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Mathematics is the universal language. It allows us to make sense of the natural world—to observe, quantify, analyze, make connections, and solve problems in every field of study. The ability to comprehend, develop, and utilize mathematical concepts is invaluable throughout life; all global citizens need strong fluency in this area. This is best done by learning to draw reasonable conclusions from information found in various sources. Whether from observation, words, data, or graphs, students use the tools of mathematics to analyze information and become adept at problem solving.

Students are encouraged to welcome new challenges, question and justify their conjectures and solutions, test the reasonableness of solutions, develop facility and understanding of mathematical operations and procedures, and use them appropriately to make sense of the world.

The Middle School math program is unleveled in the sixth grade. One day a week is designated for extension or review, individualized for the students. Seventh and eighth grade math classes will be leveled; levels will be determined by student demonstration of knowledge and teacher recommendation. Students have the opportunity to complete two full years of algebra.