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Focus Areas

Environmental Sustainability

Matt Spearing, Director of Environmental Sustainability
  • Cultivate action that brings us in greater harmony with creation and minimizes our ecological footprint.
  • Strengthen relationships to advance local and global responses to climate change.
  • Promote behavior that balances the interconnected systems of sustainability: environment, economy, and equity.


Innovation and Design

Claudia Wessner, Shaw Family Director of Innovation and Design
  • Embrace empathy-centered problem solving and other practices of effective design to create sustainable solutions.
  • Integrate a variety of perspectives and disciplines with the understanding that innovation requires diversity.
  • Support student agency and foster an appreciation for failure as a learning tool.


Justice and Peace

  • Put into action our school’s responsibility to form agents for social transformation.
  • Challenge our community to embrace a spirituality that does justice.
  • Practice solidarity and transform dynamics of privilege and power.


Global Health and Wellness

Samira Tella, Director of Global Health and Wellness
  • Understand and appreciate how psychological, economic, spiritual, social, and biological factors interrelate to affect health.
  • Recognize the complexity of global systems that lead to health disparities.
  • Raise awareness and foster inquiry that contributes to valuing the life and dignity of each person throughout the world.