Physical Education

High School

The goal of the Physical Education Department reflects the same ideal as the mission of the school: the education of the total person. With this goal in mind, our department emphasizes physical, intellectual and social development through participating in vigorous physical activities and learning the principles of physical fitness and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle (course descriptions follow).

The physical education curriculum provides multiple opportunities for students at various stages of physical development and skill mastery to have a positive experience in physical activities. Through participation in group and individual activities, students develop and improve locomotive skills, cardiovascular endurance, and strength.

The curriculum is designed to provide students with accurate information about health, develop lifelong positive attitudes and behaviors, and make wise decisions to aid in their personal wellness.

Physical Education and Health

Physical Education and Health - College Prep [1/2 credit]

Prerequisites: None

This course has two main goals: 1) to help the student to develop his mind and body through physical activities and 2) to help him appreciate the benefits of a healthy life-style. In this course the student becomes aware of his own physical capabilities and those of his classmates; learns rules and strategies of games; develops an appreciation of cooperation, competition, and the social benefits of physical activity with his classmates. Activities include basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer, touch football, speedball and introduction to weight training. Health Education is incorporated in this course by means of several modules involving discussions and guest speakers. Here the student acquires a fundamental knowledge and appreciation of health and safety-related issues, which include physical fitness, diet and nutrition, personal hygiene, food allergies, first aid, and the dangerous effects of smoking, alcohol, and other substances, as well as HIV and other sexually transmissible infections.

Advanced Health and Fitness

Advanced Health and Fitness - College Prep [1/2 credit]

Prerequisite: Physical Education and Health

This course develops knowledge, skills and attitudes that are the main ingredients of lifetime health and fitness. Students learn skills that will enhance their enjoyment of activities geared toward an active, healthy life, including wall climbing, floor hockey, bocce, tennis, team handball, ultimate frisbee, and muscular strength and endurance training. Students' awareness and understanding of health issues will be enhanced by discussion with teachers and guest speakers. These health areas deal with the dangers of smokeless tobacco, controlled substances, athletic performance enhancers, the abuse of prescription drugs, and situations involving drinking and driving.


CrossFit - Accelerated [1/2 credit]

Prerequisite: Physical Education and Health.

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning course based on constantly varied, high intense, functional movements. CrossFit is a deliberate attempt to optimize physical competence in each of the ten recognized fitness domains: cardio/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. Other topics will include: exercise physiology, nutrition, mental, physical, and spiritual health.
The students will be required to keep a personal portfolio in which they will record their progress throughout the entire semester. The students will start the semester with a few personal goals in mind; weight loss, athletic improvement, endurance, etc., and will use relevant literature and a strength training regimen to attain those goals. The students will also be required to hand in their portfolios for review and a detailed report of the progress they made during the semester.

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