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How We Engage

Lecture Series

The Brother Robert J. Sullivan, C.F.X. Lecture Series brings innovators and leaders to St. John’s Prep to explore how an ethics-based education can shape decision-making in the real world.

Recent speakers include Dr. Danielle Woodscholar of societal development with a background that includes satellite design, earth science applications, systems engineering, and technology policy. In her research, Prof. Wood applies these skills to design innovative systems that harness space technology to address development challenges around the world. 

View the list of past speakers, including environmentalist Bill McKibben (You can listen to an hour-long podcast students created here as a preview to his visit), Father Greg Boyle, Founder of Homeboy Industries, Vijay Gupta, Social Advocate and Violinist, and Samantha Power, Former U.S. Ambassador to the UN.

Advanced Research Capstone

The Advanced Research Capstone is a critical learning experience that provides an opportunity for intellectual problem solving, social change, and community engagement through the interdisciplinary focus areas of the Center for Mission and Research. The course allows students to deeply explore research methods and design by constructing a focused research-based project in an area of primary interest. By the end of the year, students will showcase their new knowledge through a written research paper, product, and public presentation. Ultimately, this course enables students to engage and reflect on local and global issues in order to contribute towards a more just society. Here is the link to the SJP Advanced Research Capstone website.

Global Education

Each year high school students have the opportunity to participate in an academic program in a different part of the world. This experience allows students to engage in learning beyond our campus, and examine issues through a truly global lens. This is an honors-level academic course worth .25 credits. 

Fall 2020: Comparing Communities Through Sustainable Development Goals - Saskatchewan, Canada
Fall 2021: Connecting Communities Through SDGs - Uttar Pradesh, India & Saskatchewan, Canada

Collaboration and Community

The Center directors collaborate with faculty and staff across disciplines to build resources, programs, and professional development that enhance understanding of issues related to original student research and the Center’s areas of focus.