mrs. Coreen Poirier
Mr. Anthony J. Polcari '17
Mr. James S. Polese
Mrs. Laurie Polese
Mr. Lawrence A. Polimeno and Mrs. Sandra P. Polimeno
Mr. Frank J. Pomper and Mrs. Janice Pomper
Mr. Charles N. Poor '65 and Mrs. Carol Poor
Mr. Jeffrey S. Pope and Mrs. Carmen L. Pope
Mr. Michael J. Potter '86 and Mrs. Valerie Potter
Mr. Louis Potvin Jr. and Mrs. Joyce Potvin
Ms. Margaret Carr Poulin
Mr. Paul A. Pouliot and Mrs. Catherine E. Pouliot
Mr. Philip A. Powell and Mrs. Sally S. Powell
Dr. Brian A. Powers '71 and Ms. Katherine Riggs
Mr. Robert P. Powers and Mrs. Jane E. Powers
Mr. Francis A. Pozzi and Mrs. Mary Ann Pozzi
Ms. Jane Prince
Mr. Richard D. Prior and Mrs. Pamela W. Prior
Mr. Timothy W. Prior '07
Mr. Emmanuel Prokopis and Mrs. Mary Prokopis
Dr. Peter M. Prokopis and Mrs. Claudine M. Prokopis
Mr. Michael W. Pucci '86 and Mrs. Kimberly Pucci
Mr. Benjamin J. Pugliares '06
Mr. Gregory Puig
Mr. John R. Putney '61 and Mrs. Joan M. Putney
Dr. Mark S. Pykett and Mrs. Carrie Pykett
Mr. Henry W. Pynchon '03
Ms. Lisa C. Quaranto
Mr. Steven J. Quezada and Mrs. Annmarie Quezada
Mr. Fred Quinlan and Mrs. Mary Anne Quinlan
Ms. Charlotte E. Quinn
Ms. Kristen Quinn
Mr. Mark Raab
Mr. Walter Radulski
Dr. Daniel Raess and Mrs. Lisa Raess
Mr. Bryan Rakovec
Mr. Ryan Ransford
Mr. Michael J. Rauseo '82
Rev. Robert V. Reagan '64*
Mr. Daniel Reagan
Mr. John P. Reardon and Mrs. Frances M. Reardon
Mr. Gary Reardon and Mrs. Laura Reardon
Mr. Michael R. Reardon '92 and Ms. Danique Meaux
Ms. Katherine Reddoch
Mr. John E. Redman and Mrs. Susan M. Redman
Mr. Mark D. Redman '96
Mr. Michael Reeves Sr. and Mrs. Robin Reeves
Mr. Brian Reid
Mr. John P. Reid '48
Mr. Aidan J. Reilly '15
Mr. Michael J. Reilly and Mrs. Denise L. Reilly
Mr. Randall E. Reinbold and Mrs. Lori Reinbold
Mr. Christopher A. Remeika '08
Mr. Bruce H. Reppucci '72
Mr. Arthur P. Resca '85 and Ms. Colleen Resca
Mr. Thomas H. Reslewic '77 and Mrs. Julee Reslewic
Ms. June Reynolds
Mrs. Lisa Reynolds
Mr. Jake M. Rhodes '16
Mr. Kevin R. Rhodes and Mrs. Maura M. Rhodes
Mr. Mario A. Ricciardelli and Mrs. Nancy J. Ricciardelli
Bro. Edward Rice CFX
Mr. Michael Rice '85 and Mrs. Christine Rice
Mr. Thomas B. Rice
Mr. Larry E. Richard '73 and Mrs. Jeed Richard
Mr. Peter J. Richards and Mrs. Lucille Richards
Mr. Kevin Richardson II '86 and Ms. Margaret Richardson
Mr. Nathan A. Richardson '89
Mr. Eric Richman and Mrs. Susan Richman
Mr. Edwin Richter Jr. and Mrs. Margaret Richter
Mr. Alexander A. Riddell and Mrs. Mary J. Riddell
Mr. Jameson R. Riley '02
Mr. Michael F. Riley '88 and Mrs. Lorraine K. Riley
The Hon. Patrick J. Riley '66
Mr. Thomas P. Riley '75 and Mrs. Susan M. Riley
Ms. Virginia Rinn
Mr. Scott Riordan and Mrs. Chrissy Riordan
Mr. Byron L. Rizos and Mrs. Helen Rizos
Dr. Demetrius Rizos USN, Ret. and Mrs. Susan Rizos
Mr. Duane Roberts and Mrs. Jennifer Roberts
Ms. Mary Roberts
Mr. Christopher Robie
Mr. Joseph Robinson
Ms. Leora Robinson
Mr. Richard W. Robinson and Mrs. Lorraine S. Robinson
Mr. Timothy H. Robinson and Mrs. Lisa B. Robinson
Mr. Dwight Robson and Mrs. Lena Robson
Mr. Arthur L. Roch and Mrs. Ann Roch
Mr. Brian Rockett and Mrs. Helaine Rockett
Mr. Graeme Rockett and Mrs. Shenley Rockett
Mr. Louis A. Roderman and Ms. Mary Langlais
Mr. James E. Rodgers
Mr. Michael Rodrigues and Mrs. Susan Rodrigues
Mr. David Rogers
Mr. Michael F. Rogers and Mrs. Janet L. Rogers
Mr. Ricardo N. Roizner and Ms. Magda Rodriguez
Mr. N. B. Romano '82 and Mrs. Doreen Romano
Ms. Laura Roper
Mr. Andrew B. Rose
Mr. Tony Rose and Mrs. Joanne N. Rose
Mr. David M. Rosenberg '94
Mrs. Cynthia M. Ross
Ms. Kristen Ross
Mr. Ronald Rossetti Jr. and Mrs. Elizabeth Rossetti
Mr. Ronald Rossetti Sr. and Mrs. Linda Rossetti
Mr. Alfred J. Rossi '55 and Mrs. Angelica Rossi
Ms. Mary Rossi
Mr. David Rostoff and Mrs. Harriett Rostoff
Mr. Mark H. Rowe '93 and Mrs. Jenna Rowe
Mr. David V. Rowell
Mr. David Roy III and Mrs. Valerie Roy
Mr. David Rubin
Dr. Marc Rubin and Mrs. Heidi Rubin
Mr. Michael Rubin and Mrs. Diana Rubin
Ms. Jaye Russo
Mr. Thomas Russo and Mrs. Cathy Russo
Mr. Frank J. Ryan '51 and Mrs. Catherine Ryan
Mrs. Nancy D. Ryan
Mr. Paul F. Ryan '61
Mr. Steven J. Ryan '64 and Mrs. Micheline H. Ryan
Mr. Jonathan Sablone and Mrs. Kathleen Sablone
Mr. John A. Safford and Mrs. Deborah P. Safford
Mr. Samir M. Salem
Mr. George J. Saluto and Mrs. Marian Saluto
Ms. Courtney Sanders
Mr. Jonathan M. Sandler
Mr. Kip A. Sanford and Mrs. Jodene D. Sanford
Mr. David J. Santeusanio and Mrs. Lauren M. Santeusanio
Mr. James V. Santoianni and Ms. Patricia A. Santoianni
Mr. Girard Sargent and Mrs. Kathy Sargent
Dr. John J. Savarese '86
Dr. Julie A. Saviano
Mr. Robert Savory
Ms. Gina Sawaya
Mr. John Sawulski and Mrs. Susan Sawulski
Dr. Rick Sawyer Jr. and Mrs. Ellen Sawyer
Mr. Peter Scala and Mrs. Jennifer Scala
Mr. Matthew R. Scalise '11
Mr. Kevin M. Scalley and Mrs. Kate W. Scalley
Mr. Nick Scangas
Estate of John A. Scanlan '41*
Mr. Daniel Scanlon
Mr. Joseph Scanlon and Mrs. Claire Scanlon
Dr. William J. Scannell
Mr. Frank J. Scarpaci and Mrs. Carol A. Scarpaci
Mr. David Scarpello and Mrs. Jennifer Scarpello
Ms. Angelique Schena
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Schena
Dr. Anthony J. Schena '89 and Mrs. Heatha Schena
Ms. Donna Schenkel
Mr. Frank Scherkenbach and Ms. Kimberly McGovern
Mr. Michael Schirpke and Mrs. Anne E. Schirpke
Mr. Thomas Schneider
Dr. Joshua Baumfeld and Ms. Lynn-Anne Schow
Ms. Anne Schreiber
Mr. George H. Schruender*
Estate of Dr. Joseph A. Sciuto '31*
Mr. Joseph Sciuto
Mr. Mark C. Scollard and Mrs. Carolyn Scollard
Mr. Robert Scoville
Mr. John Scroope and Mrs. Elizabeth Scroope
Mr. Philip Scuderi and Mrs. Kathryn Scuderi
Mr. Peter L. Scully*
Mr. James M. Sears '81 and Mrs. Patricia A. Sears
Mr. Rick Sedler and Mrs. Pam Sedler
Mr. Jeffrey Seifer
Mr. Augustin A. Serino '92 and Mrs. Danielle Serino
Dr. Peter Seymour and Dr. Bridget Seymour
Mr. Michael H. Shanahan and Mrs. Mary Shanahan
Mr. William E. Shanahan '03 and Mrs. Jaclyn Shanahan
Ms. Barbara Shannahan
Ms. Caroline Shannon
Mr. Joseph G. Sharman and Mrs. Patricia Sharman
Mr. Anthony J. Sharrio '76 and Mrs. Donna M. Sharrio
Mr. Glenn Shaw and Mrs. Karen Shaw
Mr. Scott W. Shaw and Mrs. Joanne Shaw
Mr. William Shaw and Mrs. Carol Shaw
Mr. Robert Shay Jr. '83 and Mrs. Joan Shay
Mr. Brian R. Shea and Mrs. Cathleen E. Shea
Ms. Emily A. Shea
Father Leo B. Shea '56
Mr. Richard H. Shea
Mr. Dennis J. Sheehan '01 and Mrs. Robin Sheehan
Mr. Jeremiah P. Sheehan and Mrs. Catriona M. Sheehan
Mr. Thomas F. Sheehan '74 and Mrs. Jane E. Sheehan
Mr. Tristan R. Shelgren '18
Mr. Steven R. Shelgren and Ms. Robin Coppola
Ms. Susan R. Shortt
Mr. John Shottes Jr. '73 and Mrs. Carol Shottes
Mr. Brian J. Shultz '75 and Ms. Joyce DeSanctis
Mr. Dana B. Shuttleworth and Mrs. Elaine Shuttleworth
Mr. James D. Siegel '70 and Mrs. Merry Newman
Ms. Katherine Sieger
Mr. Christopher Silva
Mr. George L. Silva and Mrs. Dianne D. Silva
Mr. George Silvestro
Ms. Laurie Silvonic
Mr. Lawrence A. Simeone III '08
Mr. Andrew K. Simons '01 and Mrs. Sara Simons
Ms. Mary Simpson
Mr. Richard Sincerbeaux Jr. and Mrs. Laura Sincerbeaux
Mr. David Singer and Mrs. Kristen Singer
Mr. Richard Singleton and Mrs. Priscilla Singleton
Mr. Daniel L. Sionkiewicz and Mrs. Gretchen L. Sionkiewicz
Mr. Nicholas A. Sionkiewicz '16
Dr. Edward P. Sirois '50 and Mrs. Sheila Sirois
Mr. Robert A. Skelley and Mrs. Kristin Skelley
Ms. Elizabeth Slate
Mr. James E. Slate and Mrs. Sarah A. Slate
Mr. Michael Slattery and Mrs. Karen Slattery
Mr. Matthew J. Slaven '76 and Mrs. Valerie A. Slaven
Mr. Robert L. Smith '69*
Mr. Anthony H. Smith and Mrs. Chris Smith
Mr. Dana F. Smith
Mr. David B. Smith '79 and Mrs. Beth E. Smith
Mr. Douglas M. Smith '83 and Mrs. Maureen Smith
Mr. Erik K. Smith '84
Mr. Gregory A. Smith '94 and Mrs. Melissa Smith
Mr. Karl L. Smith '86 and Mrs. Jeanne M. Smith
Mr. Randall Smith and Mrs. Carolann Smith
Mr. Elton R. Smolik and Mrs. Jane P. Smolik
Ms. Leanne Smyrnios
Mr. Gerald M. Sneirson and Mrs. Carole J. Sneirson
Mr. Paul F. Snell '75
Mr. Ryan D. Snow '98 and Mrs. Mary Lynn Snow
Ms. Patricia A. Solimine
Mr. Chad Konecky and Ms. Elizabeth Solomon
Mr. Steve Solomon and Mrs. Karen Solomon
Mr. Deckard S. Sorensen '08 and Mrs. Christine Sorensen
Mr. David D. Sozanski '95
Dr. Stanley A. Sozanski '65 and Mrs. Kathleen M. Sozanski
Ms. Elizabeth Spalding
Ms. Linda Spang
Mr. Matthew Spearing and Ms. Aeshna Badruzzaman
Mr. Alec E. Spencer '13
Mr. Lawrence J. Sperber
Ms. Sarah Spillane
Mr. Eric G. Spofford '09
Mr. James Spofford and Mrs. Laurie Spofford
Mr. David F. St. Laurent and Mrs. Mary M. St. Laurent
Mr. Isaac C. St. Martin
Mr. Brian F. St. Pierre '98 and Mrs. Jocelyn St. Pierre
Dr. David P. St. Pierre '70 and Mrs. Luanne St. Pierre
Mr. James E. Stager and Mrs. Nancy H. Stager
Dr. James W. Stamos '77 and Mrs. Maryellen Stamos
Mr. Paul E. Stanzler and Mrs. Marjorie Cohen Stanzler
Mr. Paul C.H. Stark and Mrs. Jane S. Stark
Mr. Ronald J. Starr '75 and Mrs. Margaret A. Starr
Ms. Leslie Stefanowicz
Ms. Jill L. Stelman
Ms. Pamela Stelzer
Mr. Paul E. Sternlieb '90
Mr. Willliam Stewart and Mrs. Susan Spaulding Stewart
Ms. Jennifer Stickney
Mr. Benjamin M. Stockman '07
Mr. Ron Stone and Mrs. Jordan Stone
Dr. Anthony J. Straceski and Dr. Janine M. LeBlanc-Straceski
Mr. Jonathan L. Strauss '94 and Mrs. Jennifer Strauss
Mr. Carlos Suarez and Mrs. Cynthia Suarez
Mr. Christopher J. Sullivan '85 and Mrs. Kristin Sullivan
Mr. Daniel R. Sullivan '78 and Mrs. Susan Lanham
Mr. Denis J. Sullivan '72 and Mrs. Joan M. Sullivan
Mr. Erin J. Sullivan '91 and Mrs. Robin Sullivan
Ms. Gail A. Sullivan
Mr. James Sullivan
Mr. James L. Sullivan
Ms. Jane E. Sullivan
Mr. John Sullivan and Mrs. Margaret Sullivan
Mr. John Sullivan and Mrs. Mary Ann Sullivan
Mr. Kevin P. Sullivan and Mrs. Patricia M. Sullivan
Mr. Mark Sullivan and Mrs. Patrice Sullivan
Mr. Mark P. Sullivan '73
Mr. Peter J. Sullivan and Mrs. MaryElizabeth Sullivan
Mr. Robert F. Sullivan and Mrs. Marguerite J. Sullivan
Mr. Scott A. Sullivan '86 and Mrs. Michelle Sullivan
Mr. William H. Sullivan and Mrs. Regina M. Sullivan
Mr. Michael J. Supino and Mrs. Marianne A. Supino
Mr. William J. Surette '81 and Mrs. Evangelyn J. Surette
Mr. Wilfred Surette and Mrs. Susan Surette
Mr. William J. Surette '81 and Mrs. Evangelyn J. Surette
Ms. Kathleen Susca
Mr. John W. Suslak '71 and Mrs. Claire A. Suslak
Mr. John Sweeney and Mrs. Sandra Sweeney
Mr. Michael G. Sweeney and Mrs. Maura D. Sweeney
Mr. Joseph K. Swiniarski and Mrs. Louise Swiniarski
Mr. John R. Sylvester and Mrs. Judith G. Sylvester
Mr. Stanley A. Szajna '65 and Mrs. Susan Szajna
Mr. Norman Tache' and Mrs. Claire Tache'
Mr. Lawrence Talbot and Mrs. Deborah Talbot
Mr. Roger B. Talkov and Ms. Inga L. Parsons
Mr. Jerry L. Talleri and Dr. Sarah Whitehead
Mr. Michael Talty Jr. and Mrs. Joanne Talty
Mr. Michael Talty '89
Mr. John Tangney Jr. '86 and Mrs. Dina Tangney
Mr. David Tapparo and Mrs. Mary Ann Tapparo
Mr. Arthur J. Tardiff*
Mrs. Dorothy Tardiff
Mr. Conrad Gozewski and Mrs. Sharon Taskey
Mr. Sellers Tate
Ms. Marcy Tatsch
Ms. Hilary Taylor
Mr. Oswald Taylor Jr. and Mrs. Mollie Taylor
Mr. Ronald W. Taylor and Mrs. Jane A. Taylor
Mr. Guillermo J. Tearney and Mrs. Melissa Tearney
Mr. James Tedford and Mrs. Meredith Tedford
Mr. Vincent M. Tentindo and Mrs. Marylyn J. Tentindo
Mr. Joseph K. Terminiello '88
Mr. Louis D. Terranova and Mrs. Lisa Terranova
Mr. Robert H. Terranova '57
Ann B. Terry Ph.D.
Ms. Jane Tessier
Mr. Kevin M. Tierney '77 and Mrs. Deborah Tierney
Mr. Joseph M. Timmins '77 and Mrs. Theresa Timmins
Mr. Stephen C. Timmins '80
Mr. Thomas J. Timmins '76 and Mrs. Kathy C. Timmins
Mr. Michael K. Tivnan and Mrs. Eileen M. Tivnan
Mr. Robert J. Tivnan '70
Mr. Robert W. Tivnan
Mr. Frederick Tobia '83
Mr. Morris Tobin and Mrs. Laurie Tobin
Mr. Christopher M. Todisco '96
Mr. Richard R. Tomlins '83
Ms. Susan Toner
Mr. John M. Toomey '90 and Mrs. Kimberly Toomey
Mrs. Jacqueline M. Torigian
Ms. Mary R. Tornabene
Mr. Brad Toulan and Mrs. Debby Toulan
Mr. William Toye Jr. and Mrs. Patricia Toye
Mr. Michael C. Trainor '09
Mr. Joshua M. Tranfaglia '08
Mr. James Travers Jr. '82 and Mrs. Suzanne Travers
Mr. Kevin C. Travers '84 and Mrs. Christine R. Travers
Mr. Richard Travers Jr. and Mrs. Lynne Travers
Mr. Peter J. Tremblay and Mrs. Leslie A. Tremblay
Mr. Ted Trump
Mr. Luke G. Tsokanis and Mrs. Amy M. Tsokanis
Dr. Stephen P. Tubridy and Mrs. Adrienne B. Tubridy
Mr. Timothy M. Tully Jr. and Mrs. Trish A. Tully
Ms. Francine Tunnera
Mr. Christopher E. Turco '89 and Mrs. Tracey Turco
Mrs. Amy L. Turk
Mr. Joseph E. Turk
Dr. Elizabeth Twomey
Mr. John A. Tyrrell and Mrs. Deborah K. Tyrrell
Mr. Colin T. Ulen '00 and Mrs. Melissa Ulen
Mr. John Valentino and Mrs. Cherilyn Valentino
Mr. Bryan J. Van Dorpe '77 and Mrs. Susan Van Dorpe
Mr. Conor G. Van Gennep
Mr. Thomas C. Van Riper and Mrs. Susan M. Van Riper
Mr. James Van Sicklin and Ms. Amy Van Sicklin
Mr. Michael J. Van Uden and Mrs. Rose M. Van Uden
Mr. Stephen Vande Water and Mrs. Katie Vande Water
Ms. Gina Vargas
Lt Col (R) Michael Veneri Ph.D. '87 and Mrs. Kathy Veneri
Mr. John E. Veneziano and Mrs. Debra Veneziano
Mr. Richard B. Ventura and Mrs. Diane L. Ventura
Mr. Steven Verone
Mr. John J. Vetere and Mrs. Mary R. Vetere
Mr. Robert Vigneaux III and Mrs. Kristin Vigneaux
Mr. Erik Vigsnes and Mrs. Kristen Vigsnes
Mrs. Leanne Villani-Schneider
Mr. Steven R. Vinci and Mrs. Patricia D. Vinci
Ms. Anne E. Volpe
Mr. Anthony Vorias
Mr. Anthony D. Vorias '61 and Mrs. Carol-Ann Vorias
Mr. Richard J. Vorias and Mrs. Patricia M. Vorias
Mr. Joseph J. Wadlinger and Mrs. Claire Wadlinger
Mr. Joseph Wadlinger Jr. '82 and Mrs. Maria Wadlinger
Mr. John Wagner and Mrs. Leah Wagner
Mr. Michael G. Waldron '73 and Mrs. Felicia Waldron
Mr. Matthew Walfield Jr. '82 and Mrs. Carolyn Walfield
Mr. Robert A. Walker '86 and Mrs. Jane K. Walker
Mr. William Wall Jr. and Mrs. Denise Wall
Mr. Kevin J. Wallace '69 and Mrs. Mary J. Wallace
Mr. Louis Walor Jr. '61 and Mrs. Sandra Walor
Mr. Christopher J. Walsh '08
Mr. David P. Walsh '74 and Mrs. Elizabeth H. Walsh
Mr. Denis D. Walsh and Ms. Deirdre Bradley
Mr. Frank J. Walsh and Mrs. Kathleen T. Walsh
Mr. James Walsh and Mrs. Mary Beth Walsh
Mr. James P. Walsh
Mr. Keith Walsh and Mrs. Stephanie Walsh
Ms. Michele Walsh
Mr. James J. Ward and Mrs. Maureen Ward
Mr. James L. Wash and Ms. Anne J. Farina
Mr. Liam L. Wash '14
Mr. Christopher Waterman Esq. and Mrs. Liesa Waterman
Mr. Kendrick Wauchope and Ms. Erin Postl
Mr. Henley R. Webb and Mrs. Happy Webb
Mr. John F. Webb '68 and Mrs. Joan P. Webb
Mr. Daniel Weeder and Dr. Susan Kelly-Weeder
Mr. Adam Weiner
Mr. Stephen R. Weiner and Mrs. Roberta Weiner
Mr. Stuart W. Weisman and Mrs. Jane P. Weisman
Mr. Michael Weissenburger and Mrs. Julie Weissenburger
Mr. John D. Welch and Dr. Maura A. Abate
Mr. Joseph J. Welch '75 and Mrs. Sallie Belle Davis
Mr. Michael J. Welch '69 and Mrs. Constance Welch
Mrs. Barbara E. Weldon
Mr. Christopher Wellington and Mrs. Maura Wellington
Mr. Charles Wepler
Ms. Carol B. Westerman
Mr. Brian F. Wettach '09
Mr. Robert H. Wettach and Mrs. Gayle P. Wettach
Mr. Daniel J. Whelan and Mrs. Lisa Whelan
Dr. William F. White Sr.*
Mr. Charles White and Mrs. Patricia White
Mr. Edward White and Mrs. Sarah White
Mrs. Kathryn White
Mr. Robert L. White '85
Mr. John E. Whitney '08
Mr. Samuel J. Whitney '06
Ms. Nicolette Whyman
Dr. Leon M. Wilkins
Mr. Hugh E. Williams '67
Mr. John G. Williams and Mrs. Alice A. Williams
Ms. Lynne M. Williams
Mrs. Elaine Williamson
Mr. John A. Williamson '92
Mr. Jeffrey Wilmot and Mrs. Meghan Wilmot
Mr. Charles Wilson and Mrs. Marge Wilson
Mr. Bartlett O. Winder '00 and Mrs. Emily Winder
Mr. Jon M. Winegrad '80 and Mrs. Erin Winegrad
Mr. David Y. Winey '74
Mr. Mark J. Winkeller and Mrs. Rachel Winkeller
Mr. James S. Winskowicz '69
Mr. Michael J. Winskowicz '06
Mr. Damon M. Wirtanen '89 and Mrs. Justine A. Wirtanen
Mr. Matthew W. Witte
Mr. Brett A. Wolonsavich
Mr. Brian Wolonsavich and Mrs. Toni Wolonsavich
Mr. Peter M. Woodbury '82 and Mrs. Debbie Woodbury
Mr. John H. Woods and Mrs. Esta R. Woods
Mr. Brian Worsley
Mr. David G. Wright '73
Mr. Jeffrey P. Xenakis and Mrs. Eileen M. Xenakis
Mr. Michael K. S. Xenakis '17
Mr. David Yachnin and Ms. Michelle Yachnin
Mr. Donald Yakita and Mrs. Ashley Vaccaro
Mr. Patrick E. Yanchus '67 and Mrs. Kathleen Yanchus
Mr. Jeffrey D. Yanik
Mr. John T. Yannone and Mrs. Robyn A. Yannone
Mr. David Yarin and Mrs. Beth Yarin
Mr. Robert Yeaton
Mr. George Yfantopulos '86 and Mrs. Susan Yfantopulos
Mr. Michael Yoken CFP '83 and Mrs. Heidi Yoken
Mr. Yonghoon Yoon
Mr. Robert B. Young and Mrs. Mary D. Young
Dr. Robert L. Youngberg '80 and Dr. Denise Dunne Youngberg
Mr. James C. Zampell '71 and Mrs. Christine Zampell
Mr. Thomas Zampini and Mrs. Janet Zampini
Mr. William P. Zarakas and Ms. Susan Ricker
Mr. Kevin Zarnick
Mr. Daniel Zibaitis
Ms. Barbara A. Zielinski
Mr. William Zimmerman and Mrs. Renee Zimmerman
Mr. Alexander P. Ziolkowski '58 and Ms. Dorothy J. Deeley
Ms. Chrisoula Zion
Dr. Todd Zion and Mrs. Karyn Zion
Dr. Vangel Zissi
Mr. Michael A. Zmetrovich and Mrs. Holly Zmetrovich
Mr. Nicholas M. Zolotas '07
ABC Packaging Machine Corporation
Abiomed, Inc.
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Aetna, Inc. Matching Gifts Program
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Eastern Salt Company, Inc.
Estate of Joseph T. Ryan '62*
The Evans Family Foundation
Fidelity Investment Services Corporate Offices Boston
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund
Fidelity Investments Matching Gift Program
Focus Financial Partners LLC
Focus Technology Solutions
FoxJet, an ITW Company
Gauthier & Company, Certified Public Accountants, Inc.
General Electric Foundation Matching Gift Program
George's Bakery Products, Inc.
Global Atlantic Financial Company
Goldman Sachs & Company Matching Gift Program
Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund
Goulston & Storrs
Great Eastern Seafood
Greater Boston Legal Services, Inc.
Green Site Services Group, Inc.
The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America
Hancock Survey Associates, Inc.
Heinz North America
High Street Realty Partnership
Howley Family Foundation
The Hudson Group
W. Bradford Ingalls Charitable Foundation
Intellicents, Inc.
Ipswich Maritime Products
Iron Tree Service
ITW Foundation Matching Gift Program
J. Marchese & Sons, Inc.
John Hancock Retirement Plan Services
Jones Lang LaSalle Americas
Kelly's Roast Beef, Inc.
King & Bishop
King Arthur Flour
Kiwanis of Danvers
Kohn Pedersen Fox
LaBine Family Fund
Estate of Fabiola G. Legere*
Levine Builders
Joseph R. Levis Foundation Inc.
Living Assistance Corporation
Lynn Oral Surgery Associates, Inc.
Lynnfield Youth Soccer Club
MacLean, Holloway, Doherty, & Sheehan, P.C.
Marktec Products, Inc.
Marsh Micro Systems
Mathis Pfohl Foundation
McCall & Almy, Inc.
MFS Investment Management
MFS Investment Management Matching Gift Program
MHW Trading Company, Inc.
Michaud, Rowe, and Ruscak
Michael and Renee Minogue Foundation
Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors
Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.
Morgan Stanley Matching Gifts Program
The Mosher Family
MSI Falmouth Hospital
National Catholic Community Foundation
National Philothropic Trust
NBPA Foundation
North Shore Center for Orthopaedic Surgery
Northwestern Mutual Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Estate of John F. O'Donnell*
P.J. Spillane Company
Parents of The Class 2021
The People's United Community Foundation of Eastern MA, Inc.
The Pequot Charitable Foundation
The Law Office of James M. Peterson
PM Service Group, LLC
Pricewaterhouse Coopers Matching Gift Program
Pridestar EMS, Inc
Product Identification Network
The Prokopis Charitable Foundation
Quadrel Labeling Systems
Quinn Brothers of Essex, Inc.
Raytheon Company Matching Gift Company
Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc.
RENCO Corporation
Robert F. Pagano & Associates, P.C.
The Rogers Family Foundation
The Rourke Family Foundation
Salem Dental Associates, Inc.
Salem Five Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Salem Peabody Oral Surgery, Inc.
Samet & Company, PC
Sarcione & Associates Inc.
Schwab Charitable Fund
James M. Sears, Attorney at Law
Sentinel Benefits and Financial Group, Inc.
Ryan Shaw Foundation
Significance Foundation
SOS Commercial Productions Inc
Studio Twelve
Supreme Orthopedic Systems LLC
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Tides Restaurant & Pub
Timberline Enterprises LLC
Universal Screening Studio
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
ViaSat, Inc.
Visiting Angels of the Berkshires
W.M.S.J. CO., INC.
Wagner Law Group
Wells Fargo Matching Gift Center
Wilmington Trust
With Us Foundation
Xaverian Brothers
YMCA of the North Shore
Zampell Companies
Anonymous (7)
*= Deceased


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