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Endowment Donors

Endowed funds are the foundation on which a secure future is built for St. John's, and they are a priority for ensuring that any qualified student will be able to attend St. John's regardless of financial means. The following people have recognized the importance of these funds and have chosen to direct their annual support of St. John's to our growing endowment. These gifts were made between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020.

Mr. Paul B. Ahern '58 and Mrs. Mary A. Ahern
Mrs. Charleen D. Alper
Mr. Gregory P. Ambrose '72 and Mrs. Victoria A. Ambrose
Ms. Michelle M. Arruda
Mr. Herbert Bachelder and Mrs. Patricia Bachelder
Ms. Laura Bell
Mr. Kevin M. Bisson and Mrs. Leslie J. Bisson
Ms. Julie Blume
Mr. Peter Borans and Mrs. Kimberly Borans
Mr. John L. Bracciotti and Mrs. Mary Lou Bracciotti
Mr. William J. Buckley '65 and Mrs. Mary K. Buckley
Mr. J. Frederick Bush and Mrs. Carol J. Bush
Mr. Paul G. Butler and Mrs. Sally A. Butler
Mrs. Clara Byrne
Mr. Bernard L. Caniff '72 and Mrs. Deborah Caniff
Mr. Raymond E. Carey III '67 and Dr. Dianne Carey
Mr. Anthony P. Carnevale and Mrs. Joanne Carnevale
Mrs. Pauline Casey
Mr. J. Warren Cassidy III '72
Ms. Janelle Cheverie
Mr. Patrick Connell and Mrs. Melissa Ciaccia
Mr. Joseph C. Ciavardone '91 and Mrs. Laurellyn Ciavardone
Mr. Stephen Clifford and Mrs. Susan Clifford
Mr. John T. Coan
Mrs. Michelle B. Cohen
Mr. Robert C. Combe and Mrs. Joyce Combe
Mr. Richard H. Condon and Mrs. Nancy E. Condon
Mrs. Rita M. Connell
Mr. Thomas Connell
Mr. Gerald Conrad and Ms. Cary Skinner
Mrs. Maryellen B. Cronin
Dr. David J. Crowley '58 and Mrs. Martha C. Crowley
Mr. John J. Crowley '64 and Mrs. Anne Crowley
Mr. John Cuddire and Ms. Julie Sullivan
Mr. Matthew J. Cushing '88 and Mrs. Leslie Cushing
Mr. Michael Daley Sr. and Mrs. Bergen Daley
Mr. Michael P. Dalton '83 and Mrs. Amy L. Dalton
Mr. Seamus Daly and Ms. Kay O'Dwyer
Mr. F. Christopher Davis '79 and Mrs. Robyn C. Davis
Mr. Frederick J. DeAngelis '66 and Mrs. Paula DeAngelis
Mr. Brian DeFrancesco and Mrs. Denise E. DeFrancesco
Mr. George A. Delaney '88 and Mrs. Kara Delaney
Mr. Stephen R. Delinsky
Mr. Joseph A. DeMaina and Mrs. Mary DeMaina
Mr. Henry S. Dembowski and Mrs. Claire C. Dembowski
Mr. Jonathan M. DeSimone '88 and Mrs. Vicki A. DeSimone
Mr. and Mrs. Tom J. DeSimone '68
Mr. Clement E. Desjardins
Mr. Michael DiChicco and Mrs. Georgette DiChicco
Mr. Paul DiMaura and Mrs. Karen DiMaura
Mr. James DiOrio and Mrs. Kathleen DiOrio
Mr. John L. Dolan '72 and Mrs. Christine M. Dolan
Joseph P. Donahue Charitable Foundation Trust
Mr. Mark D. Donovan and Mrs. Julie E. Donovan
Mrs. Phyllis Dording
Mr. John P. Drew '92 and Mrs. Helene Drew
Mrs. Gretchen A. Driscoll
Mr. David R. Dwortz and Mrs. Eileen Dwortz
Mr. Scott W. Ellison
Mr. Scott Estabrooks and Mrs. Jennifer Estabrooks
Estate of Joseph T. Ryan '62*
Mr. James J. Fagan and Mrs. Cynthia C. Fagan
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund
Dr. Edward Fisichelli and Mrs. Monique Fisichelli
Mr. Brian J. Flatley '62 and Mrs. Katherine J. Flatley
The Hon. Ellen Flatley
Mr. Michael G. Flatley '93
Mr. James R. Fleming '01
Mr. Robert Foley and Dr. Josephine Foley
Mr. Matteo Gallo
Mr. Robert Gamer and Mrs. Anne Gamer
Mr. Timothy W. Garry '96 and Mrs. Amanda Garry
Mr. G. Michael Gignac Jr.
Mr. John E. Gilligan '95 and Mrs. Kate Gilligan
Mark P. Gilligan M.D. '81
Attorney Annette Gonthier Kiely
Mr. Thomas Goodwin and Mrs. Diane Goodwin
Mr. Scott M. Graczyk '80 and Mrs. Michelle C. Graczyk
Ms. Deirdre Grimm
Mr. Dan M. Grondin and Mrs. Kate Grondin
Mrs. Maryann J. Haluska
Mr. Barry T. Harrigan '78 and Mrs. Tammy Harrigan
Mr. W. Brian Harrigan '72 and Mrs. Irene Harrigan
Mr. Neil J. Harrington '74 and Mrs. Sarah M. Harrington
Dr. Ronald C. Hartfelder and Mrs. Mary E. Hartfelder
Mr. Bill Hebert and Mrs. Karen A. Hebert
Mr. James Heffernan and Mrs. Kathleen Heffernan
Mr. John S. Hendry '73 and Mrs. Susan F. Hendry
Mr. David P. Hennessey '83 and Mrs. Jacqueline M. Hennessey
Mr. Paul L. Hennessey '52
Mr. Todd Herrmann
Mr. Thomas F. Hollenbeck and Mrs. Priscilla Hollenbeck
Mr. Thomas H. Howard '61 and Mrs. Carolyn Howard
Mr. Christopher R. Iannuzzi '88 and Mrs. Amy Y. Iannuzzi
W. Bradford Ingalls Charitable Foundation
Mrs. Joan Ingalls
Dr. Richard Iorio '77 and Mrs. Mary Ellen Iorio
Mr. Joseph P. Jasinski '06
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Jennings
Mr. Bruce A. Kaneb '80 and Mrs. Deborah A. Kaneb
Mr. Jeffrey J. Kaneb '82 and Mrs. Karla C. Kaneb
Mr. Peter M. Kaneb '78
Mr. Elliot M. Katzman and Mrs. Donna M. Katzman
Mr. Alex Keevan and Ms. Deanna S. Keevan
Mrs. Mary Kellard
Ms. Mary Jane Kelley
Mr. Francis G. Kennedy and Mrs. Constance F. Kennedy
Mr. Chad Konecky and Ms. Elizabeth Solomon
Mr. George Koshivas and Mrs. Ann P. Koshivas
Mr. Bobby N. Kramer and Mrs. Marilyn S. Kramer
Dr. Lewis S. Kriteman '84 and Mrs. Laura H. Kriteman
Mr. Christopher P. Lane III '60
Mr. Paul E. Laski '55 and Mrs. Karen M. Laski
Ms. Jennifer LeDuc
Joseph R. Levis Foundation Inc.
Mr. Joseph R. Levis '60 and Mrs. Judith Levis
Mr. Jonathan F. Lewis '86 and Mr. Matthew L. Boethin
Mr. James F. Linehan and Mrs. Katherine K. Linehan
Mr. John P. Loehner and Mrs. Donna L. Loehner
Mr. Thomas F. Losco and Mrs. Marie C. Losco
Mr. Henry Lucas Jr. and Mrs. Nancy Lucas
Dr. Dougald C. MacGillivray '73 and Mrs. Jennifer MacGillivray
Mr. William J. Mackinson and Mrs. Lynn Mackinson
Mr. Malcolm MacLean IV '87 and Mrs. Mimi MacLean
Mr. William Maher Jr. and Mrs. Priscilla Maher
Mr. Christian Martin and Mrs. Christine Martin
Mr. Michael Lombardo and Ms. Jane Mason '77
Mr. Joseph W. Masterson and Ms. Dawn M. Gigante-Masterson
Mr. Roger J. Deveau and Ms. Kay T. Maurice
Mrs. Mary Mazzie
Dr. Donald McAuliffe Jr. '77 and Mrs. Lyne McAuliffe
Mr. Edward J. McCarthy '60 and Mrs. Dorothy H. McCarthy
Mr. Kevin P. McDonald '83 and Mrs. Lauren McDonald
Mr. Patrick J. McNamara '73 and Mrs. Erica G. Waasdorp
Mr. Thomas M. McNamara '73 and Mrs. Ann McNamara
Mr. Charles McShane Jr. '71 and Mrs. Sherry McShane
Mr. Bruce P. Michaud '68 and Mrs. Helena Walter
Mr. Chester J. Mielcarz '65 and Mrs. Yvette R. Mielcarz
Mrs. Regina C. Mielcarz
Mr. Robert S. Mielcarz '67 and Mrs. Elaine M. Mielcarz
Mr. Joseph Milano Jr. '62 and Mrs. Jill Milano
Mr. Timothy J. Miles and Mrs. Lisa Miles
Mr. Michael J. Minigan '73 and Mrs. Elizabeth P. Minigan
Mr. Stephen Mootafian and Mrs. Melissa B. Berube-Mootafian
Ms. Nicole Moses
Mr. Paul Mulligan Esq. and Mrs. Eileen Mulligan
Mr. Robert T. Murray and Mrs. Karen Murray
Mr. Paul H. Naehle '80 and Mrs. Michele Naehle
Ms. Nancy P. Nash
Mr. Paul J. Nasser and Dr. Bethany J. Nasser
Mr. James W. Nawn Jr.
Ms. Lisa O’Connell
Mr. Francis A. O'Connor '52 and Mrs. Margaret V. O'Connor
Mr. David R. Olds and Mrs. Patricia C. Olds
Mr. Kristopher R. Olson '88 and Mrs. Wendy Olson
Mr. Ronald K. Olson and Mrs. Joanne Olson
Mr. Brian G. O'Shea '81
Mr. Peter N. Panos and Mrs. Kathleen Panos
Bro. Timothy Paul CFX
Mr. Roger J. Pawlyk*
Mr. Daniel E. Penni '65
Mr. Richard C. Phillips and Mrs. Theresa M. Phillips
Ms. Margaret Carr Poulin
Mr. Richard D. Prior and Mrs. Pamela W. Prior
Mr. Henry W. Pynchon '03
Mr. John P. Reid '48
Mr. Randall E. Reinbold and Mrs. Lori Reinbold
Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc.
Mr. Bruce H. Reppucci '72
Mr. Arthur P. Resca '85 and Ms. Colleen Resca
Mr. Mario A. Ricciardelli and Mrs. Nancy J. Ricciardelli
Mr. Thomas P. Riley '75 and Mrs. Susan M. Riley
Dr. Demetrius Rizos USN, Ret. and Mrs. Susan Rizos
Mr. Joseph Robinson
Ms. Leora Robinson
Mr. Graeme Rockett and Mrs. Shenley Rockett
Mr. Ricardo N. Roizner and Ms. Magda Rodriguez
Mr. Ronald Rossetti Sr. and Mrs. Linda Rossetti
Mr. Alfred J. Rossi '55 and Mrs. Angelica Rossi
The Rourke Family Foundation
Dr. Marc Rubin and Mrs. Heidi Rubin
Mr. Paul F. Ryan '61
Mr. Steven J. Ryan '64 and Mrs. Micheline H. Ryan
Mr. George J. Saluto and Mrs. Marian Saluto
Dr. Julie A. Saviano
Mr. Daniel Scanlon
Mr. Michael Schirpke and Mrs. Anne E. Schirpke
Schwab Charitable Fund
Estate of Dr. Joseph A. Sciuto '31*
Mr. Mark C. Scollard and Mrs. Carolyn Scollard
Sentinel Benefits and Financial Group, Inc.
Mr. Michael H. Shanahan and Mrs. Mary Shanahan
Mr. Glenn Shaw and Mrs. Karen Shaw
Ms. Mary Simpson
Mr. Richard Sincerbeaux Jr. and Mrs. Laura Sincerbeaux
Mr. David Singer and Mrs. Kristen Singer
Mr. Erik K. Smith '84
Mr. Karl L. Smith '86 and Mrs. Jeanne M. Smith
Mr. Paul F. Snell '75
Mr. Chad Konecky and Ms. Elizabeth Solomon
Mr. Deckard S. Sorensen '08 and Mrs. Christine Sorensen
Mr. Isaac C. St. Martin
Mr. James E. Stager and Mrs. Nancy H. Stager
Dr. James W. Stamos '77 and Mrs. Maryellen Stamos
Mr. Mark P. Sullivan '73
Mr. Michael J. Supino and Mrs. Marianne A. Supino
Mr. William J. Surette '81 and Mrs. Evangelyn J. Surette
Mrs. Dorothy Tardiff
Mr. Robert H. Terranova '57
Mr. Thomas J. Timmins '76 and Mrs. Kathy C. Timmins
Mr. William Toye Jr. and Mrs. Patricia Toye
Mr. Richard Travers Jr. and Mrs. Lynne Travers
Mr. Peter J. Tremblay and Mrs. Leslie A. Tremblay
Mr. Ted Trump
Dr. Elizabeth Twomey
Mr. Bryan J. Van Dorpe '77 and Mrs. Susan Van Dorpe
Mr. Erik Vigsnes and Mrs. Kristen Vigsnes
Mr. Anthony D. Vorias '61 and Mrs. Carol-Ann Vorias
Mr. Matthew Walfield Jr. '82 and Mrs. Carolyn Walfield
Mr. Keith Walsh and Mrs. Stephanie Walsh
Mr. Stuart W. Weisman and Mrs. Jane P. Weisman
Mr. Michael Weissenburger and Mrs. Julie Weissenburger
Mr. Michael J. Welch '69 and Mrs. Constance Welch
Mrs. Barbara E. Weldon
Mr. Robert H. Wettach and Mrs. Gayle P. Wettach
Mr. Edward White and Mrs. Sarah White
Mr. Robert L. White '85
Mr. John G. Williams and Mrs. Alice A. Williams
Mr. Jeffrey Wilmot and Mrs. Meghan Wilmot
Mr. David Y. Winey '74
Mr. James S. Winskowicz '69
Mr. Brian Wolonsavich and Mrs. Toni Wolonsavich
Mr. David G. Wright '73
Mr. Patrick E. Yanchus '67 and Mrs. Kathleen Yanchus
Mr. Yonghoon Yoon
Mr. James C. Zampell '71 and Mrs. Christine Zampell
Dr. Vangel Zissi


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