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Peace Labyrinth

A walking meditation on the Prep campus, the Peace Labyrinth offers a path and serene space for meditation, prayer and spiritual reflection.

Labyrinths can be found in religious traditions around the world. Perhaps best known is the circular labyrinth in the cathedral in Chartres, France. As with all labyrinths, a single path leads to the center and back out again. Unlike a maze, there are no dead ends and no blind alleys. The mosaic steppingstones that guide your way are based on religious and spiritual symbols from around the world and throughout the ages. At the center of the path is a dove representing the peace we search to find in ourselves and in our world. Experienced together, these symbols reflect the spirit of inclusion, understanding and diversity that we seek at St. John’s.   

An interdisciplinary project of the fine arts, mathematics, religious studies, and social studies departments at St. John's, the Peace Labyrinth was built in 2005 with the assistance of many student, faculty and parent volunteers.

Walk in Peace

Visitors to St. John's are welcome to walk the Peace Labyrinth, which is adjacent to the Administration Building at the center of the campus. Guides describing the symbols are available at the start of the path.