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We prep them for what's next

Academic aspirations at the Prep unfold in settings that reach beyond textbooks, note-taking, and tests. Students are empowered to process content across disciplines by way of a hands-on approach. There’s an emphasis on learning by doing. Classroom time is devoted to labs, simulations, gamified instruction, flipped lesson plans, outdoor exploration, peer presentations, and meaningful collaboration. Across every grade and within every discipline, St. John’s students are continually emboldened to think for themselves, write persuasively, and speak articulately.  

Propelled by our dynamic array of course offerings—with levels to fit the needs of every learner, each inspired by a team of deeply dedicated educators—students become immersed in a kaleidoscope of new experiences, fresh perspectives, and lasting discoveries. As members of an inclusive community grounded in respect and kindness, we join together to make every corner of the Prep campus a bustling workshop for intellectually curious young minds.

To be sure, St. John’s students gain mastery of the skills they need to navigate a complex world. But just as importantly, graduates leave here having acquired the vision to recognize how they can make a difference. The Prep is a place that lacks high-pressure, but one that stimulates high expectations and a deep sense of social responsibility by fostering a culture of “learning how to learn.” What’s more, developing these lifelong habits of excellence is not a path students walk alone. We meet them where they are in their academic journey and support them as they hone their distinctive gifts and work toward their goals. 

In short, we inspire them to prep for what’s next.