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Middle School Program of Study

We balance academic excellence with a nurturing culture that empowers our youngest students to confidently achieve and grow beyond their expectations. We believe that learning can happen anywhere, any time. Important conversations, high-fives, and warm smiles spill out into hallways between classes, into the dining hall during lunch, and into the student center.

Our Middle School students are greeted by an extensive groundwork of curriculum, all within an environment that fosters a community conducive with growth and empowerment. While tackling core subjects like English, history, science, math, and religious studies, students also take a consistent rotation of computer science, fine arts, physical education, and world language classes during all three years of Middle School. The grade-level themes of learn, serve, and appreciate are realized through the practice of personal wellness, servant leadership, and inclusion, and are fundamental building blocks to forming a holistic individual.

Our teachers strive to:

HELP students make interesting, meaningful, and challenging connections across courses and between content and self.
EXPLORE powerful themes that guide teaching and learning in each grade.
PREPARE students for lives of meaningful citizenship, faith, and service in a rapidly changing, complex, and connected world.
FOSTER in every boy a growth-oriented, resilient mindset by taking a long-term, wide view of their development
SURROUND students with enthusiastic, engaging adults who can help them navigate this time of rapid growth and change.

We look for teachable moments—opportunities where learning meets ethical ideas, literary characters embody good habits of mind, or the scientific method inspires problem-solving.

Middle School Program