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Our Xaverian Identity

Xaverian Catholic Identity Statement

“In harmony, small things grow”

To start, the Xaverian Brothers are a religious organization whose mission is to spread the word of God by helping poor and marginalized communities through acts of service. But what does that mean for St. John’s Prep? What does it mean to be a Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School? At its core, being a part of the XBSS network means educating students in a way that inspires learning, faith, and service while incorporating the Xaverian values of humility, compassion, simplicity, trust, and zeal into our everyday lives.

Founded by Brother Benjamin in 1907, St. John’s Prep is part of a unique Xaverian community that stretches from Kentucky to Massachusetts. A network of 13 schools in the United States, Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools serve more than 13,000 students and families. Dedicated to promoting a community in which all have access to faith, our Xaverian identity centers around using our own gifts and talents as a way to improve the world around us. Whether students come to the Prep having heard of the Xaverian Brothers before or are being introduced to them for the first time, our Xaverian identity guides students in all areas of life at the Prep.

There are a number of ways the Xaverian Brothers presence is felt on campus. While the majority of the faculty and staff are lay people (meaning they are not Brothers, priests, or nuns), St. John’s history has been shaped by the visionary Brothers who have served as teachers, coaches, staff members, and administrators. We continue their legacy through the Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools Leadership Team on which seniors serve; by celebrating Founder’s Day, and focusing retreats around the Xaverian spiritual values. 

Rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition, St. John’s Prep believes a good Catholic education should be a bridge between religious faith and contemporary culture. At St. John’s, we preserve and grow this heritage by upholding the harmony of faith and reason. We recognize that the work of human hands and minds can be a manifestation of God’s presence. As students reflect on and respond to the signs of the times in a global society, our goal is to cultivate our students’ values compass and equip them with the capacity and desire to right wrongs, help the helpless, stand for justice, and serve their neighbors. By embracing faith’s role in every dimension of life through a Xaverian lens, we instill a sense of wonder and an awareness that the search for any truth can be a sacred and spiritual endeavor.

Liturgies and Prayer Life

Students are encouraged to offer their gifts, talents, and desire to be involved in the prayer life of school. Liturgies allow for students to play music or sing for school liturgies, as well as serve as eucharistic ministers, altar servers, readers, acolytes, banner bearers, and gift bearers.

Catholic Intellectual Tradition

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First Cultural Priority

Embrace all in the image and likeness of God

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Second Cultural Priority

Seek to develop habits of excellence

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Third Cultural Priority

Be unique expressions of God's love

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