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Religious Studies

The Religious Studies Department seeks to reinforce St. John’s mission to educate the whole student – intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. We believe a student enriches his education when theological exploration is part of his experience, and when he engages his mind and imagination. With this two-part goal in mind, the Religious Studies program supports rigorous academic learning and provides opportunity for meaningful experiential learning.

Grounded in critical thinking and personal reflection, the Religious Studies curriculum provides a  theological foundation to better inform the student’s faith experience. Each student is encouraged to respond to course material by: 1.) discovering the mystery of God in his life and in the life of his greater community; 2.) pursuing meaningful relationships, both in and out of the classroom; 3.) committing himself to the pursuit of justice and peace 4.) honoring diversity and multiculturalism; 5.) deepening his spiritual life through scripture and prayer; and 6.) developing his character by asking what it means to live an ethical life.