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Endowment Donors

Endowed funds are the foundation on which a secure future is built for St. John's, and they are a priority for ensuring that any qualified student will be able to attend St. John's regardless of financial means. The following people have recognized the importance of these funds and have chosen to direct their annual support of St. John's to our growing endowment. These gifts were made between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019.

Mr. Paul B. Ahern '58 and Mrs. Mary A. Ahern
Mrs. Charleen D. Alper
Mr. Daniel J. Ambrozavitch '07
American Legion Post 131
Mr. Gerry Anderson and Mrs. Hannah Anderson
Mr. Ralph Ardiff Jr. and Mrs. Martha Ardiff
Mr. Paul Asenuga and Mrs. Boye Asenuga
Mr. David Baer and Mrs. Michelle A. Baer
Ms. Julia I. Bantly
Mr. Michael Barbati
Mr. Douglas A. Berk '80
Ms. Judith R. Boal
Boston Benefits Foundation
Mr. Robert L. Bouchard and Mrs. Elizabeth G. Bouchard
Mr. John L. Bracciotti and Mrs. Mary Lou Bracciotti
Mr. John E. Brennan '77 and Mrs. Jacqueline D. Brennan
Ms. Katherine M. Briggs
Mr. David J. Brodette and Mrs. Helene C. Brodette
Mr. Michael Brosnan and Mrs. Deborah A. Brosnan
Ms. Dolores F. Brown
Mr. William L. Brown and Mrs. Susan P. Brown
Mr. William J. Buckley '65 and Mrs. Mary K. Buckley
Ms. Stephanie Budd
Ms. Elaine Burke
Mr. John Burke III '82 and Mrs. Lori Burke
Mr. Stephen Burton and Mrs. Liz Burton
Mr. Brian Butler and Mrs. Mary Butler
Mr. Paul G. Butler and Mrs. Sally A. Butler
Mr. Peter S. Butler '83 and Mrs. Mary Kate Butler
Mrs. Clara Byrne
Ms. Jamille Caday
Mrs. Karen Caires
The Cambridge School of Weston, Inc.
Mr. Raymond E. Carey III '67 and Dr. Dianne Carey
Carlton, Healy & Frederick LLP
Mr. Anthony P. Carnevale and Mrs. Joanne Carnevale
Ms. Margaret M. Carr
The Catamount Corporation
Mr. Joseph A. Cerniglia '85
Mr. Steven Channen and Mrs. Amy Channen
Mr. Glenn Chesley and Mrs. Maureen N. Chesley '77
Mr. Garrett L. Clancy '82 and Mrs. Lisa Clancy
Mr. Stephen F. Coady '73 and Ms. Linda Heasley
Mr. Irwin Cohen and Mrs. Janice M. Cohen
Mrs. Edith A. Colbert
Mr. Atticus Cole and Mrs. Waveney Small-Cole
Mr. Robert Comito Jr. and Mrs. Stacey Comito
Mr. William Conners and Mrs. Annie Conners
Robert J. Connolly DPM '81
Mrs. Jean S. Connor
Ms. Gloria Coolidge
Mrs. Maryellen B. Cronin
Estate of Robert H. Crosby '58*
Dr. David J. Crowley '58 and Mrs. Martha C. Crowley
Mr. John J. Crowley '64 and Mrs. Anne Crowley
Marion L. Crowley* Trust
Mr. Thomas Cunneen and Mrs. Elizabeth Cunneen
Mr. Matthew Daniels and Mrs. Jennifer Daniels
Mr. Donald DeBoisbriand and Mrs. Lisa DeBoisbriand
Mr. Henry S. Dembowski and Mrs. Claire C. Dembowski
Mr. Jonathan M. DeSimone '88 and Mrs. Vicki A. DeSimone
Mr. and Mrs. Tom J. DeSimone '68
Mr. Bruce Desmarals and Mrs. Jean B. Desmarals
Joseph P. Donahue Charitable Foundation Trust
Mr. Joseph P. Donahue and Mrs. Karen Donahue
Mr. Mark D. Donovan and Mrs. Julie E. Donovan
Mr. Michael R. Donovan '90 and Mrs. Karen Donovan
Mr. John P. Drew '92 and Mrs. Helene Drew
Mr. John T. Dutcher and Mrs. Julie A. Dutcher
Mr. Allen J. Ellis '13
Ms. Beverly English
Ms. Mary Jane English
Mr. Eric Estes
Mr. James J. Fagan Jr. '13
Mr. Bernardo T. Fernandes and Mrs. Christine D. Fernandes
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund
Mr. Brian J. Flatley '62 and Mrs. Katherine J. Flatley
The Hon. Ellen Flatley
Mr. James R. Fleming '01
Mr. William Fouhey '62 and Mrs. Ann Fouhey
Miss Mary P. Francis
Mr. David S. Frederick and Mrs. Ellen D. Frederick
Ms. Adele C. Gault
Gauthier & Company, Certified Public Accountants, Inc.
Mr. Michael Gelinas and Mrs. Susan M. Gelinas
George's Bakery Products, Inc.
Mr. G. Michael Gignac Jr.
Mr. David L. Gillespie and Mrs. Mary E. Gillespie '77
Mr. John E. Gilligan '95 and Mrs. Kate Gilligan
Ms. Wendy Giunta
Mr. Kevin J. Gleason '03
Attorney Annette Gonthier Kiely
Mr. Thomas Goodwin and Mrs. Diane Goodwin
Mr. Scott M. Graczyk '80 and Mrs. Michelle C. Graczyk
Dr. Thomas A. Grady and Mrs. Ruth C. Grady
Mr. Peter Gray and Mrs. Susan C. Gray
Mr. George W. Stairs and Ms. Anna T. Green
Mr. George E. Guay III '76
Mr. Craig A. Hallstrom and Mrs. Kathleen A. Hallstrom
Mr. James Hanlon Jr. and Mrs. Francis Hanlon
Mr. W. Brian Harrigan '72 and Mrs. Irene Harrigan
Dr. Ronald C. Hartfelder and Mrs. Mary E. Hartfelder
Mr. R. Alan Hartnett
Mr. Robert Healey and Mrs. Patricia Healey
Mrs. Karen A. Hebert
Mr. David P. Hennessey '83 and Mrs. Jacqueline M. Hennessey
Mr. Robert Holloway
Ms. Tryntje Houghton
Mr. Thomas H. Howard '61 and Mrs. Carolyn Howard
Mr. Roy Hunter and Mrs. Kristina Hunter
W. Bradford Ingalls Charitable Foundation
Mrs. Joan Ingalls
Dr. Richard Iorio '77 and Mrs. Mary Ellen Iorio
Ms. Michelle Iosua
Ms. Judith R. Jacobi
Mr. Richard J. Jennings and Mrs. Mary Jennings
Ms. Joan C. Johnson
Mr. Bruce A. Kaneb '80 and Mrs. Deborah A. Kaneb
Mr. Thomas Keeley and Mrs. Monica J. Keeley
Mr. Owen B. Keeley '10
Mrs. Mary Kellard
Mr. Jeffrey E. Kelter and Mrs. Katherine Kelter
Mr. and Mrs. Kendall
Mr. Francis G. Kennedy and Mrs. Constance F. Kennedy
Kiwanis of Danvers
Mr. Darren R. Klein and Mrs. Mia K. Klein
Ms. LeAnne Kolb
Mr. Bobby N. Kramer and Mrs. Marilyn S. Kramer '77
Mr. Christopher P. Lane III '60
Mr. Andre A. Laus '58 and Mrs. Helen Laus
Mr. Peter L. Leofanti
Mrs. Marjorie Leonard
Joseph R. Levis Foundation Inc.
Mr. Joseph R. Levis '60 and Mrs. Judith Levis
Living Assistance Corporation
Mr. James J. Lombardo and Mrs. Patricia Lombardo
Dr. Dougald C. MacGillivray '73 and Mrs. Jennifer MacGillivray
Mr. William J. Mackinson and Mrs. Lynn Mackinson
Mr. Malcolm MacLean IV '87 and Mrs. Mimi MacLean
MacLean, Holloway, Doherty, & Sheehan, P.C.
Mr. Roderick D. MacLellan '76
Mr. Joseph Madera and Mrs. Jessica Madera
Mr. John Maher and Mrs. Lenice G. Maher
Mr. William Maher Jr. and Mrs. Priscilla Maher
Mr. Edward M. Mahoney '59 and Mrs. Sophia Mahoney
Mr. Daniel L. Manitakos and Mrs. Suzanne Manitakos
Mr. Michael Lombardo and Ms. Jane Mason '77
Mr. George Brennan and Ms. Susan Mason '73
Mr. Roger J. Deveau and Ms. Kay T. Maurice
Dr. Donald McAuliffe Jr. '77 and Mrs. Lyne McAuliffe
Mr. Edward J. McCarthy '60 and Mrs. Dorothy H. McCarthy
Ms. Nancy McGrath
Ms. Rebecca McKernan
Mr. Berenice H. McLaughlin and Mrs. Frances McLaughlin
MHW Trading Company, Inc.
Mr. Timothy J. Miles and Mrs. Lisa Miles
Mr. Michael J. Minigan '73 and Mrs. Elizabeth P. Minigan
Mr. Karim Momin and Ms. Jennifer Loach
Mr. Carmen R. Monks '83 and Mrs. Karen Monks
Mr. John H. Morrow '51 and Mrs. Elaine E. Morrow
Ms. Ellen J. Morse
Ms. Nancy P. Nash
Mr. James W. Nawn Jr.
Mr. Christopher W. Nessen and Mrs. Susan L. Nessen
Mr. Dean Newport and Mrs. Pamela Newport
Mr. Christopher A. Newton '13
Ms. Deborah A. Nicholls
Mr. Ross Niciewsky
Mr. Brian T. Nixon '82 and Mrs. Sarah Nixon
Mrs. Linda Norris
Mr. William J. O'Brien '88 and Mrs. Colleen L. O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. John J. O'Connor
Estate of John F. O'Donnell*
Mr. David R. Olds and Mrs. Patricia C. Olds
Mr. Kristopher R. Olson '88 and Mrs. Wendy Olson
Mr. Maxwell S. Olson '21
P.J. Spillane Company
Ms. Sara Pacelle
Bro. Timothy Paul CFX
Mr. John P. Pedicini '69
Mr. Kenneth W. Pedicini '75 and Mrs. Anne M. Pedicini
Mr. James S. Phalen '68 and Mrs. Rosemary Phalen
Mr. Richard C. Phillips and Mrs. Theresa M. Phillips
Mr. Anthony J. Polcari '17
Mr. Paul A. Pouliot and Mrs. Catherine E. Pouliot
Mr. Richard D. Prior and Mrs. Pamela W. Prior
Mr. Henry W. Pynchon '03
Mr. Randall E. Reinbold and Mrs. Lori Reinbold
Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc.
Mr. Bruce H. Reppucci '72
Mr. Arthur P. Resca '85 and Ms. Colleen Resca
Mr. Edwin Richter Jr. and Mrs. Margaret Richter
Dr. Demetrius Rizos USN, Ret. and Mrs. Susan Rizos
Ms. Mary Roberts
Mr. Richard W. Robinson and Mrs. Lorraine S. Robinson
Mr. James E. Rodgers
The Rogers Family Foundation
Mr. Tony Rose and Mrs. Joanne N. Rose
The Rourke Family Foundation
Mr. Paul F. Ryan '61
Salem Dental Associates, Inc.
Mr. Matthew R. Scalise '11
Estate of John A. Scanlan '41*
Mr. Daniel Scanlon
Mr. Joseph Scanlon and Mrs. Claire Scanlon
Schwab Charitable Fund
Estate of Dr. Joseph A. Sciuto '31*
Sentinel Benefits and Financial Group, Inc.
Mr. Anthony J. Sharrio '76 and Mrs. Donna M. Sharrio
Mr. Scott W. Shaw and Mrs. Joanne Shaw
Mr. Thomas F. Sheehan '74 and Mrs. Jane E. Sheehan
Mr. Paul F. Snell '75
Mr. Matthew Spearing and Ms. Aeshna Badruzzaman
Ms. Sarah Spillane
Mr. James E. Stager and Mrs. Nancy Stager
Mr. Denis J. Sullivan '72 and Mrs. Joan M. Sullivan
Mr. John R. Sylvester and Mrs. Judith G. Sylvester
Mr. Norman Tache' and Mrs. Claire Tache'
Mr. Conrad Gozewski and Mrs. Sharon Taskey
TD Bank - Ryan Shaw Foundation
Mr. Robert H. Terranova '57
Tides Restaurant & Pub
Mr. Joseph M. Timmins '77 and Mrs. Theresa Timmins
Mr. Morris Tobin and Mrs. Laurie Tobin
Ms. Mary R. Tornabene
Mr. Ted Trump
Mr. Christopher E. Turco '89 and Mrs. Tracey Turco
Mr. Bryan J. Van Dorpe '77 and Mrs. Susan Van Dorpe
Mr. Michael J. Van Uden and Mrs. Rose M. Van Uden
Mr. John J. Vetere and Mrs. Mary R. Vetere
Visiting Angels of the Berkshires
Mr. Anthony D. Vorias '61 and Mrs. Carol-Ann Vorias
Mrs. Maureen Ward
Mr. John F. Webb '68 and Mrs. Joan P. Webb
Mr. Stuart W. Weisman and Mrs. Jane P. Weisman
Mr. Michael J. Welch '69 and Mrs. Constance Welch
Mrs. Barbara E. Weldon
Mr. Christopher Wellington and Mrs. Maura Wellington
Mr. Matthew W. Witte
Mr. Brian Wolonsavich and Mrs. Toni Wolonsavich
Xaverian Brothers
Mr. Patrick E. Yanchus '67 and Mrs. Kathleen Yanchus
Mr. Robert Yeaton
Mr. James C. Zampell '71 and Mrs. Christine Zampell
Ms. Barbara A. Zielinski
Mr. William Zimmerman and Mrs. Renee Zimmerman
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