Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application deadline for tuition assistance? For incoming students, applications for tuition assistance are due on the same date as the application deadline. For returning students, applications are due December 31.

How does St. John's determine eligibility for tuition assistance? St. John's uses the FACTS Aid system to determine a family's financial need. When you complete the FACTS Aid application, all of the financial and personal information that is provided is processed using a formula that determines the amount you will be able to pay. The remaining amount is your financial need and St. John's will work to meet as much of that need as possible.

Do I have to repay tuition assistance provided by St. John's? No. If you receive tuition assistance, you do not need to repay the funds.

Does my son have to maintain a particular grade average if he receives tuition assistance? We expect students to make satisfactory progress, but no minimum grade average is required.

My former spouse may not support the process. Does he/she have to submit an application for assistance? No. If you are estranged from your former spouse and they will not be providing any financial help, please do not include them in the process.

If my son qualifies for a merit scholarship are we still eligible for tuition assistance? Yes. Boys who qualify for a merit scholarship are also eligible to receive need-based tuition assistance. Tuition assistance is awarded separately from merit scholarships.

When will I be notified about tuition assistance awards? Accepted students will receive financial aid award letters along with their acceptance letter. Returning students will receive financial aid award letters in the beginning of March.

Can you meet every family's need? In some cases, we may wait-list an applicant who qualifies for admission if we cannot meet their demonstrated need.