Wellness Dimensions
SPIRITUAL: Meaning and purpose, values and beliefs, faith and God

INTELLECTUAL: Critical thinking, problem solving, knowledge and learning

SOCIAL: Relationships, communication, cultural proficiency, servant leadership

EMOTIONAL: Self awareness and image, resiliency, stress management, coping strategies

PHYSICAL: Nutrition, physical activity, awareness of choices on body

AESTHETIC: Appreciate the beauty of nature, creativity, perspective

Recreational Sports
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Wellness Center
With the opening of new Wellness Center in September 2017, our priority is to expand opportunities for students. With that in mind, we will take the first year the facility is open to assess use of the space for student programs. Based on the experiences of a full year, we will be better able to develop programs for other members of the school community. Alumni who would like to know more about use of the Wellness Center should reach out to Nibal Awad, Director of Alumni Relations.