Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application deadline for tuition assistance? For incoming students, applications for tuition assistance are due on the same date as the application deadline. For returning students, applications are due January 5.

How does St. John's determine eligibility for tuition assistance? St. John's uses the Blackbaud Financial Aid Management (formerly Smart Aid) system to determine a family's expected contribution. When you complete the application, all of the financial and personal information that is provided is processed using a formula that determines the amount you will be able to pay. The remaining amount is your financial need.

What about divorced or separated parents? In the case of a divorce or separation, St. John's considers the financial resources of both parents before making an award. We require each parent to contribute as much as Blackbaud Financial Aid Management (formerly Smart Aid) calculates that each can afford. If either parent remarries, we take into consideration their obligations to their new family. We also consider the resources of a step-parent, keeping in mind that the primary responsibility to contribute to the cost of education rests with the child's parents.

If my son qualifies for a St. Francis Xavier Merit Scholarship are we still eligible for tuition assistance? Yes. Boys who qualify for the St. Francis Xavier Merit Scholarship are also eligible to receive need-based tuition assistance. Tuition assistance is awarded separately from merit scholarships.

When will I be notified about tuition assistance awards? Admitted students will receive their tuition assistance award letters along with their letter offering admission. Returning students will receive their tuition assistance award letters electronically through Blackbaud Financial Aid Management (formerly Smart Aid) by late March.

Can I appeal the amount of my family's award? We will consider requests for a review if a family wishes to provide relevant, new information it feels the school should have. Requests for appeals should be directed to Gianna Voccola, Assistant Head of School for Enrollment Management.

When is it too late to apply for tuition assistance? The likelihood of a tuition assistance award diminishes after the enrollment deadline has passed.

Can you meet every family's need? In some cases, we may wait-list an applicant who qualifies for admission if we cannot meet their demonstrated need.