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Social Studies

The Social Studies Department challenges students to develop the knowledge, understanding, and skills necessary for the growth of an informed, caring, and active member of the world community. The Social Studies Department objectives are:

  • To provide the historical foundation essential for an understanding of the political, social, cultural, economic, and geographical forces shaping modern society;
  • To develop all of the following skills: study methods, critical thinking, oral and written communication, and research methodology;
  • To promote an appreciation of the diversity and dignity of all individuals and to encourage an active concern for their welfare;
  • To prepare students to act rationally and responsibly as citizens in a democratic society.

Social studies in the High School helps students understand their individual responsibilities on a personal, local, national and global level. Through critical analysis, students will come to pose and address many of the questions that have challenged society in the past and continue to cause conflict today. Our goal is to empower students with the confidence, skills, and understanding that will allow them to make a tangible, authentic difference in the world around them.

Social Studies Courses

Social Studies Courses