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Our mission is to educate students in every dimension of their lives. At St. John's, that means wellness. Simply put, we aim to live lives of balance centered around healthy choices. 

Wellness Center

Opened in 2017, the Leo and Joan Mahoney Wellness Center is a community space with facilities for athletics, recreational sports, fitness, and school-wide gatherings. It is home to the John A. Driscoll '90 Aquatics Center with an eight-lane pool; the Dianne and Ray Carey '67 Field House; and the Joseph Levis '60 Fitness Center.

Six Dimensions of Wellness

SPIRITUAL: Meaning and purpose, values and beliefs, faith and God
INTELLECTUAL: Critical thinking, problem solving, knowledge and learning
SOCIAL: Relationships, communication, cultural proficiency, servant leadership
EMOTIONAL: Self awareness and image, resiliency, stress management, coping strategies
PHYSICAL: Nutrition, physical activity, awareness of choices on body
AESTHETIC: Appreciate the beauty of nature, creativity, perspective

Spiritual, Intellectual, Social, Emotional, Physical, Aesthetic
Annual Wellness Fair

Our annual Wellness Fair brings leading community organizations and students together to talk about habits of wellness, and spark ideas about careers in health and fitness. Interactive, hands-on demonstrations make it a lively day for students in all grades.