Congratulations, Class of 2011
Posted 05/25/2011 10:47AM

Headmaster Albert J. Shannon, Ph.D. and Principal Edward P. Hardiman, Ph.D. presided over the 101st Commencement Exercises at St. John's Prep on Sunday, May 22, awarding diplomas to the 332 members of the Class of 2011. 
Trustees, faculty, staff and members of the 50th and 25th reunion classes lined the path as the graduates made their way from Memorial Gymnasium to Ryken Field, where the Commencement ceremony took place amid scores of families and friends. (Images from the day here.)

Tribute to Headmaster and Mrs. Shannon

The day’s events marked a poignant passage for Dr. and Mrs. Shannon. Presiding at his tenth and last Commencement as headmaster, Dr. Shannon congratulated the graduates for all that they achieved in their four years at the Prep."Sons of Xavier, sons of Ryken, sons of St. John's, be proud," he told the newly minted alumni.

At the close of the ceremony, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Thomas Riley ’75 presented Dr. and Mrs. Shannon with an eagle inscribed with words near to Dr. Shannon’s heart and familiar to all those in the Prep community - It’s a great day to be an eagle!

Commencement came at the conclusion of an exhilarating week of activities for graduating seniors and their families. Awards for loyalty & service were presented during the Baccalaureate Mass, awards for extracurricular activities and athletics were presented during the Senior Awards Convocation, and families gathered to socialize at the True Blue reception, a luau for graduates and their fathers and special friends, and a brunch with mothers and special friends.

Class of 2011

(Awards follow students’ names and the * denotes membership in the National Honor Society.)

Thomas Adie*
Adam Amiralian, Silver Medal in Science
Martin Angelucci
Rajesh Anumolu
Robinson Aquino, Hispanohablante Sobresaliente Award
Richard Aresco
Tyler Ash*
Mark Assad
Tyler Aylouche
Alexander Bacon
Ryan Baker Dunn*
Paul Banks*
Thomas Barcikowski
Timothy Barnard*
Jacob Barrows*
John Bartlett*
Robert Beaulieu*
Michael Beluch
Cesar Benoit
Andrew Birdsall
Conor Birmingham*, Gold Medal in Spanish and Silver Medal in English
David Birner*
Colin Blackwell*, Student Athlete Award
Dillon Blake*
Dylan Blake
Nico Bono*
James Bothwick*, Valedictorian Medal and Academic Excellence Award
Jordan Bothwick*
Matthew Bouzianis
Caleb Bower*
Carlton Bradshaw
Robert Breen*
Anthony Brown*
Colin Brown*, Gold Medal in Art 2-D
Jonathan Brown*
David Buccheri*
Patrick Burden*
Cody Burke
David Burnett*
Jonathan Burnham*
Alexander Burns*
Mackenzie Burt
Robert Byers
Matthew Byrne
William Camarda*
John Campbell*
Spencer Canny*
Andrew Cappucci
Matthew Caraglia*
Christopher Cardone
Brendan Carnevale, Gold Medal in English
Ian Carr*
Nathaniel Cash
Joseph Cattoggio
Michael Censullo
Roberto Cerbone*
Mark Chaoui*
Matthew Chesley
Kevin Cheung*
Ryan Chunias*
Robert Clough
Adam Colella
John Collins
Daniel Concessi
Patrick Connaughton*, Best Athlete Award
Kevin Connelly
Alec Conte*
Benjamin Cook*
Brandon Coppola*
Jared Coppola
Tyler Coppola
John Corvi*
Christopher Costain*
Teaghan Costello
Thomas Crabtree*
Daniel Crème*
Daniel Culkeen
James Cummings*, Silver Medal in Art 3-D
Joseph Currie
Michael Curtin*
Nathaniel Cyr*
Christopher Czernuszka
Jeremy Daly*
John Daly*
John D’Amico*, Academic Excellence Award
Nicholas Danforth*
Shawn Darsney
Daniel DeFlumeri*, Academic Excellence Award
Evan DeLeo*
Ryan Delisle*
Charles DeLorenzo*
Nicholas DeMarco*
Casey D'Eon
Nicholas DePietro*
Scott Derrickson*
Sameer Desai*
Anthony DiNanno
Zachary DiSilva*
Connor Doherty*, Gold Medal in Drama
Kevin Dooley*
Jacob Downey
Gregory Doyle*
Bryan Dumond*
Marco Egizi*
Christopher Enos*
Sean Enos*
Stephen Enos*
Winslow Estevez
Jonathan Farrow*, Athletic Director’s Award
James Ferguson*
Kevin Flaherty*
Christopher Flood*, Gold Medal in Science and Silver Medal in Mathematics
Declan Foley*, Gold Medal in Social Studies
Mario Forgione*
John Foster*
James Fowler*
John Fox*
Blair Friedensohn
Joseph Frisch*
Adam Frocione*
Garvin Gabelus*
Michael Galasso*
John Gallagher
Carey Gallant*
Isaac Garnick
Matthew Genetelli*, Silver Medal in Religious Studies and Campus Ministry Award
Michael Gianelli*
Jason Giedt*
Christopher Giunta*
Peter Gohn*
Dillon Gonzalez*
Hunter Gosselin
Justin Grabowski*, Loyalty and Service Award
Timothy Grasso*
Andrew Guild*, Silver Medal in Social Studies
Benigno Guilfu
Christian Gutowski*
TaeWook Ha*, Silver Medal in Mathematics
Brian Hallstrom
Benjamin Halpin*
Ghaith Hamza
Ryan Hanratty
Douglas Harding*
Jarret Harrigan*
Samuel Hart
Miles Hartfelder*, Silver Medal in Drama
Matthew Hassey*
Terence Healy
Kyle Heffrin*
Peter Heffrin*
Jarrod Hines
Trevor Hoffman
Russell Hollis*, Gold Medal in Mathematics, Silver Medal in Science
Nicholas Honka*
Conor Hooven*
Matthew Hopkins*, Gold Medal in Social Studies
Nils Hostage
Christopher Hosterman
Philip Hubbell*
Matthew Hunt, Silver Medal in English
Daniel Hurlbert*
Daniel Hyszczak*
Zachary Indeck
Ethan Jacques*
Andrew Jenkins*, Salutatorian Medal, Academic Excellence Award and Loyalty and Service Award
William Jerome
Eric Johnson*
Rory Johnson*
Connor Jones
James Jordan*, Silver Medal in Religious Studies
Waino Kaihlanen
Steve Karalolos*
Nicholas Kasarda*
Ian Keilty*
Alexander Keiver*
Conor Kelly*
Brian Kirby
Joseph Kirpas*
Jacob Kochocki*
Nicholas Koen*, Gold Medal in English and Gold Medal in German
Peter Kouvaris
Alexander Kwmuntis
Alfred Lacourse*
Samson Lam
Ryan Lane, Xaverian Award
Erik Lang
Nicholas LaRovere*, Gold Medal in Religious Studies and Gold Medal in Music
Sean Lauwers*
Andrew Lavallee
Henry Wallace Leanna*, Gold Medal in Mathematics and Gold Medal in Computer Science
Zachary Lehmann
Alexander Lenci*
Brendan Leonard*, Loyalty and Service Award
Peter Liquori*
Alexander Lomakin*
Samuel Lunt*, Gold Medal in Mathematics and Gold Medal in Science
Matthew Lupini*
William Lynn
Brett MacDonald*
Mark Macdonald*
Sean Mackinson*, Loyalty and Service Award
Conor Macomber*
Colin Mageary*, Silver Medal in Latin
Gordon Maguire
Joseph Manganiello
Connor May*
Michael Mayo*
James McCauley
Matthew McDonald*
Patrick McDonough
Alexander McGillivray*
Morris McGinn*, Silver Medal in Spanish and Loyalty and Service Award
John McGovern
Edward McGuiggan*
Matthew McIntyre*
Collin McKenna
Conor McLaughlin
Thomas Melanson
Patrick Merritt*
Gregory Messina
Simon Michael
Faxon Michaud
Daniel Mills*, Loyalty and Service Award
Jonathan Mindnich
Alexander Mold
Andrew Morse*, Silver Medal in Social Studies
Kurt Moulison
John Murphy
Patrick Murphy
Peter Murphy
Connor Murray*
Devin Murray
Patrick Nadworny
Joseph Nammour*
Jacob Nathan*
Tyler Newhall*, Loyalty and Service Award
Brandon O'Brien
James O'Connell*
Andrew O'Connor*, Gold Medal in Social Studies and Gold Medal in French
Brian O'Connor*
Samuel Oh*
Cameron O'Leary
James O'Leary*, Silver Medal in Social Studies
Ryan O'Leary*
Patrick Page*
Derek Palm*
Ryan Palmer*
Jason Pan*
Ryan Pantaleo*
Nicholas Paolini*
Sean Patrikas
Daniel Pawlowski*
Justin Peluso, Athletic Director’s Award
Justin Penney
Evan Perez
Zachary Perrella*
Reed Perry*
Nicholas Pesaturo
David Peters*, Gold Medal in Latin
Andrew Pierce*
Austin Pierce
Kyle Pinho*, Gold Medal in Religious Studies
Sean Ploumbidis*
Charles Poeske*
David Polansky*
Sathsia Pong
John Prudente*, Silver Medal in Music
Joseph Quinn*
Nicholas Ragonese*
Lucien Renault
Matthew Richard*, Outstanding Linguist Award in French and Spanish
Ryan Richard*, Athletic Director’s Award
Alonso Rodriguez
Thomas Rogers
Evan Ruccolo*
Benjamin Rude*
Christopher Ryan
Thaddeus Sadowski, Silver Medal in Art 2-D
Benjamin Samson*, Silver Medal in French
Mathew Sandorse*
Sean Sawyer*
Matthew Scalise*
Shawn Scibelli
Marc Shauffer
Justin Sheehan
Scott Sheehan
Tyler Shepard*
William Sherman
Patrick Shunney
Robert Sicari
Zachary Sklar
John Slattery*, Gold Medal in English
Luis Soto
Luis Spraus
Peter Stratis*
Logan Sullivan*, Silver Medal in Computer Science
Evan Sutherland*
Matthew Szuchnicki, Silver Medal in German
Carlos Tanuz
John Tarricone*, Silver Medal in Science
Alvaro Tejada*
Joseph Theriault*
Dillon Thompson
J. Christopher Thyne*
Joshua Tiburcio
Robert Tiro*
Jonathan Touchette*, Silver Medal in English and Athletic Director’s Award
Brian Townson
Peter Trainor*
Minh Tran*, Gold Medal in Religious Studies
Anthony Trifone
Taylor Trifone
Andrew Trustey
Michael Tucker*
Frederic Tully
Varun Vadlapatla*, Loyalty and Service Award
Eliseo Veras, Gold Medal in Science
Kevin Verrochi
Christopher Vigliotta
Rocco Vigorito*
Daniel Walsh-Rogalski*
Matthew Walter*, Silver Medal in Mathematics
Kobe Weiss*
Brandon West, Gold Medal in Art 3-D
Matthew West*
Drew White
Lucius White*
Zachary Whitten
Ryan Wiklund
Benjamin Woolf*
Anthony Zambella*, Loyalty and Service Award
Erik Zani