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1907 Society

The 1907 Society recognizes members of the Prep community who have included St. John's in their estate plans.

Named in honor of our founding year, the 1907 Society is made up of members of the Prep community who have included St. John's in their estate plans. In the spirit of the Xaverian Brothers, whose courage and foresight over one hundred years ago led St. John's to flourish, members of the 1907 Society play a significant role today by providing resources for a vigorous and secure future.

Members of this very special society—a group of more than 80 alumni, parents and friends—are recognized in our Annual Report of Giving and are invited to the Headmaster's Council Reception every year. If you have made estate plans that include St. John's, we hope you will let us know so that we can add your name to the list of those who belong to the 1907 Society. Please email Chief Advancement Officer Deb Marino or call 978-774-6727 x358.

1907 Society

Mr. Paul B. Ahern '58 and Mrs. Mary A. Ahern
Mrs. Charleen D. Alper
Mrs. Priscilla F. Arnott
Capt. Robert M. Barr Jr. USN(Ret.)
Mr. Peter A. Beekman '72 and Mrs. Barbara Beekman
Mr. Donald Bernstein and Mrs. Michelle Bernstein
Mr. Richard P. Biagiotti '71
Mr. Thomas J. Bond
Mrs. Susan Bonis
Dr. David E. Brahm '80 and Mrs. Karen Brahm
Mr. Paul G. Burda '55 and Mrs. Gail R. Burda
Mr. Christopher J. Burns '64 and Mrs. Suzan K. Burns
Mr. Paul Butler Jr. '77 and Mrs. Francine Butler
Mr. Samuel T. Byrne '83 and Mrs. Tracey J. Byrne
Mr. Edward L. Cahill '71 and Mrs. Kathleen M. Cahill
Mr. John F. Callahan '68
Mr. Joseph A. Carlucci and Mrs. Mary F. Carlucci
Mr. Andrew G. Christensen '99
Mr. Joseph C. Ciavardone '91 and Mrs. Laurellyn Ciavardone
Mr. Stephen F. Coady '73 and Ms. Linda Heasley
Mr. Richard Connors and Mrs. Dawna Connors
Dr. Benjamin Cox M.D. '51 and Mrs. Melody Cox
Mr. Barry F. Cronin '80 and Mrs. Kathy O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Tom J. DeSimone '68
Mr. Tyler S. DeStefano '03 and Mrs. Rachael DeStefano
Mrs. Amy R. Dittrich
Mr. Edward Donahue and Mrs. Dolly Donahue
Mr. Rene Durand Jr. '65 and Mrs. Barbara Durand
Mrs. Marianne E. Ferry
Mr. Edward J. Fleming III '48
Mrs. Mary Ellen Galaris
Mrs. Elaine M. Gianino
Mr. Michael G. Goggin '85
Mr. Robert A. Greenberg '74 and Dr. Bari Spielman
Mr. Mark R. Gudaitis '84 and Mrs. Heidi Gudaitis
Mr. W. Brian Harrigan '72 and Mrs. Irene Harrigan
Mr. John S. Hart '61 and Mrs. Sara A. Hart
Mr. Christopher F. Hawthorne '80 and Mrs. Carol Hawthorne
Mr. Thomas H. Hoare and Mrs. Mary A. Hoare
Mr. Robert E. Hogan '71
Dr. Richard Iorio '77 and Mrs. Mary Ellen Iorio
Mr. David W. Ives '75 and Ms. Pamela Burch
Mr. William A. Killen '59 and Mrs. Nancy D. Killen
Mr. John G. King '60
Mr. Paul E. Laski '55 and Mrs. Karen M. Laski
Honorable Robert P. LeBlanc '75
Mr. John J. Leone '83 and Mrs. Patricia A. Leone
Mr. William J. Lundregan III Esq. '58
Mr. John P. Lynch '57
Mr. Jeffrey M. H. Maciak MBA '04
Dr. Donald McAuliffe Jr. '77 and Mrs. Lyne McAuliffe
Mrs. Phyllis McGauley
Mr. David S. McKechnie and Mrs. Elaine P. McKechnie
Mr. Ronald W. Michaud '61 and Mrs. Heather A. Michaud
Mr. Michael J. Minigan '73 and Mrs. Elizabeth P. Minigan
Major General (R) Thomas H. Needham '60
Mr. Michael C. Newhall '80 and Mrs. Suzanne S. Newhall
Mr. Mark A. Occhipinti '71
Dr. Frank A. Odlum and Mrs. Marjory M. Odlum
Mr. J. Barry O'Hagan and Mrs. Marie O'Hagan
Mr. Daniel T. O'Sullivan and Mrs. Ann O'Sullivan
Dr. Louis A. Pocharski '50 and Mrs. Nancy Pocharski
Mr. Lawrence A. Polimeno and Mrs. Sandra P. Polimeno
Dr. Robert J. Ready '62 and Mrs. Susan Levin
Mr. John P. Reid '48
Mr. Larry E. Richard '73 and Mrs. Jeed Richard
Mr. Thomas P. Riley '75 and Mrs. Susan M. Riley
Mr. George E. Shea '63 and Mrs. Nancy M. Shea
Father Leo B. Shea '56
Mr. Paul V. Short '51 and Mrs. Wilma-Lee Short
Mr. James D. Siegel '70 and Mrs. Merry Newman
Dr. Edward P. Sirois '50 and Mrs. Sheila Sirois
Mr. James J. Sullivan '56
Dr. John D. Sullivan '84 and Mrs. Holly Sullivan
Mr. Russell E. Taskey Jr.
Mr. John C. Toto '83 and Mrs. Deborah A. Toto
Mr. Thomas W. Trainor '50
Mr. Michael D. Viscosi '04
Mr. Michael G. Waldron '73 and Mrs. Felicia Waldron
Mr. Michael J. Walor
Mr. Hugh E. Williams Jr. '67
Mr. Alexander P. Ziolkowski '58 and Ms. Dorothy J. Deeley