Prep 20/20 Implementation Timeline

Two significant objectives of Prep 20/20 were achieved in September 2015 with the opening of the Brother Keefe, C.F.X. Academic Center and the new Middle School. In the next phase of the plan, St. John's will build a spacious, new Wellness Center for athletics and programs that promote lifelong habits of fitness and wellness.

September 2017: The new 88,000-square-foot Wellness Center opens on September 1. The facility includes an eight-lane pool, four-court field house, two tracks, fitness rooms, a Wellness Commons, space for wellness classes, lockers rooms, and offices for wellness and athletics staff. The facility was funded entirely with the philanthropic support of members of the Prep community. As part of the same initiative, Cronin Memorial Stadium was renovated with a 400-meter regulation size track;  regulation size synthetic turf for football, lacrosse and soccer; lights for night time practices and games; and new home and visitor bleachers. A 650-kw solar array generates the electricity to fully power the Wellness Center during daylight hours.

January 2016: St. John's announces that construction of a new 78,000-square-foot Wellness Center will begin in March 2016. The project will also include renovations to Cronin Memorial Stadium and the installation of a 600-kw solar array.

September 2015: The Brother Keefe, C.F.X. Academic Center opened with classrooms and labs for the High Shcool program. The computer science, mathematics, science and world languages departments are based in the new building.

September 2015: The Middle School opened, fully enrolled, with a total of 300 boys in grades 6, 7 and 8.

June 2015: Work began to renovate Brother Benjamin Hall as home for the new Middle School.

April 2014: Construction started on the new High School academic building.

Fall/Winter 2014: Applications for admission to the Middle School opened.

November 2013: A new tennis complex, adjacent to Cronin Memorial Stadium, completed. The existing tennis courts had been on the site of the Brother Keefe, C.F.X. Academic Center

Summer 2013: Construction began on a new five-court tennis complex. The previous tennis courts were located on the site of the Brother Keefe, C.F.X. Academic Center.

July 2013: Assessment of philanthropic support needed for endowment growth and capital projects.