Appreciated Securities

Gifts of appreciated securities can be the best way for many people to make a gift to St. John's Prep, particularly if the securities have grown in value. Typically, a sale of appreciated securities results in a tax on the amount that the securities have increased. This means that you are allowed to keep only a portion of the profit. You can donate these appreciated securities to St. John's and avoid the capital gains tax while also earning a charitable deduction on the full value of the securities, even the portion that has increased in value. You can direct your gift to a specific purpose such as the St. John's endowment or the Fund for St. John's. If a gift of appreciated securities makes sense for you, please make note of the information on this page.

To ensure a smooth and timely transfer of stock, compose a letter or email to your broker stating your intention to make a gift of stock to St. John's Preparatory School. Copy a representative at St. John’s and please be sure to provide the following information as our broker will only be informed that securities have been received. For privacy reasons, wire transfer transactions do not disclose the identity of the donor:

  • Name of stock to be transferred (call letters are helpful)
  • Number of shares to be transferred
  • Your account number (from your broker or financial representative)
  • Gift recipient's name and address: St. John's Preparatory School, Attn: Debra Marino, 72 Spring Street, Danvers, MA 01923
  • St. John's Prep Account #: HP1603510 through Pershing LLC
  • St. John's Prep's Tax ID #: 042104875
  • Pershing LLC wire transfer DTC#: 0443
  • State the intent of your gift (ex. Fund for St. John's or gift for restricted purposes - Faculty Endowment Fund)
  • Please copy St. John's on all correspondence. Charitable deductions are calculated based on the mean of the high price and low price of the shares on the date the transfer of the gift is authorized.

For more information, please email Joanne Tavanese, Director of Advancement Analytics and Services, or call 978-624-1342.

Securities gifted to St. John’s are liquidated by Sentinel Benefits promptly and at a greatly reduced cost through their broker/dealer Pershing LLC. Fees or commissions charged are limited to those charged by Pershing LLC to Sentinel Benefits. Please note that Sentinel Benefits handles your transaction at cost and donates their fee which maximizes the impact of your desired contribution.

The information on this page should not be considered legal or financial advice. Please seek guidance from your attorney and financial advisor.