Well done, graduates!
Posted 05/18/2009 03:30PM

Amid a sea of slickers, umbrellas and smiles, the Class of 2009 proudly received their diplomas on Sunday, May 17 during the 99th Commencement exercises at St. John's Prep. For photos of the day, click here.

Members of the faculty and the 50th Reunion Class of 1959 lined the path in front of the library to applaud the graduates as they made their way from Memorial Gymnasium to an enormous white tent on Ryken Field, where the ceremony took place. With scores of proud families, friends and faculty gathered inside, English Department Chair John Klein addressed the graduates, urging them to seek simplicity in an increasingly complex world. "How good to be known as men of simple peace, simple good works, and simple greatness," he said. 

Valedictorian John J. Corbett spoke and challenged his fellow classmates to steer away from conventional paths in their lives. "The issues we face in this world demand that we take the unconventional path, the risky path...I have no doubt that the risks we take and the untested paths we choose will bring us the utmost success," he said.

Senior Christopher Fitzpatrick also addressed the gathering, telling his classmates that they would succeed in any endeavor because "this school enabled us to witness out own potential. This community forced us to look deep inside ourselves and find what we can do."

Awards for academic excellence were presented to graduating seniors and the prestigious Xaverian Award was presented to Patrick M. Lane. The award is given annually to the graduating senior who epitomizes the values and tradition of Xaverian education.

During the Commencement ceremony, the Distinguished Alumnus Award was presented to Samuel T. Byrne, a 1983 graduate of St. John's, who has served on the school's Board of Trustees since 2000. In highlighting his efforts on behalf of St. John's, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Thomas DeSimone '68 said, "Sam Byrne's fingerprints can be seen everywhere at St. John's and we are all the better for it."

As the ceremony drew to a close, Headmaster Albert J. Shannon, Ph.D. praised the graduates for all they had achieved during their years at St. John's and said, "No longer do we challenge you to live up to the expectations of others; we can now challenge others to follow your leadership. In our eyes and in our hearts, you have moved from followers to leaders, from exuberant boys to vibrant young men."

Commencement marked the conclusion of an exhilarating week of activities for graduating seniors and their families. Awards for loyalty & service, extracurricular actvities, and athletics were presented during the Senior Awards Convocation and Baccalaureate Mass, while families gathered to socialize at the True Blue reception, a luau for graduates and their fathers and special friends, and a brunch with mothers and special friends. Congratulations!

St. John's Prep Class of 2009

Patrick Joseph Abbott*
Gavin James Adelmann
Christian Sebastian Alpuche
Corey Alexander Amirault*
Peter Anthony Andon*
Alexander Bolles Arnott 
Cameron William Ash*
Mitchel M. Aylouche
Samuel Cordes Baker*, Silver Medal in Mathematics
Jonathan Vincent Baldwin
Emilio Joseph Bardini
Douglas J. Barrett*
Christopher Michael Bartus
John Richard Basile
Michael Lawrence Basile
Timothy Sean Blanchard Jr.*
Michael James Botto*
James Hughes Bradley*, Silver Medal in Computer Science
Philip Austin Brady
David Rufus Choate Brandt*
Kevin Willard Britton*, Silver Medal in English
Christopher George Brock-Fisher*, Silver Medals in Science and Religious Studies
Conor Johnson Brophy*
Gregory William Burns*, Silver Medal in Art 2-D
Michael Jon Cappuccio*, Gold Medals in Mathematics, Spanish and Social Studies
Griffin Wilde Cardew*, Athletic Director's Award
Michael Joseph Cardone, Gold Medal in Music
Michael Richard Carli*
Christopher Francis Carmain
Ryan Anthony Carnevale*
Michael Christopher Carroll*
Augustus Peter Castoldi III
Christopher Anthony Cataldo*
Jason Robert Cerundolo*
Colin Greeley Champagne*
Michael Leo Chan*, Gold Medal in Mathematics
Jason Michael Charewicz, Silver Medal in Latin
Nathan James Ciruolo*
John Robert Clark*
Jonathan David Clarkson
John William Collins
Jesus Edgardo Colon Jr.
Stephen Drozdal Connors*
James Andrew Conte  
Tyler James Conway*
John Joseph Corbett*, Valedictorian, Gold Medals in Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Spanish
John Paul Cranney
Daniel Thomas Creamer*
Andrew James Crotty IV*
Phillip John Cullen*
Samuel Alex Cummings*
Kyle Kenneth Cutcliffe
Luke Francis Daly
Robert Edward Dannemiller*
Gregory Joseph Darr
Steven Russell Davidson*
Paul Francis DiBlasi*
Matthew David DiChiara*
Bradley Chapman Dickinson
Stephen Paul DiGiuseppe*, Gold Medal in English
Joseph Thomas Dimino
Michael Paul DiNatale
Justin Anthony DiRienzo*
Dylan Rogers Dittrich*, Gold Medal in Social Studies, Loyalty and Service Award
Paul Gerard Doherty*, Gold Medal in Social Studies, Silver Medal in German
Michael Paul Dolinsky
Gregory David Donahue* 
Robert Arnold Donnelly III
Cameron Murray Doughty*
Matthew G. Dowgiallo*, Loyalty and Service Award
Paul David Driskill
Derek Paul DuBois, Gold Medal in English
Liam James Duffy*, Gold Medal in Spanish
Nolan Robert Duffy*, Silver Medal in Social Studies
Douglas Edwards Dunbar*
William Antonino Earley
Brendan Foley Edmonds
Daniel Spencer Eisenberg*
Edward Andrew Estey
Quinn Patrick Fariel*
Anthony Richard Ferello*
Gregory Vincent Ficcaglia*, Silver Medal in Spanish
John Tyler Figurido
Christopher Joseph Finik*
Christopher Michael Fitzpatrick*, Gold Medal in Religious Studies, Loyalty and Service Award
Barrett Arthur Flynn
Garrett Douglas Folger*
Scott Jeffrey Fortier*
Brendan Paul Fortin*, Gold Medal in Science, Student-Athlete Award
Paul William Fortin*
Brendan James Fox*
Owen Fox*
Joseph Stephen Franciosa*
Michael Stewart Frankfort*
Jeffrey Young French
Julian Alexander Gallo
Gabriel Jose Garcia*, Loyalty and Service Award
Michael Joseph Garibaldi*, Gold Medal in English
Nicholas Clifford Gast*
Anthony Eugene Gilardi*
Ryan Nugent Glover*
Justin Samuel Goldberg*
George Joseph Gomes*, Gold Medals English, German, Mathematics, Religious Studies and Social Studies
Andrew Arthur Gordon*
Joshua Curtis Goulet*, Gold Medal in French
Michael Benoit Graham
Kevin Cushing Granata
Logan James Green*
Ryan Christopher Green
Andrew Weldon Griffin*
Alexander Grover*, Gold Medal in Art 2-D
Michael Earl Guerrette*, Gold Medal in Religious Studies
Ryan Thomas Guidi*
Cody Daniel Guttadauro
Michael Maclin Hall*
Sean Michael Hanlon*
Andrew Sheldon Hannigan*, Silver Medal in Music
Ryan Joseph Harding*
Devlin Michael Harding-Lu
Michael John Harney*
Lucas James Hassett*
Andrew Sheehan Hassey
Gregory Sebastian Hauck*
Peter Duane Haxton Jr.*
Joseph Daniel Healy* 
Patrick Michael Heffernan*, Silver Medal in Science
Francis Connor Hennessy
Colin Mastrogiovanni Herd*, Gold Medals in English, Latin and Religion Studies
Kevin Patrick Hilliard
Dane Orion Hoffman*
Tyler Robert Hoffman*
Shane Mackey Hogan*
Andrew Philip Hollis*, Salutatorian, Gold Medals in Mathematics, Science and Social Studies
Benjamin Paul Horgan
Thomas Warren Houghton
James Michael Houlden*
Matthew Brian Hoyt*
Alexander Stephen Indeck
Brendan Joseph Innes*
Andrew Gamal Jacob
Peter David Jean
John James Jennings IV*
Jonathan Eugene Johnson
Kelley Bickford Johnson*, Athletic Director's Award
Lance Matthew Johnson*, Silver Medal in Social Studies
Michael Daniel Johnson*, Athletic Director's Award
Michael David Joyce*, Silver Medal in English
Michael Christopher Juliano
Kreg Thomas Kaminski, Silver Medal in Science
Alexander Michael Katsoulakos*
Michael Aaron Katz*
Brian Edward Keenan
Brian Anthony Keiran*
Michael Robert Kelley*, Gold Medals in Religious Studies and Science
Russell Andrew Kellogg*, Loyalty and Service Award
Joseph Patrick Kelly*, Gold Medals in English, Science and Social Studies
Richard Byron Kimball Jr.
Zachary Anthony Kline*, Silver Medal in Social Studies, Silver Medal in Drama
Andrew Thomas Knowlton
John Andrew Kordis*
John Spiro Kounsalieh
Kevin Christopher Kwiatek
Willy Lam
Jonathan Edmund Lane*
Patrick Myron Lane*, Xaverian Award, Gold Medals in Religious Studies, Social Studies and Science
Tyler Richard Lareau*, Gold Medal in Social Studies
Bryan Peter LaRochelle*, Silver Medal in Mathematics
Edward Melvin Lawton, Gold Medal in Mathematics
Andrew Scott Ledbury*
Jason William Lefenfeld
Christopher James Leone, Silver Medal in Mathematics
Garrett Thomas Linnan
Christopher Ryan Mullins Lowre
Joseph Robert Luna*
Kevin Mark Lynch*, Silver Medal in French
Tyler Francis MacRae
Michael Brendan Mahalati*
Jonathan Mellert Manzi*
Benjamin Marcaurelle*
Daniel FitzGerald Marden*, Athletic Director's Award
David Peter Marino, Gold Medal in Art 2-D
John Gilson Marraffa*, Silver Medal in Religious Studies, Athletic Director's Award
Jacob Kendall Martin*
Maxwell Joseph Martin*
Michael Andrew Masse*
Evan Sebastian Matonis*
Connor Robert McAuliffe*
Dominic Robert McCann
Conor Thomas McCarthy
Matthew Ryan McCarthy*, Gold Medal in Science
James Patrick McDonald*
Sean Sebastian McDonnell*
Ryan David McGillivray*
Andrew David McHugh
Daniel Joseph McKeon*
Alexander John McKinnon II
Dylan Patrick McLaughlin*
Luke Kevin McNiff*
Robert E.W. McSheffrey
Joshua Charles McWha*
Donald Edward Mendenhall
David Curtin Miller*
Francis Curtin Miller
James Joseph Miller*
Jonathan Ronald Mini
Nicholas Samuel Moreland
Ryan Richard Morello*
Patrick Gerard Moriarty*
Jonathan Thomas Morneau
Alex Christopher Mostone*
Anthony James Mullen*, Gold Medals in Mathematics, Science and Social Studies
Eric Daniel Murphy, Gold Medal in Computer Science
Timothy Joseph Murtagh*
Christopher George Newsome*
Patrick Shaw O'Keefe Jr.*
Stephen Joseph O'Leary*
Corey Marc Palazola
Lucas John Paratore*, Silver Medal in Art 3-D
Kyle Frederick Parsons*
Theodore Joseph Patrikas*
Thomas Joseph Simone Pedulla*
Andrew Salvatore Piatelli*
Kenneth Gunter Polte*, Gold Medals in German, Mathematics and 2D Art
Kevin James Poplaski*
Robert John Preston
Daniel Joseph Pugliares
Ryan Anthony Pugliares
Joseph Michael Pullano*, Gold Medals in English, Mathematics, Religious Studies, Social Studies and Science
Aria M. Rad*
Kristopher Frederick Reslow*
Nicholas Anthony Riccio
John Joseph Robinson Jr.*
Tucker Robinson-Neff*
Martin Albert Robledo
Jared Nicholas Rodriguez*, Gold Medal in Art 3-D
Christopher Tristan Roehrer-MacGregor*
Grant Bradley Rose*
Philip Anthony Ruggiero III
Christopher Beau Ryan*
Channara San
Joseph Patrick Santarelli Jr.
Michael Anthony Santilli*
Daniel Scott Sawyer*
Geoffrey Chamberlin Sirr III*
Matthew Richard Skomurski
Conor John Slattery*
Benjamin Holtzman Smith*
Jonathan Andrew Sokolski
Eric George Spofford*
Dylan Driscoll Stigliano
Christopher Michael Sullivan*, Gold Medal in Latin
Michael Philip Sullivan
Scott Andrew Surette
Michael Justin Tagliaferro*, Silver Medal in Religious Studies
John Robert Tassinari*
Thomas Dominic Terranova III*
Matthew Edward Tesone*
Garrett William Thoen*, Gold Medal in Drama
Richard William Thomson*
Sean Michael Thurston*
Jared Daniel Tobyne*
Thomas Joseph Tower III
Michael Cadigan Trainor*
Christopher Mark Trosin Jr.*, Gold Medal in Mathematics
David John Truschel*, Gold Medal in German
James William Tsaparlis*
Stephen Eric Tullgren*
Nicholas James Valenti
Andrew Christopher Valeri, Best Athlete Award
Alexander Paul Veloz
James Thomas Ventola
John Joseph Vigliotti Jr.
Michael Vigorito Jr.*
Alexander Murphy Vorrilas*
Brian Francis Wettach*, Loyalty and Service Award
Myles Graeme White 
Matthew R. Willis
James Michael Winn*
Jonathan Harry Woelfel*, Silver Medal in English
Vincent Peter Yadgood*
Michael Andrew Yastrzemski